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The Biggest Problems Growing Weed and How to Fix Them

Growing weed is littered with difficulties. Many people think growing weed is easy, but then many people still have problems growing weed – both...
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Top 3 Canadian Stores to Buy Weed Online for 420

For all of you last-minute shoppers, now’s the time to figure out where to buy weed online for 420 in Canada. We’ve put together...
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The Best List of What Weed to Buy for 420 in Canada

With 420 quickly approaching what weed to buy for 420 in Canada is the question on everyone’s minds. We’ve broken it down for you...
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Tips for Where to Buy Marijuana Seed

Seeds, seeds, and more seeds. Canada and America are booming with places to buy marijuana seed. Anyone looking to grow cannabis will not have...
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The Most Popular Weed Gadgets of 2019

A new year means a better look at the weed gadgets. Some of these inventions have a polish so good that they look like...
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Medicated Butternut Squash Soup

This velvety medicated butternut squash soup is so delicious- you’ll want to make a big batch! This is the perfect meal to pair with...
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Ganja Guacamole

Bet you never thought you’d have weed guacamole before! This refreshing treat makes for a great party starter or a relaxing weekend snack. While...
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What is CBD?

A lot of people want to know what is CBD. If this is your first time hearing about it you might not even know...
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Weed Bacon (This is not a Drill)

Calling all stoners and bacon-lovers! This is the BEST way to wake up on a Saturday morning. It’ll keep you relaxed throughout the day...
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Weed & Alcoholism: A Better Way to “Dry Out”

I’ve always liked to drink. As a teenager, I began sneaking hard liquor out of my Grandmother’s pantry. She used it to cook with,...
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