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Shannon DeGrooms

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The OG Pot Brownie Recipe: Homage to A Feminist Icon

Art Credit: The Sensitive Girls Cookbook The close of Women’s History Month has us rethinking both the power language and perceptions of drug dealers...
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The Original Pot Brownie

In honor of Meridy Volz, a feminist icon and cannabis activist, we proudly present the original pot brownie recipe. Read about Meridy’s inspiring story...
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Protests Launch to Disrupt Corporate Cannabis at SXSW 2019

Artwork by: Tree Femme Collective Scoff at protests? Well, don’t. Even Harvard agrees that they’re a successful vehicle for demanding change, back in a...
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City Council Disinterested As LA Social Equity Advocates Wait Hours To Make Public Comment.

EMPTY SEATS, a disengaged council after advocates waited three hours to be heard. All Photography by Davide Laffe (@davidelaffe). Shared with permission from The...
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