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The best autoflower cannabis seeds offer growers the convenience of switching from vegetative growth to the stage where they begin flowering. This process is ideal for new growers and doesn’t require any changes to the lighting schedule to initiate or begin the flowering stage required with regular strains. Autoflower cannabis seeds take less time to grow, which is ideal for fast results. Often, plants are ready for harvest in eight weeks after they sprout, and they are compact, which means they work well for indoor cultivation.

Experienced growers also benefit from autoflowering seeds due to some unique traits and characteristics not found in traditional seed strain varieties.  The flowering process usually takes only two to four weeks, which is ideal. Knowing these short time frames in advance makes it easy for advanced growers to plan their indoor and outdoor cultivation projects.

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the popular seeds banks across the globe.

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Getting acquainted with varieties of auto flower cannabis seeds is key to getting the most out of your growing experience, whether you’re new to the process or a seasoned grower. Some great performing strains offer excellent “returns” on your cultivation investment and experience. Preparing potent, robust strains are a must for a good yield and quality results.

Where can I buy the best autoflower cannabis seeds?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

Best in OverallI Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)
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Best in CanadaCrop King Seeds (CKS)Shop Seeds
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8thSensi SeedsShop Seeds
9thSonoma SeedsShop Seeds
10thBeaver SeedsShop Seeds
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15. Purple Queen Automatic

This visually appealing strain offers a great sensation to experience. This strain offers a relaxing effect for users, which can positively impact anxiety and stress. Purple Queen Automatic offers a blend of citrus, skunk, and fruit flavors with a hint of spice. This strain is Indica-heavy and grows well in mild climate conditions.


  • Flowering time only takes about 6-7 weeks, which is one of the shortest time frames for this process compared to other strains.
  • The plants grow incredibly high, up to 130-140 cm for both indoor and outdoor results.
  • From sprouting to harvest, the time frame is a short eight weeks.


  • Due to these plants’ anticipated height, additional support to keep the branches sturdy may be needed to ensure proper development of the plant’s flowering.
  • The yield is relatively tiny outdoors, at 100-150 grams per plant, compared to indoor yield, three times greater on average.

The Purple Queen Automatic is an exceptional blend of solid yet calming effects with a fast growth cycle. It’s possible to grow several cycles of this strain, which is best indoors due to its rapid development. A mild climate, if growing outdoors, is ideal, though this strain is developed for indoor growing for best results. Despite smaller yields per plant outdoors, the Purple Queen Automatic can work well in harsh climates, which can be an unexpected success in some regions. In some cases, not all the seeds will germinate, though this strain is generally excellent in producing great quality overall.

14. Royal Cookies Auto

This strain of high-quality auto-flower cannabis seeds is an excellent strain for grow-ops and quickly reaches the flowering stage by 10-12 weeks. Royal Cookies offers a fantastic, sweet cookie taste and aroma, with a potent and quick-flowering result. The genetics offers a strong Indica base with some Sativa and Ruderalis and Girl Scout Cookies.


  • The strain flowers quickly, within 7-9 weeks, and harvest can occur within 12 weeks after the initial sprout.
  • The effect of this strain’s high is euphoric, with a calming sensation.
  • The sweet, candy-like flavor is pleasant and not too pungent.
  • Royal Cookies grow well indoors and outdoors and reach a height of 140 cm outdoors and a maximum height of 100 cm indoors.


  • CBD levels are low, which may or may not be a factor, depending on your preference.
  • The yield is average, though it may not provide the results you are looking for compared to other strains, producing a high yield, such as Northern Lights.
  • A warm climate for outdoor growing is best, which may prove challenging to cultivate this strain in colder seasons or northern regions.

The Royal Cookies auto-flowering cannabis seeds are famous for the sweet flavor and excellent effects this strain produces. It’s a relatively easy strain to cultivate in the ideal climate and offers a reasonably sized yield with high-quality flowers. Even when the result isn’t as much as expected, the quality is consistently excellent, making up for it.

At harvest, the overall effect of the plant is a sweet, bakery scent with undertones of cheese and skunk. It’s a unique blend that offers dense, large-sized buds with the right conditions for growing this strain.

13. Zkittlez Auto

A widespread strain with a colorful presentation, Zkittlez is an excellent strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds that reach an impressive 100 cm height. The strain is physically beautiful with blue, orange, and bright orange colors and offers a chocolate and berry flavor that is ideal for extraction to create the hash.


  • The flowering stage occurs in as little as 9-10 weeks.
  • The THC is 23%, and it is powerful, offering a high that can last for up to three hours, which is consistently relaxing and pleasant.
  • Five hundred grams per square meter is an impressive yield.
  • Harvesting is ready in a short time frame, around 70 days.


  • The strain requires a high level of nutrients to flourish and reach its full potential. For this reason, Zkittlez requires a lot of care.
  • Extra support and work are needed to support the plant’s branches as the strain grows fast and tall. Without adequate support, the branches could impact the flowering.

This candy-flavored strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds is a fantastic candidate for resin, with lots of great potential for making hash and extraction. It’s commonly grown by stealth cultivators, as the strain can be grown discreetly. The high can positively affect anxiety and offers the whole body a fantastic high that is long-lasting and consistent.

In general, the plant strain is ideal for moderate-level growers, though it can be cultivated by a novice or beginner, with a lot of support and resources. It’s a terrific strain that continues to grow in popularity and offers a lot of potentials.

12. Wedding Cheesecake Auto

Combining Cheese and Wedding strains with a genetic Indica and Sativa blend, this strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds offers a powerful punch for users and a great harvest within a short time frame. The strain offers a bold, robust sweet and vanilla flavor with a bit of orange and cheesecake combined.


  • It’s an ideal strain for beginner growers, with little maintenance or effort needed.
  • Wedding Cheesecake is ideal for a wide range of climates. It is a hardy strain that works well in northern regions, which can be harvested several times in one year.
  • The strain is resistant to mold and fungi.


  • This strain’s effect is powerful which is controlled, though it may be excessive for some users.
  • Overall, this strain is nearly perfect, with no significant downside. There are few problems encountered, as the plant is resilient and offers excellent results.

The Wedding Cheesecake strain is one of the best auto-flower cannabis seeds to cultivate, especially in harsh climates and regions where the summer season is short and growers wish to maximize the yield. The strain offers an impressive 24% THC level that provides an intense high with a sweet, aromatic flavor.

With a cycle of only 63 days, growers can quickly produce two or three complete cycles per year, even as the weather gets colder during the process. The resiliency of this strain, and its ability to flourish in harsh conditions without succumbing to mold or pests, makes it the perfect option for growing.

11. Northern Lights Automatic

Northern Lights is one of the top-quality strains globally, and the auto-flower cannabis seeds are a perfect version of Afghan genetics and Indica. This strain was developed in the 1970s and has been consistently improved over many decades for a high-grade strain that is easy to cultivate and enjoy.


  • This strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds is versatile and grows well indoors, discreetly.
  • The cycle of cultivation is ready from sprouting to harvest within as little as ten weeks.
  • Outdoor growing can yield tall plants and generous flowering.
  • This strain is one of the best auto-flower cannabis seeds with a sweet, pleasant odor and comfortable, relaxing effect.


  • Generally, there are no drawbacks or disadvantages to this strain. From germination to harvest, the entire process is easy and requires little effort to yield excellent results. It’s a favorite strain among beginner to advanced level growers and users. It’s the auto-flowering version of a classic strain, with many years of development.

Northern Lights is one of the best auto-flower cannabis seeds for cultivation and never results in disappointment. The plants are always robust and grow in various climates, which makes them accessible and thriving internationally. This strain’s overall quality is exceptional, providing a high-grade high that is both effective and balanced.

This strain provides one of the highest harvest yields, and the plants tend to grow large in height. It’s a top recommendation for new growers, and many variants of this strain are also suitable to consider. Autoflower cannabis seeds are always a great option for beginner and novice growers to try, with Northern Lights as a top choice.

10. Diesel Automatic

One of the most versatile strains of auto-flower cannabis seeds, Diesel Auto, can be grown almost anywhere, and the plants develop quickly. This strain is a hybrid of Ruderalis, Sativa, and Indica and is considered one of the most beginner-friendly strains to grow. It’s one of the best auto-flower cannabis seeds due to its well-rounded effects and balanced flavor.


  • The Diesel Auto strain grows quickly in small spaces, including indoor shelves and cupboards, making it desirable due to its sensitive nature.
  • If grown outdoors, the yield is impressive and reaches a maximum height of 110 cm.
  • The aroma is not too overpowering and offers a blend of fruit and citrus.


  • When grown indoors, in tiny spaces, the odor can be strong and not as discreet. Adequate ventilation is essential to control the scent.
  • Indoor yields may be significantly smaller than outdoor results, though the quality is consistent. The variance in height for indoor plants ranges between 40 to 70 cm.

The Diesel Auto strain is ideal for cold climates and can grow outdoors with little maintenance, making it perfect for novice growers. This strain’s high effects are clear and calm, with a moderate THC level of 14%. The flowering process is quick, occurring between 8-10 weeks, and harvest can be ready within 14 weeks.

In some cases, not all seeds may germinate, though this strain’s overall results and outcome are outstanding. Compared to other auto-flower cannabis seeds, this strain is newer and offers many potentials for excellent results. It’s widely popular and enjoyed worldwide.

9. OG Kush

This Indica-based strain was initially based on the popular Kush stain from the US West Coast. This strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds offers some of the most substantial Indica strains in the market. OG Kush is well-known for its heavy buzz potential, which provides a state of euphoria for users. It’s also commonly used for medicinal purposes.


  • OG Kush is easy to grow and results in a tall plant with about 100 cm in height.
  • It’s an ideal strain for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.
  • The harvest yields up to 550 grams per square meter, with a moderate 23% THC level.
  • Many growers and users enjoy this strain due to its medicinal benefits.


  • There is a variance in the plant’s expected height, though this is not generally a drawback. In some cases, the height can reach up to 110 cm, which requires extra support to ensure buds reach their highest flowering potential.
  • A large quantity of feed is required for OG Kush, and it performs best with organic compost, which may involve more care to ensure it cultivates well.

OG Kush is an excellent strain of one of the best auto-flower cannabis seeds you can invest in. It’s ideal for all growing levels. By employing specific techniques, such as growing smaller plants, there is a better potential for more robust results. This method applies to indoor and outdoor growing equally.

THC levels are consistently high performing and offer quality effects, with impressive yield levels, when prioritizing conditions and nutrition during the cultivation. Taking these essential steps will ensure your plants provide maximum quality and fantastic effects for users. OG Kush offers dense flowers and exceptional quality.

8. Gelato Auto

Gelato auto-flower cannabis seeds are easy to grow and require little maintenance for excellent results. It’s a great plant that offers a beautiful display of colors, from orange to golden and green. It’s a blend of Sativa and Indica and a low CBD level. This strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds is sweet, with a mix of cookies and citrus flavors.


  • The strain is low maintenance and perfect for first-time and beginner growers.
  • It’s an excellent strain for commercial growing because it’s ready within a short nine-week time frame and grows to a maximum height of 100 cm.
  • Gelato Auto provides a large yield within a short time.
  • The THC level is potent, with solid results for users, at 26% content.


  • The aroma is powerful and may not be desirable for all growers and users. When the buds are dried, they offer an overpowering odor, which can be overwhelming.
  • If you’re looking for a mild to moderate strain, this may be too strong for some users and growers.

This strain produces a strong, cerebral effect that is desirable for users familiar with Gelato. Gelato Auto originated from California and consistently bred to achieve this strain’s solid and potent effects. It is popular with users who have creative minds.

For hash connoisseurs looking for excellent quality extractions, this strain is ideal for this purpose. The flowering process occurs quickly, within nine weeks, and provides a substantial yield. It’s a progressive strain that is developed to produce exceptional quality with its unique blend.  Gelato overgrows and develops into one of the most famous strong seeds available with a bit of effort.

7. Lemon AK

Lemon AK is a strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds that’s a new version of the original. This strain produces a Christmas tree-style appearance with dense flowering. The flowers are thoroughly coated in trichomes when they are ready for harvest and offer excellent extraction options. FOR THE MOST PART, Lemon AK is genetically Sativa and grows to a maximum height of 100 cm.


  • The flowers are ideal for creating hash with extractions.
  • The lemon component in this strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds offers a smoothness in contrast to the original strength for a more balanced effect overall.
  • It’s a beautiful plant, with rich green color and texture, with a pleasant scent as it grows.


  • Lemon AK is not recommended for beginner growers, as the plant requires defoliation and support for the branches to grow and develop to their full potential.
  • The strain requires a lot of light and careful observation to achieve the best results, which can be a challenge for novice growers.

Lemon AK offers an excellent yield and dense flowers, which results in a high-quality result. The THC amount is approximately 24%, with a low CBD amount. There is a bit of variance in the plant’s height, from 70-100 cm, depending on the climate and conditions.

This strain is a worthwhile investment, as it provides a generous return for the number of seeds cultivated in a short time frame. The taste is a combination of smooth lemon and undertones of skunk-like solid flavors. One of the most critical factors of this strain is to provide as much light as possible, with the regular support, to ensure that the plant grows at its fullest potential.

6. Royal Cheese

The Royal Cheese is a signature strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds with a distinct taste and aroma. It’s a one-of-a-kind scent that is incomparable to other strains and offers a smaller but powerful result. Royal Cheese is one of the most in-demand strains globally and has grown in popularity since the 1990s when it debuted in the UK.


  • The strain of these auto-flower cannabis seeds flowers quickly, within 7-8 weeks.
  • There is a moderate level of CBD and THC content; quality is consistently high.
  • Royal Cheese offers an effect that physically relaxes the body and creates a significant buzz, appealing to its users.
  • It’s ideal for growing both indoors and outdoors.


  • The yield is a bit smaller than average, though the quality is excellent.
  • If you prefer a milder taste, you might find this strain too strong or intense.
  • The strain is generally positive, with no significant disadvantages and excellent reviews and results overall.

Royal Cheese is ready for harvest within 11-12 weeks and can range in height from 60 to 100 cm indoors and up to 120 cm outdoors. The taste and aroma are spicy, skunky, and cheesy, which users are looking for in this specific blend.

The strain’s reputation makes the Royal Cheese popular, and growers and users alike enjoy this blend for its unique, “legendary” blend. This strain is best grown in mild climates, works well with indoor equipment, and doesn’t require too much work. It’s an easy process to cultivate this strain within a short time and with great results.

5. Fat Banana

Fat Banana is a fantastic auto-flower cannabis seed variety that offers a memorable aroma and flavor full of tropical and floral scents. It offers a high THC level and an impressive yield, which can be developed and harvested quickly. This strain’s effects are mild, and calming which’s best suited in the evening to relax.


  • Flowering time is rapid, reaching this stage by 7-8 weeks.
  • The harvest time frame is fast, occurring within 9-10 weeks from the initial sprouting stage.
  • THC potency is 22%, which creates a balanced, relaxed effect for users.
  • It’s easy to grow and offers a standard size with excellent quality buds.


  • Overall, there are no significant drawbacks to this strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds. There may be some variance in the outcome, though overall, it’s a constant strain with quality results.
  • A mild climate is essential for best results, which means growing this strain in a tropical or northern environment may change the yield or strength of the Fat Banana seeds.

Fat Banana is a strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds that you’ll want to try if you’re looking for a mellow, balanced high. Compared to taller, denser plants, this strain is easier to grow. The height varies considerably, from 70 to 100 cm. Some supports may help the branches grow heavy, though overall, it’s not difficult to maintain, and results are exceptional.

A mix of mostly Indica, and a smaller amount of Sativa, this strain is a genetic mix of Cookies and Fat Banana to create the auto-flowering strain.  When this strain is grown outdoors, plants can grow up to 120 cm.

4. Orange Sherbert

Offering a decadent, bold orange sherbert flavor, this unique strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds is ideal for producing a large yield that’s ready within a short time frame. The taste is compared with a candy-like flavor paired with a sour citrus and orange blend. When this strains flowers, the buds grow dense and wide quickly.


  • This strain develops very quickly and presents large, heavy buds within just 65-70 days.
  • The effects of this plant are exhilarating and pleasant, with a dose of energy and motivation. It’s a popular choice for creative users.
  • Dense buds allow for just a little usage for powerful results.


  • Orange Sherbert auto-flower grows quickly, and to avoid the buds from weighing the plant down, the branches need adequate support to prevent the plant from being stunted.
  • This strain requires some significant maintenance to ensure the best results. The flowering process occurs quickly and requires regular attention to ensure it reaches its full potential.

A significant benefit of this plant is the trichomes, which are rich and helpful in creating extracts. It’s an exceptionally tall plant, with an expected height of close to 150cm. This strain is easy to manage and produces excellent results, provided the proper supports for the branches and plants are in place.

It’s an ideal strain for creating hashish and various extracts. Orange Sherbert Autoflower is a fantastic source of high-yielding extracts and robust, potent flavors. It’s an ideal strain to cultivate if you’re looking for a pleasant aroma and a balanced effect. Orange Sherbert offers the benefits of both Sativa and Indica strains in one potent strain.

3. Gorilla Cookies

The Gorilla Cookies auto-flower cannabis seeds produce a strong, satisfying bud that is bushy and short, with a lot of density. It’s a tall plant that can reach up to 100 cm and flowers relatively quickly and offers a strong THC level of up to 27%. The strain is a hybrid of Sativa and Indica and offers a kush-like flavor and cerebral buzz.


  • This strain offers a relaxing buzz that you can enjoy anywhere, with the effects of feeling clear and focused. It’s a gentle sensation that develops over time, gradually developing into a full-body high.
  • It’s an aesthetically beautiful plant with various shades of green.
  • The minty and citrus-like flavors are pleasant and not over-powering like other strains.


  • Cultivating this strain requires extra support for the dense buds, which can weigh down the branches.
  • The feeding process should be gradually increased over time, which requires careful monitoring and care to avoid stunting the plant’s growth.
  • If you’re new to growing, this strain may present some challenges, though the outcome is worthwhile.

Gorilla Cookies is an excellent strain of auto-flower cannabis seeds that produce a beautiful, high-yield bud with potent effects. Preparing and cultivating this strain presents more effort than shorter strains with less density, though the results produce a bud that’s excellent in quality and flavor.

If you plan to cultivate this strain, make sure to clear enough space in your garden or growing station and secure poles and supports for the branches. Gradually adjusting the feeding amount is another important aspect of cultivating this plant until it’s ready for harvest. pH control is another crucial step in maintaining the quality of this strain.

2. Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze auto flower cannabis seeds are ideal for tropical climates, with a bushy, tall appearance and excellent yield. This strain is considered one of the tallest plants that require careful cultivation for the best results. It’s a popular strain that offers a decent 22% THC level with low CBD. Amnesia Haze is a popular strain in coffee shops and offers an energetic buzz.


  • This strain of auto flower cannabis seeds offers an impressive yield with high performance.
  • Amnesia Haze offers a cerebral high with an uplifting buzz with citrus, tropical taste, and aroma.
  • It’s often popular and offered in coffee shops and dispensaries.
  • The plant is ready to harvest from seed within three months, or 90 days.


  • Due to this strain’s expected height, extra support is required and must be in place to prevent leaning or falling plants. Side branches become heavy as they mature.
  • It’s a strain that is better suited for advanced growers, as it can present some difficulty for beginners or growers with little experience with specific strains.

This strain of auto flower cannabis seeds is ideal for the experienced grower and offers a great result with the proper support and ideal climate. Amnesia Haze flourishes best with lots of space to support the tall plants, as they grow tall in very little time, which may come as a surprise on your first attempt with this strain.

If you’ve tried this strain before and enjoy its effects as a user, you may want to add this as an option to try once you feel ready. Amnesia Haze auto-flower is an incredible strain that offers a fantastic reward at harvest.

1. Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie is known for its aesthetically pleasing, symmetrical appearance, with a maximum height that can reach 100cm. Typically, the yield is impressive, with about 550 grams per square meter. It’s considered one of the most potent Indica strains on the market and produces thick, frosty buds with pink, yellow, and purple colors.


  • This strain of auto flower cannabis seeds offers a robust 26% THC level.
  • Strawberry Pie is physically appealing when the plant is in full bloom.
  • The taste is considered smooth and easy to enjoy, with an even, balanced relaxing effect.
  • This strain works best with light feeding, which is ideal for maintenance and best results.


  • The CBD level is very low with this strain, and you may want to consider another type of seed if you’re looking for higher content.
  • If you don’t prefer the skunk flavor or scent, you may not prefer this strain, as it does contain a bit of this smell. Overall, though, this seed strain is not overpowering or “skunky.”

The Strawberry Pie seed strains are ideal for getting the most out of your harvest. This strain requires a careful pH balance so that it grows to the fullest of its ability. Stunting growth is possible if proper nutrition is not provided, and feeding should be carefully monitored. This strain of auto flower cannabis seeds features a gentle calming buzz, with a bend of berries and skunk combined, though not too intense. It’s a well-balanced strain that produces excellent results that make you feel relaxed, though not too extreme. It’s a great seed to cultivate if you’re a beginner.


Deciding to invest in a significant strain of autoflower cannabis seeds depends on the characteristics you want. Are you new to growing autoflower strains or cannabis in general and require something that will grow with little or no effort? Many strains are relatively easy to grow with the right equipment and resources. At the most, you’ll need some extra support for thick and tall plants with heavy branches, nutrient-rich feed, and top-quality soil for best results. With a bit of practice, you can cultivate any strain of autoflower cannabis seeds and enjoy outstanding results every time.


How long, on average, do autoflower cannabis seeds take to flower?

From seed to harvest, autoflower seeds tend to progress quickly, often maturing in as little as 7-8 weeks. This time frame varies, with some strains taking longer, up to 12-14 weeks.

Which autoflower cannabis seeds produce the best yield?

Northern Lights Automatic produces one of the highest yields. Royal Cheese and White Widow both offer generous returns as well. 

What is the best soil for autoflower cannabis seeds?

The recommendation for autoflowering plants is organic soil, or at least 75% organic with coco fiber and perlite, in equal amounts, for the remaining amount.

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