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Cannabis is becoming legalized for both medicinal and recreational use around the world. As it becomes normalized those who depend on the unique qualities of THC are branching out and learning how to grow it. It is used for personal and business crops. One of the seed banks making a name for themselves is Beaver Seeds.

 Beaver Seeds is a 100% Canadian owned cannabis seed bank. They sell premium marijuana seeds online. There are many scams out in the world, especially on the internet. However, Beaver Seeds is a legitimate company. The majority of the reviews and customer experiences have been positive ones.

This is a great site to browse and determine which strain is best for the customer. It is also a great site to purchase from if the customer is familiar and knows which strain’s they like. There are several things that make Beaver Seeds a good choice.  

What other seeds banks are out there?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

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What Makes the Brand Reputable?

When a customer is looking to buy cannabis products there are a few things they will consider when visiting a website. A customer wants to feel safe and welcome when they visit a website. A customer does not want to waste their time browsing an unusable and toxic site. Thankfully, Beaver Seeds tries its best to go above and beyond to ensure their customers can shop safely and feel welcome using their inviting web page.

Beaver Seeds is a reputable and trustworthy cannabis seed bank. Customers come to their website because they have quality products. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping on orders of $200 or more.  Beaver Seeds uses Canadian mailing services that are more reliable than some others around the world. They report less confiscations than other companies when their packages go through customs.

Beaver Seeds also has a reliable customer service operation. The customer service lines are always available to customers who have any questions or concerns. Beaver Seeds strives to provide above-average service to first time and repeat customers. They offer other resources that are helpful when germinating seeds, determining the best strain, or general cannabis information. They have been operating for several years and are starting to make a positive name for themselves because of their exceptional services.

History of Beaver Seeds

The earliest cannabis seed bank was formed by Neil Martin Schoenmakers in 1984. Other seed banks followed his example and started to form around the 1990s. They popped up in the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States of America. There are now 100’s of seed banks spread around the globe. Some have an internet presence while others are more like mom-and-pop shops in their local areas. The popularity of cannabis seed banks is growing and has become more widely accepted.  

Beaver Seeds is located in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. They were originally founded in 2009 and were only able to sell for medicinal purposes. Canada legalized cannabis for recreational use in October 2018. This allowed Beaver Seeds to open their website up to those who use cannabis recreationally. Legalization helped their company reach a larger customer base.

Beaver Seeds focuses on selling the most popular, high-quality strains and were able to do a total brand makeover during the fall of 2020. When they rebranded, they stocked a new selection of seeds that included new genetics. They also upgraded their packaging for safer shipping options. The ideals a company sets for themselves can set them apart from other seed banks. The promises Beaver Seeds makes to their customers and their dedication to the customer is their ultimate goal.  

What are Beaver Seeds’ Principles and Goals?

It has been established that Beaver Seeds is a reputable company dedicated to their customers. Beaver Seeds aims to provide good service and support to gain a repeat customer base.

Beaver Seeds takes pride in their ability to provide superior genetics and high-quality products. They inspect and handpick their strains carefully to ensure premium quality. They choose their products from reputable breeders across Canada.

Beaver Seeds offers shipping and tracking services for packages that are shipped anywhere in the world. They offer same-day shipping on orders after payment is received. Beaver Seeds works hard to be the best they can be in their niche. They provide a small variety of quality seeds.

Quality and Variety of Seed Strains

Beaver Seeds offers a small selection of cannabis seeds, a little over a dozen options. They buy their stock in bulk, so they are able to keep their supply affordable. They offer a selection of regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, and seeds with a high amount of CBD. They keep popular favorites and specialty strains that are not well known in stock, and available for purchase at all times.

The seeds are able to be bought in a group of 5, 10, or 25. A pack of 5 seeds costs between 40 and 65 U.S. dollars. A pack of 10 seeds would cost between 70 and 120 U.S. dollars. Finally, a pack of 25 would cost between 120 and 240 U.S. dollars. The packs over 200 dollars would also qualify for free shipping. These prices are consistent through all the strains Beaver Seeds provides.

Though they have a small selection of seeds, they do not slack when it comes to quality. A number of customers reported a high germination rate and large crop yields for the seeds that were purchased. 

Looking at a seed and determining if it is good quality can be difficult. The color of the seed and the way it feels are two things to consider when determining quality. The color of a mature seed can vary between light or dark grey and sometimes has tiger stripes. An immature seed would still have a green color to it. When a seed is placed between fingers and lightly squeezed it should feel a little stiff and hard, it shouldn’t crumble. Beaver Seeds inspects and selects their seeds carefully to provide their customers with the best quality seeds they can get between their fingers. Check out the link to further your knowledge about determining seed quality.

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Germination of Beaver Seeds Product- Beaver Seeds Review

Other than the occasionally rare dud, customer reviews show that Beaver Seeds products germinate well and provide high crop yields. Beaver Seeds does not provide a germination guarantee. However, they do guarantee a high germination in seeds that do germinate.

There are some seed bank companies out there that do offer a germination guarantee. A few other companies offer a guarantee with a few stipulations. They will offer a germination guide, and if the guide is followed but seeds don’t germinate, some companies will send replacement seeds. However, Beaver Seeds does not offer this.

Beaver Seeds does provide a germination guide on their website. They have a tab displayed at the top of the page labeled germination. The guide provides a list of materials needed and a five-step plan to ensure the best germination possible. At the bottom of the plan, they provide some emergency troubleshooting tips as well. These tips can help those whose seeds may be having a rough time getting started.

Beaver Seeds encourages their customers to review the germination guide if they are new to growing. It can also be helpful if customers want to make sure they are getting the most out of their seeds. Beaver Seeds also has a tab at the top of the website page to allow customers to easily access their blog.

Beaver Seeds Blog

Beaver Seeds blog features well-written cannabis articles that keep the readers up to date on the latest news around the world. They also offer beginner guides to marijuana for those who are newer to the community. They also have posts that debate the different effects THC can have based on how it is introduced to the body. The Beaver Seeds blog provides edible recipes, and other growing tips as well.

Their blog is fun and informational. However, there are better blogs out there. The Beaver Seeds blog does not have any way of searching for keywords. They also do not seem to post very often. There are other seed banks that offer a more well-developed blog. Other seed banks also have an organization system to organize their articles better.

Some seed banks offer a better blog but some seed banks do not offer a blog at all. A blog allows Beaver Seeds to offer a great resource that can increase a customer’s knowledge of cannabis. When purchasing from Beaver Seeds they provide several payment methods to choose from.  

Different Payment Methods Offered

Beaver Seeds offers a few different methods of payment when purchasing seeds. The preferred method of payment is cash. Anyone who purchases their seeds with cash will receive free bonus seeds with their order. They DO NOT accept coins or personal checks.

Seeds can also be purchased with Visa and Mastercard. Those paying with a credit card should be aware that a 10% surcharge will be added to the purchase to cover bank processing fees. Bitcoin currency can be used as well. Customers ordering in Canada have the option of paying with EMT Interac.

The majority of seed banks all accept these payments. When paying with cash be sure to send it in a carbon envelope or wrap the cash in tin foil. These methods will help the cash get to Beaver Seeds for processing.

Some may still be asking themselves if Beaver Seeds is safe to purchase through. They are a legitimate company, and they offer safe and secure methods of payment. Beaver Seeds encourages customers to purchase using cash because it is the most private and secure way to make the purchase. All information provided when making a purchase is kept confidential and never shared with anyone third party.

 In short, they are not there to take your personal information and sell it. They aim to provide great customer service. One of their company goals is to maintain repeat customers. They cannot reach that goal if they are constantly ripping people off. One thing Beaver Seeds prides themselves in their discreet and fast shipping.

Shipping: Delivery Time, Cost, and Security

Beaver Seeds ships to any location in the world. They ship out of Vancouver Canada, and they also have a shipping office in California, in the United States. This office is used primarily for United States customers to avoid sending packages through customs.

Beaver Seeds provides discreet, reliable shipping options. Orders being shipped within Canada will arrive in the company’s signature packaging, a beaver shaped package. While orders being shipped anywhere else in the world will be shipped in a plain package. They will never advertise on the outside of the box anything that may suggest what is inside the box.

This is standard shipping practice across the majority of seed banks. Other seed banks offer shipping that is cheaper. However, Beaver Seeds does report fewer missing packages than some other seed banks as well. The customer gets what they pay for and Beaver Seeds does their best to make sure their packages arrive at the shipping address in a timely manner.

Canadian customers can expect their package to arrive within 2 to 5 business days. Customers whose seeds are being shipped anywhere else in the world can expect their package to arrive within 1 to 3 weeks. Beaver Seeds ships their seeds within 24 hours after payment is received. Keep this in mind if cash payment is chosen.

When a cash payment is sent the order will not be shipped until the payment has arrived and been processed. There are a couple is things that can be done to assist a package being shipped through customs.

Shipping: Additional Safety Options

For an additional cost, a customer can also purchase extra safety and stealth options for their shipment. They offer stealth shipping no matter where the package is being shipped. The stealth shipping option packages the seeds in a t-shirt or with a toy to try and keep the contents more secure. The seeds are also placed into containers to make sure any smells do not escape the package.

A lot of other companies also offer a stealth shipping option. It is common to wrap the seeds in a t-shirt, this way they are hopefully passed by if the contents of the package are looked through.

They also offer Guaranteed Delivery Insurance. If seeds do not reach their intended destination, they will be reshipped. These extra safety options can cost between 20 and 40 US dollars depending on where the package is being shipped to. This cost is in addition to the regular shipping charge.

A lot of seed banks charge one price for shipping and an additional price for extra safety measures. Though the majority ship this way, there are some seed banks that bundle it together. There are also some seed banks that are comparable to Beaver Seeds but offer secure shipping methods for cheaper.

Though Beaver Seeds is reputable and provides great service, it is not a bad idea to shop around some other seed banks if you want cheaper shipping options.

All packages can be tracked, it does not matter what country they are going to. Once the package ships the customer will be informed and provided with tracking information. This is a more unique shipping option. Not every seed bank offers tracking services. Customers have said the tracking option is why they chose Beaver Seeds. Promotions and coupon options are a fun way to save a few bucks on a purchase.

Promotions and Discounts

When a customer first visits the Beaver Seeds website an advertisement box pops up in the middle of the screen. This advertisement provides a coupon code that allows first-time customers to save 10% on their first order.

beaver seeds 420 promotion - weedium

Orders with a total of 420 U.S. dollars or more, not only qualify for free shipping, but will also receive 10 seeds for free. Customers have the option to choose which 10 seeds they receive, but they have to call customer service and let them know what seeds they want. Customers that purchase a 5 pack of seeds will receive a 6th seed for free. Again, a customer can pick the seed they want if they call the customer service line.

Beaver Seeds does not provide a lot of promotions or discounts, but they encourage customers to check the site often for potential savings.

If promotions and discounts are important other seed banks offer better ones than Beaver Seeds. There are some seed banks that have a new sale every day. Beaver Seeds does the bare minimum to offer discounts for their first-time customers. Other seed banks also offer a subscription through email and will email coupons to their customers to be used. Promotions and discounts are offered by a lot of companies.  The quality of customer service is important when trying to maintain repeat customers.

Beaver Seeds Customer Service

The quality of customer service can be hard to determine when you are only reading reviews. Statistically people that have a bad experience are more likely to share what happened and how they were displeased. Those who had a great experience take it as it is and move on with their day. However, Beaver Seeds have many positive reviews regarding their customer service.

Beaver Seeds customer service is available 24 hours. Customers can use live chat options, email, or telephone to reach someone with any questions or concerns. At the bottom of the website page there is a link labeled contact. That link pulls up a page that provides a phone number and email that can be used to contact customer service. They also provide the addresses for both the Canadian office and the office located in California.

This page also provides a template that customers can fill out directly on the page and someone will respond to the message within 24 hours. Customers report professional attendants and quick response time when they need help.

Compared to other cannabis seed banks, Beaver Seeds does rank higher in their customer service. Not every seed bank offers 24-hour assistance if they offer it at all. Beaver Seeds responds quickly when other seed banks may not respond to an email at all. Beaver Seeds is dedicated to their customer and they strive to create repeat customers. Superior customer service is a great way to show how dedicated they are to the customer.

Beaver Seeds provides a lot of information on their website. On every page they encourage their customers to call their customer service. They provide assistance when choosing a strain, shipping a package, and after-sale support. Overall Beaver Seeds provides above-average customer service to their consumers. They also provide a usable website.  

Website Usability

Beaver Seeds provides an entertaining and easy-to-use website. Their seed catalog is well organized and easily navigated. Beaver Seeds website does not provide a lot of filters when searching for strains. However, with a small selection it is still easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

Detailed descriptions are provided for each strain which can help customers choose the strain that will work best for them. They explain the type of high a strain provides. They describe the physical, mental, and emotional effects that can be expected with each strain. Beaver Seeds explains the potential each strain has for medical efficiency as well. They explain the THC to CBD ratios, and Indica to Sativa ratios.  

All of these explanations help customers better understand the strain they are buying. This can help make sure it is the right one for them. Whether it is alleviating medical conditions or providing a great recreational experience.

Their website provides a lot of information for the customers. As explained previously, their blog provides a number of informative articles. They also provide information for each type of strain they have. For example, when a customer chooses the tab for autoflowering strains, the top of the page explains the types of autoflowering seeds they have and what makes them a good choice. After scrolling through their supply, they provide even more information.

They explain what autoflowering is, what makes it better, and if there are any special techniques when growing it. Then they explain why a customer should buy their autoflowering seeds. Providing this much information to the customer helps create a welcoming site. An inviting website is a great way to establish repeat customers.  

The website also provides featured photos for each strain, showing what the plant will look like after its flowered. Beaver Seeds goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are getting the best product for their personal use.


Beaver Seeds is dedicated to their customers and proving great service. However, there are some things that customers have deemed negative qualities. Many customers do not like that Beaver Seeds does not guarantee germination. Even though they offer good prices for their product, consumers want that guarantee they can fall back on if their seeds do not produce.

There are seed banks that offer a germination guarantee. If this is a big hang up a customer can easily fond one of those seed banks. However, Beaver Seeds does offer a germination guide and if that is followed carefully the germination of seeds should go smoothly.

Beaver Seeds has a no returns policy. Once the seeds are purchased that is it. They cannot be delivered and then sent back for a refund. They will not provide it. Once an order is placed it cannot be canceled.

Some customers have also been displeased by the lack of variety. Beaver Seeds only offers a handful of popular seeds from different categories. They purchase less variety in bulk so they can keep their inventory affordable. They also offer the more popular strains in each category. However, some customers would prefer to have a longer list to search through.

There are several seed banks that offer a larger variety. These other seed banks offer more unique seeds and more seeds in general. There are also some seed banks that have their own lab and create their own seeds. Beaver Seeds does not offer this, but their seed selection does have something for everyone.

Customers have also commented on the lack of filters provided when searching for a strain or breeder they want. This is understandable, filters help narrow down a search. Some customers found that the smaller variety did not need as many filters. Other customers found the customer service representatives were helpful when deciding which strains to choose. Not everyone agrees.


Beaver Seeds is a reputable company dedicated to their customers. They strive to establish a repeat customer base. They offer a small variety of quality seeds and a lot of information to go along with them.

Before settling on Beaver Seeds, a customer should keep in mind that they do not offer a germination guarantee. Customers have reported high crop yields in seeds that do germinate, and most of them do germinate. Beaver Seeds does provide a germination guide to help their customers get the most out of their seeds.

Beaver Seeds have a small seed selection, and some have reported not finding average seeds as they expected to. Beaver Seeds does their best to provide good quality seeds for the limited selection they have. Even though they do not offer hundreds of different strains, the majority of customers have found a strain they can enjoy. A customer’s overall experience with Beaver Seeds is a positive one.

They offer good quality seeds with proven high crop yields. Their prices are reasonable for the average customer. They try to have a seed that fits any budget. Most customers are able to find a quality strain they can enjoy and afford.

The Beaver Seeds website is easy to navigate and visually pleasing. They provide a lot of information for their customers. They have informative articles on their blog and on every page of their website. They offer rapid discreet shipping with additional safety and stealth options. Their customer service is one of the better ones, they are devoted to providing a great experience to ensure repeat customers. Overall customers that purchase cannabis seeds through Beaver Seeds have a positive experience and good crops.

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