The 10 Best LED Grow Lights in 2022

Cannabis cultivation may seem easy to get yourself into especially if you think you have the “passion for puffing”. But it is far more complicated than what you think. Cannabis growing is not a hobby but a lifestyle.

Proper research is one of the keys to obtaining a healthy environment for your plants. From the planning stage, execution, and it doesn’t stop even after the harvesting part. Cannabis cultivation is a continuous cycle made possible with dedication. From choosing the best cannabis strains that best fit your area and weather to purchasing the best equipment such as the best LED grow lights that go well with your cannabis plants.

Fortunately, researching is made easy for aspiring and enthusiasts like you. When it comes to finding out the best LED grow lights for you, we’re here to help.

Light-emitting diodes or LEDs are the perfect planting technology for imitating sunlight. It helps generate great products and it does not require that much energy.

What are the Best LED Grow Lights?

The best LED grow lights have been widely utilized for indoor plant growing. This technology was also introduced in cannabis growing especially for places that experience cold or winter seasons all year round.

It has been generally popular in the cannabis growing scene because not only does it help in producing great yields of marijuana but it is also reasonable in the amount of electricity usage.

Although there are awesome companies that offer the best LED grow lights, there is also a massive production of different kinds of defective LEDs in the market, several article reviews are not that helpful either.

Because of these factors, it became harder to choose the best LED grow lights ever since numerous companies introduced LEDs as an alternative for indoor plant growing.

There are three main types of LED grow lights: the Spread Style (Quantum Board, Rack, and Spider LED), Traditional Panel, and the COB Style.

There are different kinds of best LED grow lights to choose from and unlike any other articles of lists and reviews, we’re here to provide proven and tested kinds of the best LED grow lights for your indoor garden.

The 10 Best LED Grow Lights

1.   Covert LED-X 250 Watt Grow Light

(Best for Beginners)

For beginners in the cultivation process, diving into fancy-looking and pricey equipment is not a very good move. But aiming for the cheapest type in the market is also risky. Fortunately, there’s the Covert LED-X 250 watt grow light that is the best LED grow light for beginners.

With just an approximate $10 per month cost to operate, this reasonably priced LED grow light is a great package for beginners.

The Covert LED-X 250 watt grow light is designed to provide high-powered LED light that decreases the heat on your plants and creates an even light footprint at the same time.

This powerful LED grows light puts out 525 μmol s-1 and can reach an efficiency of 2.1 μmol s-1 per watt. It is designed to suit 2’x4′ up to 4’x4′ tents. It features white and red LEDs that supply an array of perfect lighting for all your plants’ growth stages.

To put it simply, the Covert LED-X 250 is chosen as the best LED grow lights for beginners because it provides the perfect energy-efficient lights for the number of plants a beginner should start with.

No beginner in the cultivation process starts with a massive indoor garden of cannabis, the best cultivators out there started from the basics, and aside from the price of the best LED grow lights for beginners, it has the basic components and features for the newbies. It would not be hard for them to manage and use.

2.   MarsHydro SP and TS Series

(Best for budget alternative)

Mars Hydro Lights is the best LED grow lights option for you if you’re on a tight budget. They are way cheaper compared to others, specifically, the HLG grow lights, which is its number one competition.

If you’re an amateur in the cultivation process then maybe you have heard of the Mars Lights and its rival the HLG. You may also be wondering about the incomparable prices of each.

HLG LED grow lights are expensive unlike the Mars Hydro LED lights but they could provide the same energy-efficient LED grow lights for your plants.

Yes, they are very far from each other when it comes to the amount in the market but, Mars grow Lights has proven to be almost at par with the giant HLG. We know what you’re thinking, and yes, there will always be a catch if it is this cheap but still competes as the best LED grow lights.

Numerous potential issues may occur with purchasing these budget-friendly LED grow lights. One main issue is that it has a higher possibility of malfunctioning.

Unlike other best LED grow lights, Mars does not use Meanwell drives nor Samsung chips, hence the price and the malfunction problems that were reported by previous consumers.

Fortunately, if this ever happens there is a service center located in California for you to contact and inform them about it. In that way, they can quickly resolve that problem.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s lay out all the details of the design and features of Mars Hydro Lights. The TS and SP lights are modeled after the Quantum board. It has small white diodes, red light, UV, and IR diodes on a large unit that provides a uniformed light spread.

Mars Hydro Lights saves 50% more electricity than HID lighting. It has a dimmable driver and can be detached from the unit which means you can place it outside your tent to lower the heat.

It has the perfect spectrum for plants in any stage of growth including the peaks on blue and red and numerous lights in every other color plus UV and IR. It can last up to 5 years without changing bulbs or an equivalent of 50,000 hours of lifespan.

With all that being said, all the decision of buying is up to you. This topic is merely advice for growers like you to further enhance the information that you may or may not have. So if you are on a tight budget, this is the best LED grow light on this list for you.

3.   Phlizon COB Series LED Grow Lights

(Best COB)

COB lights have the notoriety of either low-class quality or being too pricey. With all the choices for COB, after extensive analysis and tests, we found out that the Phlizon Series is the best LED grow light in the COB category.

The Phlizon COB Series include the 1000w, 1500w, 2000w, 2500w, 3000w that produces high power and a great spectrum. Compared to other budget lights, these LED lights provide better performance but the prices are at par.

White COB lights are fused with additional diodes to increase the spectrum in those wavelengths. It also adds IR and UV light.

The smallest type in these extremely bright LED grow lights have coverage of 3×3 area during flowering and the biggest has coverage of 5×5 area.

The best LED grow lights in the COB category have a very high output that gives a more efficient canopy penetration. The COB chips are powerful compared to regular diodes because it seeps in much deeper.

The feature of this LED grow lights includes top-rated CREE COBs meaning it lasts longer and is highly efficient. It runs AC100-240V which is fit for growers anywhere.

The chains are daisy-chainable which means they can connect numerous lights and it can run from a single power source. It has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours which is equivalent to 5 years without changing bulbs.

Phlizon covers a 2-year factory warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. They ship their COB LED grow lights with a power cable, ratchet hanger, hanging kit, humidity monitor, grow glasses, and a thermometer.

4.   Spider Farmer SF Series of Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

(Best Value)

HLG quantum boards are your first choice but your budget did not agree with you. Nothing to worry about because there are a lot more to choose from but, if it were for the reviews and customers’ feedback, the Spider Farmer SF Series of Quantum Board LED grow lights is the best LED grow lights for your needs.

Spider Farmer LED grow lights have proven their great ability and have been in the industry for a long time. Upon various tests and research, the Spider Farmer LED grow lights have earned their place on the best LED grow lights 2021 list.

The Spider Farmer SF Series is the best in value compared to others in this list because first, they use Samsung diodes and Meanwell drivers but they are offered for a very affordable price.

Its full-spectrum light can be utilized throughout the whole stages of your cannabis plant growth. It’s also energy efficient because compared to HID lights, it saves almost 50% on your electric bill.

The 90-degree lenses of the Spider Farmer SF Series enable it to focus the lights toward your plants. Plus the output is quite similar to 400-watt HID lights but it does not cost the same when it comes to purchasing and operating.

The Spider Farmer SF series’ design is also a great factor because it covers a wide area evenly. It runs on any standard voltage and is rated to last 8-10 years without bulb replacements.

Aside from all the features and design, Spider Farmer SF also has excellent quality control and customer service. The company has service centers in Europe and the United States.

With this factor, Spider Farmer ensures their customers fast and appropriate help whenever the customers need it. Undoubtedly the best value there is in the market and the best LED grow lights in its respective category.

Purchasing the Spider Farmer SF includes the lights, power cord, and hanging kit. They also offer a 3-year warranty for the product.

5.   Platinum LED Advanced Platinum Series

(Best in Quality)

Platinum LEDs may be the most expensive kind of grow lights on this list not only because of their brand name, reputation but also because of the powerful and reliable quality it possesses that’s why it’s one of the best LED grow lights in the market.

Spending a bit more will surely pay off with the Platinum LED Advanced Platinum Series. It’s rated to last up to 100,000 hours which means you can grow your plants for 8 to 10 years without having the need to replace the bulbs.

It has six lights that start from P150 to P1200. The biggest is 690 watts and the smallest runs on 86 watts. The Platinum LED Advanced Series has built its reputation to provide the best LED grow lights that match the competition on the quality perspective but manages to stay below that said competitor’s price.

It provides a 12-band spectrum which is all the lights you need for all the stages of growth your plant needs. It also comes with different kinds of cords to conform with any type of voltage, from AC 85 to 260V input voltage.

The Platinum LEDs are made of US top-bin CREE and Bridgelux LEDs which means while utilizing less energy it provides more output and it lasts longer compared to others.

If excellent quality grow lights that can match the more expensive rival’s quality but are priced at an amount that is reasonable to you is what you’re seeking, then seek no more. Platinum LED Advanced Platinum series is the best LED grow light for you.

If you purchase the Platinum LED Advanced Platinum Series it comes with a power cord, grow lights, and hangers. The company also offers a 5-year warranty and a 90-day return policy.

6.   ViparSpectra UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light

(Best Traditional Grow Lights)

ViparSpectra became relatively popular in 2016. Indoor growers have sworn that this brand is creating great results in their yield and others claim this is the best LED grow light in the market.

This commendable product not only delivers what it advertises but also is offered at a very reasonable price. ViparSpectra grown seeds create high-quality, potent, and denser buds.

This traditional LED grow light provides a full spectrum of color consisting of 12 wavelengths of color output. It has a power draw of only 130 watts and its PPFD is 811 μmol/m2/s with a height of 12 inches.

The daisy-chain component lets it connect to other units for a wider lighting setup. This means there are no additional power cords needed. It gives the grower a convenient way of connecting multiple lights using few outlets.

The sturdy iron housing design of these LED grow lights makes them fire-resistant and suitable for all stages of the plants’ growing phase. The light consists of cooling heat sinks that are made of aluminum metal and a fan that quietly disperses optimal heat.

It can cover 2 square feet at a height of 24 inches or 1.5 square feet at a height of 18 inches. ViparSpectra offers a 3-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee.

7.   Black Dog PhytoMax – 2 1000-watt LED Grow Light

(Most Powerful)

A lot of people may disagree if this is may be the best LED grow lights in the industry but when it comes to power and reliability on the product, the Black Dog PhytoMax is one of those companies that you can bet your money on.

The company’s products are backed up with scientific research that enables them to produce, if not the best LED grow lights, one of the most powerful in the market.

The Black Dog PhytoMax produces 2100 LED watts and can operate on both 120 and 240-volt outlets that would only come to $45 per month. It pulls 2100 LED watts or 1050 watts from the wall.

This incredible LED can perforate a dense canopy and can implement 420 high output 5-watt diodes. It produces the utmost seed to harvest spectrum with its light that ranges from UV to IR (365-750nm).

It creates a 5’x5′ flower footprint or a 7’x7′ veg footprint. It’s extremely quiet and reliable fans control the temperature of The Black Dog PhytoMax because it also consists of the biggest heat sink in the market that increases the lifespan of the lights and also provides a top-notch cooling system.

8.   BestVA Double Chip Series LED Grow Lights

(Best for Beginners)

The BestVA Double Chip LED Series is one of the best LED grow lights because of its capabilities and its affordable price. Its 10-watt LEDs seep deeper into the canopy compared to other LED lights in its price range and category.

Its spectrum is mostly made of red and blue diodes together with a number of white LEDs that are efficient in both the veg and bloom stages.

The spectrum of the BestVA LED lights is the exact reason why it has made it on this spot. It provides not only white, blue and red but also green and yellow lights.

A lot of growers (especially the amateurs) are not fond of taking a closer look at the other needs of their plants. The spectrum of the BestVA works the same on the veg and flowering stages.

The design of the BestVA’s spectrum has mimicked the sunlight at best compared to others in the market which makes it the best LED grow lights in the Blurple category.

The double 5-watt chip that is placed on each diode creates a 10-watt LED that gives it more penetrating force and because of that reaches deeper and beneath the canopy.

It also has a great cooling system that includes cooling fans and heat sinks. This system effectively disperses heat from the 10w chips.

The power consumption of the BestVA Double Chip LED is 50% less than its equivalent HID lights. It is rated to last up to 5 years or 100,000 hours.

It has an incredible core coverage and the Bridgelux/Epileds 10w double LED chips penetrate deeper into the canopy compared to 3w or 5w LEDs.

The BestVA Double Chip LED runs on AC85-265V and works in any outlet and any country. They offer a 3-year warranty and a 90-day return policy. This LED light comes with grow glasses, a hanging kit, and a power cord.

If you want to take your chances on having a great yield, the best to take that chance on is the BestVa Double Chip LEDs. For a better treatment at every stage of the plants’ growth, these are the best LED grow lights for that category.

9.   Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0

(Best for Vertical Growing)

If you’re trying to come up with a medium to a large amount of yield, you better have the best LED grow lights that cover the area evenly especially in the flowering stage.

One of the best LED grow lights in the market for this is the Scynce LED Raging Kush 2.0. It is one of the most commendable because of the results that many growers are experiencing or have experienced.

Because of its design, it is known to apply even canopy penetration despite the sizes of the plants you have. It’s proven to cover all the angles of the plants throughout the stages of growth.

In a 4×4 growing surface area, the PPFD reading is 1057 with a height of 9 inches. The light stays coherent on every part of the surface area and gives at least 1000 μmol m (-2(s (-1).

The patented Conic 120 optic makes the Raging Kush provide a continuous light intensity while hanging between 6-18 inches over the canopy. It is indeed highly efficient with an efficiency of 2.51μmol/j unlike other types of grow lights such as HPS lights.

The Scynce Raging Kush comes with 475 watt-white light that enables it to cover cool blue wavelengths and warm red, orange, and yellow wavelengths. The 175-watt far-red light covers between 660 and 730nm wavelengths.

You have control of the lights on every growing stage. You can simply adjust the dial of the Scynce Raging Kush to cooler or warmer depending on the kind of yield and results you want such as the potency and density.

Purchasing one of the best LED grow lights, the Scynce Raging Kush grow lights come with a whopping 5-year full warranty.

10.                HLG V2 Quantum Board Series LED Grow Lights

(Best Overall)

The Horticulture Lighting Group or HLG is one of the best in the industry of grow lights. Considering the wattage they utilize yet they still provide remarkable output.

The 2.55 umol provides more output for the electricity consumed. It is also dimmable and the driver is dimmable up to 10% intensity. The Daisy chain connects the lights together and runs from a single outlet.

It gives the best spectrum for plants with 3500 white lights plus 660 nm deep red. The QB-288 quantum boards use Samsung LM301H 3500K white and red or blue diodes.

The spectrum of the HLG V2 Series is similar to sunlight but unlike the sun they do not produce that much heat. With that advantage, they do not need fans rather they are cooled using heat sinks.

Fans are usually the first ones to break but because of this design, you would not have to worry about those petty but obstructing problems.

Another big flex of this grow light is its light spread. With larger fixtures, the numerous small diodes are able to provide an even coverage compared to smaller fixtures that only provide light to a more focused central spot.

The newer versions have additional blue or red diodes that greatly help the output in one of the colors. The additional red diode features are for a flowering boost while the additional blue features in the other version such as the BSpec boosts during the vegetation stage.

The HLG is an American company that will easily cater to you because of its location. Unlike competitors such as Spider Farmer and Mars light, HLG is a little pricey because of its quality control and how they handle customer service.

Now, the price may be a disadvantage for some, especially the ones on a budget, but when it comes to quality, efficiency, and customer service, the HLG delivers and definitely exceeds.

HLG V2 Quantum Board Series LED grow lights can be replaced if ever you received a malfunctioning unit. They also include a 3-year warranty.


LED grow lights are one of the most important technologies for growers these days. Not only does it enable you to conveniently plant indoors, but it also enables you to manage your cannabis plants’ growth and yield.

The best LED grow lights today are quite more efficient than the previous and old-timer forms of light. The best LED grow lights these days produce more output and use less electricity at the same time and in effect produce less heat.

The best LED grow lights do not mean that all the features and capabilities can be found in a single product or brand. One type of LED grow light does not necessarily have all the features every grower out there is looking for.

That’s why this list is made only to find the best LED grow lights in the market but to also help you figure out the best LED grow lights that will fit each grower’s cultivation needs depending on their environmental factors, plants’ necessities, and financial factors.


  • What are the advantages of LED grow lights compared to HPS lights?

The advantages of LED grow lights compared to HPS is that it emits less heat and is more energy-efficient. HPS produces more heat that not only causes a couple of issues but it is also bad for the plants because it can affect their growth and produce.

  • What kind of lights do professional growers use?

High-Intensity Discharge or HID commonly known as fluorescent lights are widely used by professional growers. But these days, more and more growers are going for the LED lights because it emits less heat and is way more energy-efficient.

  • How far must LED lights be from your cannabis plants?

The distance of LED grow lights depends on their type and model. The more powerful the LED grow lights the higher they must be from your plants.

Always consider the minimum distance of LED lights then thoroughly research and observe how far the distance must be. The minimum distance of LED grow lights from your plants must be at least 12 inches above to avoid burning the leaves.

When the leaf of the plant shows burns or the plant itself shows stress, raise the LED to grow lights for a few inches then continue observing. When the plant/s show that it needs more intensity, lower the LED grow lights.

This list may contain the best LED grow lights in the market but you must still consider the factors mentioned above to avoid errors.

  • What color of light helps more in the flowering stage?

The reddish color is one of the many colors that majorly help in the flowering stage. Upon flowering and during this stage, the plant needs more red color because it provides more intensity.

All the grow lights on this list are the best LED grow lights in all the stages of the plants’ growth because all of them provide a powerful reddish color.

  • Is it good to have too much white light?

Plants don’t necessarily utilize much of the white lights to grow so might as well not use too much of it. It’s usually part of the spectrum so it’s also good to have a few but not make it the major color in your grow lights.

LEDs are not only made of white light that’s why they are now commercially and privately used to grow plants indoors. To have the best LED grow lights, a full spectrum of different colors is needed.

We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.