The 10 Best Stealth Grow Box in 2022

You can cultivate cannabis plants in secret with the best stealth grow box. Perhaps you don’t want others to know that you’re growing weeds at home. Though maybe you’d like to make the most of your limited space in order to gather as much produce as possible. Any indications of your activity must be kept to a minimum.

You don’t want enormous tents sitting around for everyone to see if you don’t have enough space inside your house. You should also make sure that the grow lights you’re using aren’t going to give you away. Another potential red flag is the heat generated by grow lights. CFL and LED lights, which operate far cooler than other lighting systems, are commonly used in grow boxes.

What is Stealth Growing?

The process of being low and invisible is known as stealth growing. So, if you don’t want anyone to know about your indoor growing activity, you should do this.

It’s not about secrecy; it’s about keeping everything under cover. It entails making the best use of available space and extracting as much value as possible from the space.

Planning and sufficient knowledge are necessary to carry out the procedure efficiently. However, if you want to reduce the leak sign, you’ll need to obtain the necessary equipment. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best stealth grow box recommendations

What to look for in the Best Stealth Grow Box?

An appropriate grow cabinet ought to tick all the boxes that suit your needs whereas following the industry benchmarks in build/material quality, the ease of get together, and natural & useful plan.

When looking for an indoor growing option or the best stealth grow box, think about what you want to grow and what those strains will need. Some strains thrive in specific settings (such as temperature, humidity, and even space), so finding the best stealth grow box that can match those requirements is critical.

Your Growing Style

There are a variety of methods of growing cannabis, but the most famous are hydroponics and soil. Coco-peat, an inert byproduct of coconut husks, is becoming more popular as a soil substitute. Some plants flourish in different situations, so if you have a specific plant in mind, you should conduct your research first. Hydroponic systems are often more involved and expensive, but if you know what you’re doing, they can produce excellent outcomes and harvests. In general, most grow tents do not have a growing system, however the best stealth grow box will definitely do.


The size of the best stealth grow box is quite significant. First and foremost, it is very crucial to consider where it will fit in your home. Second, a smaller size allows the best stealth grow box to be placed in your home more discreetly. However, while a smaller size may be excellent for concealing your grow box, it also limits the amount of area available for your cannabis to grow.

Indoor & Outdoor

Whether you’re looking at a grow box or a grow tent, the ability to control the conditions inside is very important. Different cannabis strains require different circumstances, and one of the most appealing aspects of indoor gardening is the opportunity to regulate the environment.

While fans can aid in temperature management, the material used to construct the sides of the grow box or grow tent is crucial. Grow tents made of thicker material will be able to retain temperatures and humidity better and will last longer.

Look for tents that are composed of sturdier fabric and a reflective lining to reflect light better inside. Look for tents with reinforced zippers and seams, as these are common sources of light leaks, which can interrupt your plant’s light cycles and serve as entry points for insects and other pests. Another thing to think about is a floor, which will protect the floor beneath it from spills.

Flanges and support

These components allow you to add various aspects to your setups, with flanges providing a seal to connect fans, filters, and ducts while also maintaining the atmosphere within. Lighting hooks and trellis, for example, can support your lights and plants, respectively.

The best stealth grow box should have at least one to two flanges for your fan to have an input or output, as well as a way to support your grow light, but you need also consider how they will be powered, as well as whether or not there are sealable exits for power cords.

What are the advantages of using the Best Stealth Grow Box for Marijuana Cultivation?

Growing cannabis in the best stealth grow box has a number of significant advantages. This is owing to the fact that they are inconspicuous, have a silent construction, have locking mechanisms, and are capable of reducing odors. Seedlings, clones, and mature plants all benefit from the efficiencies of these enclosed and stable habitats, which are lighted inside grow boxes, because they are more resistant to plant disease and pest infestation.

In this part of the article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using the best stealth grow box to promote cannabis development before comparing the best stealth grow box available on the market.

  • The best stealth grow box contains all of the required equipment for a grow room, including lights, among other things, grow boxes are completely risk-free to use.
  • The fact that there will be no direct touch with any fixtures is a good thing in terms of overall safety.
  • Purchasing the best stealth grow box is cheaper than investing in a grow room.
  • The entire cost changes dramatically when other factors such as electricity bills and fixture maintenance are taken into consideration.
  • The best stealth grow box can save you a significant amount of money.
  • In addition to saving energy, they are also simple to maintain and run.
  • To put it another way, they are rather inexpensive in the long run.

Top 10 Best Stealth Grow Box in 2021

1.   SuperCloset SuperNova Smart Grow Box

Introducing the SuperCloset SuperNova Smart Grow Closet 3.0, a full-cycle hydroponic LED that considered to be the best stealth grow box from SuperCloset that allows you to germinate, clone, vegetate and flower all at the same time, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to harvest your cannabis plants.

Growing indoors has never been easier than with the award-winning SuperClose Grow Boxes, which are fully automated hydroponic grow systems that feature everything you need to grow successfully indoors.

It is completely automated, so you won’t have to worry about spending hours each day checking your plants in the SuperCloset SuperNova Smart Grow Closet. You will not have to bother about putting it together or setting it up because it is sent completely constructed and ready to use.

The SuperCloset SuperNova the best stealth grow closet that contains two chambers, one for cloning and the other for vegetating/flowering, allowing for a continuous harvest cycle to be achieved.

With its internal circulation fan running, the SuperNova Smart Grow Closet is completely soundproof and light-tight. It also has a lock for privacy and runs quietly. It also has the added benefit of keeping all aromas and odors contained, as well as being odor-proof and looking pretty damn elegant.


  • Growing ten plants in a high-quality, fully automated grow cabinet is a rewarding experience.
  • This is an excellent marijuana grow box due to the fact that it has locking protection and odor control features.
  • Hydroponic farming utilizing drip or DWC methods is possible with the SuperPonics Hydro System, which contains a 200-watt grow lamp, fertilizers, grow media, and other essentials.


  • An indoor grower that requires a compact size may find that a 200-watt CFL light is insufficient because only the red spectrum is present, however this doesn’t affect this to be the best stealth grow box.

2.   Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box

This product enables customers to grow fresh cannabis, fruit, herbs, and vegetables in the comfort of their own homes with little effort. Grobo eliminates the need for manual work in the growing process. It is an-all around option, making it worthy of being on the best stealth grow box list.

Fill the reservoirs with water and nutrients, plant seeds in the base, and begin the growing process using a smartphone that is connected to the system, which is unique and made this the best stealth grow box in the market today. After a few weeks, you will be able to harvest your crop.

The Grobo employs sensors to monitor the health of the plant, automatically modifies the watering schedule, and sends you an alert when it’s time to harvest the crops. It’s ideal for a variety of plants, including marijuana of any strains.

The Grobo can automate the process of growing if that is what is desired. After inputting the seeds into a growth medium made from recycled coconut husks, the user can watch as the system manages water and nutrients to ensure that the seeds grow successfully.

Plant height and material absorption are measured by sensors built into the Grobo, which allows the app to adjust its growing schedule or notify the user if it is necessary to intervene in the growing process. The LEDs replicate 18 hours of daily sunlight, while the carbon filters filter out any odors produced by the plants and other contaminants.


  • You’ll find everything you’ll need to get started growing right away in this package—making it the best stealth grow box for beginners.
  • It’s a system that you can put in place and then leave alone. Once you’ve set it up, you won’t have to do anything else.
  • The use of energy-saving LED lights results in a reduction in your energy expenditures.
  • The administration of nutrients is automated.
  • Carbon filters are used to scour the air in the growing chamber 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which helps to reduce the aromas produced by plants.
  • Controls the process with the use of a smartphone application.
  • There is both a child lock and a security lock on the door which is why we considered this as the best stealth grow box.
  • A one-year warranty is included, with the option to upgrade to a two- or three-year warranty at a later stage.


  • Light leaking has the potential to harm plants.
  • It has the potential to be quite a bit of commotion.
  • The premium model boasts a high level of luminosity.

3.   Cash Crop 6.0 | Weed Grow Box

Using only the highest-quality materials available, the Cash Crop 6.0 Grow Box is completely handcrafted in the United States, from start to finish. Construction takes approximately 8 hours and uses only the highest-quality materials available. That is why we listed this as the best stealth grow box in the market nowadays.

Moreover, when we say “8 hours to build,” we are referring to the time it takes the producers to manufacture and install the product. This best stealth grow box will be sent to your home fully assembled and in virtually unnoticeable packaging.

Not only is the packaging box subtle, but the grow box itself is designed to look more like a wine cabinet than a place where you’ll be cultivating your next pound or two of pot to be stored for a few months.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for a good, healthy cannabis plant that’s good for personal use and easy to cultivate with little effort on your part. Nothing more than finding a hemp seed to plant in it and waiting from the moment you receive it, ready to begin growing, until you are able to harvest your hemp is required.


  • Has a surface that reflects the most amount of light possible.
  • The systems for water oxygenation and ventilation are also incorporated.
  • The hydroponics grow box technology used by Cash Crop grows plants in a short amount of time.


  • The disadvantage of LED grow lights is that they are heavy-duty and give continuous illumination.
  • It is impossible to raise large harvests in such a short amount of time.
  • In addition, this grow box is a bit pricey.

4.   The Armoire Bio Chamber Kit

In contrast to large, unattractive, and stinky grow tents, The Armoire is the best stealth grow box in terms of design. It looks like a normal cabinet which is why we considered this as the best stealth grow box available in the market today.

It’s also compact and lightweight (25″ x 25″ and 54″ tall), making it easy to transport and perfect for small rooms. You could never put a large tent in a small apartment in a big city, but you can fit The Armoire – and the fact that it operates quietly and produces no stench makes it an excellent match!

The Armoire is delivered as a complete set. The kit includes everything you’ll need to be successful (except water, soil, and seed) and is really affordable be on this list of best stealth grow box.

However, it also contains step-by-step directions on how to get started. They also have developed their own proprietary process for nurturing plants, which is used in this carefully adjusted BioChamber.


  • The exquisite design blends nicely with the existing furnishings and ensures that the cannabis secret is kept safe for an additional 90 days.
  • LED lights with a 12-spectrum spectrum and minimal heat output
  • The soil is fully organic, and it includes all of the nutrients required for plant growth.
  • Childproof locks help to keep the outside world out of the house.


  • An integrated hydroponic grow system is not included.
  • It’s already assembled when you take it out of the box.

5.   Grandma’s Secret Garden 6.0

Dealzer’s Grandma’s Secret Garden 6.0 is a high-quality grow box that is ideal for beginning gardeners and hobbyists. There is only one of these revolutionary grow boxes in the world.

That is the main reason besides its superb features why we considered this as the best stealth grow box available to purchase nowadays.

In addition, it contains carefully calibrated characteristics that provide you with the best possible growing environment.

Easy-to-understand instructions for beginners are included as is excellent customer service. The grow box has enough space to accommodate four enormous plants, giving them plenty of space to grow significantly.

The new mars hydro ts600 quantum board LED provides full-spectrum lighting for the crops and is available now. The box measures 36x20x16.5 inches in dimensions and is suited for use at any stage of the development process.

This best stealth grow box is handcrafted in the United States of America using wood that has been quality tested and treated. The device is equipped with a fully supported hydroponics system, which speeds up the rate of crop growth significantly.

It is included with the grow box a set of exhaust fans to ensure that the growing area remains fresh at all times. A lifetime guarantee and technical support are also included with the purchase of this product.

The grow box has been upgraded to include a carbon enhancer that accelerates development by 20 percent compared to previous versions, a herb dryer, and a training guide, among other features.

This best stealth grow box includes the mars hydro LED grow lamp, exhaust systems, an air pump, and an air stone with a hose, all of which are included in the price.

An in-ground submersible water pump, hydroponic 2-inch net pots, starter plugs, sophisticated nutrients odor control equalizer, timer, instructions manual locking mechanism, and a lifetime warranty are all included, as is a lifetime warranty.


  • 4 cannabis plants can be readily adjusted
  • Has high-quality LED lighting
  • Crops are grown at a rate 20 times faster than using traditional plantation techniques.
  • Everything you’ll need to produce marijuana successfully is included.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty as well as technical support.


  • The fans make a lot of noise.
  • It is possible for light to leak at times.

6.   SuperFlower Smart Grow Closet

The SuperFlower model is a cost-effective alternative to grow cabinets that include a separate cloning chamber, such as those found in the in other grow box maker. One of the many advantages of owning this best stealth grow box is the convenient development area it provides for taller plants. This best stealth grow box can effortlessly function on its own, without the need for any further assistance, and produce excellent harvests.

The grow cabinet is intended to be low-maintenance, allowing you to devote your time and attention to your plants. This LED grow box also includes activated carbon air filters, which are useful for purifying the air. When it comes to eliminating scents from an area, carbon is a very effective ingredient.

The fact that you can easily operate this best grow box with your smartphone adds to its already impressive list of advantages. Download the sophisticated software and connect it to your grow box in a matter of minutes. In order to suit your needs as well as the needs of the plants as they grow, the system will modify the lighting system.

Your purchase will include one of the best nine-episode training video collections available, which will guide you through the process of setting up this best grow box for the best results possible.

This hydroponic grow box has been created to be used with either a hydroponics or a soil system, depending on your needs. The LED grow light contained within this premium grow box is extremely easy to control thanks to a number of ingenious features.

It also comes with a thermometer and a hygrometer, allowing you to keep track of all of the minute details of the cabinet’s internal temperature and humidity. Furthermore, this cabinet can easily consume 20 percent less energy than other models while delivering 30 percent faster development than other models as well.


  • The interior is spacious and tall enough to accommodate practically any flower or plant in the world.
  • It can be used for hydroponics as well as soil-based farming.
  • There is also an activated carbon air filtration system installed.
  • Connects to a smart smartphone, allowing for simple control of water and lighting settings.
  • Features Smart technology is in charge of everything which is why we considered this as the best stealth grow box out there.


  • It’s quite expensive.
  • This massive grow cabinet will take up a significant amount of space of the room.

7.   Hydroponic LED Grow Box by StealthGrowBox

Everything you’d expect from a Plug & Grow stealth system is included with the LED Hydroponic Grow Box from StealthGrowBox. In addition to offering excellent value, it is also suitable for both newbie and experienced growers working with limited space and resources at home.

Wood is the principal building material in order to provide the best stealth grow box for your herbs while also taking into consideration your desire for a piece of furniture that can be easily placed in your home and blends in smoothly with the surroundings. In addition to its small size and light weigh, it also has convenient travel proportions (40 45 90 cm).

You’ll get fantastic results from your favorite strains of hemp when you use this plug-and-play best stealth grow box, which comes with incredible LED grow lights to improve production as well as everything else you’ll need. It is simple to adjust the brightness of the light with the included dimmer.


  • Highly effective LED lighting keeps the plants alive and well, while the sturdy frame minimizes light leaking.
  • The use of carbon filtering technology eliminates any scents that may be present.


  • You are only capable of managing two plants at any given time.
  • It is not suitable for growing a significant yield.

8.   Superbox LED Smart Grow Closet by Supercloset

The SuperBox grow cabinet by SuperCloset is great for indoor growers. It won’t take up much space and you can easily manage it as you get the hang of it. It will work great for growing hemp inside.

With a Wi-Fi enabled smartphone, you can control your watering and lighting schedules. Managing is made much easier with smartphone connection—making it the best stealth grow box for the tech-savvy.  

This grow box chamber is ideal for flowers and foliage. This hydroponic grow box comes with a soil or hydroponic system with X40 LED lights. The air filter is entirely constructed of carbon to keep your rooms smelling fresh.

This LED best stealth grow box also has a thermometer, hygrometer, and a small circulation fan. The adjustable, detachable, and reflective panels minimize mold growth. They will help you control lighting and air. The grow cabinet ensures 30% faster growth and 20% reduced energy consumption. Also, the cabinet can easily hold 8 tiny plants. It is good for herb cultivation.


  • A small stealth grow box that is easy to transport from one place to another.
  • A container that is small and well suited for hemp growing.
  • Connectivity via smartphone results in a 20 percent reduction in energy use.
  • When compared to regular stealth grow boxes, the growth rate is 30% faster.


  • Growing tall plants is not recommended.
  • Indoor growing on a large scale is not recommended.

9.   SuperStar Smart Grow Box

SuperCloset has created yet another award-winning stealth grow cabinet to meet the needs of modest indoor growers. As a result, if you want to grow larger plants on a wider scale, this is not the best option.

However, there are numerous more aspects to consider, and you will find this grow tent to be quite the best stealth grow box and very much beneficial for indoor cultivation.

This top grow box is also compatible with a smartphone app. You may operate the grow box by connecting it to your smartphone using the SuperCloset app. You can monitor and operate the led grow light and watering system from afar, ensuring that your plants are kept in the best possible condition. This is a feature for the best stealth grow box.

In addition, this grow box comes with both soil and hydroponics system options. With the use of sophisticated touch control, you can simply manage the LED grow lights inside. Aside from that, the food cabinet has an inside fan to ensure optimum air circulation.

Carbon filters are also included in these grow boxes to keep odors at bay. It has a thermometer and a hygrometer built in to keep track of the growth environment. Cleanliness and led grow light distribution are ensured by the detachable, reflecting, and mold-resistant panels.


  • 20% reduction in energy consumption
  • Ensures a 30% higher rate of growth
  • Watering system that is cutting-edge
  • Uncomplicated upkeep
  • Filters with carbon activated carbon for odor reduction
  • Internal circumstances are relatively easy to manage and modify
  • Cloning and flaring chambers are supplied separately


  • Due to the compact footprint, it is only ideal for smaller space.

10.                 Deluxe Smart Grow Closet

If you want to get the most out of your indoor gardening, you should get the Deluxe Smart Grow Closet. This hydroponics grow box has two compartments, one for seedlings and the other for plants. By assuring quality harvest cycles with these two chambers, you may substantially minimize the time between grows.

It’s a piece of cake to operate this greatest grow box. You may use the smart app to link it to your smartphone and effortlessly control and monitor the watering and feeding cycles. That is why we considered this as the best in overall and best stealth grow box available in the market today.

Aside from that, this grow tent has two carbon filters to keep odors under control and the air fresh in the space. The anti-mold panels on this finest stealth grow box are also reflective, maximizing the amount of light available within the system.


  • Cloning and vegetative chambers are kept separate
  • Filters with two activated carbon layers
  • 20% reduction in energy consumption
  • Plants can be grown 5 times faster than with standard methods
  • It’s easy to use, and it’s low-maintenance.


  • The grow box is quite big and takes up a lot of room.
  • It has a smaller vegetative chamber than a cloning chamber.

Final Thoughts

This list we made is the best stealth grow box for novices, especially if you aren’t serious about indoor growing but would like to give it a shot. Growing more marijuana has never been easier because of the advancement of technologies. Whoever invented the beat stealth grow box is considered to be a hero for some growers.

Grow boxes allow you to get the complete experience of growing cannabis at home while being stealthy and discreet in their appearance. It is for this reason that they are in such high demand nowadays.

Overall, a grow box should be designed to maximize output efficiency while keeping costs as low as possible. There are several advantages to each of the grow boxes on our list that are exclusive to home gardeners. Although some people support commercial cannabis farming, others can only manage a few plants on an individual basis.

You can pick the best stealth grow box for your specific needs with the help of the tips provided above.

We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.