Best Weed Gadgets of 2022


A new year means a better look at the weed gadgets. Some of these inventions have a polish so good that they look like MIT creations. The list below captures some of the best weed gadgets that focus on the weed industry. Prices vary, but there is enough variety in the brands so that you can always find something that is in your range.

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the best weed gadgets of 2021.

Best PickPax 3Shop Now
Best for beginnerPuffco PeakShop Now
Best for CollectionHydrology9Shop Now
4thWisp Vaporizing SystemNA
5thThe OttoShop Now
6thNova DevarboxylatorShop Now
7th420 ScopeShop Now
8th7 Pipe ProShop Now
9thHonorable Mention to the BongNA

Pax 3

This vaporizer is one of our favorite weed gadgets out there because you can use it for dried flower as well as concentrates. When you want portability, then Pax 3 comes to the rescue. It is a dry herb concentrate vaporizer that is surprisingly powerful at what it does. Since this is PaxVapor’s third model in the series, the Pax 3 has some notable improvements beyond the new design. The battery gains over 10% more capacity and is now a whopping 3500 mAh while the quality of life features have been improved. Even the app got a minor overhaul to make interfacing with the software less of a chore. If you’re on the old model, then the Pax 3 is a significant upgrade. Get your upgrade here now!

Puffco Peak

While the design isn’t the best among our chosen weed gadgets, the Puffco Peak has always had a positive history. In 2019, this is one of the best dab rigs you can buy. Think of it as the best choice for beginners and intermediate users. The torch free design is surrounded by simple controls and visual cues. While modern features have been added, traditional methods still remain an option. You can load up the peak in whichever way you’re most comfortable with. That alone is a selling point for the Puffco Peak, with the company doing a good job of not alienating older customers. Grab your Puffco Peak here!


A list isn’t a list without a controversial pick. In 2021, Hydrology9 remains one of those weed gadgets that aren’t necessary but are still nice to have. The polished steel and glass combo is still the best look in the industry, sporting a professional branded look. Despite looks, it is still your average vaporizer that filters out carcinogens. The selling point with the Hydrology9 is that it has an ‘extra’ filter to make it better than rivals. The jury is still out on just how better it is, but there is no denying it is the best designed in its category. If you’re not broke, there is no harm in sporting one of these bad boys in your collection. Add your Hydrology9 to your collection !!!

Wisp Vaporizing System

The funniest thing about the Wisp Vaporizing System is the number of people that think it is some elaborate scam. Wisp is a combination of hardware and software vaporizing technologies that is still patent pending. If you want to get past the technical mumbo jumbo, the Wisp system is nothing more than Keurig for weed. Yes, they went out and made weed k-cups. What a world, right? Oddly enough, 2019 may still be too soon for the world to understand the technology of the Wisp Vaporizing System. Even now, the market has to ask if there is an audience for such an incredible product.

The Otto

The Otto is probably the most familiar product on the list. It is all over social media and is even being sold by major online retailers. Banana Bros claims that The Otto is the first and only automatic milling machine. The second claim has now been proven false, but that doesn’t mean The Otto has been outclassed. It is still the industry standard for milling herbs exactly how you want, and with the single press of a button. The simplicity of the invention is why it sells. There is no incredible technology associated with it- The Otto just works. For a lot of smokers, its reliability is unmatched. Upgrade to the Otto Grinder today!

Nova Decarboxylator

Have you activated your cannabinoids lately? The Nova Decarboxylator can do just that, making cannabis infusion much more potent. This product has more use for medical marijuana users that want to make the most of their stash. That doesn’t mean that regular weed smokers can’t benefit, so pay attention. The Nova Decarboxylator decarboxylates THC so that there is no loss of potency. Instead of wasting valuable cannabinoids with an incorrect process, use the Nova Decarboxylator to achieve professional-grade results. It takes a little getting used to but is well worth the effort. Check it out this perfect decarboxylator.

420 Scope

The best thing about the 420 Scope is its price. Cannabis technology grows fast, and so does the price it takes to acquire it. The 420 scope remains a modest pickup for any college student that is interested in a Scope with 75x magnification. But that isn’t all! It comes with an LED light, long-lasting batteries, and a unique design. It is a simple yet effective solution to get a closer look at the herb in your possession. Not sure of what you have? Use the 420 Scope to verify it. This will be the best purchase you make in all of 2019! Start getting a closer look at your weed today!

7Pipe Pro

With the 7Pipe Pro’s built-in lighter, you have the lighter/pipe combination that people have been asking for. Years of research went into making this product good, and the second generation of this model really shows it. The sleek look is nice, but it would have been nice if they went a little crazy with the design. Chances are this is the only product of its type you’ll need for years thanks to the long-lasting mechanics. It is a well-built device with corrosion resistance and a great ignition source.

King of Weed Gadgets: Honorable Mention to the Bong

The bong will forever remain the king weed gadget of the world. Creative designs are still being made, and groups are still being formed. All of the new weed technology sometimes forgets some of the fun designs and wacky ideas created by bongs. Bongs keep the new technology in check with a continual flow of great ideas, giving the user a dedicated backup when needed. The first company to blend emerging weed gadgets – technology with bong designs will be a billionaire!

We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.