The Best Weed Restaurants Worldwide

Best Weed Restaurants

Getting high and eating food. Everyone knows about certain things that work well together, well getting high and eating food is definitely top of the list. For a long time weed has been inaccessible by most people due to the laws surrounding them. Thankfully, things are starting to change and all over the world countries are starting to recognize the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis. Weed restaurants are opening up faster than you can imagine and more and more chefs are starting to turn their expertise to cannabis. These are some of the best weed restaurants in the world – bon appetite.

1.Cannaisseur Series

If you’re looking for a comfortable cannabis experience, then the Cannaisseur family is there for you. Lead by Chef Coreen Carroll, the restaurant offers a small upstairs dining area with ample space to fit a number of tables. Carroll excels at creating the perfect balance for all her guests and does not want them to be left uncomfortably high. To ensure that everyone enjoys the evening, she combines a lot of CBD in the beginning courses so that it offsets the THC doses. This way, you will slowly get more psychoactive effects the more you eat – the best weed restaurants all follow similar procedures.

Best Weed Restaurants

Located in San Francisco, Cannaisseur Series is in one of the most popular weed areas in the world, making it a great place to experience cannabis first hand. The Chef gets her inspiration from different dishes around the world and, currently, her most tantalizing dishes are her Beet Poaches Quail Egg Friasse and her Olive Oil Cake topped with candied cannabis leaves. The combination of THC, CBD, and beautiful dishes makes this a must-see for anyone visiting this area of the world. In addition to the beautiful cannabis meals, there is also a wide selection of wines to choose from which they can suggest to pair with the different meals.

2. Cannabis Supper Club

What defines a ‘cannabis restaurant’ is quite broad. A restaurant can either offer cannabis-infused meals, cannabis to smoke with your meal, or just be cannabis-friendly. The Cannabis Supper Club is the second type of restaurant on this list, they do not provide cannabis-infused meals, but they do offer a wide selection of flowers for you to smoke from while you eat. Any stoner knows that great food and good weed go very well together, which is why this is one of the best weed restaurants in the world.

There are a wide variety of dishes to be enjoyed at the Cannabis Supper Club. The host, Marc Liebel, is very attentive to different international flavors and how to pair them with different cannabis strains for an all-around experience. People enjoy Cannabis Supper Club because not everyone enjoys eating edibles and because it is a relaxing environment where one can enjoy the company of other Cannabis lovers. Meal choices include Hamachi Carpaccio, Lemon Curd with Shortbread, and Togarashi Spiced Tuna.

3. Thursday Infused

This restaurant is far more exclusive than some of the other options on the list because they are only open once every few months. A special Thursday is selected by Jamie Evans who leads this best weed restaurant. At Thursday Infused you are treated to an all-inclusive cannabis meal, including some of the best wines in the world.

Thursday Infused specializes in being a weed restaurant that combined wine, cannabis, and food into a combination that pleases your smell, taste, and sight. Everything in this restaurant is beautifully prepared by a team of rotating chefs, with the highest quality always in mind. When you aren’t eating, discussions are usually helping about different cannabis strains, the best wine regions, and different topics about pairing cannabis, food, and wine. You won’t have to worry about getting the ‘greenies’ when pairing alcohol and cannabis in this restaurant because Jamie Evans is known as The Herb Somm(sommelier) who has mastered the art of pairing cannabis and wine – your body is in good hands.

Best Weed Restaurants

4. Fraiche

The next best weed restaurant on our list is located in Amsterdam. For $80 (50 EURO) you can enjoy an eight-course THC-infused meal. Everything is carefully selected to make sure the flavors and psychoactive effects work together. The meals are tested individually for many months before the dinner takes place, but you’ll be the first person to taste them all together. It’s a great way to enjoy delicious food while getting high. The cannabis and hash used in their meals have been sourced from all around the world, to create a truly unforgettable cannabis experience. They have a weed sommelier who knows exactly what strains work with what flavors. If you can’t handle your THC, you maybe should think twice about going to this potent cannabis restaurant. This restaurant is operating in a legal gray area, but being in Amsterdam, there have never been any cannabis problems so relax and enjoy the meal. In addition to cannabis, you’re also going to be able to experience some magic truffles. Magic truffles are legal in Amsterdam, so you don’t have to worry about any run-ins with the law. These truffles are far milder than magic mushrooms but still provide a psychoactive experience. In milder doses, this truffle pairs exceptionally well with cannabis and helps balance the meal perfectly.

5. Arcane Revelry

With a mystical name like Arcane Revelry, you have to wonder what’s going on inside its doors. In Los Angeles, you will find this restaurant which relocated from Portland. This restaurant comes fully equipped with a dab bar, CBD massages, and some of the tastiest meals you’ll even find at a cannabis restaurant. Whether you like top quality food, good cannabis, or just a night out with friends, Arcane Revelry has something for you. They specialize in both CBD and THC, combining the two in a beautiful balance that ensures you won’t get too high too quickly.  An average dinner will contain about 5 – 10 mg of THC and is a great way to test out edibles in a safe environment. Some of the most popular meal items on the list are Chef Manny Mendoza’s Wagyu Rip Cap Carne Asada Tacos, Chef Sasto’s Yellowfin Crudo and Watermelon Caviar, and Chef Barker’s Cannabis Causa.

Something worth noting about Arcane Revelry is that you can’t just make a booking like a normal restaurant. To be the best weed restaurant, you have to be exclusive, and that’s exactly what’s on offer at Arcane Revelry. To get a table, you’re going to have to sign up to the mailing list, which (if successful) will result in an invite to this magical dining experience.

Best Weed Restaurants

6. The Opulent Chef

Chef Michael Magallanes leads this best weed restaurant to one of the top spots in California. If you’re looking for a veteran cannabis chef in the San Francisco area, don’t look any further. The kitchen staff is filled with trained cannabis chef professionals who know exactly how to balance your meal with flavor and THC.

The Opulent Chef is a bit more flexible with the THC doses than some of the other best weed restaurants, so if you’re feeling a little stronger you can ask for them to increase the dose on your meal. This will cost you a bit extra, but you’re going to enjoy the experience a lot more if you prefer a bit more THC in your meal. Wine is available, although not specifically paired with the cannabis meals, and no smoking is available in the restaurant (although vaping is allowed). The meal typically consists of 8 – 10 courses and includes a wide array of flavors including beef short ribs, parsley root with huckleberry, or even sea urchin on toast.

7. Pop Cultivate

Are you ready for a strong THC cannabis experience? Well then head down to one of the best weed restaurants in the world. Chris Yang has created the perfect cannabis dining experience, set with a terpene-infused mocktail bar and a menu that changes between 7 – 10 courses depending on the night. There are many different flavors that are paired exceptionally well with cannabis. There is no alcohol served at the restaurant but clients are welcome to bring their own booze – they should, however, be warned that this restaurant serves higher than normal THC doses which can make pairing the food with alcohol dangerous. A meal usually contains between 35 – 50 mg of THC, so expect to be feeling something by the end of the night. The setting is simple and outdoors. It is usually held during the warmer months where guests can enjoy a star-filled night without coming dressed in 4 layers of clothing.

This is another restaurant where exclusivity is key and you’re going to have to sign up to the mailing list if you want to get a taste of some of Chris Yang’s creations. If you’re feeling lucky, you can even try message Chris himself, who appreciates any pleasant commentary from these guests – although don’t expect a free table.

8. The Herbal Chef

Welcome to the Herbal team. This restaurant can cater to a maximum of 50 people and is quite busy, so you’re going to want to book well in advance. Quality ingredients are used in all the meals and expect both delicious food and a great balance with THC. There are two meal options for those heading to The Herbal Chef. You can either choose the cannabis-infused option or the non-infused option; allowing everyone in the family to get involved, even if they aren’t interested in getting high.

Best Weed Restaurants

They use a combination of THC and CBD in this restaurant to ensure that everything is always perfectly balanced. The head chef, Christopher Sayegh, is the founder and brainchild behind this vision and he strives to create the perfect meal for every guest. If you have certain dietary requirements or you want a certain type of catering for a certain even, The Herbal Chef team will cater to your exact pleasures.

9. Chena Hut

This is a far more unique cannabis experience but still one of the best weed restaurants worldwide. It might serve the fanciest meals, but you can enjoy a Chena Hut in many states throughout America and they serve some good-quality, reasonably-priced food that also comes infused with cannabis. They have a large menu that includes infused and non-infused meals and they have different options that can be paired well with different things. Whether you’re already high and want to get some munchies or you want to try some of their cannabis-infused subs, you will have something to eat at Chena Hut.

10. Sinsemil.a

Heading to New York soon? Why not visit, the first dining experience dedicated to cannabis in the area. Ingredients are quality and all locally-sourced according to the season. If you’re looking for a restaurant that serves fresh and tasty food, served with cannabis infusions, then you’ve come to the right place. All their THC products are tested before given to the clients to ensure that their flavors and their psychoactive properties are balanced to create the perfect dining experience. Getting high isn’t the only priority at this restaurant, they want to be the best weed restaurant by combining cannabis and haute cuisine.

Best Weed Restaurants

Their menu is available online, but it changes based on the season so don’t expect it to be the same menu as when you looked last. They have many different courses to choose, with some popular items like Potato gnocchi with White Widow buttered mushrooms, Lemon Mazar Troy Dam bass, and Pasture-raised pork schnitzel with OG Kush butter. All their meals are paired with specific strains to ensure the perfect balance.

Now that you know the 10 best weed restaurants worldwide, you now need to choose where you’re going to eat (which is even harder than choosing what strain you want to smoke today). Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong because all of these restaurants strive to serve the highest quality ingredients and the best THC infusions available.

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