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Alberta is known for its natural wonders such as its ancient glaciers, canyons, waterfalls and beautiful lakes.  If you’re a weed enthusiast planning to see Alberta’s main attractions such as Lake Louise or to experience  Athabasca Falls in action, it’s important to know the rules regarding weed in Alberta. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about weed in Alberta. We start off by talking about the requirements for medical and recreational use of cannabis in Alberta; requirements for buy weed online in Alberta; fascinating facts and history of Alberta, growing cannabis in Alberta; how to buy weed online in Alberta; well-known strains and cannabis events you can expect to attend in Alberta.  

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Is cannabis legal in Alberta?

Like many province in Canada, the legalisation of cannabis on October 17, 2018 also allowed people in  Alberta to buy and consume weed legally. According to the Government of Alberta, Alberta had the second-highest lifetime use of 37.3% next to Nova Scotia is 42.4%. This shows us that Albertans have always been strong consumers of cannabis even before the legalisation.  


Requirements for medical use

Age and possession limits  

The legal age for consumption and possession of medical cannabis is 18 years and older with a limit of 30  grams of cannabis in Alberta and four cannabis plants per household.

Where it is allowed vs not allowed  

The Government of Alberta and the City of Calgary both control the rules around where medical cannabis can be consumed. Consuming medical cannabis in any form such as smoking, vaping or edibles in public is allowed in Alberta with medical documentation. However, you must not smoke or vape in, or within 5 metres of an: outdoor pool, outdoor skating rink, outdoor playground, outdoor skatepark, outdoor sports field, transit property and olympic plaza. To make it easier for you to remember, all it really is within 5 metres from any public premises.  

What documentation is needed  

You can only get medical cannabis from a Health Canada approved Licensed Producers. Medical cannabis  allows for a more personalised treatment plan (selection and dosage) for any particular strain and is also  generally cheaper than recreational cannabis. If you want to get approved for a medical cannabis card, Medical Marijuana Services (MMS) in Canada provides easy steps to follow which can be seen below.  

Step 1: First register or if you’re already registered, you can renew online. You can then choose the right appointment that is best suited for you.  

Step 2: Choose a Health Canada approved Licensed Producer  

Step 3: Consult with your Healthcare Practitioner via phone to discuss your medical condition(s)  

Step 4: Your Licensed Producer will then contact you within 24 hours of the consultation to make a medical  cannabis order  

What conditions qualify  

Are you eligible? ADHD, migraine, nausea depression, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, PTSD, cancer and paediatric care are common medical conditions that may qualify for medical cannabis. If you think you are suffering from a few of the examples given above then you should book an appointment with your chosen  Licensed Producer.  


Requirements for recreational use  

Age and possession limits  

The legal age for recreational cannabis in Alberta is 18 years of age. The possession limits stay the same which is 30 grams of cannabis in public, 30 grams for sharing with other adults and 4 cannabis plants per household.

Where it is allowed vs not allowed  

In Alberta, it is recommended that you smoke on private property such as your own home, your own yard and on any areas of the land you own. If you are renting, it will depend on the rules set by your landlord in regard to the consumption and growing of cannabis. Consuming cannabis is not allowed in the same places tobacco is prohibited. These places include hospital property, school property, playgrounds, sports fields,  any parks and outdoor venues. The last thing to remember is to never consume cannabis inside cars or vehicles as you may receive fines.  

What products are allowed vs not allowed (e.g. edibles, extracts and topicals)

The products that are allowed in Alberta are dried or fresh cannabis, oils, plant seeds and capsules. Ever since the legalisation of cannabis, edibles that are commercially prepared and creams that contain cannabis are not made legal. Once the federal government develops regulations for edibles and distribution, edibles will be made available from a licensed retailer. However, if you are 18 years old, you can prepare your own edibles for personal use as long as you don’t share it with the public.  

Buying weed in Alberta  

You can legally buy weed in Alberta from an AGLC-licensed cannabis store or from It is recommended that you don’t buy weed from the black market as the federal and provincial government ensures the pricing is fair when you buy legal cannabis. The benefits of legal cannabis include quality control, guided strain selection, strong product availability, strong communities, ease of access, and certified and qualified stores.  


Requirements to buy weed online in Alberta  

You are allowed to buy up to 30 grams of dried recreational or medicinal cannabis in Alberta. Just like any  other province in Canada, one gram of dried cannabis is equivalent to:  

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis  
  • 15 grams of edible product  
  • 70 grams of liquid product  
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates  
  • 1 cannabis plant seed  

How to buy weed in Alberta  

The Alberta Cannabis Framework allows adults 18 years of age and older to legally purchase up to 30 grams of cannabis from privatel- owned retail stores and government-operated online stores. Buying weed in  Alberta is actually easy because you have a lot of stores to choose from and you also have the option to buy online. For example, one of the top-selling online cannabis producers available to Albertans is Quadzilla Cannabis.  

Quadzilla Cannabis have so many dispensary throughout Alberta, they also provide easy access to recreational cannabis that can all be done online. All you need to do is to register on their site and wait for approval which doesn’t take very long. While waiting for your approval, you can take a look at their cannabis catalogue which ranges from a variety of products. Once you get approved, you can add the products to your cart and complete the transaction online, your order will be delivered with tracking information to ensure peace of mind.  

How much you should expect to pay

In Alberta, expect to pay an average of $7.20 per gram of dried cannabis. According to Statistics Canada,  prices have been falling from $10.27 in 2012 to $7.67 gram. The prices will be kept low to drive out the black market and encourage a legal one that is regulated.  

Restrictions about cannabis and driving in Alberta  

We all know that cannabis can impact your ability to drive and doing that is a crime. If you are found with more than the legal amount of THC in your body while driving, you can expect to receive: 90-day license suspension, mandatory remedial course, fines and imprisonment for repeat offenders. You’re probably wondering how they do cannabis testing, they simply test a sample of your saliva by taking a swap over your gums, tongue and inner cheeks then the swap is analysed by a machine.

History of legalisation and changes in laws over time in Alberta  

In the 1920s, cannabis wasn’t viewed positively in Alberta. It was mainly because of an Alberta resident named Emily Murphy who fought for women’s rights and the cannabis ban. According to Emily, drugs especially cannabis was linked to an international conspiracy called The Ring and as a result, cannabis was banned.  Fortunately, Alberta welcomed the legalisation of cannabis in 2018 along with provinces in Canada. Today,  Alberta has many cannabis licensed stores with sales that compete with bigger provinces like Ontario and  Quebec.

Can I grow cannabis in Alberta?

In Alberta, you are allowed to grow up to 4 plants per household. If you are renting, you might not be allowed  to grown cannabis based on the rules of your landlord.  

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What strains are popular in Alberta?

There is only one popular strain in Alberta and that is The Green Kraken by BOAZ Pharmaceutical Inc. which is based in Alberta. They have a great reputation for their fair trade and pesticide-free cannabis. The Green  Kraken is well-known in Alberta and is notable for reducing inflammation and improving memory.  

Don’t worry, The Green Kraken is not the only one you can enjoy. We have gathered some clear favourites in the cannabis market from notable producers in the industry that you can find and buy online. Examples of  other popular strains include:  

Tangerine Dream by San Rafael ’71 (Aurora)  

This sativa is award-winning and known for its high levels of THC and green and purple buds. The smell is like citrus and offers a sweet flavour which is very relaxing. Expect to feel extreme euphoria, happiness,  uplifted and creative mood. Not only that but it’s known to relieve stress, pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.  

Granddaddy Purple by 48 North  

The 48 North is indica-dominant strain and is known for its unique genetics and topicals. It is also said to taste sweet and fruity. Relieving stress and insomnia are the main benefits of 48 North.

Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms  

The Pink Kush is an indica, sativa and hybrid cannabis that is produced by Sunfarm’s greenhouses. One ounce of Pink Kush retails for $104 because of its aroma and similar flowering from OG Kush. Most people say that it helps with stress, pain, depression, insomnia and anxiety.  

Glueberry OG by Muskoka Grown  

The Glueberry OG is environmentally sustainable due to its recyclable tin can packaging and careful production. It’s known for its extreme effects thanks to its 15-20% THC levels and delicious blueberry flavour.  The Glueberry is used to treat chronic stress or PTSD, depression and migraines.  

Lemon Garlic OG by Robinsons (Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.)

The Lemon Garlic OG is a sativa-dominant hybrid and is known for its bright green buds and immediate smoke. The flavour is in between citrus and garlic so if you’re a fan of weird flavours, this might be for you.  Most people have reported feeling more focused and relaxed as it is used to treat chronic fatigue and muscle pains.  


Cannabis events in Alberta  

If you’ve always been planning to attend a cannabis event in Alberta and be surrounded by cannabis  enthusiasts, here are some events you can expect:  

Cannabis Expo  

Cannabis Expo is an interactive forum where you can join industry leaders and discuss the latest technology,  research and benefits of cannabis. Prices start from USD 15 and the event goes on for the whole day. You can expect this type of event as it happens annually.  

History of Cannabis at Calgary’s Historic Heritage Park  

If you’re looking for an entertaining night with your friends, you get to experience a 3-hour smoke session and learn the history of cannabis at the same time. The lessons consist of the advent of Hashish, records of first Canadians convicted of cannabis possession and trafficking and so much more. The event is guided by journalist and researcher Dave Dormer, who has 20 years of experience in the industry.  

Friendibles Guide to Making Your Own Infused Treats  

This event is perfect for someone looking for a fun but casual event. You get to experience learning how to make your own infused treats as well as guides to local buds from professionals.  

Congratulations, you finally have reached the end of this article. You learned a lot about cannabis in Alberta like the different requirements for medical and recreational use in Alberta; how to buy weed in Alberta; not to drive while high in Alberta; the history and legalisation of cannabis in Alberta; how to grow weed in Alberta.  Well, this is it. You can now start your cannabis journey in Alberta.


How much cannabis can I possess in Alberta?  

You are allowed to possess up to 30 grams of cannabis if you are 18 years and older.  

Where can I consume cannabis in Alberta?  

It’s recommended that you consume cannabis in your own home as cannabis is not allowed in public places where tobacco is not permitted.  

Can I drive after taking?  

No, consuming cannabis in/or any vehicle is illegal in Alberta.  

Can I grow my own cannabis in Alberta?  

Yes! You are legally allowed to grow up to 4 plants per household in a secure and private property.  

Where can I purchase recreational weed in Alberta?

You can buy from your chosen Canadian Licensed Producers to ensure a safe, regulated and quality  product.

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