How to Buy Weed Online in Canada 2022

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Buying weed in the comfort of your own home is something that our forefathers dreamed of. It is on the same level as the hoverboard, space travel, and invisibility. Like all things related to cannabis, the tips for getting ahold of it is a little different. That difference is worth paying attention to, so make it a priority. If you want the best of the best, then take the initiative to learn about the process.

Have You Ever Smoked Cigarettes?

Remember what it was like buying cigarettes online? How smooth of a transaction it was? Heck, cigarettes were so easy to buy online that the industry boomed from the extra impact. Except none of that actually happened!

If you’re a current or former cigarette smoker, don’t let the past cloud your judgment of online cannabis buying. The market is wider and has had years to mature, so all of the mistakes made by purchasing cigarettes online won’t be repeated.

There are already several more websites that provide readied access to weed compared to cigarette websites. Buying weed online is no different than purchasing a product from eBay or Amazon. Some websites even save your information for later use so you can enjoy one-click shipping.

In time, there will even be a membership site that ships weed to you on a monthly basis. Separate your experience of online cigarettes from weed, and you will have a much better outlook.

You’re Not Breaking The Law

Repeat after me; Weed is legal in Canada. Got it?

Those in the know are familiar with underground websites like Silk Roads that peddled weed and other illegal products. The legalization of weed across Canada has made websites in the vein of Silk Road obsolete. This is important to mention for several reasons.

If you currently have an account or business with an ‘illegal’ website, stop it immediately. Remove your account information, wipe your history and stay far away from it. Sites that illegally sold weed are more than likely selling other illegal products.

Just because weed got legalized, that doesn’t mean that you get a pass when buying from shady dealers. Stay away from unknown websites or websites that illegally sold weed before it was illegal. In some cases, you can find a website that has gone100% legit, and only then can the owner be trusted with your information.

What To Look For

Weed dispensaries are available offline, but the more interesting sales happen online. It is all about convenience, respecting your privacy and getting the best deal available. There is more competition online, so deals will always find a way into your crosshairs.

With all of the money exchanging hands, there is a little bit of tricky business here and there. Always check the origin of the dispensary. Do you really want to buy from a Canadian weed dispensary that ships from the United States?

Seeing a flag and the name Canada on a business does not mean they are local to the country. Look at the about page, check for reviews, and pay close attention to shipping. It should not take one week to get a package if the business is located in the same country as you are.

Even if the company is licensed to do business with Canada, the headaches of import/export and long waiting times isn’t worth it. Buy local to get the best experience so that you don’t end up with a customer support headache later on.

If you live in Canada or if you were planning a trip to Canada, you are now officially allowed to legally blaze. While this might sound exciting, each Canadian province varies and has its own set of rules and regulations – so before you jump into anything, make sure you do some reading and check beforehand.

In this article, we discuss the requirements for medical and recreational use of cannabis; requirements for buying weed in Canada; some interesting facts and history; information about growing; how to buy weed online in Canada; popular weed strains and cannabis events you can look forward to.  

Is cannabis legal in Canada?

If you were wondering whether cannabis is legal in Canada, the answer is cannabis is legal in Canada. Yes, you can finally buy weed in Canada. However, keep in mind that each of the 13 provinces and territories has its own regulations so make sure you do your homework.  

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Requirements for medical use

Medicinal cannabis vs. recreational cannabis  

The difference between medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis depends on the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is contained in each. In medicinal cannabis products, there are lower concentrations of THC and usually have different ratios of THC and cannabidiol (CBD oil).

When these two compounds are adjusted, they can help in finding the right medication for patients, which helps in increasing the effectiveness and reducing the side effects of the THC.  

Age and possession limits

If you have always been interested in medicinal cannabis, you will be surprised to see how many studies show the amazing benefits of medicinal cannabis. As thousands of Canadians begin to legally possess and use weed in Canada, you’re probably wondering how to get to that.

If you are new to medical cannabis, you must be at the legal age limit depending on the province or territory but in most places, you must be 19 years of age and over.

If you are 19 years and over, there is no limit on your prescription at all but there is a limit on how much you can actually carry with you. You will only be allowed to carry 30 grams of medicinal cannabis with a legal document issued by a federally licensed seller and any registrations issued by Health Canada.  

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What documentation is needed?

Wondering what the requirements are for medical use? If you are 19 years and over, you can apply for medical cannabis through a medical document for many illnesses and conditions so that you can get assessed. Think of this medical document as a medical cannabis prescription that is prescribed by a doctor or, in some provinces in Canada, a nurse practitioner.

With authorization from a healthcare provider, you can then register to access fresh or dried cannabis or cannabis oil with a limit of a 30-day supply.  

What conditions qualify?

You’re probably asking, do I really need a medical document? Well no because you can buy cannabis products at licensed stores and online suppliers.

The only difference is that accessing medical cannabis includes getting personalized guidance from a doctor on which strains to buy and the amount to take, tax deduction on your medication, and possible price negotiation to help with costs.

With all this said, it’s probably best to see a health care practitioner if you are seeking specific medical information and options.  

Some facts about medicinal cannabis  

For centuries, cannabis has been used by many different societies around the world as a herbal medicine for different chronic diseases such as joint aches, headaches, diarrhea or even improving appetite. Despite THC’s side effects, it actually has some benefits for the following conditions such as insomnia, glaucoma, inflammation, and nausea.  

Requirements for recreational use

Age and possession limits

So you’re thinking of going to Canada for a little getaway? Here are some things you need to know to be on the legal side. Although 18 years old might sound like a reasonable age for smoking weed in Canada, most provinces and territories have actually set the legal age of 19.

Canadians over the age of 19 are now legally able to carry and consume up to 30 grams of cannabis in public, share up to 30 grams with adults and grow four cannabis plants per household. However, the legal age is 18 years old for Alberta and 21 years old in Quebec, again, make sure to do some homework to be on top of it.  

Where is it allowed vs not allowed?

We wish we can say that you can just smoke anywhere in Canada but because each province is different, you might want to double-check where it is not allowed. In places like Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta, you can smoke weed where tobacco smoking is permitted. While in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Yukon, smoking weed in public is prohibited.

So to be more specific, the places in Canada where you can smoke weed are private residences except for retirement homes, designated smoking guest rooms such as hotels and motels, and vehicles if they meet certain requirements. Some areas are controlled like retirement homes, residential hospices, funded housings, psychiatric facilities, and veterans’ facilities.

As you can see, there are a lot of choices for you but there are also places where you cannot smoke weed in Canada such as indoors; schools and places where children gather; hospitals, hospices, care homes, and other facilities; publicly owned spaces such as sports fields; vehicles that are being driven; outdoor areas like restaurants, government office buildings, seating areas at outdoor sports and entertainment locations and recreational facilities.

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What products are allowed vs not allowed

Unlike smoking weed, edibles take forever to get you high. If you don’t know many edibles, taking too much can give you a miserable high, and taking too little gives you no feeling at all.

The most well-known edible is the cannabutter in a pot brownie, I know it sounds delicious but it goes through many hurdles until its cannabinoids get to the bloodstream so you might find yourself in a waiting game. However, cannabis concentrates, oils and extracts offer benefits that smoking flower won’t give.

Cannabis oils, concentrate, and extracts come in: vape oil, hash, tincture, dabs, and CBD oil. If you were wondering where other forms of cannabis such as edibles, extracts, or topicals are sold, you should look at legal provincial retailers and licensed sellers of cannabis.

As much as we all want an unlimited selection, edibles and extracts are actually highly regulated so maybe stick with vaporizing for now or you could make your own cannabis edibles for yourself.  

Buy weed online in Canada  

Buying weed in Canada is an entirely new experience which is why it’s understandable if you still find yourself unfamiliar with the purchasing requirements. If you haven’t enjoyed your rights as a Canadian and bought your first green, here we will give you a simple guide on buying weed in Canada.  

Requirements for purchasing

Are you ready? You are allowed to purchase up to 30 grams of dried recreational cannabis or medicinal cannabis. For reference, one gram of dried cannabis is equivalent to:  

  • 5 grams of fresh cannabis  
  • 15 grams of edible product  
  • 70 grams of liquid product  
  • 0.25 grams of concentrates  
  • 1 cannabis plant seed  

If you’re wanting to grow your own weed and are interested in buying seeds, most provinces and territories have a limit of four plants per household. In provinces like Nunavut, Quebec and Manitoba, you are sadly not allowed to grow your own.  

How to buy weed in Canada

Because each province has different rules, it’s good to check beforehand before buying weed in Canada.  How individuals can purchase legal cannabis depends on where they live. For example, although you can purchase cannabis online, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick have a website managed by the government where you can purchase legally.

If you want to do it from the comfort of your own home, first you will need to create an account on your chosen website to verify your name, age, and address.

The database will then look after you and you’ll have access to a variety of cannabis products. When you find the perfect match, just add it to your cart and checkout. The delivery normally takes up to 5 business days depending on the delivery situation but don’t worry, you will receive your discrete package.  

Canada’s regulations make it easier to buy cannabis online in Canada and get it delivered to your home. As convenient as this sounds, there are some things to consider before purchasing online:  

  • Is the company licensed by the government?  
  • Is the company well-established?  
  • Is the company’s reputation good?  
  • Is the checkout process secure?  

With careful considerations, you will avoid being fined and worse case, being behind bars.

Buying weed in each province  

The legal age, consumption, and purchasing requirements depend on the province you’re in. Below, you will see the buying information for each province and the age requirements (just to remind you a little more).

AlbertaNova ScotiaBritish ColumbiaNunavut
Age: 18+
Where you can buy: licensed stores or online
Age: 19+
Where you can buy: government operated stores or online
Age: 19+
Where you can buy: government operated stores or online
Age: 19+
Where you can buy: government operated store
ManitobaOntarioNew BrunswickPrince Edward Island
Age: 19+
Where you can buy: private stores or online
Age: 19+
Where you can buy:
government stores or private stores
Age: 19+
Where you can buy: government operated stores or online
Age: 19+
Where to buy:
government operated store or online
and Labrador
Age: 19+
Where you can
buy: private stores or online
Age: 18+
Where you can
buy: government stores or online
Age: 19+
Where you can
buy: government stores or online
Age: 19+
Where you can
buy: private stores or online

How much you should expect to pay  

As we’ve mentioned before, provinces and territories have different rules and regulations which means each of them is responsible for their own cannabis sales. For example, in Alberta, cannabis prices range from $9.24 to $19.95 Canadian dollars per gram or about $7 to $11.75, and for joints that are pre-rolled, expect them to be $6.64 each. There is also a list of prices on the Cannabis NB, which is a legal online store in New Brunswick, prices range from $8.99 a gram of “Liiv Kinky Kush” and $15.50 a gram for “Lemon Skunk”.  

Restrictions about cannabis and driving  

If you’re reading this, I know sometimes you need that little hit of weed to help you get through the day but I’m sure you know that it’s common sense not to drive when you’re high. The short-term effects of cannabis can include feeling high which can cause confusion and sleepiness and heightened sensory experiences which can affect your ability to remember, concentrate and react. Cannabis can affect driving ability as it can alter motor skills, slowing reaction time and restricting short term memory and concentration.

Due to these short-term effects, there are rules we all need to follow while we’re high and on the road. There are sobriety tests that are taken by the police where you may have to provide an oral fluid sample to detect the THC levels in the bloodstream and if 2 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood in one’s oral fluid, you might find yourself in a very bad situation.  

For these main reasons, driving while under the use of cannabis remains illegal in Canada. Therefore, significant penalties apply if this is breached. In shorter words, do not drive while under the influence of cannabis. If you’re planning to get high, get one of your trusted friends to drive you or one of your family members, take the public transport, call an uber or a taxi, or better to stay overnight.  

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History of legalization and changes in laws over time

On October 17, 2018, cannabis was officially legalized in Canada! It’s clear to see that Canada has always been open-minded when it comes to cannabis growing and experimentation as they legalized medicinal cannabis since 2001 however, it was not easy. Cannabis use for any reason was banned in 1923 because it was considered criminal under the law, little did they know that this demon drug could be used as an effective treatment for specific medical conditions. As we move through the 2000s, the government of Canada introduced the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) in 2001 to finally make medicinal cannabis legal.

Not long after, 477 people in Canada legally accessed cannabis for medical reasons in 2002. By 2012, this shifted significantly to almost 22,000 people which introduced the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) that set up important guidelines for a Licensed Producer system. All those messy changes of an imperfect law brought upon The Cannabis Act which legalizes cannabis use for adults in Canada.

Can I grow cannabis in Canada?

Age and amount limits  

In most provinces in Canada except Quebec and Manitoba, adults 19 and older can grow four cannabis plants per household for recreational use. But what exactly does a four plant mean? The four-plant rule is true regardless of how many people are in the household so having five people in the house doesn’t mean having twenty plants!  

Location limits  

When growing cannabis, the location must be planned and chosen very carefully as it is prohibited anywhere that is visible to the public. Growing your own cannabis is a learning experience. It can be whatever you choose it to be a long-term hobby or a temporary interest. Growing can result in an increase in your cultivation skills but you’ll learn lessons like being patient and having attention to detail, which is all crucial for the cultivation process.

The cultivation process involves having different amounts of light, nutrients, water, and the quality of the equipment you have. Growing a marijuana plant takes anywhere from 14-32 weeks or about 4-8 months, this is where patience comes into place as it will depend on the vegetative cycle. Growing indoors means you can help it flower quicker and growing outdoors means you’re fighting against all the seasons.

Growing cannabis outdoors

The best way to grow marijuana is outdoors such as a private yard, a balcony, or a rooftop. Why? First, it is low on cost even though you’ll need to buy some soil, fertilizer, seeds, or even a greenhouse, you’re avoiding expensive indoor equipment such as lights, AC units, or dehumidifiers. Second of all, outdoor plants can grow as big and tall as you want as long as you can manage it and with growing indoors, you might not have the space an outdoor grow setup would have and you have the friendly sun to help you out.

Just throw in some high fences, large shrubs, and tall trees then you’re good to go. Lastly, might find it very relaxing to get your hands dirty out in the sun. It might help you to find people in the community of cannabis growers to see how they grow in a specific environment as local climates differ and see what kind of strains work where you are.  

Growing cannabis indoors  

There are a lot of advantages with outdoor growing but growing indoors also means that you are able to have full control over the plants any time of the year. First of all, they say that growing weed indoors means growing high-quality weed, it’s probably because more money is spent on power equipment and although this is true, you do have complete control over the plant’s environment and are not restricted to the seasons.  

Secondly, crops will be consistent as you can grow at any time through winter or summer. Lastly, with the worry of being seen by the public, growing indoors means you have the privacy and security to grow your own.  

Types you can grow  

Before you plan on growing cannabis in Canada, keep in mind that seed must be purchased from a legal source and definitely not from an illicit source. There are a lot of strains you can grow in Canada so make sure you know before you grow. Some of the popular ones are:  

Island Sweet Skunk  

This strain originated from British Columbia and is said to be the #1 Big Skunk for its funky smell. It’s a sativa marijuana strain and if often taken for its boost of energy. This strain also comes in a CBD to help patients with chronic anxiety, inflammation, and muscle spasm. If you’re thinking of growing this strain, growers say that it takes 7-8 weeks to flower.  


Chemo is the strongest weed in Canada as the name suggests, there’s a cancer component to this strain as it helps relieve chemo patient’s pain. There has been rumors that this strain began all the way back in the 1970s to treat the side effects of chemotherapy.

It is said to have a woody aroma and effective medical benefits which are perfect for patients dealing with nausea, appetite loss, pain, and insomnia.

White Widow aka. Jean Guy  

Jean guy is said to be a Canadian hybrid, its dark green leaves conceal loads of golden trichomes. What makes Jean-Guy different is its lemon and pine flavor. It has an intense effect with medicinal benefits and is best for people wanting to fall asleep fast. It’s found to help with fibromyalgia and cancer symptoms but if you get easily anxious, you may want to go with caution as its THC is high.  

God Bud

Oh god, this bud originated in Canada and is apparently very intense strain as it can give the feeling of euphoria. It is an indica marijuana strain with a hint of tropical. If you’re a fan of big buds, growers say the God Bud produces large buds that are short and purple in color. It’s chosen by medical marijuana patients for helping with insomnia.  

Barbara Bud

British Columbia’s good weed as it is less intense and is perfect for newbies. Barbara Bud helps with medical symptoms without the intensity of other strong strains. It has a citrus aroma and is sweet, this might be a good start for you beginners out there.  

What strains are popular in Canada?

Is the grass greener on the other side? Dry, too intense, musty, or whatever, Canadians aren’t afraid to be straightforward when it comes it weed. If you’re wondering what strains are commonly used by the locals before you buy weed in Canada, here are 7 popular strains; tick them all on your list!  

1. AK-47

This cannabis strain has a taste of “sweet woodlands”, this will get you relaxed and mentally aware at the same time. This is popular, especially in Toronto.  

2. Lowryder

This cannabis strain does well in cold Canadian climates. Lowryder has a “pungent aroma of sweet citrus”, this one offers unique sensations for both your body and mind.  

3. M-39

This cannabis strain is one for cannabis growers and is popular overall. M-39 has an “earthy aroma of wood and lemon flavor”.  

4. DJ Short Blueberry

This cannabis strain is most used in British Columbia. Interestingly, this one matches its name as it has a “sweet blueberry taste”.

5. Romulan

This cannabis strain originated in Canada and is most popular among medical patients who seek relief from pain. Romulan stands out as it has a pepper flavor with an earthy aroma.

6. Manitoba Poison

This cannabis strain is greatly appreciated by cannabis enthusiasts in Manitoba. The Manitoba Poison apparently has a cheese and herbal taste.  

7. Island Sweet Skunk

This cannabis strain is popular to cannabis growers due to its spicy smell and sweet, fruity flavor.  

Cannabis events in Canada

Some interesting and enjoyable cannabis events that you can enjoy in Canada are conferences, courses with certifications, and shows (for 19+ year old’s to attend of course). For example, there are cannabis expos that have cool exhibitor booths and are mainly educational; courses about cannabis production and cannabis validation training; stoner bingos, and Thursday’s smoke-downs.

If you’re looking for a more specific one, expect some really cool events from Lift & Co who are internationally recognized for their cannabis events in Canada. Some really cool examples of Lift & Co’s events are:

Expo Consumer Day

This event mainly features exhibitors from Canada as well as worldwide, it provides people the chance to look at the brands they like and to learn more trends in the cannabis market. It also gives out talks to presentations that are interesting for example, investing. Expect lots of cannabis expos!

Expo Industry Days

The Expo Industry Days focuses on cannabis experts to lead conversations and deals. This event is great for business owners, employees that work for a cannabis company, or even an entrepreneur, which is a more professional event.  

Business Conference

This cannabis business conference allows leaders in the industry to get together to talk about issues coming from a Canadian perspective. The conference typically goes on for the whole day and is very exclusive.  Leaders give out insights on Cannabis opportunities, sales, product innovation, and how investors can handle the state of the industry both locally and internationally.  

Psychedelics Summit

The Psychedelics Summit is an all-day summit that puts together the three main subjects of psychedelics, which are “renaissance”, medical research, legalization, and investment opportunities for business-minded individuals.  

New events will come up every year as well as some spontaneous ones too, you might find yourself wanting to attend one. Eventbrite is useful when looking for cannabis events in Canada as new events come up every now and then.  

Is There A ‘Walmart’ Of Weed?

Yes, but do you really want a Wal-Mart of weed? This is one of those questions that makes you think about the IQ of the person asking it. There are a lot of companies that are establishing a ‘brand’ for their product. To say that all weed is the same would be a lie, so I won’t even go there. But looking for the biggest and the best of the weed dispensers is going to limit your choices. Sometimes the smaller guy has better product than the big company. It isn’t volume that makes weed good, so don’t blindly follow a brand just because they have impressive numbers. Google is always your friend, but the current favorite to find the best online dispensers is also have a free app that has one of the highest ratings in the iOS and Android stores. Take advantage of their updated database, but you should also take the time to look for new places on your own. There is no telling what gem you’ll uncover.

buy weed online

Take Advantage Of Sales

After you find one or two Canadian dispensaries, consider getting on their mailing list. No one likes spam, so create an email specifically for weed information. Check this every now and then since you never know when there will be an incredible deal. This is another reason why you should avoid a ‘Wal-Mart’ of weed. Having several choices instead of one big one will guarantee you a better deal in the long run. And if you keep up with news about weed, then there is a good chance that you will get a new customer special from a new dispensary. It’s unlikely dispensers are going to hand out free samples, so don’t get too happy when you see a deal. By using all of the above tips, your time buying weed online will continue to be a smooth experience.


How much weed is legal?  

The legal limit is 30 grams of dried weed that an adult is allowed to have at any time.  

Where exactly can I buy weed in Canada?  

Each province in Canada has its own unique rules. Just know that you can purchase cannabis from a government-run retail shop or a privately run shop as these are the only way to legally purchase cannabis. Many rely on finding seeds from other growers, but some also refer to online measures – Crop King Seeds comes in one of those online measures.

Can you sell weed in Canada?  

Selling weed in Canada must be done legally as it is highly regulated. Government-managed shops and licensed sellers can only sell weed in Canada.  

Can you smoke weed in public in Canada?  

Each province differs but, in any case, weed shouldn’t be smoked in public places where it is not allowed.

What are the rules regarding weed consumption in Canada?  

You’re not to drive while under the influence of weed, not to go to work under the influence of weed, and not to have more than 30g of weed.

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