Can Weed Improve Your Gaming Experience?

Weed Improve Your Gaming

Have you ever played a game that makes you feel like you’re experiencing the action in real time? Something so immersive that it is like an out of body experience? If any of the games you play fall into this category, then maybe you should consider a slight enhancement. There are plenty of people that work, eat, skate, listen to music and even sleep while high. Yes, there are people that sleep while they are high. Video games have truly come next level, so it is expected that they should provide a much-improved experience while you’re smoking weed.

To Make Sense Of Hideo Kojima Games

Does your mind become clear when you smoke? Do you find that things that seem illogical all of a sudden make sense? Then grab any Hideo Kojima game and prepare for the immersive experience of your life. Every single plot from a Kojima game seems like it could have only been created by a mind that was high off of cannabis. Think of late-era Beatles, and you have what Kojima does, but only to video games. To understand just how deep the rabbi thole goes, watch the 2017 Death Stranding trailer while high.

People that smoke have commented that weed isn’t even needed to experience the insanity of the eight-minute video. It has been watched millions of times, and no one can make sense of it. There are rumors that Kojima is weed friendly, and even grows/smokes it in his free time. To keep this short, there is something about Kojima’s works that lends itself well to people that smoke weed. Whether this is intentional or not, it makes for a very welcoming experience.

Enhancing The Jump Scares Of Horror Games

Jump scares were meant to overload the senses when you least expect it. Horror games are filled with these jump scares, using similar cinematic queues as movies. The problem is that horror movies are no longer scary for a lot of people that like the genre. With video games, this is even more of an issue. Some people scare more easily than others (YouTubers) but let’s keep this simple. How do you feel when you smoke cannabis? Certain senses should be heightened, including whatever drives your fear element. Sometimes weed will make you slightly more anxious, at least enough for a jump scare to have a better effect. When you find that horror games aren’t catching you off guard, light one up and let your senses free. It will be like experiencing horror for the first time all over again!

Better Cognitive Functions In Competitive FPS

FPS shooters are all about reaction timing. Harvard did a study that shows improvements in cognitive function when users smoked marijuana. The study was done in 2017, so the sample size is still small. However, it points to a fascinating advantage if you play a fast-paced competitive FPS. When every little thing helps you on the road to victory, weed is there to give you that last push. Of course, this means you shouldn’t overdo it by getting too high. Going too far in the other direction will prove to be a disadvantage that costs you a win. In the process, you’ll get ridiculed by teammates for stuffing up a sure win by spacing out in the corner for no apparent reason. All things in moderation, padawan.

Have You Played A Nintendo Title?

All Nintendo titles are improved by playing high, young and old. The bright colors, large levels and simple controls make it perfect for smoking under the influence. Nintendo games are cartoonish and zany enough to have an impact on how you perceive each level. Remember how fast-paced the old Sonic games were? Mario has managed to do it better in newer iterations, although it isn’t required to speed through levels.

Nintendo games like Breath of the Wild, Kirby’s Yarn and Yoshi’s Wooly World will both excite and relax you. There is a specific type of immersion that only Nintendo provides, and cannabis is a great way to experience these bountiful new worlds. When you’re relaxing and enjoying the game for what it is, many of the game’s secrets will become easier to find.

Weed Improve Your Gaming

Virtual Reality Was Made For Weed

VR has seen a big bump in the last few years with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. All of this hardware still has a long way to go before it becomes widely adopted. Even with popular titles being adapted to VR, for some titles there is that one thing that’s missing. The best way to describe it is not being fully immersed even though you’re in VR. It has a lot to do with the technology still catching up with the software, and in some cases, it is lack of in-game settings like FOV. Whatever the case may be, using VR while high seems to remedy all of the problems that it has with immersion. Cannabis is the key to a fully realized VR experience. While everyone is waiting for that perfect VR game, cannabis users are already enjoying the best technology has to offer.

Improve Your Gaming Experience

Weed can be a great enhancement for your video game experience. While not necessary, there is verifiable proof that it improves it in many ways. To see if this applies to you, take out one of your favorite games and enjoy it while smoking. What you feel during those moments could be the standard for all your gaming.

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