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If you’re setting up to grow plants inside, there are some great cannabis seeds to grow indoors for high-quality results. It’s important to review some important factors to consider before selecting your cannabis seeds and setting up your equipment. You’ll want to review the various attributes of seeds and their yield, flavors, how well they grow indoors, flowering times, and other factors. Researching this information in advance will save you a significant amount of time and money.

Each indoor seed is unique in its offerings, whether you select Sativa, Indica, or a blend of strains. Choosing good quality seeds is paramount to indoor growing conditions. Specific strains will give you the results you’re looking for without costly trial and error, which can be discouraging and expensive. We’ve sourced some of the top seeds for your indoor growing project and recommend you research further and experiment with these strains.

Where can I buy cannabis seeds to grow indoors?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

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10. Jack Herer Feminized Seeds

Jack Herer is one of the most versatile strains with cannabis seeds to grow indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. It’s a hybrid strain with a strong Sativa influence that offers a clear, sensational high and lots of energy. Many growers consider this to be their favorite strain, as it’s easy to cultivate and offers excellent medicinal benefits.


  • Flowering occurs quickly, usually within 8-10 weeks.
  • This strain offers a cerebral, clear high that may provide relief for individuals with anxiety and related conditions.
  • The genetic composition of this strain allows for cannabis seeds to grow indoors with excellent results.
  • Many users of Jack Herer report long-lasting power effects that exceed other strains.
  • Plants grow tall, nearly six feet, and yield great results.


  • While this strain is suitable for novices, it’s best for advanced growers familiar with various strains and techniques.
  • Overall, this strain is fantastic and doesn’t cause any drawbacks when growing or using. It’s one of the most highly recommended options for cultivation.

The strain is named after Jack Herer, a cannabis activist with an excellent reputation. When inhaled by users with lung-related conditions, this blend offers a cool and icy vapor that provides relief. It’s one of the top strains for medicinal use and may offer relief for fatigue, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.

It’s an ideal strain of cannabis seeds to grow indoors. Jack Herer is recommended due to its well- nuanced blend of strains and the balanced, clear high it provides for users. Overall, it’s worth the investment for your next project, whether you make space in your outdoor garden or prefer your cannabis seeds to grow indoors.

9. Super Silver Haze Feminized Seeds

A UK-based strain with great results, you’ll want to add this strain of cannabis seeds to grow indoors. This strain’s effects are a complete body stone that’s even and balanced, offering a surge in creativity and energy. It’s a popular strain that has won the Cannabis Cup more than once and a great buzz to enjoy on a social, conversational level.


  • The strain is formulated to grow indoors only and produces an impressive yield.
  • The plants grow tall within a short time frame.
  • It’s the perfect strain among artists and people who work in a creative job.
  • The THC content is around 14%, offering a balanced effect without too much of a buzz.
  • Flowering occurs within ten weeks.


  • Super Silver Haze is not recommended for outdoor growing, as it is genetically produced for indoor cultivation only.
  • The difficulty level is considered moderate, which may be challenging for some beginners unless they can access resources and support to achieve good results.
  • The yield may vary, depending on your indoor environment, though the quality is consistently good.

Super Silver Haze is one of the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors and offers consistently good results in quality. It may not be the first choice for beginners, though you can cultivate beautiful results with enough practice and support. It’s a potent strain that offers a boost to your mood with a calming effect. It’s the perfect cross between Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze strains.

If you’re new to growing and don’t mind a bit of a challenging strain of cannabis seeds to grow indoors, you’ll enjoy Super Silver Haze. It’s ideal for temperate and northern climates, with a hardy disposition for growing indoors.

8. Chocolope

Chocolope is a fun, tasty variety of cannabis seeds to grow indoors. It’s often grown outdoors, though, with the right equipment and care, it can grow inside well. Chocolope is known for its distinct coffee and chocolate flavor and produces a significant high, enjoyable and uplifting.


  • This strain flowers very quickly, usually within 8-10 weeks.
  • When Chocolope is ready for harvest, the yield is an impressive 600g per square meter. This may vary in some indoor environments, though the quality is consistently good with a robust flavor.
  • Chocolope yields a generous amount, so you’ll harvest more than you expect.


  • Many experts recommend outdoor growing for this strain, as it can be a challenge to cultivate indoors, though it’s gratifying.
  • If grown outdoors, the plant requires more space in your garden.
  • The strain is prone to mold and requires careful inspection if growing outdoors. Indoor cultivation is best with proper ventilation.

Chocolope is a fantastic blend for its unique taste with 12-17% THC and a balanced high without too much intoxication. The Sativa-based strain provides an extraordinary sensation that can inspire creativity and mental focus. It’s perfect in social settings too.

If you’re divided on whether to grow this strain indoors or outside, consider the amount of space you have in your garden and how well you can protect the plants from mold. Chocolope, if monitored carefully, is a good strain of cannabis seeds to grow indoors. While indoor cultivation has some challenges, this strain is potent and hardy and overall worthwhile.

7. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid with a strong Sativa influence that is popular with medicinal and recreational users. It’s an incredibly potent strain, and it’s one of the most accessible cannabis seeds to grow indoors without much effort. Blue Dream is enjoyed for its therapeutic effects and refreshing sensation. It’s suitable for growing outdoors and indoors.


  • The Blue Dream strain often yields more than anticipated, even when grown indoors.
  • When inhaled, the strain offers a strong yet “light” daytime buzz that allows users to remain productive and social while enjoying the stimulation effects.
  • This strain’s effects improve sleep and generally provide a relaxing effect, which is why many people use Blue Dream for medicinal purposes.


  • This strain grows taller outdoors, though the yield for indoor results is impressive, even if smaller in size.
  • Mold may be a factor due to humidity and a lack of ventilation.
  • Overall, there are no significant drawbacks. This strain is perfect for many reasons and grows relatively quickly for beginners.

Blue Dream is an aesthetically beautiful plant with tones of blue and a citrus scent. It’s a well-balanced strain that offers growers and users a great experience from germination to cultivation. First-time users and growers will find this strain ideal, as it’s easy to grow and produces calming effects without a strong buzz.

Many fans of Blue Dream not only find this to be an easy strain of cannabis seeds to grow indoors, but it’s also enjoyed for its serotonin-boosting effects and overall mellow, relaxing sensation. Many users of Blue Dream report better concentration and appetite, which is ideal for medicinal purposes. In general, you’ll find this strain is pleasant to cultivate, harvest, and enjoy.

6. Critical Feminized Seeds

Critical feminized seeds are one of the top cannabis seeds to grow indoors. From large yields and significantly short flowering time frames, you’ll find this strain perfect for growing in various climates, including inside. It’s a well-rounded strain that works well for growers in a variety of climates.


  • The plant takes only 8-9 weeks to be flowering.
  • Critical cannabis is enjoyed for its unique aroma and flavor
  • It’s an Indica strain with 18% THC, which provides a mellow and pleasant sensation.
  • The strain grows well in a wide range of climates, from tropical to Mediterranean and temperate regions.


  • Critical feminized seeds are prone to mold and fungi. Proper ventilation will keep mold from forming if grown indoors.
  • The plant is relatively small, though it does yield a significant amount, which is ideal if you’re looking for taller plants, other strains such as White Widow, and similar seed strains.

The critical feminized strain is excellent cannabis seeds to grow indoors. It’s an ideal plant for small spaces, as it flowers well and develops quickly. You can produce 16 plants within a square meter. Many growers enjoy the euphoric, pleasant effects of this strain and its earthy odor and taste.

For best results, it’s essential to limit humidity and ventilate the growing area thoroughly to prevent mold and fungi from forming on the plants. Critical feminized seeds tend to be more susceptible to this issue than other strains, though overall, it’s one of the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors.

5. Big Bud

Big Bud is a well-balanced strain of cannabis seeds to grow indoors. The seed strain produces a positive effect with moderate THC potency and yields impressive results. Inhaling Big Bud creates a full-body high, with a strong influence of Indica, though it’s relatively moderate so that you can enjoy the effects without excessiveness.


  • The plant produces a pleasant aroma and taste and a balanced, euphoric buzz.
  • Flowering occurs quickly and produces a massive yield.
  • It reaches a height of just over three feet when grown indoors. It’s an ideal strain of cannabis seeds to grow indoors.
  • The plant is resistant to both pests and mold, which makes it easy to grow.


  • Some plant varieties are narrow and produce fewer leaves, though they remain robust and of good quality.
  • If you’re looking for a solid high, this strain is more moderate and often used for medicinal purposes.
  • Overall, no serious drawbacks, as this strain is well balanced and of excellent quality.

This strain is one of the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors and outdoors. It’s an excellent strain for breeders, who initially combined the original Big Bud strain with the Skunk and Northern Lights seeds. Despite some of the plant’s narrow structures and fewer leaves, this strain produces robust quality and decent effects when inhaled.

Big Bud is a fantastic strain that offers the balance of a pleasant buzz with some medicinal benefits. It’s well known for this moderate effect, which is high quality and long-lasting. This fantastic plant will make you happy, and you’ll find the cultivation results are excellent, often exceeding the expectations.

4. AK Autoflowering Seeds

AK auto-flowering seeds are quick to flower, harvest, and offer fantastic results after one inhalation. This strain is one of the most sought-after strains of cannabis seeds to grow indoors. The AK strain is a combination of Mexican, Afghani, Skunk, and Ruderalis. It’s a robust and robust strain that yields good results.


  • The strain offers a pleasant aroma like incense.
  • Flowering occurs quickly (within a month), automatically, and plants are ready to harvest within a short time (about 8-10 weeks).
  • It’s a Sativa-Indica hybrid that’s resilient and grows anywhere, including on terraces and indoors.
  • Germination is easy and successful, which is ideal for beginners


  • The strain grows best in mountainous regions, and polar or temperate climates may produce different results in warmer, more tropical regions.
  • Some growers may find the odor is a bit strong, as it contains Skunk, though it’s more floral and aromatic overall.
  • Dry eyes and mouth are symptoms for some people who use this strain.

The AK auto-flowering strain is a popular choice of cannabis seeds to grow indoors. The THC is 15% and provides a robust plant that grows quickly with a good yield. It’s a bit easier to grow than the feminized version of this strain and is perfect for anyone new to cultivating and searching for an option that will flower automatically.

It’s a vibrant, physically appealing plant with frosted flowers with a thick and bushy appearance. The buds are dense and provide a decadent flavor, which balances the variety of flavors in the strain. AK auto-flowering is an exceptional plant with high-grade cannabis seeds to grow indoors.

3. Skunk Autoflowering Seeds

This potent seed strain is an ideal cannabis seed to grow indoors. It’s the perfect strain to enjoy in the evening, with a relaxing, long-lasting effect. The strain is genetically stable, making it a popular choice, as it provides consistently good results.


  • It’s one of the most well-known seed strains in the world.
  • The auto-flowering version of this strain with consistently good results due to the plant’s genetics.
  • The effects of the plant may have a positive impact on mood.
  • Plants flower in just five weeks
  • Skunk strains are among the most trusted and oldest strains in the industry, with a good track record.


  • The plant’s odor is pungent, which may or may not be desirable in some environments. This characteristic is a trademark of the strain, which is not typically an issue to fans of Skunk strains, including auto-flowering seeds.
  • Overall, there aren’t significant drawbacks to this strain, and it’s a relatively easy plant to cultivate.

Skunk strains are excellent for both indoor and outdoor growing. It’s a good strain for farmers to create hybrids, and they often reserve an area for developing this plant for production. It’s a popular strain in pop culture, music, and every cannabis connoisseur enjoys its signature smell and taste.

From beginner to expert, you’ll find it easy to prepare these cannabis seeds to grow indoors. The germination process has a great success rate, and the plants produce sharp, impressive results every time. They are quick to flower, which can produce results within four to five weeks, in various climates.

2. White Widow

Originating from Spain, the White Widow strain is easy to germinate and easy for these cannabis seeds to grow indoors. They are versatile in both outdoor and indoor climates and flower in approximately eight weeks. These feminized seeds won the Cannabis Cup a few years ago, in 1995, and offer an incredible sensation when they are harvested to enjoy.


  • It’s the perfect cannabis seed to grow indoors for beginners. The seeds germinate well and produce great results.
  • This strain contains a potency of roughly 24% and offers a positive cerebral impact that may provide some relief from anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.
  • Quality is consistently good with White Widow


  • There is some variance in the yield, with a more significant amount in southern, warmer climates than northern regions in Canada and Europe. Overall, good results are expected, even with a smaller yield.
  • The flowering stage may take a bit longer, up to three months, which may be more time than other seed strains.
  • There’s a bit of variance in indoor and outdoor strains in yield and size.

White Widow is a terrific strain to grow indoors, though you’ll want to keep in mind that the plant size and yield vary considerably from one location to the next. This variance is not only based on where you live geographically but also on the growing conditions of your home or indoor cultivation environment.

The plants tend to grow tall, with an average height of five feet or more, and the flowering is of consistent quality, which can be crossed with other strains to customize if desired. While this strain can take longer to flower, about three months, some plants can produce results in as little as six weeks.

1. Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights are one of the most popular seed strains on the market. Originally from the Netherlands, they are ideal for outdoor and indoor cultivation and flower within eight weeks. The strain features an Afghan aroma blend of honey and musk. It’s a high-quality strain that produces exceptional results for personal and commercial purposes.


  • A visually beautiful plant with a unique aroma blend
  • THC is moderately high in potency, approximately 15%
  • Cannabis Cup winner and overall favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.
  • The plants produce an impressive yield of 150 to 250 grams.
  • Germination is successful when you prepare these cannabis seeds to grow indoors.
  • They are ideal seeds for beginners.


  • Overall, there are no drawbacks, except for some seed banks providing this strain may not produce consistent results, though the variance is minimal, and the outcome is overwhelmingly positive.

Northern Lights is one of the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors, offering a relatively quick flowering time and robust flavor. Northern Lights auto-flowering seeds produce an exceptional bud that leaves your body feeling relaxed and refreshed. It’s a strain that provides consistently good flowering, and it’s very forgiving for beginners, which makes it ideal if this is your first attempt at growing.

Many growers report exceptional quality and quantity for the number of seeds they germinate. The plants typically reach a height of about two feet or between 12-14 inches. The seeds are resilient, too; in some cases, if germination doesn’t happen within the expected time frame, re-soaking the seeds may work, according to some growers. Overall, germination and flowering often exceed expectations and produce fantastic results with every attempt.

Often, plants flourish quickly, and results are noticed within a relatively short time frame. Northern Lights is an ideal strain for all skill levels and perfect for indoor growing.


Selecting the best strain for cannabis seeds to grow indoors depends on a few factors, including your experience level, indoor space, and the desired effects you want from your strain. Before you begin, consider the effects of the strain and whether you want a large yield or prefer a dense bud with fewer plants that are small in size.

Setting up your indoor station and monitoring your growing is paramount to producing a robust, successful yield and a high-quality plant for recreational or medicinal purposes. New and innovative strains are continuously being developed, and it’s worthwhile to try as many varieties for their unique benefits and effects.


I’m new to growing. How should I choose cannabis seeds to grow indoors?

There are many varieties for beginners and first-time growers to choose strains of cannabis seeds to grow indoors. Blue Dream and Jack Herer, both included on this list, are great strains to start with, as they don’t require too much work and yield good results. Beginners will enjoy the dense flowering, which occurs quickly with these strains.

Germination is another key to consider for beginners. These strains, like many other award-winning varieties, germinate and grow well under a variety of conditions. 

If I live in a climate with extreme cold or tropical heat, should I focus on certain strains that work best for cannabis seeds to grow indoors?

It’s best to consider strains that cultivate well in your specific climate, though as long as your indoor climate is well controlled with good ventilation, there shouldn’t be any issues with the results. 

How long does it take for CBD plants to grow?

The time every plant takes to grow will obviously vary from strain to strain, but normally, if you grow your plant indoors then they will take around three to five months. If you grow them outdoors, then the grow period will vary based on environmental conditions and the grow environment.

How do you grow cannabis seeds indoors?

The first step is germination, which is done by placing a few seeds into a moist paper towel or using a starter pod kit to help them sprout. Investing in a growing tent, pots, or containers with lighting will help you set up the growing station indoors. 

As your plants develop, you’ll need soil nutrients and adequate watering to keep them developing. Beginners should invest in a guide or instructions as a resource for their cannabis seeds to grow indoors. When it’s time for harvest, you’ll need special garden scissors or shears to remove the buds. You’ll need to observe the buds and the only harvest when they show milky white or amber-colored trichomes, which means it’s ready.

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