The Top CBD Oil Benefits

CBD Oil Benefits

It feels like every day, new CBD oil benefits are discovered. There are already so many and the list doesn’t seem to stop growing. What is it about CBD that makes it so great and what are the actual CBD oil benefits that everyone is talking about?

Bodily CBD Oil Benefits

This is the first group of CBD oil benefits that catches people’s eyes. You might already have heard of some of the amazing CBD oil benefits that there are for your body, but let’s look at a few of the most well-known.

Pain & Inflammation

One of the most popular reasons to use CBD is for its pain and anti-inflammatory properties. The different cannabinoid receptors can be found throughout our body and research has shown that CBD can drastically reduce inflammation. It is difficult to measure CBD’s effect on pain since it is a subjective experience, but many people using CBD find that their pain is relieved, even if slightly.

Pain is actually one of the oldest known CBD oil benefits, dating back to ancient civilizations throughout Asia, Europe, and America. After all, pain relief is one of the quickest benefits to notice…or ‘not’ notice, if you know what I mean.

Cancer & Tumors

CBD and Cannabis are taking center stage in the fight against cancer. The existing cancer treatments are expensive and leave the patient very weak and littered with side-effects. One of CBD oil benefits is that it helps fight cancer and works well with modern methods.

When on chemotherapy or radiation, patients find the use of CBD to be very helpful with all the side-effects. Appetites return and patients do not feel as weak and tired. Those not using chemo/radiation can still benefit from CBD. More and more research is proving the anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties of CBD oil benefits. Both in test tubes and on animal studies, CBD has shown to reduce cancerous growths throughout the body.


Insomnia is a bodily/mental problem that falls on the list of CBD oil benefits. Not only can insomnia be physically draining, but people who suffer from it struggle to function on their day-to-day. This usually has a domino effect, with the sufferer feeling worse and worse the longer they go without proper rest.

Now you can get a good night to sleep with CBD oil. People with insomnia love CBD oil for how it helps them. With the right dose, you will be falling asleep in no time. Make sure you get your dosage and product right when you’re trying to fall asleep. Different strains have also shown to have different effects, so check out ones that are recommended for insomnia. Some CBD oils, like CBD Sleep Gummies from Hemp Bombs, have added melatonin which is known to assist with sleep.

CBD Oil Benefits


Yes, that’s right, one of CBD oil benefits is that it helps with diabetes. This is a new benefit on the list and one that is taking the medical world by storm. Diabetes is a problem that causes a lot of strain for patients and their families. It places a financial and medical burden on everyone and you never know when your loved one could be at risk.

Animal studies have already shown significant decreases in diabetes developing as well as with the effects of actually having diabetes.  If you’re at risk of developing diabetes or if you already have diabetes, CBD oil is something that could help.

There have also been studies showing that CBD has a protective effect against diabetes. Just using CBD every now and then will put your body in a better position to not get diabetes, but it did the show to be less effective than taking CBD regularly.

Obesity and Heart Disease

Obesity and heart disease are two of the biggest killers in the modern world. More and more people are falling prey to these silent killers. When you’re enjoying your favorite food or drinks you don’t think of the effect they have on your body, but they are slowly taking their toll.

Preventing heart disease with modern medicine is costly and requires patients to constantly use a cocktail of drugs. These drugs often have long lists of side effects that can cause problems just as bad, if not worse, than the potential heart disease.

Obesity and heart disease are the next ones on the CBD oil benefits list. CBD users tend to have a lower body weight percentage than non-users, but this could be purely coincidental, so let’s look at the other facts. CBD is shown to improve your metabolism of carbohydrates as well as improving weight loss by converting white fat into weight-reducing brown fat. White fat and brown fat are two key differences between someone who is at risk of heart-disease and someone who is not.

Have you heard of ‘good’ cholesterol? Well, research now shows that not all cholesterol is bad and, in fact, good cholesterol actually helps with the prevention of heart disease, contrary to its evil brother. So, how do you get good cholesterol? Well by using CBD of course. CBD has shown to increase the level of high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol) in the body as well as decreasing the amount of low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol).

Inflammation is also a leading cause of heart disease and stroke, which is another of CBD oil benefits. The receptors that CBD reacts with have been shown to reduce inflammation by boosting our natural cannabinoids. Now the body has helped in fighting inflammation, obesity, and heart disease.

Bone Disease and Broken Bones

Another area of the body that feels the CBD oil benefits are bones. There has been an increase in bone disease and weak bones among populations. There is a lot of speculation about why, but whatever the reason, we should be trying to prevent it. Contrary to the old wives tale, milk might not make your bones strong and the saying should be changed to ‘some CBD oil’.

CBD oil reacts with receptors that help with bone metabolism. What’s bone metabolism? Well, our bones need to regenerate in order to stay strong and this is where most of us are falling short. CBD helps boost this regeneration to make sure your bones are always at their healthiest.

CBD boosts the bodies abilities and protects the body from a certain enzyme that weakens bones and puts us at risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Getting old isn’t easy, so let’s try to keep our bodies in the best shape they can be. CBD is going to keep all your bones in tip-top shape.

CBD Oil Benefits


No, we aren’t done just yet. Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? We often don’t think of the skin as important, but that’s cause it’s doing what its meant to be doing. As soon as you get skin problems or diseases you will realize how nice it is to have healthy skin.

To maintain good skin health people go through many lengths, but I’m here to tell you about the CBD oil benefits on skin. The skin has the most CB2 receptors in the body, which isn’t surprising considering how big it is. You can still use CBD the old fashioned way, but by rubbing CBD topicals on your skin you will see results a lot quicker.

It keeps skin smooth, helps keep it strong and elastic, and can repair UV and pollution damage. Acne, psoriasis, and skin ulcers are some of the skin problems that CBD is being used for. If you want to keep your skin at its best, then CBD is something you need to add to your skin care products.

Mental CBD Oil Benefits

Okay, that’s enough with the bodily CBD oil benefits, let’s look at Mental CBD oil benefits. CBD is one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids present in cannabis. It bothers, THC is the one that gets you high. CBD does not and actually has many mental CBD oil benefits, which is why it has its own category on our list.

Depression and Mood Disorders

The chemical balances in our brain are critical to our mental health. You’d be surprised how depression can be triggered by something as simple as a serotonin deficiency. One of the key areas that modern medicine focuses on is serotonin. Trying to boost it to a level where depression no longer occurs.

However, these drugs have many side effects and some people think they keep you dependent on medication. CBD oil works with your endocannabinoid system to stabilize these neurochemicals, providing you with increases that your body can maintain on its own.

THC, another cannabinoid, has been shown to decrease serotonin levels if used in high doses. However, CBD does not have the same effects on these chemicals and is a far healthier alternative.

Schizophrenia & Bipolar Dissorder

This mental disorder causes a person to lose touch with reality and do things they would never do if they had control over it. Modern medicine has difficulty successfully treating schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, but CBD poses a new opportunity.

One of the CBD oil benefits is to be anti-psychotic. THC is a known psychoactive and affects receptors in the brain. CBD, however, has been proven to actually diminish the effects of THC, by reacting with these receptors in a different way – ‘blocking’ the psychoactive experience. This is being used to treat a variety of different psychotic disorders and the results are promising with patients having improved control over their mental condition. Thanks to this they are less likely to experience harmful psychotic episodes.

CBD Oil Benefits

Stress & Anxiety

These CBD oil benefits are listed in mental, but they also affect the body. Stress is a serious problem and it opens the body up to other problems. Unfortunately, most of our lives are very stressful, especially in our fast-paced world. If you think you’re having trouble with stress, consider some CBD oil.

Stress is another one of the ‘originals’ when it comes to CBD oil benefits. If you look back in history, you will find many cultures that used cannabis to take a load off their shoulders. Anyone that’s smoked cannabis knows that you can feel super relaxed, but you can also feel a little bit anxious if you get too high. Thankfully, CBD has all of the good with none of the bad. There is no high with CBD, so there is no chance of anxiety setting in, but you will still get the beautiful stress-free experience.

If you’re skeptical, there have been tests done which show the relationship between CBD and a lower stress level (cortisol level). Cortisol is the stress hormone and it is easy for researchers to measure this, provide CBD, and then measure it again.

Where do I Find CBD Oil Benefits

Now that you’ve had a taste of all the CBD oil benefits present in the world today, you want to know where you can come some of this goodness for yourself. Well, I don’t blame you. I’ve got great news for you, if you live in Canada or the USA you will have no problem finding CBD products. You can even order them online and have all the CBD oil benefits at your fingertips.

Many companies like Fuggin Hemp Co. and Diamond CBD specialize in CBD products. These products include CBD oil derived from hemp, which is guaranteed to have less than 0.03% THC (which cannot get you high).

You don’t only have to consume CBD oil, you can also try out some more palatable products like CBD candies or even an ice cold CBD drink. Whichever products you decide on, make sure you go for something that has the right amount of CBD – after all, that is the whole point right?

CBD is usually measured in mg and ranges from 5 mg in very light sweets to 100 mg in a max strength chronic relief froggies. If it’s your first time, take it slow and try out the lower strength products. CBD, although non-psychoactive, can still have powerful healing effects and you could become very tired or lethargic if you take too high a dose. Remember, it’s just the medicine doing its job.

Other than the potency, you are also going to want to use a company that you trust. The two we mentioned are very popular because they use all natural ingredients and quality, lab-tested, CBD oil. The company should be very transparent about what is in their products and whether or not their CBD oil is tested or not. They should be proud of their product, not trying to hide information. There are even vegan options available, so don’t be disheartened, there’s something CBD for everyone!

We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.