Cool off Cannabis Festivals for all Stoners

Cannabis Festivals

Everyone gets stressed up with work, the monotonous daily routine, and probably need some time off to chill out with friends, have fun and try some crazy things. Hanging out with friends at the bar or Friday night clubbing gets normal over time, and they seem not to do the trick anymore.

Festivals are the ideal alternative for a complete reboot and great excitement to help you ease your nerves, get some great relaxation and a memorable fun packed experience.  There are lots of festivals done every year some cultural, others religious, but attending a cannabis-related festival offers a more lasting fun and mind-blowing experience.

I’m guessing the suspense to learn more about these cannabis festivals is intense right now. Great! Ease your mind and read on to discover the world’s top cannabis festivals and where it is held every year.

Emerald Cup

Cannabis Festivals

With the primary purpose of promoting outdoor, sustainable farming and organic Cannabis practices, Emerald cup is held every year in the weed Mecca of Northern California, where over 70% of U.S cannabis supply is grown.

Focused on showcasing the very best of the best medical marijuana obtainable, while educating people interested in the various cannabis related topics presented. The festival serves as a link between renowned professionals and expert cultivator, and local farmers, patrons, patients, and growers to help locals gain more ground and exposure in the cannabis niche.

The Emerald Cup does not just offer attendees the opportunity to celebrate—although it has rapidly spread out to many countries in the last few years, and is also regarded as the Academy Awards for Cannabis—attendees also get the chance to learn and discover new cannabis practices.

The Emerald cup is held yearly in Santa Rosa, California. Although the cup may have started small, this great festival has grown to an enormous weekend event that draws people from the different part of the world together.

Kush Stock

Cannabis Festivals

Known as the nation’s most prominent free cannabis festival, Kush stock is celebrated every year in San Bernardino, California. The event has speedily risen to fame with famous artists like Warpaint, 2 Chainz, Tame Impala, Juicy J, and so on performing in recent years.

Also, many informative speakers are usually present, and they get a sip of the latest ganja innovations—probably yet to be launched on the market.

To make the festival a whole lot more exciting, a series of guests artists and well talented live entertainers, Kush Stock features live glass blowing artists—like graffiti—showcasing their art live to the watching audience.

High Times Cannabis Cup

Cannabis Festivals

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and craziest of all known marijuana festivals, the High Times Cannabis Cup are rated globally as one of the most trusted cannabis strain competition and a leading marijuana festival in the cannabis world. The famous cup has its origin as far back as 1988, set up as a cannabis festival in Amsterdam. Today, the cup has turned out to be a must-attend annual assembly for all stoners and has rapidly expanded into several parts of the world, counting southern California where it is hosted yearly.  

High Times Cannabis Cup is a no-miss event for any regular cannabis consumer. The event holds in the desert city of San Bernardino with lots of exciting and educational activities—like a vape lounge experience, topical spa massage, village edibles, and lots more. If you’re a great pot aficionado, it is indeed a cannaisseurs paradise.

The whole festival is usually a three days event, with immeasurable excitement and fun for every attendee—once you step into the venue, there is a sense of the pleasure and joy in the air. There are some years the festivals features some interesting fairly cannabis non-related activities like super slides, petting zoos with baby goats, and a variety of art exhibits.

Also, you get your favorite dish of weed entertainment and products, with the ultimate competition that proves the best vape pens, edibles, buds, and strains of the day. Every winner for each goes home with an award of the prestigious Cannabis Cup title with their names forever written in the High Times winners’ record.


Cannabis Festivals

One cannabis festival with a good objective and strong mission, the Hempfest is organized and controlled under the direction of the famous marijuana founder and supporter Vivian McPeak, who is out to enlighten the world on the various importance and uses of the cannabis plant.  

In the struggle to educate and inform the fast-growing pro-marijuana consumers, the task became essential and directed toward the public to adequately inform and create a better understanding worldwide, of the importance of the hemp plant.

Furthermore, the three-day event is aimed to eliminate the stigma following the legalization of cannabis, and also the bad energy that is covering the fast raising cannabis related business and organizations in the marijuana industry.

A “protestival,” Hempfest is a no ticket festival— 100% free—and a perfect gathering for real-time supporter of marijuana rights and influential preachers of the good word.

The festival is held yearly in Seattle, Washington and is rated the largest convention campaigning for freer cannabis set of laws and marijuana decriminalization.

 Nevertheless, Hempfest is also an excellent opportunity for the exhibition of the most recent and sweetest cannabis arrivals—such as new smoking devices, lots of live music presentations, vape exhibits, munchies booths—and inspirational speech presenters.

To wrap it up

You’ll for sure be glad to give these festivals a shot, still feeling stressed and you’ll love to be among the audience in the next cannabis festival. Here is your gateway to your desired celebration.

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