Crop King Seeds Review 2022

It's undoubtedly essential for every marijuana grower to ensure that they start their journey full of greenery with the finest strains one could find.
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It’s undoubtedly essential for every marijuana grower to ensure that they start their journey full of greenery with the finest strains one could find. Finding the best strains is not child’s play, but it is not impossible either! Many rely on finding seeds from other growers, but some also refer to online measures – Crop King Seeds comes in one of those online measures.

There may be several seed banks available from which one could make a pick, but it’s vital to only go for the most reliable – look for someone who provides with nothing but potent seeds, why settle for any less?

Crop King Seeds Bank is one of the finest seedbanks that one could order from. They put in the effort to ensure that they provide their customers with a genetic strength and quality that matches no other – they have partnered with the world’s most known breeders to bring first-class cannabis seeds for the customers.

Another thing about Crop King Seeds is that their website is very accessible and easy-to-use, so ordering and getting seeds delivered to you is as convenient as it can be. There are more reasons why this brand is so famous, and we would talk about them as we move forward.

If you want to check out another high-quality seed bank to buy your cannabis seeds from, check out ILGM.

Crop King Seeds Pros

  • High-quality seeds
  • 80%+ germination rate guarantee
  • Many strains to choose from
  • Ships worldwide
  • 24/7 live chat available

Crop King Seeds Cons

  • High seed prices
  • Limited promotions

What other seeds banks are out there?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

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History of Crop King Seeds

Setting their feet as an establishment in 2005, Crop King Seeds is a Canada based seed bank that has been curating cannabis seeds for over a decade now. Like any startup, their business was small but had to shut down in 2005 because of the country’s strict marijuana regulations. It was difficult for the company to survive under such laws and it inevitably reached its end.

They were able to reopen again in 2012 and in just seven years, they were able to climb their ladder to success – they became one of the leading seed banks for the marijuana industry, all because of their desire to be the best and nothing less. They’re also very famous because of their associations with quality breeders who provide a wide variety of seeds to Crop King Seeds.

Their strains are now known for the strength and potency in them.

This brand’s overall reputation has remained outstanding, and people love their service along with the way Crop King Seeds build a relationship with their customers.

The brand’s primary focus has always been to ensure that the genetic quality of their strains is exceptional and has people come back for another purchase. Satisfaction does lie within quality itself!

Crop King Seeds was initially an idea of just one individual, who strived hard to make it work in 2005 but circumstances threw many hurdles at him. He overcame all of them, and now he has a company with several employees who have a treasure-worth of experience in this field. They currently deliver seeds all over the world – that’s a success right there!

What are the goals of Crop King Seeds?

Like every company that sets its foot in the economy, Crop King Seeds also prepared its goals and objectives for all the years to come. The company has always taken pride in the fact that their strains are of the utmost quality and almost close to perfection. Their goal is to ensure that this continues for their upcoming business years and that they’re able to keep their customers satisfied throughout their purchase.

This company’s website states very clearly that they want to keep providing good quality and work on the improvement of their strains. They admit that they’re a work-in-progress and that there’s always room for improvement over the existing genetics of cannabis. They ensure that their breeding selection is meticulous, and this helps Crop King Seeds improve the genetic potential of their strains.

Through these two goals, Crop King Seeds also plans on improving customer relationships. They claim that their ability to provide consistently superior quality strains has helped them build a strong relationship with their customers – they believe their customers trust them immensely and would keep coming back for more. Crop King Seeds wishes to build on this relationship and develop it into long-term too.

Crop King Seeds (CKS) specializes in medical marijuana and has an array of strains available like Sativa, hybrids, indica, and CBD plants that consist of a high THC level. It’s not only their product that’s so good, but also their packaging is state-of-the-art, and their prices are very competitive in the market.

Considered as one of the top marijuana seed sellers on the internet since 2019, Crop King Seeds enjoys being the company with an unparalleled reputation when it comes to cannabis. They have achieved this by satisfying their customers until the very end and ensuring that their job does not end just after delivering the seeds.

Their focus has been customer-oriented, and they ensure that they’re always ahead of their game. One example of this is their online-based chat support system that is the epitome of convenience as people easily discuss seeds and place orders without a hassle. Not only do they provide outstanding quality cannabis, but also package their products with utmost care.

Even though their products don’t come with good deals, Crop King Seeds has built their reputation just with the help of their customer service and product quality.

The online-based chat support system is something you wouldn’t find in other seed banks, but this company has it for you! You could have a query answered by a representative in just a few minutes, that’s how quick their service is. So, tell me, would you prefer buying from a place that takes a few days to get back to you or a place that responds in a few minutes?

Crop King Seeds has been infamously selling in more than a hundred physical stores – all over Vancouver. This was only made possible by the help of their sheer dedication to providing first-rate marijuana seeds – they have been able to build their customers’ trust over time just by these qualities.

The company has remained a popular option and a highly recommended pick for many years and their service will only improve as the years go forward. They continuously keep working on their business model in an attempt to provide what the customers are looking for. Crop King Seeds is a very customer-oriented business, and that’s why people keep coming to them!


How’s the customer service at Crop King Seeds?

To almost all of the buyers, the customer service of any company would be a significant factor. It is a crucial aspect of defining someone’s opinion about the company, so good customer service is always vital to success and popularity.

Repeated sales by customers always follow good customer service; hence, it’s always recommended that any company keep working on this aspect of their brand. At Crop King Seeds, this aspect is clearly and very evidently worked upon. Their exceptional customer service is what sets them apart from the other seed banks!

The company has worked to ensure that no customer gets their query unanswered due to technical or human errors. They have provided various contact methods so that every customer can pick their preference and contact them through it – you could either call, leave a message, or directly use the IM feature on their website!

Most of the seed banks are infamous for giving out contacts that won’t work or are down most of the time, which turns the buyer away from them. This is not the case at Crop King Seeds. Their website does a commendable job when it comes to satisfying customers.

It is so easy to navigate and effortless to use that sending a message through their website seems the easiest way to contact them. There is also a toll-free phone number through which customers can call the customer representative and have their concerns addressed professionally.

Crop King Seeds owns a significant amount of share in the marijuana market. Many of the customers keep going back to them after buying from them just once – so they must be doing something right to have such customer loyalty!

How is the website’s usability?

Naturally, this is a genuine question that most people ask when it comes to Crop King Seeds. It’s not always simple for some people to use technical websites because not everyone is tech-savvy – the company gets that. The website’s design can be as simple as one could make it. There is no jargon or any odd techniques used to place an order.

There is no rocket science behind the website’s usage. You can easily navigate from page to page and learn more about the company without explicitly looking for something – it all goes in a flow! This is why it comes with a very old-school design because old is gold, right? The website is designed to be user-friendly and accessible for all.

The first thing you would see as you open the website is their menu – the menu will have a list of places you could open and learn more about that specific thing in detail. You can also see the company’s contact numbers at the top of the web page, and they’re kept over there for a reason – so that the eye does not miss them!

The website is immaculate and also very functional. You can also spot a little ‘can I help?’ chat box in the corner of every page, and through that chatbox, you can talk to a representative and get answers within a few minutes.

The first page also has four categories of strains, and clicking on either will land you on the necessary details about them. If you open the marijuana seeds page, you will also find that they have attached certain filters on the search engine to get specific information like alphabetical order, THC and CBD levels, average yield time, and growth time.

It is also very commendable that they have detailed each type of marijuana strain in options too so that customers can have their queries answered by the descriptions alone. In short, the information is precise yet detailed at the same time. It’s enough for one to be able to use it properly without facing any technical difficulties.

What is the variety of Crop King Seeds’ strains?

Crop King Seeds has a minimal stock of cannabis strains. This may seem like it’s a con, but in actuality, it’s a good thing!

The company specifically engineers every type of strain they already own, so individual attention is given to each of it in an attempt to make sure that they are of exceptional quality. Not only this, but smaller yet excellent quality strains would be very easy to handle and manage.

A limited stock would also mean that the buyer can order well-crafted and fine strains from the company – these strains will be selected with exact precision. The strains have a high rate of germination levels, and they are incredibly potent; the same weed strains are quite famous for their productivity levels too.

Crop King Seeds has about 40 different cannabis strains, and these strains include auto flowering strains, feminized strains, regular strains, and also high THC/CBD strains. The company carefully selects these 40 different strains to master their specialty so that they only provide their customers with the products they make best. They also offer a germination guarantee with every single product, so one can find their preference at CKS without having to worry about the quality!

A few of the strains available at Crop King Seeds are Purple Kush, Hash Plant, Candy Cane, Crown Royale, and Green Crack among many others. The seed banks include feminized mix packs and auto flowering feminized mix packs, plus with every purchase, they also provide Crop King Seeds strain’s THC and CBD charts. The limited stocks, however, become an ignored factor when compared to their high-quality strains.


How’s the quality of Crop King Seeds’ cannabis strains?

If you notice, Crop King Seeds strains’ prices are actually a bit higher than the competitor’s strains in the market. However, it would still be in your best interest to buy from them. This is because experts handpick every single strain that is sold by this company, and these experts only pick the best of the best.

Every single seed that gets sold is first tested for quality and then inspected for any further issues before it’s approved for sale. It is a guarantee by the company that their expert quality assurance team is the reason why no customer would get disappointed by the cannabis strain bought by Crop King Seeds. The quality that gets provided by this company will remain unmatched in this market.

Also, even before you place an order, the customer representatives guide you thoroughly about the product and even ask you to carry research out on your own. This is the level of confidence they have in their products that they know even after you carry your own research, they will show up to be the best option you may have for yourself.  

Do all the cannabis seeds germinate?

As a matter of fact, they all do. The testing process at Crop King Seeds is extraordinarily vigorous and attentive in order to make sure that the seeds received by customers are by no chance faulty.

It is also mentioned previously that Crop King Seeds provides a germination guarantee and in the event that your seeds still do not germinate after doing everything correctly, you can always give them a call and ask for help. The representatives will either guide you further about using the seeds or giving you a complete refund if you want.

Suppose you’re not aware of how the germination with seeds works, then you can refer to this website that includes a write-up by the marijuana experts at Crop King Seeds. This write-up provides a detailed explanation about the process, and the guide is in a step-by-step manner so that everything can be simplified for your use.

How is Crop King Seeds’ reputation?

While Crop King Seeds has an excellent reputation and is widely known for providing the best quality to their clients, they are not exactly all good. In the past, several reports have been made by their clients stating that the company has sent them the wrong varieties of seeds, and then the company has also not been vigilant in their replacement procedure. There is also an 80% germination guarantee by the company, but a number of people have complained about the seeds failing to germinate.

However, regardless of these problems, the company has kept an awe-inspiring reputation in the market. No matter which company it is, it can’t be all perfect. There will always be some flaws, but the reputation depends on how the company is able to get over these flaws and work on them. Crop King Seeds has worked exceptionally hard to build its brand image, and it should receive the recognition it deserves.

cca-award-2017 - weedium

What are the shipping rates and times?

If you purchase from Crop King Seeds and if you reside in Canada, it would cost you around $10 to deliver the parcel through regular shipping.

The delivery time is usually around 2 to 7 business days for anyone who lives in Canada. If you order from anywhere in the USA, the cost will still be $10; however, the parcel might take two weeks to get to you. Crop King Seeds also provides free delivery on orders above $300.

For any other place in the world, the shipping rates are $30, and the parcel will be delivered to you in 2 weeks as well. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a signed and a tracked delivery, then it would cost you $30 to $60 – if you’re ordering from anywhere outside Canada and the USA. If you’re from Australia or New Zealand, you’ll be charged $20, and the parcel will get delivered through regular mail.

Express deliveries take 5 to 7 days to deliver your parcel, and if you choose the option for express delivery, you will also get a delivery guarantee. If you’re wondering what a delivery guarantee means, then it is when the company will take complete responsibility for shipping and will send you a new order for free if your parcel is seized or intercepted. However, only 5% of the orders typically get held.   

If you feel like this is getting a bit too expensive – don’t worry! Crop King Seeds charges this amount to ensure that the delivery is smooth and customers can easily access their products. It’s entirely worth it!

Is the packaging for Crop King Seeds discrete?

Since marijuana is legal in Canada, for all the packages in Canada, the company ensures that the parcel is wrapped in an unmarked envelope – which is more than enough discretion. For the orders that come from all over the world, Crop King Seeds has proper facilities to provide the packages in appropriate coverings.

They may hide your parcel inside a flashlight or in a small pen, creativity assured, to conceal your objects inside everyday items so that the package is not under suspicion of any sort. This may seem like they’re trying too hard, but that’s better than having your parcel confiscated, right?

Crop King Seeds takes payment through either Bitcoin or cash by mail to further ensure discretion, which is an excellent way for customers to remain hidden. Along with that, the company also comes under the few seed banks that have a prominent policy of not saving their clients’ payment information on file. The team does deserve kudos for their stealthy shipping and also privacy-oriented payment methods!

Pricing and payment methods

Crop King Seeds has many policies available for the convenience of its customers in terms of payment. The company does operate on a global scale, so they have proper arrangements to receive hassle-free payments from their customers. The company offers Visa card payments or MasterCard, and it also offers payment through digital currency like bitcoin!

Pricing for Crop King Seeds’ cannabis is actually a bit high compared to its competitors’ prices, but the strains are extremely potent and reliable, as mentioned earlier. The cannabis will provide a good value for money, which is why this company is still able to own such a high share in the market of marijuana.   

Is Crop King Seeds a legit company?

One reason why many people ask this question is due to the fact that the internet is full of scammers. Many people have had to deal with situations where they pay fully for the product, but they don’t receive it in the end or receive a product they didn’t even want to buy!

Since buying cannabis is already a little risky business, it’s fair if people begin doubting the companies selling it. However, when it comes to Crop King Seeds, you don’t need to worry. The company is as real as it gets!

People also worry that they may get the marijuana strain that they didn’t place an order for, and returning/exchanging is also quite a hectic process. With Crop King Seeds, mismanagement of orders is very unlikely, although not impossible either. Needless to remind you that at least 90% of the time, their orders are sent on time, as discreetly as possible, and without any damages either.

The strains that they deliver are of the utmost quality and have a germination guarantee as well, so you don’t need to worry about the company not being legit. The company has had many customers, and each one of them come back because their service is quite unmatched!

Are there any promotion codes or discounts?

The company is known to offer discount codes, and promotion offers from time to time in order to attract more customers and have them buy more. People can end up saving a lot on their buys through these offers!

One way to find out about their offers and discounts is to sign up through your email and get a free newsletter every time there’s an update – this way you won’t miss any limited time offers or lose the chance to save a pretty penny!

Another way to find out about these discounts is to follow them on their social media accounts. They also post about their offers there most of the time, and if you’re active on social media, then you’re probably not going to miss any of these offers the next time they have any. You can easily find their accounts on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, so keep an eye out!

Crop King Seeds does not have a proper layout or a plan for their regular discounts and promotion, so you can’t really expect any or figure out when they’re going to leave out offers – it’s out of the blue! They also don’t have any discount coupons, unlike many other seed banks.

Summary of pros and cons

If you’ve read the entire article, then by now all you would need now is a simple breakdown about the company. We’ve described the company’s every aspect in a great deal so a summary could do well now.

There are many reasons why Crop King Seeds is such a famous seed bank in the marijuana industry. Their website is very accessible and extremely easy to use. It is also very user-friendly and has no jargon, so ordering is very simple if you use their website. The delivery is also guaranteed, and proper discretion is expected in every order.

Crop King Seeds delivers globally and has appropriate payment methods for this very purpose. Their payment methods are also very safe, including bitcoin; customer privacy is their priority.

They offer quality customer care services and guarantee a germination rate of 80% and the finest strain quality. The strains are highly potent, and the company gives you a variety to choose from!

However, like every other seed bank, there are also some cons to buying from Crop King Seeds. They don’t offer many varieties of strains and have a minimal stock that customers could choose from.

Another disadvantage to customers is the fact that Crop King Seeds refuses to take payment in many popular methods like money order, American Express, and bank cheque so payment may become an inconvenience to customers.

Price is another factor that turns some away from buying from Crop King Seeds. The company has one of the priciest cannabis strains in the market, and this could be a huge disadvantage as you choose your seed bank. The shipping costs are also a little high as compared to other seed banks.


If you do some research, you may find out that Crop King Seeds is always present in all of the famous 420 events. In these events, the company keeps out its marijuana seeds for the public to see – this shows that they’re dedicated to their business and trustworthy. 

There is no doubt in the fact that Crop King Seeds is one of the people’s favorite seed banks. They have tremendously high ratings, and they keep up their brand image without letting their shortcomings harm it. They work hard to ensure good quality cannabis to their customers, and they deserve recognition for it.

You can get all the information you need about the seed bank on their website, and even first-time growers would not face any difficulties while navigating. Even though their seeds are a bit pricey, it should be worth it for the quality strain and customer-oriented service they offer.

With all the guarantees that the company offers, you don’t really need to worry about a lot of things. Overall, Crop King Seeds is a pretty decent seed bank for all the buyers in Canada as it still gets a little cheap for Canadians after accounting for the shipping costs.

They have an outstanding reputation in the market and are immensely respected as a seed bank too. You have all the facts right in front of you, and it’s now your turn to make your pick!

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