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The Best Cannabis Calendars Sure to Surprise this Kushmas

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Cannabis Calendars

Merry Cannabis everybody! Tis’ the holiday season and one age-old tradition that we’ve all grown up with is the advent calendar. In the good ole’ days an advent calendar would be filled with chocolates that could be opened each day from December 1st until Christmas.

These days advent calendars can be filled with just about anything from makeup to alcohol. That’s why it’s no surprise that Canadian companies have come up with some crafty cannabis calendars sure to get you blitzed this holiday season. MoM’s (mail order marijuana shops) across the country have stepped up to fill the demand for these awesome holiday calendars.

Companies like Coast to Coast Medicinals have provided multiple choices for filling your calendar. While other businesses like Bud Express Now stick with a simplified- one size fits all approach. Each day you can enjoy a new cannabis product. You never know what’s in the box. It could be an edible, a CBD supplement, or a big stinky bud.

What Are MoM’s?

MoM’s stands for mail order marijuana shops. They are companies that operate online, usually from a website, sell cannabis online to customers, and ship their orders through the mail. Because of the legal limbo Canada is in regarding cannabis distribution, MOM’s provide a stress-free and simple solution to buying cannabis.

Most MoMs offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, and if you are new client will often throw in a few samples of strains to try out. Not only do they sell cannabis, but they also sell concentrates like shatter, topicals like salve, and even CBD hemp oils.

The Best Cannabis Advent Calendars This Holiday Season

Your idea of awesome might be a little different from mine, but one thing is for certain: these are the BEST MoM’s to purchase your advent calendar from this year.

Cannabis Calendars
Image: National Post

Coast to Coast Medicinals

Available with seven different fill options you can choose between: only flower, Indica only, Sativa only, low dose edibles, CBD only, as well as flower and edibles combined. Their strain selection is out of this world and offers everything from Hindu Kish to Orange Cheese.

Their cannabis advent calendars are pre-order only to ensure you get nothing but maximum freshness this holiday season. This is not the first year Coast to Coast has offered their signature calendar. They got hundreds of positive reviews on their little Christmas kit in past years. Most people commented on how much they enjoyed the freshness of the bud and the flavor of the edibles.

The calendar varies in price from $60 up to $325. If you want one from C2C, place your order on Halloween to ensure you get what you requested. They sell out quickly! Not to worry, if you miss out on the advent calendar, another holiday favorite is their canna-infused Christmas stockings which start at $99. It will contain 10 delicious edibles in a variety of treats like cookies, butter tarts, and pretzels.

Bud Express Now

Cannabis Calendars
Image: BudExpressNOW

The cannabis calendar from Bud Express is packed full of half-grams of popular cannabis strains. Their quirky holiday inspired box takes you back to your childhood with familiar Christmas characters, but yanks you right back to adulthood with their canna-contents(for adults only ;). 

Their holiday calendar is less pricey than their competitors and costs a modest $130. Order ahead of the Christmas rush to ensure you get one because they sell out fast. It will be hard to open only one box each day until Christmas because of the high-quality dankness that goes into each day.

Kush Calendars

Cannabis Calendars
Image: Kush Calendars

Kush calendars exploded onto the canna-inspired Christmas scene and are the number 1 choice for cannabis advent calendars in Canada. Their classy box is filled with products from multiple MoMs. This makes their canna calendar unique and includes a whole gram of cannabis in a different strain every day until Christmas as well as bonus surprises. 

Kush Calendars are priced fairly at $250 and, if you’re lucky, you can get it on sale for $220. Getting high at Christmastime is the perfect solution to managing the stresses that often come at this time of year. That’s why this calendar is packed with 1 gram of new flower each day until Christmas. Their motto: “While the children are getting a sugar high, you’ll actually be getting high this holiday season.” We’d say, that pretty much sums it up.

Dockside Cannabis

Cannabis Calendars
Image: Dockside Cannabis

This is the only calendar from the US that made the list. And for good reason! The ADVENTure cannabis calendar fromDockside Cannabis in Washington is the first of its kind. Their box blows competitors out of the water with its style and usability.

 Dockside Cannabis partnered up with some of their favorite local cannabis companies like Cascade Gnome, Walden Cannabis, Emerald Peaks, and Mery’s Medicinals to bring you chill holiday vibes through cannabis treats.

Their personal Dockside Cannabis box is beautiful! It is filled with bud and edibles in awesome tins that have magnets on them making them great for future storage purposes. They offer a full,25-day option for $300 or a smaller 12 days of cannabis calendar for $160.

To Be Blunt

If you are reading this in December, I hate to break it to you but you’ve missed the boat this year. Getting a cannabis calendar this holiday season is one ship that has sailed. It’s okay though! Because cannabis is recreationally legal this holiday season in Canada, you’ll bookmark your favorite shop and get one next year. Won’t you? You will if you’re wise.

Opt for Bud Express if you are on a budget, and if customization is your thing, I would recommend Coast to CoastMedicinals.

Now that you know that a cannabis advent calendar is a thing, take a dab (or twist a blunt) and go tell your friends! I bet they didn’t know. Okay, you don’t have to go tell anyone, but at least we’ve helped you understand the joys cannabis can bring this holiday season (and how rad these calendars are).

These calendars are naughty and nice! HO HO HO… Merry Cannabis!

Weedium We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.

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