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The Effects of Marijuana On Your Sex Life

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Effects of Marijuana On Your Sex Life

Whether you have an active sex life or just enjoy the occasional pleasurable experience, Mary Jane is one girl that is going to make your sex life far more entertaining. There are not many conclusive studies on the topic, but a lot of surveys have been conducted and the general consensus is that getting high helps you getting down. Don’t knock it till you tried it, you might be pleasurably surprised.

Sex Drive

There have been mixed reports about the effects of cannabis on your sex drive. Even though some old studies suggested it decreased testosterone and ultimately sex drive, this seems to be another one of those olden day cannabis studies that were based on nonsense findings. Newer research has smashed these theories and the truth is closer to an increase in sex drive than a decrease. Yes, that’s right, you’re going to want to have sex even more while high; for some of us struggling to get up the nerve its great, but some ‘excited’ individuals might find it difficult to concentrate on anything else.

Good news is this seems to be true for both men and women, with both genders on average having more sex as cannabis smokers. Stoners are all about love after all and sex is a real connection.

Effects of Marijuana On Your Sex Life

Weed Goggles

Smoking cannabis and having sex is great, but you may find that you aren’t attracted to your sexual partner the next day. Why is that? Well, you may have had sex with them when you were still wearing your weed goggles. If you know what beer goggles are, then these are the exact same. When high, you aren’t nearly as worried about how someone looks as when sober. This isn’t a bad thing unless you are someone that is going to be having regrets about who you sleep with.

On the plus side, this is a great way to rekindle relationships that have lost the sexual fire. After being with someone for a long time, you sometimes lose attraction to them. Smoking some cannabis with them can be a great way to get the party started, your previous thoughts will disappear and you’ll find a renewed attraction.


How delicious does your favorite food taste when high? The munchies are real. Well just because your taste buds are enhanced, it doesn’t mean it stops there. Cannabis increases sensitivity to sensations and you know what that means…GREAT sex.

Not only does every touch and every movement feel more intense, but the entire experience is enhanced, including your orgasm. Longer and more intense orgasms are experienced. You get so involved with this beautiful and pleasurable experience that it makes for amazing sex for both you and your partner. Better yet, get high together and have that pleasure multiply for the both of you. Surveys found that most people who got high and had sex wanted to do it again.

Sperm Count

Well, they couldn’t all be good, could they? There have been links with cannabis usage and lower sperm counts in men. With regular use leading to a significant drop in swimmers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. This one also affects you, ladies. New research is showing a link between cannabis use in women and a reduced rate of pregnancy due to certain cannabinoids affecting the sperm that enters there system. This is not great news if you are a stoner trying to get pregnant. It might be time for you and your hubby to take a break for the sake of your new family.

Risky Sex

We already mentioned that you may end up sleeping with a person you generally wouldn’t want to, well you also may do other things that you end up regretting while sober. You are less focused on the nitty-gritty and more worried about getting the pleasure started. Forgetting to use or not wanting to use protection is common among those getting high and having sex –after all sex feels a lot better without protection, so your heightened sex drive is craving it.

Unprotected sex is not as clever as you can have unplanned pregnancies or transfer unknown STDs. This is one area where it is best to not go when getting high. Even if you’re a bit dumbed by the high, besmart about being safe.

On top this, you may end up doing crazy sexual acts that you wouldn’t normally do and this can cause you to get hurt. A lot of people end up in the hospital for sexual injuries, don’t be that high person who took their pleasure a bit far.

Lack of Energy

We all know a person who gets so high they can’t move off the couch. If that’s you, then you might want to take it chilled with the herb before sex. Everything will start romantic, you and your partner smoking some weed, making out, and next thing you’ll be asking for a cuddle and a nap.

Having a lack of energy is a huge damper on your sex life, especially if it is a regular occurrence. Your partner might start to blame themselves, but you actually just need to smoke less before having sex.

Issues with the Merchandise

Even though most guys say they can go a lot longer while high, it can be difficult to climax. Yes, we know it also makes the orgasm better, but it isn’t going to be better if you can’t reach it. You may find your mind is jumping around so much that you can’t actually finish the job. On top of this, you might lose focus and start going soft if you are a guy. This is embarrassing for you and your partner as they will feel they did something wrong. Having sex and never being able to finish isn’t great for your sex life.  

Weedium We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.

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