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Fast Buds is an online seed bank that focuses on providing the best autoflowering seeds to their customers. They have been operating for over 10 years and are still working hard to perfect their autoflowering genetics.

What other seeds banks are out there?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

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History and Reputation

Fast Buds was founded 10 years ago in Barcelona. They have a diverse team that works well together. Fast Buds has team members in the U.S.A., United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Chile, and Russia. They have a great team that are dedicated and strive to provide quality product.

Fast Buds main goal is to provide powerful strains that are stable. They strive to create the most advanced and promising autoflowering seeds for their customers. After working to perfect their autoflowering strains for the last decade, Fast Buds believes they have set the new standard for the autoflowering world.

They believe it is important to change with the changing world around us. Fast Buds has won awards for the best autoflowering genetics. They have competed across the globe, from the U.S.A. to South America. Fast Buds can confidently say they have award winning autoflowering genetics.

Fast Buds has worked hard and reaped the benefits of becoming the best at what they do.

Autoflowering Seeds

Fast Buds specializes in Autoflowering seeds and their genetics. The only type of seed they sell are autoflowering seeds. These seeds grow faster and flower sooner than other cannabis breeds. They are a great choice for a customer who is growing in a smaller space. Autoflowering seeds do not require a strict light schedule making them easy to grow.

Autoflowering seeds grow quickly, they are ready to harvest sooner which allows for multiple harvest within one season. Quicker to harvest does not mean there is lack of quality or product when grown. Fast Buds has dedicated a lot of their time to ensure that the strains being sold contain the most desirable traits. They ensure that each strain and seed have a desirable taste, aroma, and effect.

Quality and Variety

Fast Buds specializes in autoflowering seeds and they provide the best quality genetics. The company holds themselves to a high standard. Due to these high expectations for their company, they provide nothing less than the best for their consumers.

Autoflowers are the most sought after and advanced product currently in the cannabis world. They do not require a strict light schedule like other cannabis breeds. Instead of a 12/12 ratio for light and constant care, autoflowering cannabis takes care of itself. They take about 30% less time to grow than other breeds of cannabis do. Purchasing autoflowering strains can save the customer time.

Fast Buds autoflowering seeds can grow all year round. They can produce more through the year in warmer climate but can also grow well in northern climates where the warmer weather does not last as long. Within nine weeks a customer can progress from seeds to harvest.

Although Fast Buds only sells autoflowering strains they provide a great variety. They carry about 45 different autoflowering strains. Some of their bestselling strains include Gelato, Strawberry Pie, and Zkittlez.

A customer can purchase anywhere between 1 seed and 1000 seeds. The prices on Fast Buds website are displayed in euros. Their products range from 9 euros for one seed to 2400 euros for 1000 seeds.

Their prices are fair for the product they are providing and they are quality seeds for purchase.

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Fast Buds always tests their seeds before they are sold to a customer. The Fast Buds team are experts, and they know how to tell if a seed is viable. This is why they have a 98% germination guarantee. Keep in mind that seeds are a living thing and can be influenced by their surroundings.

If the seeds are stored wrong or treated improperly there is a chance they will not grow. However, if a seed purchased from Fast Buds does not grow, the customer should contact the customer service representatives. If a seed does not grow a warranty form will need to be filled out and then the replacement seeds will be sent out free of charge.

Fast Buds autoflowering seeds are perfect for beginning growers. The autoflowering seeds do not need a lot of care and maintenance. They are able to grow in several different conditions. This is something that makes it more enjoyable for first time growers. It is the perfect way to figure out the best technique for growing.

All Fast Bud seeds are able to be grown indoors and outdoors. This again makes them flexible and easy for growers. It is up to the customer to be aware of cannabis laws and regulations in their area. If the seeds are legal to be grown, the most important thing to the growing plant are nutrients. This is easier to control if the seeds are germinated indoors. Fast Buds states that growing indoors can create a larger yield, but outdoor growing can produce a good crop yield as well.

Customers who cannot grow all their seeds at once should store them carefully. Remember that a seed is a living thing and even if it is not going to be germinated it still needs to be cared for. It is important to note that seeds being stored need to be kept away from light and humidity. The best place to store them is in a refrigerator kept between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius, or 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you take care of your seeds whether it is storing them or germinating them, Fast Bud seeds will take care of you.

Payment Methods

There are several different payment methods accepted by Fast Buds. A customer can pay with a credit card, bitcoin, and wire transfers. Credit card payments accepted are only available with a Visa or Mastercard. When paying with a credit card a customer is brought to a 3D secured platform. The payment will be processed immediately.

When a customer pays with a wire transfer, they are brought to an equally secure platform to provide their bank information. Wire transfers can take 2 to 3 business days to be processed. An order will not be shipped until after payment is received.

Bitcoin is the most discreet method of payment. A customer paying with bitcoin will be able to provide their information on a secured platform as well. Bitcoin payments are processed immediately and will work from anywhere in the world.

The newest form of payment Fast Buds has initiated is cash upon delivery. This can be as discreet as cryptocurrency but is only available where UPS can be used to ship. Contact customer service or explore the website to find out which areas cash upon delivery is accepted.

Once an order is placed a customer can choose the cash upon delivery option at check out. Follow the prompts to complete the process, a phone number will be required. Once the order is processed a customer will receive a tracking number via text to the phone number, they provided at check out. UPS will arrive with the package and payment in full is required at that time to retain the package.

Fast Buds offers several convenient ways for their customers to pay for their orders. They are unique in offering cash upon delivery.  

Is Fast Buds Safe? 

Fast Buds is a legitimate cannabis seed bank business. Fast Buds is recognized by numerous professionals in the cannabis niche. Fast Buds has also been recognized in professional publications as well. Fast Buds provides excellent customer service, secure platforms for payment, and safe links.

Fast Buds is dedicated to their customers. The only information Fast Buds requires when ordering is the customers name, address, email address, and phone number. All information is kept secure and is never given out to a third party.

A customer does not need to be concerned with shipping either. Fast Buds ships a customer order in a blank envelope or package. There will be no information on the outside of the package that would indicate what is inside the package.

A customer can expect to be treated well, safely, and discreetly when ordering from Fast Buds.


Fast Buds does not ship to the United States of America, and they do not ship to Canada either. Other than these two countries Fast Buds will ship their product anywhere else in the world.

The prices on the Fast Buds website are done in Euros. Shipping can cost a customer 12 to 29 euros depending on the country the order is being shipped to. The price is also dependent on the shipping option chosen.

Fast Buds provides two shipping options, express and standard. It is left up to the customer to choose the option. Stealth shipping can be added to either shipping option to make the package more discreet. The stealth shipping will cost a customer an additional 5 euros.

If a customer chooses the standard delivery it can take between 5 and 15 business days to arrive. A customer who chooses express shipping can expect their order to arrive within 3 and 5 business days.

Fast Buds ships out of two locations. European and international orders are shipped out of Fast Buds location in Barcelona, Spain. If the customer is shipping to South America the order will be shipped out of Santiago, Chile. Having two locations to ship from allows Fast Buds to reach a wider variety of customer without losing their rapid shipping perk.

Customer Service

Fast Buds has a high rating when it comes to customer service. Their representatives are easy to reach and personable. They can be reached through live chat, telephone, or email. On review sites such as Trustpilot shows Fast Buds is continually rated 5 out of 5 stars. Customers praise them on their fast shipping, reliable products, and easy customer service experiences.

Fast Bud’s customer service is available between 9 and 5 every weekday. A customer reaching out by phone, live chat, or email, can expect a response within minutes. Any customer who reaches out to Fast Buds customer service on the weekend or late in the evening can expect a response back first thing on the next business day.

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Website Usability

Fast Buds website is pleasantly designed and easy to navigate. When a customer scrolls through the hope page they will find the most popular strains. Fast Buds puts large images of the fully grown plant on the website. This is a great way for customers to see what they could potentially grow.

The Fast Buds tabs are organized in one menu. Once a customer opens the menu, they will find tabs where they can browse the autoflowering seeds, blog, and Fast Buds apparel. Fast Buds only sells autoflowering seeds which makes their website quite minimal. A customer does not need to browse to far to find what they are looking for.

The darker theme of the website creates a calm atmosphere and compliments the pictures of the plants well. The Fast Buds website is convenient and well laid out.


Fast Buds also provides a blog for their customers. Most seed bank websites offer some kind of blog or information page for their customers. The Fast Buds blog page is more organized and entertaining than some other seed bank blogs.

Their articles are laid out in an organized appealing manner and the images that accompany the articles are captivating.

They provide informative growing articles such as tips for growing indoors and outdoors, and how much a cannabis plant needs to be watered. This is helpful for both first time and professional growers. This information is also a great reference to ensure a customer has tried everything to germinate their seed before naming it a dud.

Fast Buds also provides interesting articles that cater to the scientific side of cannabis. They have a recent article the explains the difference between THC and CBD. They also break down what a humulene is and what it does. They also have an article that explains what cannabis dependence is. The scientific side of cannabis is quite interesting.

The Fast Buds blog also has fun articles such as the best museums to visit while you are stoned. Have you ever wanted to grow a cannabis bonsai tree? Fast Buds has an article for that too. As well as an article that is a step by step guide to creating cannabis topicals. The fast Buds blog has interesting articles for all different types of entertainment.  

Even if you are still deciding to purchase from Fast Buds, check out their blog in the link below. It offers a lot of good information and fun reads for those interested in the cannabis community.

Fast Buds Events

The Fast Buds teams participate in 420 events across the globe. There are events spread throughout the year and Fast Buds will not miss one of them.

They participate in the Athens Cannabis Expo is Greece where they offer a roulette game for attenders to try and win free seeds. They have attended the Cannafest where they experienced the amazing people, culture, and food of Prague.

Fast Buds has ben at the Cultiva Exp & Congress in Vienna. At this expo Fast Buds offers growing advice and information about their autoflowering genetics. In Chile Fast Buds attended the THC Expo. They also participated in the North Grow Cannabis Expo where they set up a booth and provide a chance to win free seeds.

Fast Buds also visits the USA and attended events such as Oklahoma High Times where they compete for a cannabis cup. The Michigan High Times where they participate in the Detroit Cannabis Cup. Fast Buds also competes in both High Times events in California as well where they compete for more cannabis cups. Fast Buds has won several cannabis cups for their amazing autoflowering genetics.

When Fast Buds is in Spain, they participate in the Expogrow Irun which is usually their last fair of the summer. Fast Buds keeps a calendar on their website of festivals, and events they will be participating in. Check out the calendar and plan an amazing vacation to meet the Fast Buds team and try to win free seeds or watch them win another Cannabis Cup.

Fast Buds is an active participant in the cannabis community and their attendance at these events show that.  

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Fast Buds is a reputable and popular cannabis company. They are safe to use and they are dedicated to providing the best product for their customers. Despite this there are a few negative aspects that some customers have complained about.

Fast Buds does not ship to the US or Canada. Some customers in those areas have complained. This is inconvenient, however, there are other companies that do ship to the US and Canada. Also, Fast Buds attends events in the US and customers wanting to try their product can find them at these events.

Fast Buds provides a small variety. They only sell autoflowering seeds. Some customers are looking for a cannabis superstore where they can find all possible cannabis seeds and have an endless supply of options. Fast Buds is not a cannabis superstore. They provide the best genetics in the autoflowering niche and nothing else. Instead of being mediocre in all aspects of cannabis, Fast Buds chose to be the best with autoflowering cannabis. While the selection is limited, Fast Buds provides nothing but the best.

Some customers have complained about how Fast Buds is only ten years old. They are a younger company but that does not make them less than qualified to be the best. For ten years Fast Buds has improved the genetics of autoflowering cannabis plants. They will be around for many more years and current loyal customers are looking forward to what this company can become.


Fast Buds is an online seed bank that focuses on providing the best autoflowering seeds to their customers. They have been in business for about ten years and they have used that time to continue improving the autoflowering cannabis plants.

Fast Buds originated in Barcelona Spain and they have teams all over the world. Fast Buds main goal is to provide powerful strains that are stable. Their teams strive to create the most advanced and promising autoflowering seeds for their customers. They want to be the new standard all autoflowering seeds are held to.

They carry about 45 different autoflowering strains. Each strain contains the best genetics. Their prices are reasonable. Some strains can be bought one seed at a time and other come in packs of ten seeds. There is a strain for everyone in the Fast Buds seed catalog.

Fast Buds always tests their seeds before they are sold to a customer. They test each seed for viability and nothing, but the best is sold to the customer. The Fast Buds team offers a 98% germination guarantee. This is more generous than other seeds banks. Most other seeds banks do not offer a germination guarantee. Fast Buds is dedicated to their customers and their germination guarantee is a great way to show that.

Fast Buds provides a grow report for customers informing them of all the ins and outs of growing that specific seed. They also provide a blog with more informational growing tips, fun projects and places to go, and scientific facts about cannabis. The Fast Buds blog is definitely something to check out even if you can not place an order at that time.

Fast Buds provides several ways to pay for an order including cash upon delivery which is a unique option. Fast Buds ships their products safely and discreetly at a reasonable price.

Fast Buds customer service is quick to respond and easily contacts. Their website is well organized and easy to navigate. Their website is fun to browse through and the apparel is a great way to show support. The Fast Buds teams participates in cannabis events across the globe and they have won several cannabis cups. Their autoflowering genetics are award winning and they have gained a reputation in their niche.

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