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Herbies Seeds is a seed company formed by a group of passionate experts in the cannabis industry over 20 years ago. The business offers a wide range of seeds with a focus on outdoor growing. Herbies is established as a reputable seed bank and offers products to the US, UK, Europe, and Canada. The company continues to grow to offer seeds worldwide, and they take quality and service seriously.

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One of the reasons Herbies Seeds is regarded highly as a respected seed supplier is its length of time in the cannabis industry and a strong track record of consistently right products and services. They offer some of the top strains available globally.

They ship their seeds worldwide and offer a lot of great seed strains of exceptional quality. Herbies currently has 800,000 customers globally and offers clear and detailed descriptions of all their seeds online, which helps install a sense of confidence and loyalty. While the company features strains of all types, there is a particular focus on outdoor cultivation and seeds that flourish best outside.

The company is open about where they source all their seeds, providing details to the seedbanks and further resources for customers. Free seeds are a significant benefit of Herbies Seeds and offer customers a chance to try a new or top-performing strain before committing to a bulk purchase later. The website features a specific section featuring seeds available for sampling with larger orders, and each’s attributes.

What is the Herbies Seeds Vision?

Herbies Seeds was founded by passionate experts who take a keen interest in the cannabis industry, good seed quality, and the medicinal benefits associated with CBD and THC seeds (cannabinoids). The company is keen on supporting advocacy for legalization and sustainable production. Herbies’ focus is towards sharing expert knowledge and information to provide growers of all levels with the tools and products for success.

Herbies Seeds is always focused on fair access and legal advocacy to cannabis. They offer competitive prices with good quality seeds, along with information and resources linked to the website. It’s a friendly company with a forward-thinking vision for better access to quality cannabis products for growers of all experience levels.

Herbies’ Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds

The company offers excellent quality seeds, with reviews ranging from four to five out of five. Herbies’ guarantees all their seeds are stored properly for the best results, in dry, cool places at consistent temperatures. Seeds are stored securely to minimize any chance of damage and offer a 70% germination guarantee.

Over 2,000 strains are offered by Herbies Seeds, including feminized seeds, high-THC, auto-flowering seeds, and strains for beginners. The company provides an excellent selection for customers, with detailed information for each product featured on the site. Some of the top-rated seeds include Grandaddy Purple (Blimburn Seeds), Stardawg auto-flowering seeds, Amherst Sour Diesel feminized seeds, and Tutankhamon feminized seeds. These seeds offer a high yield and a good THC content.

Herbies Product Pricing Range

The price range for Herbies Seeds is comparable to most seed banks. The pricing is typically mid-range, and with a growing number of strains available, there is a lot of room for discounts and sales regularly. If you’re starting at a budget cost, there are many cheaper varieties of seeds to purchase. If you’re uncertain of which strain of seeds to invest in, the company’s blog can direct you towards various options that fit into your goals for growth and within a specific price range.

Excellent Quality and Good Prices

There is a wide range of seed prices from cheaper seed strains (starting around £23 for ten seeds) to £50 for mid-range seeds and £90 or more for high-end products. The advantage of frequent discounts across various strains is trying new seeds at a higher cost with generous discounts, which can amount to 35% off or more.

Higher-priced seeds are excellent in value and produce some of the top results. If you’re uncertain about investing in a large order, you may find small samples or free seed offers for specific strains you want to try. The blog offers in-depth reviews and advice about new strains and what to expect from them. Before you commit to any purchase, you’ll find there’s a lot to read and learn that can give you a better idea of which strains you’ll want to order.

How Successful is Germination with Herbies Seeds?

In general, seeds germinate successfully, and Herbies guarantees this will happen at least 70% of the time. While some companies offer a higher percentage of success, there is always the risk, even slightly, of a few duds in a batch of seeds. A great tool to avoid germination problems that can be prevented can be found on the website’s blog and related resources to increase your plants’ success.

Quality Control for Seed Orders

Herbies Seeds ensures that all seeds sourced from breeders are stored between 4-6 degrees Celsius and are adequately packaged for shipment to prevent damage. Managers at the company thoroughly inspect each parcel to ensure they are adequately prepared and sent using the stealth method.

While there is no guarantee that all seeds will germinate, and while the 70% success rate is expected, there are some circumstances where germination is not satisfactory. It is essential to store seeds with the required temperature range, and in some cases, a negative outcome may be the result, even when all the proper steps are taken. When this occurs, there may be a chance for a refund if the seeds are defective.

To review your request to replace defective seeds, a quality control team will review your request within 60 days upon receipt of your order. They will likely give you a response on whether your replacement order will be fulfilled within one or two business days.

Information on the Herbies Seeds Website – Blogs and Resources

A great resource on Herbies Seeds’ website links blog posts and information about seeds, strains that provide medicinal benefits, make tinctures, and other useful and interesting facts about cannabis. The website offers a drop-down menu in the top left corner that offers access to FAQs and descriptions about various seeds. Any questions that you can’t find the answers to on the website are usually covered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.

The blog included on the company’s website is a valuable resource that answers many questions for new growers, such as which grow lights to use for indoor cultivation, avoid common mistakes, the best fertilizers, and expected yields from various strains. You’ll find a lot more information about your growing project, which can improve your results, including germination outcomes. Reports from breeders, lifestyle and recipes for edibles, and many other exciting topics are covered in the blog.

What are the Different Herbies Seeds Payment Methods?

One of the top features of Herbies Seeds is the versatile payment methods. Essentially, if you want to pay in a specific way, Herbies’ will accept it. These options include Bitcoin, credit cards, bank transfers, and debit cards. Cash is the only method of payment not accepted due to the lack of security. Bitcoin is the preferred option due to the anonymity. A currency converter is available on the website in the payment section, so you can conveniently calculate the cost of shipping, seeds, and related costs for your order.

Is it safe to order from Herbies Seeds?

The company is located in Alicante, Spain, and offers safe, high-quality seeds. Ordering from Herbies is safe, and it is a reputable company that is recommended for excellent quality and discreet shipping. On a global level, Herbies Seeds is a strong leader in supplying the best seeds and strains available in the market.

What Happens When Seeds are Out of Stock?

Due to high demand, there is the risk of running out of specific strains or seeds. Herbies offers the option of signing up for “Back in Stock” notifications which provide updates on selected seeds once they are back in stock or available online. This feature is a great way to keep track of what’s available to purchase. Notices of newly stocked strains will be sent by email, giving you a chance to make a purchase online as soon as possible.

The Herbies Seeds Partnership Program

One significant benefit in purchasing from Herbies is the opportunity to join the company’s Partnership Program. This program is designed to allow business owners and professionals to earn extra income by sharing and referring customers to the company. This process works by adding a cost-per-click link for the website on your site and providing informative details on your company’s blog or website.

To qualify for the Partnership Program, you must have your website or a social media or network page to post links to Herbies Seeds. This can be done in the form of banners and interactive links. Skilled growers with experience to share and post grow reports, specific professions in copywriting, media, entertainment, and similar professions, also qualify customers for this program.

Suppose you are the owner or president of a company or hold a political or position of authority with a mandate to legalize cannabis. In that case, Herbies Seeds can provide you with a platform to advocate for legalization with links to their website and tools to share. The website provides an email to inquire and get further details about the partnership and how it can benefit your business.

Herbies Seeds’ Shipping, Rates & Delivery Processing Time

Seeds are shipped around the globe, and they will send your order to any country. It is the customers’ responsibility to follow the legislation of their local region or country regarding cannabis laws. Herbies does not guarantee that a package will not be seized or lost in the mail, though every effort is made to send products discreetly with the stealth method.

The time frames for shipping vary depending on your location. Shipments to the US are received within 5.8 days, while within Europe, the expected time frame is five days or less. International orders usually arrive within 7-10 days, though in some cases, this can take up to three or four weeks. Shipments are secure and arrive in excellent condition across Europe. Your order is typically processed within 24 hours of making a purchase online, which keeps the delivery process on track with rarely any delays.

Free shipping is available for customers within the UK and Europe for orders that total £120 (after discounts). UPS and Certified mail are both options. Shipments outside of Europe or the UK vary in cost, depending on the local postal service and country or region. Herbies’ website offers a comprehensive list of time frames for shipments worldwide.

Stealth/Discreet Shipping

Orders placed with Herbies Seeds are sent with a stealth method, which provides a discreet package (usually a DVD) to avoid suspicion and maintain privacy. This option is ideal for safety and alleviates any stress you have about your order. Discreet packaging offers enclosed seeds in Ziplock bags to prevent unwanted discovery.

Do Herbies Seeds have Package Protection or Insurance?

While every effort is made to ensure your package is delivered quickly and safely, there is no insurance for lost or seized packages. There may be adding insurance through a postal carrier, depending on the region or mail service options. Herbie’s support team will investigate quality claims if seeds are damaged or the wrong strain is received. Herbies has a returns policy that must be initiated by phone or email within seven days. All items returned must be new and not used to receive a full refund.

What Happens if Your Package is Missing?

Customer service agents will make every effort to find or locate your package if there is a delay or it goes missing. There is always the risk of losing a package, even with stealth shipping, though most shipments are successfully received with little or no issues. Most customer reviews offer useful feedback on the company’s care and diligence in getting your package delivered on time and without delay.

Herbies Seeds’ Promotions and Discounts

Promotions are commonly offered on the company’s website. All the options available for the discount are listed on a specific page showcasing a list of brands and colorful images offering new and particular strains. For example, free seeds are offered on orders over £20, and larger discounts are applicable on big orders to encourage bulk orders. There are also sales on specific strains such as Gorilla Glue, specific blends of seed packages, and more.

How Often are Promotions?

Discounts and promotions are ongoing, which is a major plus when you buy from Herbies Seeds. Some promotions are available for a limited time, which is essential to note when you search the discounts page. Other specials and free seed samples are offered ongoing with large orders of seeds. In addition to promotions and discounts, there are specific promotional codes that further reduce your order’s cost.

How is Customer Service Rated?

When you visit the company’s website, you’ll immediately notice the chat window and customer service support for any inquiries you may have. While this may be a helpful feature for beginners or customers with general questions, the chat feature offers virtual, generic answers. Further assistance is offered through an online platform with quick responses and friendly service. In some cases, response times are delayed, and the combination of virtual versus actual service agents is confusing for customers.

Overall, Herbies’ customer service is good. However, there is room to improve and appeal to customers with more live agents and fewer virtual pop-up windows, which can interfere with navigating around the site. The website’s interface is pleasant, with a bright, spacious layout and colorful borders and themes on every page. The link to blog posts features high-quality pictures and articles to provide support and guides for growing at home.

How is the Website Usability? Shopping Experience

Herbies Seeds’ website is easy to use and navigate. You’ll find everything accessible through the main menu option that drops down from the top left side of the screen. Strain collections and seedbanks are categories that expand to show an organized list of various strains. Specialized strain groups included the “20 Top Selling Seeds”, “Strains for Netflix,” and other categories that offer specific seeds to fit the results you’re looking for. Budget-friendly seeds and high-yield seeds are also featured in the collections of strains available through the website.

Contact information, shipping details, payment options, and everything you need to know about ordering seeds are located on the website’s main page. Clicking on any of these options will expand to show you everything you need to know and more. The search tool at the top of the page offers a quick route to finding something more specific. The only minor drawback of the website is the recurring pop-up of a virtual assistant. While this is a helpful tool, it pops up every time a new page is opened on the website, making it a bit of a distraction. Overall, the website is excellent and user-friendly.

Easy to Shop Online

The website makes shopping easy, with interactive lists and pictures of each strain, seed descriptions, and further details you’ll need to know about which products are best for your growing environment. Each strain offers a customer rating that gives you an idea of what to expect in yield, plant size, and outcome. The website also provides information on which seeds are best for specific medical conditions.

Adding seeds to a cart is a simple process of clicking on the selection(s) to buy, choosing the number of seeds (one, three, or ten in a package), and the number of packets. If you feel overwhelmed by the large selection of seeds available on the website, there are some great options to explore through Herbies Collection, which features dozens of high-grade strains to get you started. When you process an order through the site, you’ll receive an email to confirm your purchase and track your shipment.

Creating an account online is the best way to make your purchases easy for processing and tracking. You’ll have the advantage of viewing historical purchases and comparing what you’ve bought previously.

Free Gifts from Herbies

While the company does not have a loyalty or rewards program for customers, they offer gifts after many orders or £100. This includes pens, stickers-bombing sets, rolling paper, and other small gifts. Other gifts available after spending a specified amount on seeds include a keychain capsule and a grinder. Gifts are automatically added to your order before they are shipped.

Seedbank Information

Since Herbies Seeds sources from other banks for their seeds, they provide a list of links with more information for each seed bank for customers’ review. Under each breeder, you’ll find a comprehensive list of strains, so you know exactly where you’re getting your seeds from. The website allows users to search any list of strains by price, THC percentage content, name, popularity, and ratings.

Creating a Wishlist

One way to save or keep track of the seeds you want to purchase over time is to create a wish list. This option is free when you register for an account. You can add any varieties you prefer to try using the search tool or browse through strain collections to determine which options appeal to you and your budget. This tool is easy and makes searching for individual seeds much easier when you don’t plan on purchasing too many at once or prefer to plan your orders.

The Comparison Tool

If you’re looking to compare various strains, you’ll have the option of choosing a minimum of two products to review side-by-side in detail. This can be done with multiple strains, so you can get a better idea of which seeds are similar or vary in price, yield, size, and more. This tool is not often available on competitors’ sites, making it a great option to use when you need to narrow down your choices between a few select strains.

Summary of Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds established itself as a global leader in high-grade cannabis strains and seeds for a worldwide market with twenty years of business and success. It’s a decent option to consider for seeds for all types of outdoor and indoor cultivation. Most feedback about the company is positive, though some areas could use review and improvement to boost the overall rating of Herbies Seeds.

The Benefits of Buying from Herbies Seeds

Herbies Seeds is a great company to buy seeds and explore an extensive range of high-quality strains. The company received a high TrustPilot rating and an easy website and information to follow. Stealth shipping is a definite advantage for safe shipping, and all orders are fast and efficient to the US, UK, and internationally. Herbies Seeds has a good track record for shipping worldwide and ensures that all packages are received in a decent time frame.

The company offers all forms of payment to accommodate all customers. The process and options are explained thoroughly online. Contact with the company is a significant advantage, as many seed companies offer online assistance only. Herbies Seeds provides an international number to call, social networking channels, and a YouTube video with helpful tips and tutorials for your products and orders.

A Few Drawbacks

Herbies Seeds has a few areas in need of improvement, though overall, the company offers a positive experience for customers. While the company accepts all payment forms online, they do not accept cash, which is an option for other seed banks. The company doesn’t hand select the seeds they sell, which is a significant drawback for customers who prefer to buy directly from the breeder.

Overall, Herbies Seeds is an excellent company that offers a wide selection of high-grade strains and all the tools and resources you need to research, compare, and sample what you’re looking for on their website. Herbies Seeds offers a lot of detailed information, so you’ll have more than enough to make an informed choice when you finalize your purchase. Customer service options, social media platforms, and contacting the company by phone can offer you additional support when your questions cannot be answered online.

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