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Homegrown Cannabis Co is a cannabis seed company based in the United States. They have a growing list of genetics they engineer in their own labs. This makes Homegrown Cannabis Co known for good quality seeds. Homegrown Cannabis Co has taken on the GYO Seedbank and The Single Seed Centre.

They are rebuilding and beginning to grow a positive name for themselves.

Homegrown Cannabis Co was brought by Kyle Kushman to their team as well as other experts that can give helpful advice to growers of all levels. Kushman is a world-leading expert in cannabis and a great asset to the team. A good variety of quality seeds, quick germination, and stable genetics gives Homegrown Cannabis Co a good start in the seed community.

If you want to check out another high-quality seed bank to buy your cannabis seeds from, check out ILGM.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Pros

  • Free lessons from a legendary grower
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Mission to grow their reputation

Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cons

  • Some customers experienced seeds not germinating
  • New on the market and working the kinks out

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History of Homegrown Cannabis Co.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a new company based in the United States. When searching for good quality cannabis seeds a customer wants someone reputable and of good quality. Homegrown Cannabis Co may not be perfectly polished yet, but they are a legitimate and reputable company to purchase from.

Homegrown Cannabis Co added two companies to their brand who were not known for being managed well. Single Seed Centre and GYO Seedbank had several complaints from their customers stating the quality of the products were poor and they had issues with shipping. Despite bringing these poorly managed companies into the brand Homegrown Cannabis Co has acquired 5-star reviews. They offer quality products and have smoothed out the issues with shipping.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a rapidly growing cannabis breeder. They have a large selection of strains to choose from. Every recreational and medicinal customer will be able to find the seeds that work best for them. Homegrown Cannabis Co is committed to the home growers. They do not want to be a mass-produced company. They will be reliable to their customers. They offer unique resources to help their customers choose the best strains. They have customer service available 24 hours 7 days a week. Homegrown Cannabis Co has worked hard to be the best. They have a way to go before they can be called the best seedbank company, however, they are making great progress.

Principles and Goals

Homegrown Cannabis Co is dedicated to offering their customers high-quality seeds as well as a fast germination process. They provide stable genetics throughout their feminized and autoflowering seeds. Homegrown Cannabis Co is working hard to be able to provide all of this at an affordable price. Every order is discreet. Packaged in a plain envelope the customer can expect delivery risk-free. 

Homegrown Cannabis Co respects homegrown cannabis. While it is easier to buy the finished product, the satisfaction from growing the product yourself is what Homegrown Cannabis Co would love to provide each customer. With this as one of their main goals, they have products for growers of all levels. They also provide a blog with information for all growers to get the most out of their chosen products.

Homegrown Cannabis Co wants their customers to experience the aroma of the plant as they are growing it.

The stickiness of the finished buds, and the excitements of watching the green burst through the dirt is something every grower should experience. To do this Homegrown Cannabis Co provides quality products.

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Quality of Seeds

Homegrown Cannabis Co only stock seeds that they have bred in their own labs with their business partner Blimburn Seeds. They do not sell any third-party seeds. Every seed that is purchased through Homegrown Seed Co has been tested and is of great quality.

The majority of Homegrown Cannabis Co customers have reported growing healthy crops with an enjoyable end product. However, it should be noted that several customers have also reported receiving seeds that were white in color, small, or never sprouted. Some customers have reported the free bonus seeds as duds as well. Homegrown Cannabis Co is a new company, they are still growing and developing mistakes will be made.

Customer’s visiting the Homegrown Cannabis Co website should visit the best seller tab. The Homegrown team has put together a list of 19 bestselling strains from 2020. Some of the best strains include Shishkaberry Kush Feminized, Blue Haze Feminized, and Black Widow Feminized. These three strains have five-star ratings from customers who have enjoyed the product.  

Homegrown Cannabis Co has vowed to provide good quality products to their customers. They are still a new company and are well on their way to achieving that goal.

Price Range of Products

Homegrown Cannabis Co prices do seem to be higher when compared to other seed banks. The price of a seed pack will vary based on the number of seeds in the pack. The smaller number of seeds in the pack the more expensive the seeds seem to be. The smallest packs are about $20 per seed. The largest pack comes with 25 seeds and this pack would cost anywhere between $7 or $8 per seed. The larger packs are the better deal.

Shishkaberry Kush Feminized seeds are sold in a pack of 4, 8, 12, or 24. A pack of 4 Shishkaberry seeds cost $79 and a pack of 8 seeds cost $97. The best deal is the pack of 12 seeds for $112. The pack of $24 seeds would cost $206. The prices of Blue Haze Feminized and Black Widow Feminized are similar to Shishkaberry Kush. The pack of 12 seeds is the best deal across all three best-selling strains.

For those customers who are unable to pick only one strain to try and do not want to purchase several packets can look into mixed packs. Homegrown Cannabis Co offers mixed packs with a variety of cannabis strains to try at once. Amsterdamned Mix Pack comes with three different feminized seeds, Jack Herer, Power Plant, and White Widow. The Candyman mixed pack comes with 3 sweet-flavored strains, Girl Scout Cookie, Cherry Pie, and Candy Kush. These three popular strains pair really well together in this mixed pack.

The Purps Mix pack is another great mixed pack option. Homegrown Cannabis Co added Grandaddy Purple, Purple Haze, and Purple Kush to this mixed pack for their customers to try. All three of these mixed packs have been rated 5 stars on the Homegrown Cannabis Co website by those who have tried them. The mixed packs do cost more than some of the regular packs of cannabis seeds. These seeds also come in large numbers, they can be bought in packs of 12, 24, 36, and 48. A customer can expect to pay between $160 to $340 on these awesome mixed packs.

Homegrown Cannabis Co provides a great price for a large number of seeds. Any seeds that go unused cannot be returned or refunded. With the germination guarantee Homegrown Cannabis Co does offer great products, at an affordable price, with little to no risk. Homegrown Cannabis Co supports those who grow cannabis on their own and it shows in their prices.

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Seed Variety

Homegrown Cannabis Co has about 500 different strains to choose from. They have a great variety of autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds. They carry seeds for a variety of grow levels. Beginners will find a lot of helpful tips around the website to grow their first plants.

Homegrown Cannabis Co has Indica’s, sativa’s, and hybrids that are great for recreational and medicinal users alike. Having a large variety of cannabis seed strains allows for the customer to have a variety of THC levels as well. They have great choices for those who prefer a lower THC content, and those with a higher THC level, and there are even more choices in the middle.

They offer seeds that grow to different heights. Homegrown Cannabis Co has a variety of seeds that all flower a different time. They also break down their strains and offer a variety of fantastic medicinal strains.

Blue Haze Feminized seeds are one of the bestselling products. Blue Haze has between 23% and 26% THC content and is a mostly indica strain. Blue Haze is a great strain to help with depression, arthritis, anxiety, insomnia, inflation, and cramps. The medicinal properties are great with this strain. Blue Haze by Homegrown Cannabis Co takes about 8 to 10 weeks to mature, they are ready to harvest around October. This is a great strain to try.

Shishkaberry Kush Feminized seeds is another bestselling strain. Shishkaberry Kush has a 24% THC content and is a mostly indica strain as well. Shishkaberry Kush has medicinal properties that help ease Nausea, Migraines, stress, insomnia, and depression. This strain is great for recreational and medicinal users. Shishkaberry Kush is a great strain to look for.

Black Widow Feminized is another top-selling strain from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Black Widow has a 24% THC content and is a hybrid strain. Black Widow also takes about 8 to 10 weeks to mature and is ready around October to be harvested. This strain has great medicinal properties that help with muscle spasms, insomnia, depression, and arthritis. These three bestselling strains are a great example of the products Homegrown Cannabis Co has to offer.  Homegrown Cannabis Co offers a large variety of seeds in several different categories to help their customers choose the seeds that are perfect for them.

Germination of Homegrown Cannabis Co

Homegrown Cannabis Co does offer a germination guarantee to support the quality of their products. There are certain criteria that need to be met to qualify for the guarantee.

If a customer tries to grow a seed purchased from Homegrown Cannabis Co and between 10% and 50% of the seeds do not germinate, they can qualify for reimbursement. However, the customer will not be reimbursed with money, they will receive points equivalent to the percentage of the seeds that did not germinate. The points will be placed into the customer Stash Loyalty account and they can then use the points for a later purchase.

If more than 50% of the purchased seeds do not germinate replacement seeds will be sent to the customer. If the purchased seeds have not sprouted within 90 days, the customer should contact Homegrown Cannabis Co customer service to get reimbursed.

To ensure that the customer is the most successful in their growing adventure Homegrown Cannabis Co offers a blog and videos with helpful tips. Along with the product description the customer can click on a link called Germination Guide by Kyle Kushman. This link brings up a short video that shows how to properly germinate the cannabis seeds. This is a great tool for new growers and a great refresher for more experienced growers. Homegrown Cannabis Co has a unique germination guarantee compared to other cannabis seed companies. Homegrown Cannabis Co does not guarantee the plants growth beyond germination.

Along with this easy-to-access guide, the blog offers information for all different growing situations. They have how-to guides for general growing information. The general how to grow cannabis is a great resource for beginners. This tab in the blog offers guides to help beginners choose the right strains, how to choose the right lights when growing inside and how to set them up. This guide offers so much information to help Homegrown Cannabis Co customer grow their products successfully.

The blog also breaks down the ins and outs of growing cannabis either indoors or outdoors. It also offers articles to show customers how to avoid mold and mildew when growing plants. Homegrown Cannabis Co cares about their customer’s success after purchasing their products and the blog shows how much they care.

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“Cultivars with Character”

Homegrown Cannabis Co is invested in the education, information, and inspiration surrounding cannabis. They made Cultivars with Character where their in-house experts can share their knowledge. This is a great resource for Homegrown Cannabis Co customers. They have 4 experts that each has something different to share with their viewers and customers.

Kyle Kushman has won 13 Cannabis Cups. He joined Homegrown Cannabis Co as an indoor growing expert. Kushman offers a first-time grower video, located on the website. This is intended for brand new growers. This guide provides expert advice on purchasing the right equipment and how to set it up properly. He guides new growers through the germination process and how to properly plant the seeds. Kushman also teaches supercropping techniques, how to properly harvest, and cure the matured plant. Do not miss out on this great starting resource and visit the Cultivars with Character page to see which seeds Kushman suggests for the best indoor strains.

Steve DeAngleo, one of the fathers of cannabis, is another expert that offers their opinions and tips to customers and cannabis connoisseurs. Steve aims to empower cannabis lovers anywhere. Steve offers all the interesting cannabis facts and stories. Steve has three favorite strains that are offered on Homegrown Cannabis Co do not miss the chance to check them out. Steve provided articles such as “Exploring all Corners of the Cannabis World”, and “Steve DeAngleo and the Last Prisoner Project.” Both articles are a great way to learn about the world of cannabis.

The last 2 experts are Swami and Nikki. They are Homegrown Cannabis Co’s outdoor cultivation experts. If a customer wants to grow the best outdoor strains, they need to visit this expert page. Nikki and Swami vouch for the positive vibes that surround the seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. They show customers and cannabis lovers which strains grow best outdoors and how to place them in the most ideal environment. Nikki and Swami want cannabis growers to be successful and enjoy growing outdoors.

Homegrown Cannabis Co has done a great job assembling their team of experts. These 4 offer great tips in three different niches of cannabis cultivation. The educational aspects of cannabis are never-ending, and this is a great way for cannabis growers to learn something new.

Payment Methods

Homegrown Cannabis Co accepts almost any payment method. They accept credit cards, GPay, CashApp, bank transfers, counter deposits, ACH/E-checks, and Zelle payments. They also accept bitcoin and provide a guide for those who do not know how to use bitcoin to get started. This shows how well Homegrown Cannabis Co assists their customers. Homegrown Cannabis Co also accepts payment by mail. The customer can either mail cash, a check, or money order.

It is important to know that some customers have experienced problems when their payments being processed. Customers have reported their bank accounts had been charged but Homegrown Cannabis Co had no record of payment. Some customers who have paid with ACH/E-check are charged an additional 5% convenience fee. When they checked out there was no warning about the additional fees.

Homegrown Cannabis Co is a new company, and they are still ironing out some of the finer kinks in their payment processing.


Homegrown Cannabis Co does guarantee the delivery of their products. If a customer does not receive their package within 25 business days, they can have a replacement order shipped at no additional cost. Homegrown Cannabis Co ships all their order within the United States. They do not ship internationally yet.

After an order is placed the customer has a one-hour grace period where they can cancel their order. One hour after the order is placed it no longer qualifies to be canceled and refunded.

Customers normally get their seeds delivered quickly. Most customers get their packages within 10 to 14 days. A customer can choose to have their package trackable, and it only costs $9.99. Any customer that spends more than $90 on Homegrown Cannabis Co products receives free shipping on their order.

All orders are shipped in a plain package. The package will not say what is in it, and it will not show the company information either. The discreet shipping is something customers appreciate.

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Promotions and Discounts

Homegrown Cannabis Co offers several different promotions for discounted products. A customer can find the seeds for a lower price by looking through the “Cheap Weed Seeds” section of the website. Homegrown Cannabis Co also offers a buy one get one free deal for the seeds on this page. Customers can also save on seeds when they order a mixed pack. These packs include between 9 to 45 seeds and the discounted price depends on how many seeds are in the pack.

When a customer subscribes to the newsletter offered through email, they can receive coupon codes. They will also be emailed the current sales and giveaways Homegrown Cannabis Co are currently offering.

Along with the newsletter a customer can also register for the Homegrown Cannabis Co loyalty program called “Homegrown Stash.” This program offers reward points that can be used when purchasing. For every dollar that a customer spends on Homegrown Cannabis Co they are awarded 1 point. This is a great program for repeat customers. New members of the loyalty program also get 4 extra White Widow autoflowering seeds with their first order. If a member buys $200 to $399 within 12 months they are offered priority access to the current sales. There are a lot of great benefits with this program.

Homegrown Cannabis Co also offers a private forum that can be accessed by customers who spend more than $400 on products. The website also has a strain of the month every month that can be a great way for customers to try different strains. To celebrate 420 this year if a customer spent $150 the products in the cart would be doubled. Homegrown Cannabis Co has a lot of ways for customers to have fun and save on products.

Customer Service

Homegrown Cannabis Co had a lot to correct with customer service after taking inGYO Seedbank and The Single Seed Centre. They have put in a lot of effort to be the support their customers need. They have improved their customer service well.

A customer can contact customer service through a live chat option on the website. They can also be contacted through email or telephone as well. They will return all calls and emails within 24 to 48 hours. Orders can be placed over the phone with a customer service attendant as well.

Another great place to get help is from the First Time Grower Homegrown Forum. Customers can sign up to be a part of the community. Homegrown Cannabis Co created this forum for members to openly talk about their growing experience, ask questions, and learn more about cannabis and the ins and outs of growing it.

Homegrown Cannabis Co also offers a Homegrown Diaries. This was put together for those who want to track their growing progress with others who have also tracked their growing progress. Sign up for the diary, choose the best strain, create the diary, and add to it every week. Through Homegrown Diaries customers can share their growing experience and help others determine if they are on the right path to an amazing smokable product.  

The customer service team at Homegrown Cannabis Co has been described as helpful and informational. They are readily available to help, and Homegrown Cannabis Co enjoys helping their customers with their needs. The First Time Grower Homegrown Forum and the Homegrown Diaries are a great way for customers to interact and get advice from those who enjoy similar products.  

Website Usability

The Homegrown Cannabis Co website is easily navigated. They keep it clean and organized for a pleasant browsing experience. Homegrown Cannabis Co provides helpful filters that can help their customer organize their search. A customer can search for their perfect strain by THC level, effects, grow level, lowest prices, Indica/Sativa, or by the ailments they alleviate. The filters help customers find what they are looking for more quickly.

The website provides images of what the fully grown plant will look like once they are mature. Detailed product descriptions help customers know the effects and characteristics a certain strain has. Knowing everything about the product being bought can eliminate confusion about what can be expected when growing a certain strain.

The website hosts helpful information regarding germination and other growing tips. They offer videos, images, and written guides to help their customers best understand the information. The Homegrown Cannabis Co blog provides interesting articles on all things cannabis.

Another interesting tool Homegrown Cannabis Co offers for their customers is a quiz to match a strain with their personality. The quiz only takes about 2 minutes. They ask about the personal preferences of the customer when looking for cannabis and then they suggest the best strain to match those preferences. It is a great way for a first-time buyer to find something that will work best for them. The website is a great resource for new and experienced growers.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co, based in the United States, is a new cannabis seed bank company. After taking on the GYO Seedbank and the Single Seed Centre, Homegrown Cannabis Co had to strive to make sure they were managed properly. They have reconstructed their customer service system, their shipping system, and ensure their products are quality. They are growing and improving quickly.

Homegrown Cannabis Co has dedicated their efforts to offering high-quality products to their customers. They strive to offer seeds that germinated rapidly as well. Homegrown Cannabis Co stocks their website with strains they have bred on their own. They have personally tested and bred the genetics that are given to the customers. As well as they are doing some customers have reported having seeds that did not germinate or were not mature seeds.

Homegrown Cannabis Co does offer a unique germination guarantee. However, any refunds that are granted are given in reward points that can be spent on the website rather than a monetary refund. With about 500 different strains to choose from Homegrown Cannabis Co has a strain for everyone. Recreational and medicinal users alike have found Homegrown Cannabis Co products to be worthwhile.

Homegrown Cannabis Co accepts almost any payment method. They offer discreet shipping on every order and tracking on the package for $9.99. Customers get their packages quickly, within 10 to 14 days. Homegrown Cannabis Co guaranteed delivery of the ordered products and will send a replacement free of charge if it is lost.

Homegrown Cannabis Co offers several discounts and promotional options to save the customer money. A lot of the promotions are a lot of fun to participate in as well. The strain of the month is a great way to discover new products. They offer an easily navigated website and resources to help growers of all levels. Homegrown Cannabis Co is dedicated to their loyal customers and despite having a rocky start they have grown into a reputable and reliable seed bank company.  

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