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Hoot Supply Co is a cannabis dispensary company located and operated within Canada. Hoot Supply Co provides cannabis and CBD products to their customers. They sell numerous products and provide blog articles to further educate their customers. Hoot Supply Co is a discreet company dedicated to providing quality products.

History- Hoot Supply Co Review

Hoot Supply Co is a new online cannabis dispensary. They have only been operating for about three years.

Canada legalized the use of cannabis for medical and recreational use in 2018. Since then, a number of dispensaries both online and in person have popped up within Canada. Seed banks and cannabis use are more widely accepted and accessible. Hoot Supply Co is no different.

Their website does not offer an about page. Though the company is legit, we do not know a lot about them yet.

Variety and Quality

Hoot Supply Co receives their flowers from farmers located within British Colombia. They are sourced fresh and photographs provided on the website are from the actual plant being sold to the customers.

They offer several different strains of flowers. They have a wide variety of products to cater to a wide variety of customers.

Hoot Supply Co sells several products. They sell flowered cannabis, edibles, CBD, and concentrates.

Cannabis Flowers

When shopping for the flowered cannabis the customer can choose their strain and quantity. The prices are dependent on the strain and the quantity chosen by the customer. One strain can range from $25 to $165 depending on the quantity asked for. Other flowered cannabis strains can range from $25 to $1400, again dependent on the quantity. They offer as little as 1/8 on most strains and as much as 1pound on other strains.

When browsing through the products the descriptions detail the quantity of THC found within the strains. The website also provides a brief description on how the strain can best help the customer. Some strains can improve sleep while other increase hunger. Some strains calm anxiety or assist with easing depression symptoms. Hoot Supply Co has a strain for everyone.

Edibles and Concentrates

Hoot Supply Co also offers edibles. They offer CBD edibles, gummies, chocolates, beverages, and mushrooms. The price for edibles with Hoot Supply Co can range from $3 to $50 per edible. The website provides a brief description about how much THC or CBD content is within the edible. It also suggests how to use the edible to get the best affects of the product.

It is important to be aware of food allergies when browsing for edibles. Be aware that Hoot supply Co edibles contain traces of peanuts, soy, dairy, and gluten. Read the product description carefully to search for those allergens. The edibles page will state what allergens to be aware if they are contained within the edible. Hoot Supply Co also cautions people trying edibles for the first time to start slow until they better understand how the edible will affect them.

For more information on how edibles are digested take a look at this article.

Hoot Supply Co offers concentrates such as vape pens, shatter, and hashish. These products can be priced between $18 and $400. The website also offers a brief description of each product and how to get the best affects from it. They only offer about four different types of hashish. The vape pens are limited to about eight different selections. The shatter offers a little more variety and comes in colorful packs.


CBD Products

The CBD products offered by Hoot Supply Co are available in a few different forms. CBD flower, tinctures, capsules, oil, and topicals.

The CBD comes from the same place as the cannabis flowers, but contamination is not a concern. The CBD flowers are priced between $25 and $175, similar to the cannabis flowers. When the CBD flowers are being browsed through, the website will give a brief description of the product.  This helps the customer know what to expect when using it.

The CBD oil is priced between $45 and $75. The tinctures are priced between $55 and $75. Both categories are well explained within their webpage as well. Both oils and tinctures only offer about eight different varieties, but they are all vastly different.

The CBD topicals are offered in a few different scents including lavender and peppermint. These creams are each unique in the symptoms they ease. They offer balms that ease pain, rehydrate dry skin, and bath salts as well. There CBD products are of good quality and customers enjoy the numerous scents. 

Featured Items

Hoot Supply Co offers numerous featured items. These can be bestsellers, the newest sale items, or new products they recommend to their customers. Most of the time the featured items are cannabis flowers. However, sometimes they have vape pens, and edibles can be on this list and for sale.  

The featured items can be priced from $10 to $200, but a lot of them are also on sale which can alter that price. This tab is helpful to customers who are new to the site. It is a good way to start browsing the site and see what others have enjoyed in the past.

Payment Methods

Hoot Supply Co only accepts payment via Interac E-Transfer. There are other websites that accept Visa and Mastercard, or cryptocurrency. Some even accept cash payments mailed to them. Hoot Supply Co, however, only ships within Canada and Interac E- Transfers are common.

Once the Interac E- Transfer is completed if the payment is not received within 24 hours, the order will be canceled.


Hoot Supply Co will ship anywhere within Canada that mail can be delivered. Hoot Supply Co states, no matter where you are, mountain tops, remote towns, big cities, they will get their product to you.

Free shipping is offered on all orders over $150. Shipping costs a flat rate of $15 for all other orders. No matter how much or how little a customer has purchased.

Once payment is received Hoot Supply Co will ship the order within 24 hours. Packages are discreet and smell proof for the convenience of their customers. The arrival time of a package can depend on where the package is being shipped. All populated areas usually receive their orders within 2 to 3 business days. Orders that are being shipped to more rural areas tend to take between 3 and 5 business days to arrive.

Hoot Supply CO only ships within Canada. There is no guaranteed delivery insurance or special stealth shipping options offered because they do not need them. Other cannabis-based companies ship internationally, and package protection is more important for them.

If an order has not arrived for two days after the estimated arrival date, the customer simply needs to inform the Hoot Supply Co customer service. Once they have been informed, Hoot Supply Co will file a trace with the Canadian mailing system and find the package.


Promotions and Discounts

Hoot Supply Co offers sales across all their products. Different products go on sale every day. Customers are encouraged to visit the site often for different sale items. They also offer memberships and when a new member signs up they receive $20.

When visiting the web page, the first banner that appears is a link to all the sale items. Along with the fun discounted items, free shipping is offered on orders of $150 or more. They also give a free gift with every order. The sales and free gifts are a perk the customers enjoy.


Hoot Supply Co offers a blog as a resource to their customers. They offer articles that inform the reader how to best use their shake. They have other articles that explain how CBD can alleviate symptoms for several medical concerns. Relevant to the current health crisis, Hoot Supply Co offered an article explaining how they take precautions against Covid-19. They wanted their customers to know their packages were safe to handle even during a pandemic.

The blog is a great resource for customers. They do not allow you to search the articles and only show the most up to date articles first. Despite this the blog is a great resource.


Hoot supply Co offers several different products for their customers to choose from. Between cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and a variety of CBD items a customer can easily find the best product for themselves.

Their products are moderately priced, and their flat rate shipping charge is reasonable. Hoot Supply Co only accepts Interac E- Transfer payment. They only ship within Canada.

Hoot Supply Co offers a blog to keep their customers informed and educated about the world of cannabis. They offer articles about several different topics from how to utilize shake to what CBD strains are best for which medical concerns. Hoot Supply Co product is farmed in British Colombia and is fresh and of good quality. Hoot Supply Co is located and operated exclusively within Canada. Hoot Supply Co is a legitimate cannabis and CBD company, and they strive to offer a variety of good quality products.

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