How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia

How to buy cannabis seeds in Australia-weedium

We are all aware that producing, selling, possessing, and buying cannabis seeds in Australia can be challenging because of the laws surrounding the plant. So if you are a little unsure about where to buy cannabis seeds in Australia and how to grow it, don’t be concerned. There are varieties of online and local stores you can get it from.

In recent years, Australia’s laws regarding medical cannabis have shifted. There is a growing movement to make recreational cannabis legal, making it easy for people to buy cannabis seeds in Australia. With over 7 million active users, Australia is ready for a green revolution. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find information regarding where to get cannabis seeds from trustworthy seed banks in Australia.

We’ll talk about how to acquire cannabis seeds legally, safely, and quickly in Australia in this article. You’ll also learn about the history of cannabis in Australia as well as the present legislation.

This cannabis seed guide for visitors and residents in Australia is designed for those who are visiting the country. However, because cannabis regulations change often, it’s critical to keep informed of local legislation.

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the popular seeds banks across the globe.

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Legally Buying Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Australia? The answer is both yes and no. Adult usage is still prohibited in most regions, except for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which encompasses the nation’s capital, Canberra.

When Australia legalized medicinal cannabis, it made headlines, and the country’s cannabis sector has grown significantly since then. Any residents over the age of 18 are allowed to possess up to 50 grams of marijuana, grow two plants per person or four plants per home at any given time, and use cannabis in their homes in the territory. 

Cannabis for medicinal purposes is legal in Australia for those with serious diseases who have a prescription. Each state has its own set of rules for determining which medical illnesses qualify for the use of marijuana.

In Australia, it is unlawful to sell cannabis seeds. This makes it impossible to buy cannabis seeds in Australia, although seeds from other countries can be imported. Please keep in mind that you are only allowed to cultivate a certain number of plants without facing criminal penalties. Therefore, it’s best if you only cultivate buds for yourself and don’t sell cannabis seeds to others. At the present time, the law does not allow for much flexibility.

Ideally, you could buy cannabis seeds in Australia from a legitimate vendor — one who is permitted to sell them to registered medicinal patients. However, we’ve discovered that the majority of Australians prefer to acquire cannabis seeds online.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Australia: What You Should Know

There are many things to consider when planning to grow your own cannabis seeds. In this article, we will go through a few procedures to legally cultivate cannabis in Australia.

Some states have particular rules for restricting cannabis growth methods and may restrict you to buy cannabis seeds in Australia, such as allowing cannabis to be cultivated outdoors rather than indoors under controlled conditions. Remember, though, that if you choose to grow cannabis commercially, you will still face heavy consequences.

The Best Time to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Australia

If you are planning to grow your own cannabis, it is always better to buy cannabis seeds in Australia ahead of time because sometimes, the delivery of the seeds can be delayed.

In Australia, October is generally the best month to start cultivating cannabis in the Southern Hemisphere.

While the winter season shifts to spring, seedlings can be grown indoors. Then, when spring comes a few weeks later, the cannabis plants may be transplanted outside. In locations with seasonal temperature changes, harvests generally begin in March and last until May.

Cannabis seeds may grow outdoors in Australia’s warmer areas at any time of year, enabling growers up to four harvests in a single year.

Tips on Growing Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Growing your own cannabis is a fun and cost-effective method to fill your jar with high-quality buds. In addition, cannabis is a resilient plant that may be grown all year in various climates, greenhouses, outdoors, or even indoors.

There are several things you need to take into consideration in growing your own cannabis seeds in Australia. We will discuss it further in this article to give knowledge to newbie growers.

The first thing to do is searching and understanding which is the best quality cannabis seeds that will suit the weather in your area.

You can buy cannabis seeds in Australia, but how will you know which seed to get? That is based on your own preferences and growing style. First, of course, you’ll choose an Indica, Sativa, or hybrid, but do you want average seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, or a mix?

There are many legal sellers that you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia, and you can also inquire or ask them what their best selling and so on.

Another thing to consider is the germinating of cannabis seeds. The germination of your seeds is the start of your whole cannabis growing journey. Each viable seed includes all of the information necessary to develop the plant strain you’ve selected. All they require are the proper circumstances to start the life cycle. Seeds will not germinate until three requirements are fulfilled; the right place, water, and the right temperature.

Here are some things to do when growing your own cannabis seeds:

  • First, make a mild seedling soil mix in a one-gallon container.
  • Before planting the seeds, moisten the soil but do not drench it with water.
  • Seedlings should be kept in a sunny window, cold frame, or greenhouse. The seedlings will be OK as long as the temperature remains warm. However, the seeds’ growth rate will be slowed by the cold weather.
  • For the next 4 to 5 weeks of growing, your young plants will be OK in their 1-gallon container. Then, every day, water until the soil is wet but not saturated.

What to Avoid When Growing Marijuana Seeds

Are you a first-time grower of cannabis? Or maybe you’ve had more experience but are still having problems?

Cannabis is a relatively primary plant to cultivate, but that doesn’t mean problems don’t occur. In reality, even the most seasoned producers make mistakes from time to time. However, by knowing about typical growth errors and how to prevent them, you may expect a good crop of plump buds at harvest time.

If you buy cannabis seeds in Australia and make an outdoor cannabis plantation, this might also face some issues in the middle of growing. For example, open-air cannabis buds are also vulnerable to mould, which may lead to a damaged crop, theft, or even it might get consumed by wild animals.

Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Check out the best places to buy cannabis seeds in Australia, including some of our faves!

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia: Local Seed Banks

When it comes to seed banks in Australia, there isn’t much to choose from right now.

In other words, it is difficult and almost impossible to buy cannabis seeds in Australia from a local seed bank. So apart from meeting other cannabis fanatics in Australia, such as at Pot Place, internet seed banks are your best option for getting marijuana seeds.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia: Online Seed Banks

People in modern society are used to going shopping for goods they need online. They don’t have to deal with a lot of hassle while shopping online. They may simply purchase what they want from online stores using their own computers or mobile devices. Buying cannabis seeds in Australia online is no exception. You can buy cannabis seeds in Australia via online seedbanks that cater worldwide orders.

There are a lot of online stores where you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia. Some cannabis seed banks, however, do not export to Australia. We were fortunate enough to discover the finest online cannabis seed banks that deliver to Australia.

Here are some of the best seed banks that you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia online:

msnl - weedium seed bank


MSNL Seed bank is one of the famous seed banks that cater for orders from Australia. Marijuana Seeds NL has managed to establish themselves as a pillar of the cannabis industry throughout the course of their many years in operation. With over 20 years of expertise, they believe themselves to be one of the first seed banks.

quebec cannabis seeds - weedium seed bank


Quebec Cannabis Seeds is another one of the best seed banks where you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia, and they cater worldwide shipping. This Canadian seed bank, which opened in 2013, provides a range of cannabis seeds, including high CBD strains and regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. They also have an in-house staff of seed breeders that assist in the development of high-quality, innovative, and successful cultivars that exhibit a thorough understanding of the plant’s genetic characteristics.


Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is widely recognized as one of the industry’s best seed banks. They regularly deliver high-quality items in a professional way, and it’s clear that they genuinely care about their clients’ pleasure. They even have their own customer guarantee, stating that because their seeds are hand-picked, examined, and tested to verify that they are ripe and viable, they will always stand by their product.

Top 10 Seed Banks To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Are you looking to buy cannabis seeds in Australia? It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert grower seeking to improve the genetics of your existing plant or a newbie grower looking to produce high-quality cannabis seeds for the first time; you must choose the finest seedbanks that will safeguard your privacy and ensure you don’t get knocked off.

You are reading the right article because we listed the top 10 best cannabis seed banks for Australian customers.


1. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

This seedbank is one of the most trustworthy online sources for cannabis seed and a place for professional growing knowledge since 2012, is our top pick for the finest online seed bank in Australia. You can buy cannabis seeds in Australia with the help of this online seed store.

Robert Bergman, the company’s creator, is an expert in cannabis cultivation. He’s been growing cannabis for a long time. The reputation of the ILGM seed bank as an expert growing resource and helpful community is one of the main reasons for its appeal. To assist novices, they provide a comprehensive growing guide with each purchase.

In their online website store, you can choose from many different strains that they are offering. In their selection, you will undoubtedly discover a suitable strain. If you’re searching for a particular strain, they may or might not have it.

You may simply browse their site by selecting the kind of cannabis you wish to cultivate or your specific growth requirements, such as climate, yield, and indoor/outdoor cultivation. Sativa, indica, high CBD/low THC ratios, medicinal marijuana, and ultra-high THC levels are all of their popular categories.

To sum it up, ILGM is the best company that you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia. They only sell high-quality seeds with a germination guarantee. Although the strain selection is restricted, all of the seeds are of excellent quality.

weed seeds express - weedium seed bank

2. Weed Seed Express

Another fantastic online store where you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia. Weed Seeds Express was established in 2005, although until recently, the majority of their product line was sourced locally via contacts in Haarlem and Amsterdam. As a result, it’s acceptable to refer to them as the “new kid on the block” in the world of online cannabis seed banks, but that shouldn’t be seen as a compliment.

Weed Seeds Express, while being a newbie to the field of online cannabis seed sales, has a large variety of various cannabis seed strains available through their online seed bank.

For the Weed Seeds Express online cannabis seed bank, seed quality is of the highest importance. As a result, consumers can buy cannabis seeds in Australia with confidence at this seed bank, knowing that the seeds on sale are of the highest quality.

The company provides a large germination guarantee, claiming that its seeds have a germination rate of 93% on average, which is very remarkable.

It may be tough to find a high-quality seed bank, but Weed Seeds Express may be the premium seed answer you’ve been searching for. As a rookie to the online cannabis seed bank field, its track record is minimal when compared to that of competitors. However, the business has a good reputation, so it might be a nice place to get your next batch of cannabis seeds from.

paradise seeds - weedium seed bank

3. Paradise Seed Bank

This marijuana online seed bank located in the Netherlands is a great option for anybody looking to buy cannabis seeds in Australia online. It has years of expertise, a long-standing reputation, and devoted fans.

They’ve spent a lot of time cultivating, testing, and experimenting with different strains to get to what they have today. The shop has a history with cannabis growing dating back to the early 1980s, as well as twelve years of research and experimenting since the founder, Lux, established the groundwork in 1994.

Only autoflowering and feminized marijuana strains are available from Paradise Seeds. The marijuana strain line-up on their website is a fantastic selection for those who just want the finest. All of them are unique breeds developed by the Paradise Seed Bank.

As we all know, Paradise’s seeds are hand-picked and subjected to stringent quality control. They come in feminized, auto-flowering, and normal seeds, according to the customer’s preferences.

Paradise Seeds offers excellent genetics, wonderful strains, and a germination guarantee, as well as some products. So shop Paradise Seeds for the highest-quality seeds and strains and cultivate robust plants that produce flavorful, glossy, and tasty buds.

msnl - weedium seed bank

4. MSNL Seed Bank

This option is another amazing online seed bank where you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia. MSNL Seed Bank is located in the United Kingdom, making it a specialist in the UK seed business, although they also export internationally.

The MSNL Seed Bank came from humble beginnings. The business began as nothing more than two friends with love for collecting the best quality strains and seeds they could find, all the way back in 1999.

With their smoking and travelling expertise, Christian and Ben founded the bank, which expanded with their collecting and development via skilful genetics. They provide a wide range of strains and genetic lines, as well as some of the finest seeds.

The quality of the seeds you will be supplied with is one of the most essential things to consider when choosing a seller for all of your cannabis seed requirements. Varying seed banks may provide different quality seeds, which may have an effect on the final outcome you receive from your seed selection.

MSNL Seeds has over 200 different strains of their own preferred seeds, and they work hard to make sure that their clients may always get the most popular seeds on the market when they purchase from them. MSNL Seeds, as a result, collaborates with a variety of seed businesses to guarantee that they can fulfil the needs of their clients.


5. Crop King Seeds

 With over 300 stores throughout Canada, CKS is one of the biggest seed businesses in the country. They might be based in Canada, but you can also buy cannabis seeds in Australia via their online store because they ship worldwide.

For the finest cannabis grow, they carefully choose and nurture high-quality seeds and strains. They do offer number of high-quality strains on hand, including award-winning genetics from across the globe. They are also focusing on introducing new strains on a regular basis.

Crop King’s 200 shops throughout Canada, as well as their online site, stock some of the most powerful seeds on the market. The following strains are included:

  • Purple Kush
  • Dark Angel
  • White Cookies
  • Crown Royale
  • Candy Cane

The feminized Mix Pack and the Autoflower Feminized Mix Pack are two unique seed packs offered by Crop King. These two items are claimed to give consumers the greatest value for money and high-quality plants that will meet the grower’s particular needs.

According to the Crop King website, the company’s mission is to not only provide quality but also to improve the quality of existing genetics and strains; by using careful breeding selection, the company encourages its partners to continually improve the genetics and genetic potential of the seeds they sell.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

When looking to buy cannabis seeds in Australia, there are three distinct categories to consider. These seeds are autoflowering, feminized, and regular. In terms of cultivation and yield size, each one is unique, and some are more popular than others. To decide which kind is ideal for you, you must first get acquainted with each one.


Auto-flowering seeds are now one of the most popular seed trends. Growers may profit from autoflowering seeds in a variety of ways, but selecting the correct autoflowering seeds is critical if you want to get the most out of your investment.

This type of cannabis seed is the best one for beginners in this type of field. The blooming stage is determined by the age of the plant. You don’t need to pay as much care to these seeds as you would to other kinds.

Autoflowering seeds are very beneficial to cannabis and marijuana producers since they need less time and attention than other seed types. Standard seeds that aren’t auto-flowering need a bit more attention during blooming, while auto-flowering seeds are a little less demanding.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are cannabis seeds that have had their male chromosomes removed in order to grow exclusively female plants. “Female seeds” is another name for them.

Feminized seeds are ideal for both beginners and experienced growers. After all, the cultivation difficulty is on the lower end of the scale. If a person is new to cultivating cannabis seeds, dividing males and females is not necessary. However, since the blooming stage is reliant on cycles, gardeners must be more conscious of the lighting schedule.

 The majority of producers are searching for cannabis buds that can be smoked and are only found on female plants.

When compared to the male cannabis plant, the female cannabis plant generates much more active ingredients like THC and CBD. While the parent plant may be genetically engineered, the seeds are entirely natural, since they are generated through pollination.

Regular Seeds

This third type of seeds that you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia is for experienced growers only and not suitable for newbies. Growers with a more experienced hand are more likely to utilize regular cannabis seeds. The blooming stage is also influenced by the light cycle, so keep track of how much light and darkness the plant receives. If you wish to avoid undesired pollination, you must keep an eye on the plant’s sex.

When a male cannabis plant pollinates a female cannabis plant, regular cannabis seeds are created. Male pollen is discharged from mature pollen sacs and transported by the wind (or by a breeder’s attentive hand) until it reaches the receptive stigmas in female flowers. After pollination, hundreds, if not thousands, more normal cannabis seeds are produced, each of which produces either male or female cannabis plants.

Best Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy and Grow from Seed Banks in Australia

There are hundreds of strains that you can grow and buy cannabis seeds in Australia. For that large number of seed strains, it is really hard to choose. Although all of the strains are the best, there are some that really stand out among a lot of growers and users.

American Haze

American Haze is one of the best strains that you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia’s market today. Many growers rate it almost perfect.

Sativa-dominant American Haze cannabis seeds grow into strong flowers with a pleasant, herbal fragrance that will invigorate you and spur on your creative efforts, with a THC content of about 24%.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is number two on our list of best cannabis seed strains that you can purchase at any legal online cannabis seed banks in the world that ships to Australia. Purple Kush feminized cannabis seeds provide a long-lasting, profoundly relaxing high that will leave you feeling relaxed, joyful, and euphoric for hours.

Dark Angel

Dark Angel is a feminized cannabis that is famous because it has a good mix of indica and sativa qualities, and it grows quickly enough for even a beginner grower. A great strain for relaxing gently or relieving mild discomfort while letting your thoughts wander

Dr. Grinspoon

Dr. Grinspoon is a perfect heirloom strain with a 100% Sativa profile that provides an energy boost along with pure cerebral bliss. This 26% THC cultivar has a deep and strong fragrance with lemon overtones, making it an excellent performer in terms of potency. Dr. Grinspoon’s taste is based on pine and honey, and it packs a punch of inventiveness while raising one’s spirits and creating the tone for social occasions.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies have been pleasing hundreds of cannabis fanatics over the last decade, with massive levels of THC and a fragrance and taste that are just as enticing as a box of the Girls Scouts cookies. It’s no surprise that it’s become one of the most sought-after and talked-about cannabis strains in recent memory, a favourite of musicians like Wiz Khalifa and a multiple award winner, including the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup.

grow weed outdoors - weedium

To answer this question, it is both yes and no. You can buy cannabis seeds in Australia, but buying and possessing cannabis seeds is still considered illegal. Legality, possession, and usage of cannabis and cannabis seeds, on the other hand, differ from state to state in Australia. You can only buy cannabis seeds in Australia if only you have prescriptions and are allowed to possess medical cannabis.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Australia

Is it legal to use medical marijuana in Australia? Yes, however, the official phrase in Australia for legal marijuana is ‘medicinal cannabis.’ In Australia, pharmacies are now authorized to sell CBD oil, commonly known as cannabidiol, over the counter. However, because no CBD oils have yet been licensed for sale, it will likely be a few months before it becomes accessible.

A doctor can lawfully prescribe medicinal cannabis if they feel it is therapeutically suitable and has received the necessary Commonwealth and/or state government authorization.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Australia

You can buy cannabis seeds in Australia, but cannabis usage for recreational purposes is prohibited across Australia, with the exception of Canberra. The consequences of violating the law differ from one state to the next. Each state will also have its own set of rules governing how much cannabis may be used by Australians in general.

If you are caught with 25 grams of recreational cannabis in the Australian Capital Territory, you will be fined $100. This fine, too, must be paid within 60 days.

There are no clear indications as to when or if recreational cannabis will be legalized in Australia, but views are shifting. The public is warming to the idea, and there is even some political approval.


The first thing to consider when planning to have a cannabis seed plantation in Australia is the laws in the states they belong to. Rules and regulations about buying, possessing, and using cannabis differ from one state to another. Several Australian states and territories may have different laws and regulations governing the use, possession, cultivation, manufacture, sale, and distribution of marijuana and associated goods.

One must be knowledgeable about growing before deciding to buy cannabis seeds in Australia from online and local stores. If one doesn’t have any idea what cannabis growing is about, it might lead to the cannabis plant not be a success.

With the number of available strains that you can purchase online, one must know what he or she wants and needs and what will suit the weather in the location. It might be easy to buy cannabis seeds in Australia for some people, but growing them is the challenging part.

For those cannabis fanatics who want to visit and buy cannabis seeds in Australia, make sure you verify local regulations before travelling to Australia and before engaging in any cannabis-related activity or transaction to ensure that you are not placing yourself in danger.

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