How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany - weedium

There’s a lot to consider when you decide to buy cannabis seeds in Germany. The first thing that must be kept in mind is that cultivation, and recreational usage of cannabis is illegal in Germany. So if you ever need to buy cannabis seeds in Germany for medical purposes, it’s quite limited as well.

But like any other country, marijuana enthusiasts are always eager to find ways on how to buy cannabis seeds in Germany and grow their cannabis plants. Although significant parties such as the Free Democratic Party, the Left Party, and Green Party, even some doctors and lawyers favor the full legalization of marijuana, recreational use and cultivation are still prohibited in the country.

The Green Party proposes the lifting of the marijuana ban in the country. This proposal outlined the vital advantages of marijuana in the economy and the government regarding taxation.

After stating crucial information about the legalities of German laws in marijuana usage and cultivation, read on to know factors to keep in mind before purchasing and knowing where to buy cannabis seeds in Germany.

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Legally Buying Cannabis Seeds in Germany

Although illegal, people still buy cannabis seeds in Germany. Moreover, they tend to bypass such laws and still manage to grow their own and use it, whether for medical purposes or recreational use. When it comes to medical usage, the German government allows a certain amount of marijuana possession, but it depends on the area or state.

With partial legalization of marijuana usage in Germany for medical purposes, only two major cultivators are approved: Aphria and Aurora. They cater to clients that use marijuana as a part of their medication. So if you ever need to buy cannabis seeds in Germany for medical purposes, it is in a limited amount too.

The laws regarding the cultivation, usage and selling of cannabis are under the control of the Federal Institute of Drugs and Medical Devices(BfArM). Because BfArM is primarily strict regarding the implementation of the law, even medicinal marijuana is running low on supply. This paved the way for people to buy cannabis seeds in Germany through online transactions, be it for recreational or medical purposes. The petition to change the strict law regarding medical marijuana was passed in 2017.

Now, it’s also good to know that when you buy cannabis seeds in Germany, the laws are different per state. It is prohibited to plant, use, and buy cannabis seeds in Germany, but each German state has its respective law regarding it. Some states may decriminalize it if you possess or buy cannabis seeds in Germany in small amounts.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Germany: What You Should Know

Weather is the number one factor in considering marijuana seed germination. Germany has extended periods of winter and short periods of summers. Aside from this, a few but very important factors must be kept in mind as well before you buy cannabis seeds in Germany and start embarking on your cultivation process.

Suppose you’re a beginner in the cultivation activity. In that case, the kind of seed strains that suit your level of expertise is to be significantly considered before you buy cannabis seeds in Germany. Don’t get all giddy and excited if you want to start growing your plant.

Knowledge of the process and every little detail must be taken seriously for you not to mess up your plant and not to waste all your effort.

With that being said, here’s a list of factors you need to know before you plant and buy cannabis seeds in Germany.

The Best Time to Sprout Cannabis seeds in Germany

The month of May is the best time to sprout cannabis seeds in Germany. Why? Because German spring ends in May and is the start of summer that runs until August. While autumn starts from September until November.

The months to avoid are December to February because those are the winter months.

Tips on Growing Marijuana Seeds in Germany

Before you buy cannabis seeds in Germany and step up in a marijuana planting lifestyle, make sure to prepare the garden you plan to utilize. Research on what kind of strain best suits the weather condition in your area for you to know before you buy cannabis seeds in Germany.

Lastly, transact and buy cannabis seeds in Germany from reputable sources only. Make sure that the seeds you are going to purchase are verified. Finding a local seed bank may be hard for you. Numerous online seed banks are fully verified.

What to Avoid When Buying Cannabis Seeds in Germany

Avoid the urge to buy cannabis seeds in Germany and plant at the wrong season. Not only will you waste effort but also money and time.

Avoid getting caught; obviously, law enforcement is strict because planting and growing your cannabis plant is illegal.

Avoid transactions with shady seed banks online. Scammers are everywhere and are in different kinds of fields. Research properly on which seed bank to buy from. Background check is just a few clicks away. Having said that, below are reputable and trustworthy brands of seed banks online.

Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany

A seed bank refers to an establishment that sells different strains of cannabis seeds. They are responsible for storing the seeds and/or creating new strains that would be available in the market.

There are local and online seed banks across the globe that offer hundreds of strains to numerous cultivators. But if you ever decide to buy cannabis seeds in Germany for recreational use, it’s better to do so online.

A local seed bank, from the term itself, is a seed bank that is available in your area. Online seed banks refer to those seed banks that cater through online transactions mainly because they want to reach not only local clients but also customers abroad.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany: Local Seed Banks

After the ruling on March 10, 2017, people that understand the beneficial ingredients of cannabis have been pursuing even more for the legalization of cannabis as a whole in Germany which would positively affect people who badly need medical attention that only marijuana cures.

Two major medical companies are legally allowed to sell to people with illnesses that medical cannabis cures and relieves. So if you or any relatives of yours ever have the need to buy cannabis seeds in Germany for medical use, here are the top two medical companies that offer medicinal marijuana.


Aphria’s German headquarters is located in Neumünster. It is one of the two licensed medical cannabis producers in Germany.


The German company Pedanios GmbH teamed up with Aurora Cannabis Inc. and became an Aurora Europe subsidiary.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany: Online Seed Banks

Because of marijuana’s legal perspective in the country, local seed banks are zero or very limited, especially for cultivators and recreational purposes. Although two major companies cater to the public, they are only limited to people who suffer illnesses that cannabis relieves.

Thankfully, there is a booming industry of cannabis that transacts online. We are not only talking about a handful, but thousands, if not more, are delivering great quality seeds that you can choose from.

After you decide if you’re going to buy cannabis seeds in Germany through an online seed bank or local, depending on what kind of usage, of course, the next step is to choose the seed bank that offers what you prefer.

For you to know where to purchase, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to list down 10 highly recommended seed banks that cater online.

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany

This list is a guide to both beginners in cannabis production and intermediate and veteran growers. So when you choose to buy cannabis seeds in Germany from these seed banks, not only will you expect quality seeds but also excellent customer service.

MSNL Seed Bank

MSNL is based in the United Kingdom. MSNL offers a wide variety of strains, most of them developed by founders Ben and Christian. They primarily developed 40 different kinds of seed strains and are continuing to do so up to this day.

With Ben and Christian’s decades of experience in the cannabis industry, MSNL seed bank is one of the most highly recommended because of the quality they produce and the discretion they assure customers.

MSNL is on the top of our list because it’s based in Europe as well and can quickly get in touch with German clients when they buy cannabis seeds in Germany.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King Seeds is another top choice because of its long history with clients that are based or residents of Germany.

Crop King Seeds or CKS originated in Canada. This company started in the early 2000s and since then developed more than 30 seed strains that are renowned to cannabis cultivators worldwide.

They are one of the most reputable seed banks in the industry, trusted by thousands of recreational and medical users who buy cannabis seeds in Germany.


Weedseedexpress is based in the Netherlands and has been making a name for itself ever since it started in 2005. This only proves that quality products and word of mouth would get you respect and familiarity with the consumers. Their market is growing tremendously because they deliver what they promise.

Compared to its competitors, Weedseedexpress offers cheaper-priced seeds. However, both clients and review forums praise Weedseedexpress because they manage to provide high-quality seed strains at an affordable price.

They are one of the newest additions in the industry, but they pretty much live up to the cultivators’ standards. Not only do they offer discounts, worldwide shipment, but also full discretion on their every delivery too.

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Seedsman offers a variety of choices at the best reasonable price. As they promise on their tagline, you’ll discover top genetics in their seed bank. Seedsman started in 2003 in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, has developed widely, and now has a vast range of cannabis that comes from 80 different breeders worldwide. That includes all kinds of seeds that fit any grower’s level of expertise.

Seedsman takes pride in letting the public know the benefits of cannabis, primarily through medical concerns. By this action, not only are they increasing their chances of gathering more clients, but most importantly they are broadening the knowledge regarding marijuana’s advantages and benefits.

They offer a 20% discount on their best-selling seeds, and they listed these seeds in their renowned collection recently. They sell both cannabis high in CBD or THC. In addition, their website delivers information that will help cultivators to figure out seed strains that are suitable for outdoor planting or indoor use.

Ministry of cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis is based in Barcelona, Spain, which makes it another great seed bank to be included in the list because it’s based in Europe, which makes it easier for German residents to buy cannabis seeds in Germany.

Its location is one of the most significant factors this company has. Because of Spain’s suitable climate all year round for the cultivation process of seed strains, the quality of seeds they offer are ideally grown and ideal for all kinds of cultivators.

Being one of the most renowned seed banks internationally, The Ministry of Cannabis has established its name because of quality seed strains and great customer service. They cater globally. That’s why it’s ideal for German recreational and medical clients who want to buy cannabis seeds in Germany.

Rocket seeds

Canadian industry has provided a lot of seed banks that have made names for themselves. One of those well-known seed banks is Rocket Seeds. But unlike other seed banks, Rocket Seeds does not breed seeds; instead, they collect and gather the best seed producers and offer them to the public through online and discrete transactions.

The advantage of being a seed distributor is that the company focuses more on customer service and the shipping process. This enables the company to reach gaps in the distribution process.

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Sonoma seeds

Sonoma Seeds retails some of the most sought-after seed strains. This seed bank may seem shady if you are new in the cannabis growing lifestyle because of their minimal brand information on their website, but cannabis reviews from different kinds of websites swear on the quality of seeds from Sonoma Seeds, and that’s one of many reasons that have proven their place in numerous seed banks to be trusted.

Sonoma Seeds possess a wide range of more than 400 seed strains, a hefty variety to choose from. They offer two price points, from the highest to cheapest, and there are 400 plus in the higher price point category and 32 kinds of seed strains in the cheaper price point category.

Beaver seeds

Beaver Seeds is one of the earliest to rise in the marijuana retail and distribution industry. It started in 1984 formed by Neil Schoenmakers. Beaver Seeds is another Canadian seed bank. They focus on providing the most famous quality seeds, and they recently rebranded in 2020. With the rebranding of the company, Beaver Seeds stocked a fresh selection of seed strains to clients.

This is good news, especially to patrons of Beaver Seeds, because this seed bank purchases and stocks seeds in bulk to make their products affordable. With the affordability of their seed strains and additional new genetics of seeds, Beaver Seeds’ clients and soon-to-be clients will have more top-notch seeds to choose from.

Sunwest Genetics

Choosing what kind of seed bank where you can buy cannabis seeds in Germany may seem complicated for you, especially with the strict laws surrounding it. But as we go on this list, you will realize that it’s not that hard after all.

Another seed bank to offer the best kind of seeds is Sunwest Genetics. They provide the best in the industry, and clients of theirs have spoken for them. Word of mouth is their best marketing strategy, and they don’t try hard for reputation because their seeds speak for themselves.

Sunwest Genetics is one of the best seed banks to buy cannabis seeds in Germany because of how they take care of and improve their high-end seed strains. Your time, money, and effort in concealing your plant from authority will not go to waste if you choose to buy cannabis seeds in Germany through Sunwest Genetics.

Mary Jane’s Garden

Last but definitely the least is Mary Jane’s Garden. Looking for a reliable seed bank that also ships globally? Mary Jane’s Garden is one of the most famous in the industry. A reputed seed bank that rose to its current rank because of clients’ testimonies and renowned cannabis website reviews.

Being one of the pioneers in the industry, they have been offering some of the best quality and they always deliver the material they promise their clients. Some of their best-sellers are Snow White, Chrystal, Afghan, B52, Super Skunk, and many more.

seed bank

Types of Cannabis Seeds


Auto-flowering doesn’t depend on your area’s weather condition to produce flowers because these kinds of seeds have the Ruderalis genetics. This kind of cannabis seed is highly recommended for beginners in the cultivation process because of its fast-growing cycle.

It also doesn’t need that much space, which makes this ideal for indoor growing as well and a great advantage when you choose to buy cannabis seeds in Germany because, as stated above, legal conflicts may occur if cannabis plants are to be seen outdoors. They flower just after 7 weeks of germination.

Almost all auto-flowering seeds are feminized. That’s why among all three kinds of seeds, auto-flowering sits atop the list to be endorsed to beginners.

Not only does it suit just about all kinds of weather but, it also doesn’t require much of your time and space.

Feminized Seeds

If you want to grow weed quickly, then the feminized seed is the one for you. Feminine plants are the ones producing marijuana. Feminized seeds only produce female plants. And that is why these kinds of seeds are recommended for beginners and moderately experienced growers.

Almost all seed strains have a feminized version of seeds which means you will not have a hard time finding a seed strain that will easily produce weed in a short amount of time.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are the originators of the novel strains of cannabis. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants. They flower for 7-12 weeks, depending on the kind of strain. Among the three, regular seeds are the hardest to grow.

If you choose this kind to buy cannabis seeds in Germany, you have to be quite an experienced cultivator to be able to take care of a regular seed plant. Taking care of a regular seed plant prefers more time and effort to grow, but the result of successfully planting and flowering one is an expert cultivators’ achievement.

Best Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy and Grow from Seed Banks in Germany

This list provides information on different kinds of seed strains that are the best picks in their respective category and that suits Germany’s weather conditions.

Before you buy cannabis seeds in Germany, it’s best to be fully informed of the different kinds that you prefer and what category your level of expertise can handle.

You’ll find the best auto-flowering, feminized, and regular seeds combined here. We also took the chance of including medical cannabis, and you’ll find out what that is as you read on this series of lists.

Zkittlez (feminized or auto)

This seed strain is the best for beginners. In addition, you can choose from auto-flowering, which is the ideal type of seed for aspiring cannabis growers, and feminized, which is the type of seed suggested to moderate or intermediate growers.

Zkittlez can pretty much take all the errors a beginner may make but can still produce top-of-the-line buds with massive yield.

It can stand different kinds of temperatures. That’s why this is one of the top picks in this list. It’s perfect for outdoor and indoor because it resists mold. It’s bred from grapefruit, grape ape, and another unrevealed strain.

Blue dream autoflowering

You’ll get to enjoy blue dream between 75 to 80 days. It conveniently finishes fast; that’s why it’s one of the best autoflowering seeds in the market. Its yield can reach 400g and is ideal for indoor and outdoor as well. In addition, blue Dream has a relaxing euphoric feeling.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush flourishes in just about any environment. In just 9 to 10 weeks, you may experience the lovely buds this strain offers. It’s one of the most famous seeds in the Indica category, and we’ve included Bubba Kush in this list because of its easy planting level and the yield it can reach. In a span of 9 to 10 weeks, you’ll have 550g if you plant it outdoors and 420g if you decide to plant it indoors.

Harlequin (indoor or outdoor)

Is best for assisting depression and anxiety. This magical seed strain only takes 9 weeks to grow and provides 400g of indoor and outdoor yield. We’ve chosen to include Harlequin because of its high CBD level. Its planting difficulty may

be moderate, but it pays off with the psychoactive effects it gives, the flowering time, and the yield it can produce.


Because cannabis is not only in demand to those who use it recreationally but also to people who use it for medicinal purposes, we included the best seed strain for medical purposes. We based it on the effects it can give, planting difficulty, flowering time, indoor/outdoor-friendly, and yield it can produce.

Cannatonic is relatively easy to grow and flowers in a short time. Eight to ten weeks is enough for this wondrous plant to flower. It’s an organic painkiller that also gives positive and relaxing vibes. Cannatonic is a hybrid of Indica and Sativa that also has a Feminized version.

Black widow

On a budget? Don’t worry, and there’s an option for you. Black widow is the best type of seed strain for first-time or experienced growers that are on a tight budget.

Although cheap compared to others in the category, Black widow’s planting difficulty is pretty easy, its flowering time only takes 8 to 9 weeks, and it can still provide 350g to 400g per harvest.

The THC level of Black Widow is 22 to 28% that gives it a euphoric and relaxing feeling. For a cheaper option, the Black Widow does not disappoint.

marijuana-strains - weedium1

Germany’s legal standpoint on Marijuana being used for recreational purposes and cultivation is illegal. It’s quite complex because possession of marijuana by an adult is not legal, but consumption is basically not a crime if it’s in small amounts.

Judicial changes were made recently focusing on the medical usage of marijuana. On the recreational part, it may take a few more years before it could be fully legalized.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Germany

In 2017, an amendment to the Narcotics Drug act authorized the change. From that point on, medical marijuana became more available to seriously ill people of Germany. This act also activated another positive outcome because pushing this act to legalization also means that health insurance covers the treatment using marijuana.

Germany welcomed applications for cultivators and announced that they would soon select not more than 13 companies to produce a supply of medical cannabis in the market.

Regarding marijuana utilization in the medical field, there’s nothing much to worry about because of the direction where Germany’s openness is going, and everything is sailing smoothly towards a prerogative future for medical cannabis.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Germany

On the recreational side of cannabis utilization, things may still look hazy. For example, in one of the most famous cities in the world, Berlin, it is still illegal for marijuana to be used for recreational purposes.

The regulatory jurisdiction of Germany, which is The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices, designed an agency focusing on cannabis according to the United Nations Single Convention act on Narcotic Drugs of 1961. That act states that “a member state must appoint such a public agency as soon as cannabis is intended to be cultivated in the state in question for non-industrial uses.”

With very recent changes in the law regarding medical purposes, recreational clients and cultivators would have to wait longer and could only hope for legalization in the very distant future.


Deciding whether to buy cannabis seeds in Germany may seem tricky if you’re a cultivator of marijuana. This is because many legal factors must be kept in mind before you buy cannabis seeds in Germany. But for passionate cultivators and recreational users, there will always be countless ways.

This article does not only focus on different kinds of cannabis seeds, seed strains, and top-notch seed banks but also focuses on what to consider before you buy cannabis seeds in Germany and start to plant in your own garden. One should take time in studying their area’s weather, preparation of equipment and tools needed in your garden, and laws regarding marijuana usage in the country.

We’ve included in this article lists of seed strains that best suit the country’s year-round weather and the seed banks that can easily and quickly cater to residents of Germany. So if you ever decide to cultivate and buy cannabis seeds in Germany, this article sums up all the essential information for you to start up marijuana planting.

Since the modification of cannabis laws in March 2017 concerning medical purposes, it opened various possibilities for people that require much medical attention that only marijuana utilization can ease. This step did not only give hope for terminally ill residents to easily have access to medical marijuana and recreational patrons and marijuana growers to aspire for a brighter future to the cultivation process in Germany.

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