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How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in India - weedium

Cannabis seeds and products have become readily available for purchase in India. As the global cannabis industry grows, it’s become much easier to buy cannabis seeds in India. For many years, marijuana and cannabis products have been a significant part of the country’s heritage and cultures, including religious rituals and practices. Despite the widespread popularity and use of cannabis in India, many jurisdictions continue to prohibit or restrict its cultivation and use.  This continues today, as many people buy cannabis seeds in India.

India has a robust cannabis industry. However, buying cannabis seeds in India is heavily restricted in most regions and only legal for use in a few jurisdictions. The current laws in India enforce prosecution that may include fines and imprisonment for consuming and distributing any cannabis-related products and marijuana in specific regions. Although there are laws that strongly prohibit cannabis, India continues to thrive in this industry. There is a solid history and heritage that may relax the legal status in the foreseeable future.

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the popular seeds banks across the globe.

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While many marijuana products are not legal in the majority of the country, there are some legal uses for cannabis for religious ceremonies, which the government regulates. In these cases, it may be permissible to buy cannabis seeds in India. For example, cannabis seeds are legal to buy, sell, and use in India, though the country’s government regulates this industry. This is due to the seeds’ use in religious ceremonies, which means they can be sold within the country and received internationally as an imported product.

History of Cannabis in India

For thousands of years, India enjoyed a rich history of cannabis cultivation and consumption. Cannabis grew in popularity for cultural purposes, with the earliest written cannabis use recorded in Hindu texts, also known as sacred Vedas. In ancient times, it was considered one of the essential plants with health benefits, combined with other herbs and natural foods. Currently, many

Cannabis has a solid connection to the Hindu god Shiva, and specific seeds strains were given names such as Sensi seeds and Bhang. These strains, and others, were added to drinks and meals to increase strength and endurance for fighters and hunters in medieval times. Today, these strains are commonly added to specific meals and beverages to enhance their effects, which is like cannabis and CBD products are used in many other countries globally.

After centuries of use, marijuana become illegal in 1985, which meant that cannabis was primarily banned across the country, despite many supporters to keep it legal for Hindu practices, and reports that did not indicate any adverse effects from regular use of cannabis. Despite protests to keep marijuana and cannabis products accessible in the country, the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act was created in 1985 by the Indian government, which established cannabis as an illegal substance.

The Availability of Bhang in India

One cannabis product that’s legal in India is bhang, a drink used during the Holi festival, which is made from parts of the cannabis plant, including the leaves and seeds. There are specialized shops throughout the country, which are regulated and operated by the government. So while it’s not legal to directly buy cannabis seeds in India, there are some provisions for using some cannabis-related products where it is legally available to buy cannabis seeds in India.

How to Grow and Buy Cannabis Seeds in India

While India essentially prohibits growing, selling, and using cannabis, there is overwhelming support for the industry, and many people use cannabis and related products widely. There are specific jurisdictions where cannabis is legal within the country, including only a tiny portion of India. In most jurisdictions, cannabis is widely illegal.

Specific by-products or derivatives of cannabis, including bhang, and cannabis products used in religious ceremonies or rituals, are legal in specific jurisdictions. Cannabis seeds are consistently legal throughout India, though it’s often recommended to buy cannabis seeds in India through online shops and international companies.

Tips for Preparing to Buy Cannabis Seeds in India for Cultivation

Before you purchase cannabis seeds, there are some crucial factors to consider before choosing the types of seeds to plant and when they should be cultivated. If you reside in a northern part of the country, it’s best to plant the seeds in early May, though March is best for southern parts of India. When you choose the land to plant and cultivate cannabis, it’s essential to beware of local law enforcement, potential theft, and the threat of infestation and diseases.

When you choose a company to buy cannabis seeds in India, purchase from a reputable online distributor or local seed bank. Take time to research companies, their product quality, and reviews. If you select a seed bank that offers certified or verified cannabis seed strains, you’ll see better results.

The climate in Various Regions of India

Consider the climate before you choose a strain. For example, southern regions in India may be humid and flower quickly, which means a strain that cultivates fast is ideal. Strains that grow quickly and are resistant to mold and cold are also good options to consider for a warmer region. Consider the best seeds to buy for the region you live in or grow cannabis, specific to the window of time when they flower.

Finding Online Companies to Buy Cannabis Seeds in India

It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in India, though it can be challenging to navigate the cannabis industry in India. One of the easiest ways to buy cannabis seeds in India is through online stores. There are some reputable companies and seedbanks that offer discreet, international shipping.



ILoveGrowingMarijuana is a great company to start and offers some excellent quality cannabis seeds. The website is an excellent resource for reviewing various seeds initially divided into autoflowing seeds and feminized seeds. Auto-flowering seeds are ideal for beginners, as they grow fast and don’t require any changes in the lighting if they’re grown indoors. Often, you’ll see exceptional results within a short period of ten weeks.

On the home page of the seed bank’s website, you’ll find some great information if you’re new to growing and learning how to buy cannabis seeds in India. An excellent feature for anyone new to growing cannabis is a grow kit, which includes a comprehensive guide, fertilizers, a plant protector, and easy-to-use auto-flowering seeds.

Seed Germination Guarantee

ILGM (ILoveGrowingMarijuana) offers some significant advantages when you place an order with the company. This seed bank offers a delivery guarantee, which means you won’t pay for the price of seeds if they’re not received, and a new shipment will be sent to your address. Unlike many cannabis companies, there is a seed germination guarantee, which means the weed strains will perform well. A great support team is to provide assistance and guidance with your project, from seed germination to the flowering stage.

Multiple Payment Options

Payments are quickly processed online by credit card, though there may be difficulties with this payment method like some companies. There is also the option of paying with Bitcoin or with a debit card, which are great alternatives if there are concerns that the credit card charge may be blocked. ILGM is flexible and offers several payment options to make the transaction easy and discreet, including paying directly with cash. When you have these options in place, it is easy and safe to buy cannabis seeds in India.

Discreet, Fast, Global Shipping

There is a variance in how long shipments take to arrive. Generally, you’ll receive your seeds relatively quickly, making it easy to buy cannabis seeds in India with minimal risk. All packages sent by courier are sealed and sent discreetly, known as stealth shipping, so your purchase is more likely to arrive without suspicion and with more excellent reliability. This practice makes it much easier to buy cannabis seeds in India.

High Quality and Variety of Seeds

ILGM offers many quality options, including cannabis seeds with high THC, auto-flowering, feminized seeds, and packages for beginners. The company often features sales and specials on its website, which is an excellent opportunity to try a new strain or blend of seeds.  You’ll have the option of many blends and strains to buy cannabis seeds in India for any region. Grow kits, mixed seed packages, and online guides and forums are accessible to offer support and suggestions on the cultivation process.

seedsman - weedium seed bank


One of the top seed banks to buy cannabis seeds in India is Seedman. The company is also one of the top choices for growers around the world. It’s also a well-established and trusted seed bank that features a wide variety of strains and high-quality seeds at some of the lowest prices. Seedsman has been operating for more than ten years and has become a well-respected distributor of seeds in the global cannabis market.

Close Ties with Cannabis Seed Breeders

The company works closely with seed breeders to procure the best products for customers. They include hybrid, inbred, and specialized strains of seeds, such as Cheesecake auto-feminized seeds, Blue Dream, Skunk, and Original Haze. While the company offers an impressive selection of seeds, they limit the strains they offer based on the top quality to not compromise in the process. Seeds are offers from the highest quality genetics and offered from over 80 breeders around the world.

Auto-flowering, feminized seeds, and regular seeds are among the categories of products offered at Seedman. Regular seeds are not modified and feature a classic assortment of non-GMO seeds. Feminized and auto-flowering seeds are among the most popular types of seeds offered, with auto-flowering ideal for beginner growers, due to the minimal care required and high yield. They are all excellent options to consider when you buy cannabis seeds in India.

Fast and Discreet Shipping Worldwide

Seedman offers a discreet, fast shipping service with various stealth packaging options to ensure your shipment is tracked and arrives safely and securely. The time frame for shipments varies globally, though generally, the timing is reasonable and usually without delays, even if you buy cannabis seeds in India. At the very longest, you may receive a shipment closer to 20 to 25 days.

Global Support and Awareness for Cannabis Legalization

Seedman plays a significant role in funding programs, including legal organizations, to help change the legalization status of cannabis in many parts of the world. This activism includes promoting cannabis products and seeds conferences, trade shows, and political lobbying events. Funding for these initiatives comes from a portion of the company’s profit, supporting charities and organizations for these causes.

Payment Options

Seedman has various payment options, including credit card payments, debit, wire transfers through your bank, and bitcoin. The company is aware of the importance of maintaining discretion, like other seed bank companies, which offer many payment methods. If you choose to pay by Bitcoin, the company will offer 25% off your order with the offer of between 7 and 10 free cannabis seeds.

Many cannabis seed companies offer Bitcoin or similar currencies as a payment option because it is discreet and anonymous. The variety of options for payment make it very easy to buy cannabis seeds in India.

Interactive, user-friendly Website

Seedman offers a user-friendly website that features easy-to-follow links for all the main categories of seed strains and their benefits. You’ll find a lot of helpful information and the latest reviews on featured products. The website offers a lot to review on the homepage, which offers direct links to helpful tips, information, and special promotions.

Special Promotions and Loyalty Program

Seedman offers a reward points program that offers loyal customers and suppliers a great way to earn points towards discounts on future orders. There are several ways to register to own points, including writing a review on a strain, inviting or referring a friend, subscribing to the company’s newsletter, and making regular purchases.

The company features regular promotions on their seeds, including a discount for large orders, depending on the size and product, free samples or shipping discounts in certain countries, or purchases made by Bitcoin. This allows for incredible options and deals when you buy cannabis seeds in India.

Support on Forums, Events, and Sponsorship

Seedman supports a lot of initiatives globally, including organizations that promote the legalization of cannabis. The company’s website features links to their blog, which posts updates on current news, updates on cannabis laws, scientific research on cannabis seeds, and other developments in the global community.


Crop King Seeds

This cannabis seeds company opened in 2005, beginning with a small company and growing into an international company with over 300 shops in Canada. Crop King Seeds feature over 40 strains, with more seeds becoming available regularly. The company features updates on its website on upcoming strains, which includes promotions on award-winning seeds.

Crop Kin Seeds is known for its medical-grade cannabis strains and expert growers on staff, providing excellent support and guidance for all levels. They offer excellent quality feminized and auto-flowering seeds for online purchasing, including Sativa, hybrid strains, Indica, and strains with high THC levels. Many of the seeds are ideal for beginner growers as they yield excellent results.

Award-winning Cannabis Seeds for all Growers

Crop King Seeds offers strains for every type of marijuana growing operation, including outdoor, indoor, and hydroponics. The most popular seeds offered at Crop King’s are the strains that yield high THC and low CBD levels. A customer support line of representatives is available to answer any questions or concerns 24 hours a day by phone on online chat.

Cannabis Strains for All Growing Operations

Auto-flowering seeds are the top pick for beginner growers, as they begin flowering on their own and only take between 2 to 4 weeks to show results following the germination process. The plants are usually utterly ready within 6 to 8 weeks. It’s the ideal strain for anyone new to growing marijuana and doesn’t have the significant time or commitment for consistent maintenance. Auto-flowering seeds are high quality, and Crop King’s variety of these seeds are stable, which means you’re guaranteed to see top-notch results every time you grow.

Feminized seeds are known for producing highly potent plants, which are ideal for harvesting buds without seeds. These seeds only produce female marijuana plants, or very close, at about 99 %. While the auto-flowering and feminized seeds are specialized strains available through many seed banks and distributors, the regular marijuana seeds remain one of the most popular options. Regular seeds grow both male and female plants, which offers more flexibility and more robust genetics with crossbreeding.

Regular marijuana seeds are best for experienced growers, as male plants may interfere with the results of growing female seeds. Male plants are best when identified early in the growing process and removed from the female plants.

Crop King Seeds features a special section on their website highlighting the fastest-growing seed strains for quick results. These fast-flowering seeds often perform best in a country or region where the growing season is short, and plants must flower quickly so that they can be ready in time for harvest.

High-quality Seeds and Good Germination Results

Seeds are guaranteed to germinate at a rate of 80%, and the online and phone support team can offer suggestions on the types of strains to choose for your growing project. Fast-growing seeds are designed using feminized genetics, created with photoperiod seeds to create a quick-flowering strain. These cannabis seeds offer a lot of benefits, including more resin, higher cash or commercial value due to fast turnover, well-preserved aroma and taste, and best of all, they are easy to grow.

The company’s website details the benefits of their auto-flowering strains, including lower fungus and pest infestation, high yield flowering, and excellent quality overall. Crop King Seeds features many pages and sections dedicated to various strains and seeds to provide in-depth information for further research, so you can decide based on helpful tips and the ability to compare between cannabis strains.

Quick and Discreet Shipping

The company offers discreet stealth shipping, which means you’ll receive your package without any indication of its contents. Cannabis seeds are shipped worldwide, and the company offers a comprehensive catalog with every discreet shipment of seeds you order.  While the shipping times vary worldwide, the timing is impressive, and there are often free samples of new seed strains included.

The delivery methods are designed to be as discreet as possible, with the best stealth options. This shipping method applies to shipments worldwide.

Promotions and Discounts on Cannabis Seeds

Crop King Seeds offers excellent options for all customers, including orders to buy cannabis seeds in India, including competitive prices, high-quality seeds that produce a great harvest, and regular discounts and promotions featured on the company’s website.

A Variety of Payment Methods

The company offers a private payment system that includes credit cards, money orders, cash, direct money transfer, and Bitcoins. You can place orders by online chat, the company’s website, or phone, and every order is kept private, with complete security. You’ll never have to worry about discretion when you buy cannabis seeds in India, as all financial and personal information is well protected.

msnl - weedium seed bank

Marijuana Seeds NL

This seed bank company is known as one of the most trusted in the industry and has been around for nearly 20 years. Marijuana Seeds NL offers some of the best quality in cannabis strain genetics, with continuous developments to produce the best quality in seeds and services for your growing project when you buy cannabis seeds in India. The company offers cannabis strains internationally and features the best in cutting-edge technology to produce the best and most potent strains.

The company works closely with some of the best breeders worldwide to offer a consistently high quality of stable strains to customers on a global level. You’ll have the best options globally, including when you buy cannabis seeds in India.

Top-notch Genetics and Strain Varieties

Marijuana Seeds NL offers a wide variety of strains that cater to all levels of growers, including feminized and auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, and many strains and blends available at competitive rates and impeccable quality. The company features an in-depth catalog with numerous developed strains to fit every grower’s individual or commercial needs. All seeds are designed with stabilized, well-established seed genetics.

Stealth, Discreet Shipping

This seed distributor offers highly discreet shipping so that your order of cannabis seeds are sent worldwide with stealth packaging. Marijuana Seeds NL offers one of the top delivery success rates in the cannabis business. They protect customers’ identities and personal information so that there is a maximum level of protection from the initial order to receiving your order. This process is especially beneficial for countries like India, where discretion is of utmost importance. Billing is also discreet, which means you won’t see details of your transaction on your credit card statement, and express shipments are also available for dispatch.

Overall, there are three types of shipping services offered, including standard shipping, which is the least expensive option, and ships your seeds discreetly without tracking. Stealth shipping offers a higher level of discretion, and a tracking code and guaranteed stealth shipping are best for ensuring that you receive your shipment. If you don’t receive your seeds, another order will be sent. Timing may vary depending on the country, though the guaranteed stealth method is a good investment, which costs just a bit more to make sure you receive the seeds. International packages can take up to 25 days to receive, though they typically arrive sooner.

Free Shipping on Large Orders

One of the best features of Marijuana Seeds NL is the free shipping offered on seed orders over a certain amount. These discounts include the option of adding a small additional fee for guaranteed stealth shipments or enjoy this option for free when you buy cannabis seeds in India. Bulk orders are ideal for commercial and large-scale growing operations.

Policy for Returns

All shipments are sent carefully to ensure the contents are well protected, with crush-proof envelopes wrapped in additional product packaging to keep the seeds safe and discreet when you buy cannabis seeds in India. Seeds that do not arrive in ideal condition may be replaced if you contact the company within seven days of receiving the package. Once you provide a clear photo of the damaged goods while they’re in the original package, and a new package will be dispatched the same day.

The company guarantees that all seeds are entirely natural, hand-selected, and premium in quality. Replacements for damaged shipments are sent free of charge, so you won’t have to pay extra fees for shipping when you buy cannabis seeds in India.

Easy Website to Navigate for Strains

You’ll find the website is easy to use, with all the main types of seeds featured at the top of the home page, so you can locate your favorite strain of auto-flowering seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, and other varieties, including high CBD levels and value packages that include top strains. The website features a section dedicated to wholesale seeds, filtered and sorted by price, seed types, cup winners, flowering times, product categories, and other options.

A section with value packs includes excellent selections of seed varieties depending on the strain types you’re looking for, including classic, auto-feminized strains, seeds from specific regions, and variety packs that include the best options for outdoor and indoor growing operations. If you’re a novice grower and plan on experimenting with new types of seeds when you plan to buy cannabis seeds in India, a value package is ideal for this purpose. As with all packages shipped worldwide, these value packs are discreetly packaged.

Each pack offers a range of seeds for various growing levels, from beginner to advanced. For example, the Classic Pack offers a collection of seeds with Cannabis Cup Winning strains, and every other variety pack features three different seed types. Each seed strain is sealed in a separate plastic bag to efficiently use each strain, making it easy to buy cannabis seeds in India.

Free Seeds and Specials

Marijuana Seeds NL offers some great incentives to customers, rewarding loyalty with a free seed sample between two to seven seeds per order, depending on the amount of the order. The company takes the quality of seeds and customer loyalty seriously, so you can always expect the best quality when buying cannabis seeds in India or worldwide.

Affiliate Program and Company Blog

MSNL offers an excellent blog for updates on cannabis laws, growing tips, and other helpful information. The blog is organized to highlight the top news and organize categories to find the precise information you need, including recipes, statistics and facts on cannabis, and guides on how to grow your first plants. This information is helpful when you need to find a specific strain when you buy cannabis seeds in India.

The affiliate program is a great way to earn extra income and benefits by simply signing up for an account on the company’s website. Once you add your personalized link with MSNL’s ads and banners to your website, the company automatically handles all the tracking from incoming users and traffic. Every time a purchase that’s made is automatically updated to your affiliate account.

Efforts to Legalize Marijuana in India

While cannabis is widely used and accepted in India, it largely remains illegal in most jurisdictions. While cannabis seeds are not illegal and relatively easy to buy cannabis seeds in India, there are fines and criminal penalties for using cannabis products illegally. Currently, there are ongoing efforts to legalize marijuana, making it easier to buy cannabis seeds in India in the future.

There are many benefits to legalization so that anyone can buy cannabis seeds in India, which include creating new companies, small businesses, and employment opportunities, generating tax include to improve the country’s economy and overall quality of life, and to allow more people to access and buy cannabis seeds in India and other marijuana products without risking imprisonment or fines.

Legalizing the ability to buy cannabis seeds in India and other prohibited products will curb criminal organizations from benefiting from selling marijuana. Government regulation will make it much easier to use, cultivate, and distribute marijuana, and allowing more people to buy cannabis seeds in India. Many global marijuana companies and distributors of cannabis products support and fund organizations that work to create awareness on the benefits of cannabis and promoting legalization worldwide.

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