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How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ireland - weedium

For a country in the European Union you would think that their perception of cannabis is profound and broad but, for the country of Ireland, it doesn’t seem that way. Marijuana laws in Ireland are strict. Let’s lay that out now on the table before we go through this topic.

Some journalists predicted that the legalization of marijuana in Ireland will be possible in 2030 or later which is quite sad. Ireland’s potential to be a principal in the legalization of marijuana and using it to boost its economy could be massive.

Legalization of cannabis would mean the government will get ahold of the control of marijuana in the market, gangs and criminal activity surrounding cannabis will be gone or decreased, medical marijuana will be readily available to thousands of residents that are suffering from different kinds of neurological diseases, police can focus on real crimes, and a great economical share and additional fund for the government if marijuana is industrialized.

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Aside from regulation and taxation, it would be easier for people with serious medical conditions to access and buy cannabis seeds in Ireland.

If you’re planning to cultivate your garden of cannabis here are some important tips you must know before you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. Below are a list of factors you must consider, important, factual and legal matters that we gathered and are going to share with you so you can have a better outlook on what to expect when you decide to cultivate your own cannabis garden.

Legally Buying Cannabis Seeds in Ireland

You can buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds but illegal to use, cultivate, sell, and buy marijuana. You can buy cannabis seeds in Ireland easily through the internet.

One out of five Irish recreationally use marijuana or buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. A report even stated that police would rather give out warnings to people caught using marijuana instead of utilizing police hours in an activity that almost 90% of Irish people are doing.

With that being said, let’s clarify what is legal and illegal because we’d still want to make sure that you are aware of the legal status of cannabis in the country before you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland and create your garden.

  • Cannabis seeds are LEGAL
  • Medical usage of cannabis is LEGAL but very limited
  • Recreational use of cannabis is ILLEGAL
  • Planting and growing cannabis seeds are ILLEGAL

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Ireland: What You Should Know

Aside from being fully aware of cannabis laws, you should also be aware of what factors may affect your cannabis plant. The number one factor to be aware of is Ireland’s rainy weather. By knowing this important information, you can go on and decide which seeds will best suit your area.

Preparation is also a key factor when you are planning to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. Because you must be secretive even to your family members when it comes to planting marijuana, purchase a minimal amount of equipment and arrange your garden early so when the seeds are delivered to you, everything is in order.

Feminized and auto-flowering seeds are the best recommended cannabis seeds to be cultivated in Ireland because of their durability and the way they adjust to different kinds of seasons.

Good thing is, this article would also inform you of the appropriate seeds to plant in Ireland. Tips on what to do and what not to do for you to have a healthy and hefty harvest.

The Best Time to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in Ireland

Be knowledgeable about your weather condition. Ireland is best known for its almost year-round rainy season. The best time to plant your cannabis seeds is in the first half of May.

Being knowledgeable about your area’s climate condition is important to avoid negative factors that will affect the growth of your plant. Examples of these factors are molds and bacteria that live off of moisture.

Tips on Growing Marijuana Seeds in Ireland

Here are some tips for gardening cannabis to give you the best results when you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland:

Prepare your garden ahead of time.

Cultivation of cannabis may seem like a hobby but it’s more of a lifestyle. Time and effort will be consumed and if properly taken care of, the results will always be worth it.

Before you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, make sure to plan and prepare your garden first. Impulsively buying without proper preparation is always a big no-no and may lead to an improper cultivation process.

Choose wisely on which seed banks to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland.

Online seed banks are the only wise choice to get your cannabis seeds. Because of marijuana’s prohibition in the country, local seed banks are not allowed to operate.

You can only buy cannabis seeds in Ireland through the internet. Fortunately, there are a lot of online verified seed banks to choose from and you’ll learn the top online reliable sellers as you read on this article.

What to Avoid When Growing Marijuana Seeds

Here are a few things to watch out for when you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland:

Avoid getting caught

We’ve been emphasizing the strict prohibition of the Ireland government when it comes to cannabis. So here’s the first important tip for you, avoid getting suspicion from the authorities so you can grow your plants in peace.

Mold, bacteria, fungi, these are a few of the things you must avoid when you buy seeds in Ireland and cultivate it for medical or recreational use. Stuff like these survive in wet areas and we all know that Ireland always has rainy weather.


These kinds of people can be avoided if you make sure to discreetly grow your plants. Cannabis is highly demanded in the market and thieves always look for the easy payout and marijuana is one of the easiest payouts they can get their hands on. So be sure to not be only careful of the police but the thieves as well.


Another thing to avoid in the cannabis industry is scammers. They are everywhere and they are present in all kinds of industries globally. Researching and choosing a reliable seed bank will profit you massively. Reputable seed banks offer verified seed strains that will ensure 100% quality plants if taken care of properly of course.

Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ireland: Local Seed Banks

Local seed banks in Ireland are basically none in existence. Although the majority of 18 – 35 years old have admittedly used marijuana, local seed banks are not encouraged in the country.

With their strict laws on marijuana usage especially for recreational use, being able to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland locally is not going to be possible any time soon.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ireland: Online Seed Banks

Fortunately, it is not illegal to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland through the internet. There are more than a handful of online seed banks that cater globally. The cannabis industry is so widespread that you’ll be surprised how easy it is to obtain from high-grade to the cheapest but verified seeds through the internet.

Although there are no criminal charges when you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, cultivating and recreational usage is illegal so being extra careful wouldn’t hurt.

You don’t have to worry about online seed bank’s discretion because they handle confidentiality very well. They accept bitcoins and credit cards for online payment.

Top 5 Seed Banks To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Ireland

Before we go any further, expect that we chose the best seed banks that provide high-quality seeds, give excellent customer service, and the best that suits Ireland’s location and legislation towards marijuana.

msnl - weedium seed bank

1. MSNL (

This seed bank is based in the UK, which will make it the nearest seed bank to you. Good thing that it’s just in a nearby location because this online seed bank is one of the most famous in the industry and shipping won’t even be a hassle because of the location. When you are choosing which seed banks to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, MSNL is the best option for you.

This well-known company started in 1999 and has created 40 different kinds of strains in just 3 years. After being in the marijuana industry for 2 decades, MSNL has proven its legitimacy through its loyal customers’ testimonials of product and service satisfaction.

Not only do they provide high-quality seeds but they also offer discounts for it. Most of the famous seed strains are available in MSNL such as White Widow max, Blueberry, and Gelato. They promise to deliver in a discreet manner and they haven’t been disappointed in this promise.

They even offer an MSNL Rewards Program where you can get bonus points whenever you purchase. The points you earn do not expire and you can redeem it for future transactions. How’s that for exceeding customers’ expectations?


2. Crop King Seeds

When you ask cultivators what their top three seed banks are, Crop King Seeds will definitely be on their list. Established in 2005, this Canada-based company was able to face a big challenge back in 2005 when Canadian legislature on marijuana was not yet legalized. But they rose up again in 2012 and eventually became one of the leading seed banks in the world.

They are well known to be associated with the best breeders that produce high-grade seeds with high potency and 100% growing assurance. Some of their best-sellers are Northern Lights, Candy Cane, Early Miss, Revolver, and Dwarf Low Flyer.

If you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, Crop King Seeds is one of the top two we recommend. They ship worldwide and are also known to deliver in a stealthy manner.

If you ever need to contact them, Crop King seeds has provided numerous ways the clients and most especially repeated customers will be able to do so in the easiest way possible. They have a commendable website that caters to clients’ questions unlike other seed banks where you can buy cannabis seeds in Ireland.

seedsman - weedium seed bank

3. Seedsman

Seedsman offers a wide variety of choices, great customer service, and delivers outstanding seeds to the market. Seedsman is also a UK-based company where you can easily buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. That’s a big factor why we chose to include this seed bank on the list.

Among other seed banks in the industry, Seedsman has proven its reputation ever since they started in 2003. They have numerous breeders that produce high-quality seeds that loyal customers have always flocked on and given positive feedback. Clients claim that Seedsman’s seeds are durable. This is due to their genetic design that allows massive production and consistency in reliable results.

Seedsman sells regular, feminized, and auto-flowering kinds of seeds. Among the lists are White Widow, Cheese, Northern Lights, Kush Blueberry, and Sour Diesel. They offer cannabis seeds that produce buds that are high in THC or CBD.

These kinds of seeds are great candidates if you are choosing to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. They are a nearby company which means they can easily deliver your product to you in a quick manner and they offer the best seed strains in the market.

sensi seeds - weedium seed bank

4. Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds is what you can call one of the pioneers in the industry. If ever you decide to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, Sensi Seeds is one of the top seed banks to consider. They’ve been in the marijuana industry for a very long time because they offer not only the best seed strains in the market but also the best quality service a client can ask for. They deliver discreetly and always live up to their standards when it comes to the seeds they provide.

This company has been in the business for 35 years. Founded in 1986, just a few years after the Dutch government decided to loosen up their laws regarding marijuana, this amount of time says it all. Their product always speaks for itself and repeat customers are always getting what they expect and what they pay for.

Don’t be overwhelmed by some of the prices of their seed strains such as their world-famous celebrity strain- Jack Herer. Amounting to €163, some may be discouraged when they see the price of this strain but Sensi Seeds’ Jack Herer did not gain popularity by simply being advertised. Jack Herer is globally known because of the remarkable high it produces, from the smoke up to its flavor, Jack Herer gained popularity because of the word of mouth. The capabilities of this seed strain wowed marijuana experts and enthusiasts that’s why even though it’s quite pricey, loyal customers from all around the world still patronize Jack Herer.

Another test of the quality of their seeds is The High Times Cannabis Cup, a competition in Amsterdam wherein Sensi Seeds has garnered multiple awards and a winning streak. So when you decide to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland from Sensi Seeds, you will get what the company promises and advertises.

ministry of cannabis - weedium seed bank

5. Ministry of Cannabis

Another company that originated in Amsterdam where you can buy cannabis seeds in Ireland is the Ministry of Cannabis online seed bank. They began in the early 2000s but exclusively sold Auto-flowering and feminized in 2008. Since then, they have provided exceptional customer service and high-grade cannabis seeds that gave them the reputation they have had for over 15 years.

Their focus is to breed and provide Feminized and Auto-flowering seeds. They breed Feminized seeds in the Netherlands while the Auto-flowering seeds are bred in Barcelona, Spain because of their favorable weather. Some of their best-selling seed strains are White Widow, Big Bud XXL, God’s Glue, Mandarin Haze, and Northern Lights. They offer CBD seeds and mixed seed strains as well. You can choose from their large variations of the said strains such as Feminized, Auto-flowering, or different combinations you prefer.

You have to understand that when you decide to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, a lot has to be considered. Two major factors are marijuana’s legal standpoint in the country and its weather situation all year round. Fortunately, the Ministry of Cannabis has all the solutions for when you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. Not only does the Ministry of Cannabis offer a wide range of top seeds in the industry but it also takes into serious consideration one’s confidentiality. They offer a very discreet and fast delivery process and provide the same best quality they have been known for.

Always keep in mind that it may not be illegal to always best to keep things out of the radar. Even if you just buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, you might still be questioned considering the strict laws around it.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Here are the types of cannabis seeds when you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland:


First on the list is a cannabis seed that does not depend on the changing of seasons to flower, hence the name coined for it. This type of seed is the most ideal kind to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. Auto-flowering seeds are suited indoors because they do not grow very tall. This is caused by their internal clock that rushes the whole growing process.

Aside from its quick-growing phase, auto-flowering seeds are usually feminized which makes them the easiest kind of seed to grow. Experts on marijuana cultivation suggest this kind of seeds to aspiring growers because they are easy to handle and could take any mild beginner’s mistakes.


Feminized seeds are the second to be recommended for Irish residents. When you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, you’ll find different kinds of feminized Indica, Sativa, and hybrids.

Feminized seed exclusively produces female cannabis plants. If you want to harvest weed easily, the feminized seed is the best choice of seed.

Because of its ability to produce female cannabis plants in a short amount of time, feminized seeds are highly recommended for beginners in the cultivation process.

Feminized seeds flower in 7-12 weeks and almost all seed strains come in feminized form. Rest assured that you’ll get to choose from a wide selection of feminized Sativa, Indica, and hybrid seeds.


Regular seeds are the kind that is recommended to be cultivated by experienced growers. Regular seeds are where both the male and female seeds came from. These kinds of seeds require more effort, time, money, and space to grow unlike the feminized and auto-flowering seeds.

Regular seeds are the least to be recommended if you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland. They must be handled by cultivators who have extensive knowledge and years of experience in cultivating marijuana. Not only that, the weather must always be taken into consideration, if it’s a regular seed the kind you choose to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, it’ll be more challenging because of the said factors.

Regular seeds’ flowering depends on the kind of seed strain they belong to. They flower within 7-12 weeks.

Best Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy and Grow from Seed Banks in Ireland

Here are some of the best cannabis seeds to consider when you buy cannabis seeds in Ireland:


Big Bud Feminized Seed Strain

Big Bud Feminized seed strains are 85% Indica. Indica is a subspecies of the cannabis plant known to produce relaxing effects that’s why Big Bud has an extreme mellow effect. It’s considered one of the chill-out types of feminized seed strains.

Big Bud’s flowering time is around 50-65 days. It’s comparatively short unlike other feminized seeds in its category. Big Bud is one you should consider when you decide to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, not only does it suit beginners and moderately experienced growers, but it’s also perfect for the constant rainy days of the country.


Blue Dream Feminized Seed Strain

Blue Dream Feminized Seed Strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, which means it’s high in THC content. The Indica part of Blue Dream gives it a sweet berry flavor. It can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, or in greenhouses.

Blue Dream has an auto-flowering seed strain as well but this type is best to be planted outdoors because of its ultra-fast flowering process.

Blue Dream Feminized seed strain is highly recommended for Irish residents because it’s the ideal kind to plant indoors, cultivation being illegal and all in Ireland, the Feminized seed strain of the Blue Dream is the first on the list you get to choose from.


THC Bomb Feminized Seed Strain

The last in our list of highly recommended seed strains is the THC Bomb Feminized seed strain. There’s a long list of advantageous factors that makes this strain perfect for the Irish climate and area.

It can be planted by beginners and it can yield 600g/m2 if planted indoors, not bad considering that the amount of yield is almost at par if it is planted outdoors.

This is one of the most sought-after seed strains in the market because it’s easy to grow which only takes 8-10 weeks and yields a large amount even on your first try. It has 22% of THC content, with a classic skunk, sour, fruity, and earthy taste that produces remarkable smoke.

THC Bomb is soothing with a calming buzz. It starts with a quick and fast hit that can cause a couch potato effect if often used. It can also help in giving comfort to people with ailments and chronic conditions.

It is legal to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland, it is openly allowed to purchase cannabis seeds, however it is only allowed to be used as a novelty, a knack or a trinket to be kept more likely as a keepsake. It is illegal to plant and cultivate cannabis seeds.

In line with the Psychoactive Substances Act, the government of Ireland also prohibits cultivation accessories. Despite this fact, political parties such as the Green Party pushed the government to consider their proposal of recreational usage of marijuana be decriminalized and cultivation to be limited to two plants per residence.

Among the prohibitions of the Irish government regarding cannabis, major marijuana producers were seized by the police and the reported street amount of plants exceeded €6 million.

That was a one-time bust of different kinds of marijuana cultivators which only sends the message that however the government tightens their laws concerning cannabis there would still be a lot of people who will buy cannabis seeds in Ireland choose to grow their marijuana plantation.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Ireland

GW Pharmaceuticals was the first to be allowed by the government to test the effects of Nabiximols in 2002. The test was a huge success and the cannabis regulations were revised. In 2014, Nabiximols (Sativex) was legalized to be prescribed to patients.

The first patient that used medicinal marijuana in Ireland was a two-year-old boy that suffers from Dravet Syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a lifelong disease that is rare, drug-resistant epilepsy. It is common in healthy infants and shows signs in their first year of life. Epilepsy and other types of the dissorder are scientifically proven to be relieved by medical cannabis. This is just one example of how cannabis can be useful in the medical field.

Then in June 2019, a pilot program for medical marijuana was approved by the Irish Minister of Health. This program alters the 2014 legislature and will offer patients who didn’t have any success with all the options provided in the medical field.

Because of this huge step, local seed banks will hopefully be allowed to cultivate and provide to people with severe illnesses such as fibromyalgia, severe epilepsy, sclerosis, and a lot more medical conditions that cannabis cures.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in Ireland

Marijuana’s continuous growth of popularity in Ireland helps groups such as NORML to encourage the rights of cannabis users. NORML is aiming to change the government’s view on marijuana through the power of petition.

The pilot program administered by the Minister of Health may have given recreational users of marijuana some hope. Let’s not cheer just yet, because it looks like the government does not have the smallest interest in taking into consideration personal cultivation and recreational utilization of marijuana.

It may be legal to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland but planting, supplying, and using marijuana is prohibited in Ireland. Penalties will be imposed depending on the quantity he/she is carrying and the offender’s situation.

Aside from paying up to €2,500, the offender can also face jail time of up to a year. If the street value of the plant reaches €13,000 and above, the penalty can be life imprisonment.


Like any other country experiencing the same predicament, Irish marijuana enthusiasts are not troubled by the government’s marijuana legislation concerning cannabis. People still tend to find cautious and careful ways on how to cultivate and plant their own stash to privately enjoy their fruits of labor.

Fortunately, this article has summed up all the important details you must know in order to start your own cannabis garden. From the laws surrounding the beloved plant, tips on what to anticipate such as factors that may affect your plant growth, types of cannabis seeds, the top-notch seed banks to transact with, and the highly recommended seed strains that best suit Ireland’s climate and legal standpoint.

When you look at it, the very few and obtuse steps actually made by the government in an effort to get to know cannabis better and to consider what help it may give not only in the medical field but also to the economy is minor. Cannabis has had a bad rep for a very long time with the Irish government, that’s why it may be legal to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland but it is still not legal to cultivate and use the plant for recreational purposes.

But on the other hand, these slow steps are considered by many as a window where little by little, openness is actually possible. Even though these days, the government is only focused on how cannabis can be beneficial to medical patients with severe cases, hence the pilot program. The actions taken recently towards medical marijuana prove that opinions are somehow changing for the better. Medical marijuana’s legalization is a start and a seed of hope for a more open perception of cannabis, making it easier for people to buy cannabis seeds in Ireland.

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