How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom - weedium

There’s a lot of uncertainty about the future of the United Kingdom’s laws since its decision to leave the European Union in 2016. Since the UK officially left the EU in 2020, future laws regarding cannabis are especially uncertain. Anything could happen at this point! Because the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union, it could make its own marijuana laws, legalizing the plant to be grown and enjoyed both medicinally and recreationally.

But since we don’t know what the future holds, we’ll discuss what we currently know about the legality of cannabis in the UK, where to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, which strains you should try and some grow tips.

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If you plan on growing cannabis seeds, it’s a good idea to learn the laws about growing marijuana in the United Kingdom. Here is a breakdown of the legality of marijuana in the UK currently:

  • It’s legal to use cannabis medicinally
  • It’s illegal to use marijuana recreationally
  • It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom
  • It’s currently illegal to cultivate and grow marijuana in the United Kingdom

So what does this mean? You can legally buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, but it’s illegal to grow them in most instances. You can use certain types of cannabis medicinally with a doctor’s recommendation, but it’s illegal to use marijuana recreationally. So you can legally buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, but you can’t currently grow it or smoke it simply because you want to get high, or without the recommendation of a doctor.

Medicinal Marijuana Use in the United Kingdom

It is possible to get a prescription for medicinal marijuana in the United Kingdom. Well, sort of. The only way you can get cannabis for medicinal use is in the form of synthetic and pharmaceutical versions.

One popular synthetic form of cannabis is called Nabilone and is primarily used for neuropathic pain. There is a CBD pharmaceutical available for epilepsy called Epidiolex. The pharmaceutical version of marijuana on the market is called Sativex. It’s made from marijuana and provides similar effects. However, Sativex is so expensive that it’s hard to find because most pharmacies don’t stock it.

Many patients ask their doctors to write them a prescription for medicinal marijuana to take to other countries in Europe like the Netherlands. This is a smart work-around that will get patients the cannabis that they need. However, some problems could arise when they come home because having marijuana on your person and transporting it into the United Kingdom is illegal. So patients can use their prescriptions to use the marijuana while they’re in other countries but they can’t bring it back home with them.

Does Brexit Make it Illegal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom?

No. You can still legally buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom. This information is a bit more complicated when it comes to actually growing the seeds. It’s still illegal to grow and cultivate cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom. But will that change now that the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union.

It doesn’t look good for cannabis enthusiasts- at least until the UK is completely governed by its own laws without the influence of the EU. International laws pertaining to marijuana in the EU forbid using it recreationally, but it is legal to use it for medical and scientific research purposes.

For now we don’t really have any definitive answers from the United Kingdom about what marijuana laws will look like once it’s free from the EU’s equality laws.

Will Exiting the EU Mean Fewer Marijuana Restrictions in the United Kingdom?

What we know for sure is that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union means that the United Kingdom will no longer have to deal with the restrictions and influence of the EU. This means that the United Kingdom would be free to make it’s own laws regarding marijuana.

Unfortunately there aren’t many political parties or politicians supporting the legalization of marijuana in the United Kingdom. Hardly anyone on the political stage is a publicly advocating the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, legal possession of marijuana, legalizing the growth and cultivation of cannabis seeds and ensuring that it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom. The only party that publicly advocates it is the Liberal Democratic party so it’s unlikely that one party will make significant headway on its own.

The Current UK Laws About Marijuana

Of course laws could potentially change once the United Kingdom has fully exited the European Union, but it’s important that marijuana enthusiasts living in the UK, as well as those visiting, know the laws.

If you want to smoke weed recreationally in the United Kingdom, you would be wise to do so discreetly. It’s still illegal to use marijuana for recreational purposes in the UK and it has been since the 1923 when cannabis was added to the 1920 Dangerous Drugs Act. It’s controlled substance status was further clarified in 1971 with the Misuse of Drugs Act, which classified cannabis as a Class B drug. It’s Class B status puts it in the same classified drugs such as amphetamines, but it’s considered to be a lower classification from Class A drugs like heroin.

The Misuse of Drugs Act brought two new marijuana charges with it: possession and possession with intent to sell. This means it’s both illegal to sell marijuana in the United Kingdom and to be in possession of it. So if you grow or sell weed in the UK you can get a maximum sentence of 14 years in jail and the fines associated with these offenses don’t have a limit. However, most people who grow a couple of plants don’t get the maximum sentence.

While it’s not legal to possess weed in the UK, it’s perfectly legal to sell, possess and buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom. In fact, you can legally buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom in all forms: low THC (like hemp) or high THC. You’re also allowed to possess some hemp products, like hemp fiber and oil.

Can You Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom and Grow Them?

Yes, there is a process for legally cultivating cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom. In order to do so, you have to get a special license from the Home Office. Once you get this license you can buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom and grow them. The license will set you back £580 and you’ll need to meet all the guidelines and swim through a sea of red tape to get it. Once you’ve obtained your grow license, you can only grow low-THC cannabis plants (pretty much industrial hemp). If you grow higher-THC strains you have to be able to prove that it’s for scientific or research purposes and you have to be approved to do so.

The Push for Cannabis Legalization in the UK

People have been working to try to get cannabis reclassified to a Class C drug which would result in less severe penalties for possession and growth of the plant. But this change has been being proposed since 1979 when the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs Act first suggested it.

For now if an adult is caught and charged with possession, growing, using or selling marijuana in the United Kingdom, they can not only go to jail but they also face property and money seizure under the Drug Trafficking Offenses Act. This law actually makes it mandatory for some institutions to report when they suspect someone is using the drug, and encourages other businesses to report marijuana use as well.

If a person is charged for selling marijuana, it doesn’t matter whether they buy the cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom to sell or if they’ve bought marijuana illegally and sold it. Some of the factors that the court will consider before issuing a sentence, which include the person’s criminal history, how involved they were in the criminal drug distribution operation, and how much marijuana they had in their possession.

Some Things to Consider When you Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom

Police can’t stop you and search you at random in the United Kingdom. They have to have cause to do do, and you’re allowed to ask about their reasoning for stopping and searching you. And when it comes to your home or property, the police are required to have your permission as well as search power to search it.

It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom and to possess them. Some people prefer to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom from local shops, while others prefer to use online seed banks for their purchases. Either of these methods for weed seed purchase are acceptable.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom

You’ve got two options when it comes to growing weed in the UK: grow indoors or outdoors. Here are some of the drawbacks to growing weed outdoors that make many people choose to grow indoors:

  • Theft of your plants
  • Exposure to disease, mold and pests
  • Pungent odor that is less than discreet
  • Ruined plants due to inclement weather
  • Constant threat of law enforcement

If you live in the UK you can expect around 1,350 hours of sun and 133 days of rain per year. But it’s not impossible to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom and grow them outdoors. When you live in the UK, there are four different geographical segments with varying climates.

  • North-East: (Edinburgh, Newcastle, Aberdeen and York) This climate has biting cold winters and summers that are cooler due to the arctic winds that flow into it from the north. There’s also a lot of rain in this region. The grow season in the North-East is short.
  • North-West: (Western Scotland, northern Ireland, northern Wales) Summers in this region are cool, but the winters are milder than North-Eastern winters. However because of its coastal location, rain is constantly being blown in which makes it a very rainy and moist location.
  • South-East: (Cambridge, London, Norwich, Brighton) This region is subject to bitter, cold winters that give way to summers that are dry and warm. There isn’t as much rain in this region as in other regions and it’s relatively dry here.
  • South-West: (Cardiff, Devon, Cornwall, Bristol) The South-West area has mild winters and warm summers, both of which are very rainy. It experiences a long grow season because of the tropical climate to the south.

So as you can see, there are a variety of things that factor when you buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom with the intent of growing cannabis outdoors. Many people instead choose to grow indoors so they don’t have to deal with all of the hassle and inclement weather that growing your weed outdoors comes with.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United Kingdom

We’ve already established that it’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom. But where people choose to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom varies from person to person. Some people prefer to buy their seeds from local shops, while other people prefer to use seed banks to buy their seeds online.

Here are some of the best online seed banks to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom.

seedsman - weedium seed bank


Seedsman is an excellent online seed bank that will ship to the UK, which makes it a good place to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom. They originated in the UK in 2003 and have expanded to worldwide sales since then. You can get free shipping on orders of €40, which is nice. And they use discreet packaging for your seeds so that no one will be able to look at the package and determine its contents.

Conveniently you can use Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency to pay for your Seedsman order, and you receive a discount of 15%-25% off your order when you pay with cryptocurrency. They have a large variety of seeds to choose from, including autoflowering, feminized and fast-growing strain varieties which take a lot of guesswork out of cannabis growth. They also offer seeds that have been genetically modified to be resistant to things like disease and pests, which makes for some very durable plants.

Sensi Seeds

If you’re looking for a seed bank with a good reputation, Sensi Seeds is the place for you. Sensi Seeds has been around since 1985 and they have over 500 seed varieties to choose from. They’ve won multiple awards for their seed strains and even earned contracts to supply medicinal marijuana to the Dutch government. Not only will Sensi Seeds ship to the UK, they have physical storefronts in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

There’s a tab on their front page labeled “Outdoor Seeds”, which contains a list of seeds that are best grown outdoors so that you don’t have to guess at which seeds will grow the best in your area. If you want to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, it’s important to know whether the seeds are hardy enough to withstand the climate conditions in your area, so the fact that they have a whole list devoted to showing you which seeds grow well outdoors is great.

Mary Jane’s Garden

If you’re looking for a reputable bank that sells quality seeds, MaryJanes Garden is the seed bank for you because they’re dedicated to selling nothing but top-quality seeds. MaryJanes Garden is a seed bank located exclusively online and they ship worldwide. You’ll find that they don’t have any physical shops and that they don’t print catalogs. They explain that this is because their seed varieties change and they get new product so often that physical shops and printed catalogs would be impractical.

You’ll find a variety of seeds on their page, and categories like “Indoor”, “Outdoor” and “Indoor/Outdoor” on their front page that are helpful. You can also find both autoflowering and feminized seeds here. And if you ever have questions about how to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom and grow them, they have an extensive grow guide that’s massively helpful to newbies.

ministry of cannabis - weedium seed bank

Ministry of Cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis is a world-renowned seed bank located in Barcelona that’s obsessed with the quality of their seed strains. They not only want quality classic seeds and creating new strains. Furthermore, if you’re new to growing cannabis and want to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, the Ministry of Cannabis offers several bundle deals that will allow you to try growing a few different strains without breaking the bank to find what you like.

Their shipping methods are great for the average cannabis consumer, too. You can choose which shipping service is used, there’s a tracking number for each shipment and their packaging is discreet. But the best part about their shipping policy is that each order is guaranteed to be delivered. If your order doesn’t reach within 30 days you for some reason, they’ll send out a new package.

Herbie’s Seeds

Herbies is a good choice if you want to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom because they’ve spent the past decade researching and becoming cannabis experts.  In fact, the company was founded by experts, so they really had nowhere to go but up from there. And because they’re experts, they aim to help provide growers with the information they need to simplify growing and get better at it.

They offer an extensive variety of over 2000 seeds to choose from. Herbies Seeds ships to the UK, the EU and Canada, and you get free shipping on orders over 100 EUR. If you want to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, Herbies Seeds makes the process easy. There are sections for autoflowering, feminized, fast flowering, indoor and outdoor seed varieties. There’s even a section called “For Beginners”.


SeedSupreme is a good option if you’re looking for a UK-based seed bank. Unlike some of the other seed banks on this list, SeedSupreme doesn’t grow and cultivate their own seeds, but instead get their seeds from over 100 growers around the world. Although they got some negative feedback from 2015- 2018, they’ve both addressed that and taken measures to change the problems, which is the mark of a business that cares about their customers’ buying experience. The company was founded in 2013 and has gone on to amass around 4,000 seed strains. If you’d like to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom for medicinal use, SeedSupreme is an excellent choice.

Their staff has researched each strain and determined which strain is good for treating which condition. When you mouse over the “Medicinal Seeds” tab, a drop-down menu for “conditions” and “symptoms” pop up, both listing a litany of conditions and symptoms that can be treated with medicinal marijuana, and suggestions for the best strain to use. Even if you don’t plan to use your cannabis for a specific condition or symptom, knowing that the staff knows so much about their products is comforting to any cannabis consumer.

msnl - weedium seed bank


MSNL is a big, reputable seed bank name in the United Kingdom with a pretty wholesome origin story. The company started in 1999 when two friends began growing the collection of seeds they’d built up over the years traveling around the world, and within three years of starting their company they’d gained 40 different seed strains and created 10 of their own. They ship seeds globally, so there’s no worry there. No matter where you live they can deliver seeds to you.

They also offer sales and promotions quite frequently, and they always ship free samples with every order. This is because they don’t have any physical storefronts, so they got really good at online sales, which benefits anyone who wants to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom. And to ensure that you receive your order, they ship their products in discreet packaging without a company logo and they offer a guaranteed delivery option for an extra fee.

Best Cannabis Strains for the United Kingdom

If you’re keen to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, then the seeds you buy will have to be suited to the unique needs of UK cannabis growers. They’ll either need to be hearty varieties that can withstand a mixture of inclement weather conditions for outdoor growth, be fast-growing to accommodate short growing seasons, or be ideal for indoor growth (with low odor so as to not alert other people that you’re growing indoors).

Here are the best seeds to buy if you want to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom:

Holland’s Hope

Holland’s Hope was created in 1980 as one of the world’s first strains designed to be grown outdoors and able to survive tough environmental conditions. Holland is home to some pretty wet and rainy summers, and parts of the UK are as well. This strain is very fungus-resistant because of the soggy conditions it’s used to being grown in. Holland’s Hope is a combination of the Dutch Skunk and Afghan strains. It’s a pure indica variety, which means you’ll experience a relaxing body high that will have you experiencing a melted-into-the-couch sensation. (In fact, many people remember indica’s effects by pronouncing it “In-da-Couch”.) Because of the body high and relaxing effects, people tend to use this strain for things like chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. It smells earthy (due to its skunk parentage), nutty and citrusy, with similar flavors.

Click here for Holland’s Hope and to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a good choice if you want to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom because it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It’s a sativa that hails from South Africa. The plant itself is compact, which is a characteristic typically seen in indica varieties, but it’s also got the tall and tapered shape that is a clear indication that it’s a sativa. Durban Poison has earthy and piney flavors, and most noticeably an anise flavor like that of licorice. You’ll feel a head high almost immediately with this strain, with none of the “couch lock” you experience from indicas. It’s most suited for daytime use because of the energetic feeling it produces, which makes it a good “wake and bake” choice. People use Durban Poison for focus, PTSD, depression and anxiety. It flowers quickly and is a good outdoor variety because it grows easily. If you choose to grow this variety indoors then it’s worth noting that it will require some maintenance because this plant will try to grow to heights of 12 feet or more.

Click here for Durban Poison and to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom.

Black Lights CBD Automatic

Okay, hear us out. This isn’t a purely CBD strain- it’s a hybrid that contains CBD, and if you want to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, Black Lights CBD Automatic from Sensi Seeds is a great choice. Black Lights CBD Automatic has a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBD, so it actually has more THC than CBD. Sensi Seeds created this strain by crossing Black Harlequin (known for its CBD levels) with the award- winning Northern Lights #5 strain. THC levels in this plant can reach between 12- 15%.  It’s indica- dominant, so you’ll get a nice, relaxing body buzz but the sativa in it will give you a euphoric head high as well and the levels of CBD in this strain make it an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, migraines or similar conditions. The plants themselves produce a subtle scent, which is ideal for anyone wishing to discreetly grow cannabis indoors. And they’re easy to grow, not only because they’re autoflowering but because they grow in both cold and temperate environments.

Click here to get your Black Lights CBD Autoflowering seeds or to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom.

CBD Chemdog #4

CBD Chemdog #4 is a great seed choice if you want to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom because it can grow in a variety of conditions or environments. You probably haven’t heard of CBD Chemdog #4 specifically, but you’ve probably heard of some of the plants that have been parented by it like Sour Diesel, OG Kush and StarDawg. This strain is very indica-forward, which means it produces a relaxing effect that combines with the pain-killing properties of CBD that people use for conditions such as depression and anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, stomach and digestive problems, migraines and sleep disorders. You’ll get lemon, pine, woody and sweet flavors from this bud, and it gives off a delightfully pungent skunky smell. The seeds we’ve chosen for this list from MaryJanes Garden have a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, both being 7%, so this strain won’t completely tear your head off or leave you in a comatose state when you smoke it, unlike many indica-dominant hybrids.

Click here to get your CBD Chemdog #4 seeds or to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom.

Bruce Banner #3

This excellent sativa strain packs a massive THC punch (28%), which is what you would expect from a plant named after the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego. It’s as green as you would expect it to be because of its namesake, with orange hairs and a dusting of white trichomes. Bruce Banner #3 was created by crossing Colorado Ghost OG with Strawberry Diesel, which makes this strain taste fruity and citrusy with just a hint of diesel. It provides sweet aromas that mix with earthy tones for a complex fragrance. Because it’s a mixture of 65% sativa and 35% indica, it provides you with more of a head high than a body high, so you’ll feel energized and creative rather than couch-locked, which makes it quite suitable to use for things such as depression, stress and anxiety. And because it’s such a hardy plant, you can grow it indoors or outdoors.

Click here to get your Bruce Banner #3 seeds or to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom.


Now that you’ve read the entirety of this article, you’re aware of the laws regarding marijuana in the UK. It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds in the United Kingdom, but it isn’t legal to grow and cultivate them. If you choose to grow marijuana seeds in the United Kingdom you do so at your own risk, so it’s a good idea to use discretion. Check out some of the seed banks listed above because they really are some of the best seed banks in the world, and they all ship to the United Kingdom (some are even located in the United Kingdom which makes buying seeds a lot easier because the varieties listed on sites in the UK can be easily grown in the UK.)

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