How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United States

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United States - weedium

Cannabis has seen its fair share of a negative image on some people because of misconception and wrong assumptions. But now, it has proven itself as a medicinal remedy for some of the illnesses a lot of people experience.

The public has been more open regarding the cannabis topic and its beneficial usage in the medical field. However, some are still doubtful, especially when the topic of recreational usage is ever brought up. Though frowned upon by some, these people must still look at the practical benefits of cannabis.

Now, you can buy cannabis seeds in the United States to grow your own medicine. Medical marijuana can be purchased through dispensaries but, most people that use it tend to grow their own and enjoy their fruits of labor.

This is where this article comes in, and we did a series of research to know where to buy cannabis seeds in the United States to grow for your own. And now we are sharing the knowledge we harnessed for people like me who struggled to find their way onto growing theirs too.

Below is a pretty comprehensive list of the popular seeds banks across the globe.

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Legally Buying Cannabis Seeds in the United States

Before we go through the details of analyzing what kind of cannabis seeds in the United States best suits your preference and environment, let’s list down the states that allow recreational and medical marijuana cultivation—as well as the states where you can buy cannabis seeds in The United States.

As of the year 2021, recreational and medical growing of cannabis is legal in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Washington, The District of Columbia, New York, Arizona, Illinois, Montana, and New Jersey.

States that have legalized medical but not recreational marijuana: Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, and West Virginia.

In the following areas, recreational marijuana has been decriminalized but, it is still illegal: Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

Now, this may seem confusing so let me further explain it to you. Decriminalization of cannabis means the criminal sanction against it is removed, but it is still illegal, which means the law would only allow a specific amount of personal possession.

And lastly, in these areas, recreational marijuana has been decriminalized, but it is allowed in specified quantities: Connecticut (below .5 oz), New Hampshire (up to 3/4 oz), and North Dakota (under .5 oz).

The state of Virginia will legalize recreational marijuana on July 1, 2021. Surprisingly, the usage of marijuana may be for medical or recreational, has been smoothly and swiftly accepted in many areas in the United States.

The accelerated rate of acceptance may have been affected by the rapid change of laws in Canada regarding cannabis consumption and cultivation, so we can hope for more states in the US to follow suit in the authorization of marijuana not only for medical but also for recreational use.

Be that as it may, before looking for places where to buy cannabis seeds in the United States, it is essential to know that cannabis in all forms is illegal at the federal level.

Growing Cannabis Seeds in the United States: What You Should Know

Plant lovers have been sprouting all over the world. It seems that the love for growing aesthetic plants has become a trend. Cannabis cultivation, on the other hand, has always been a trend for so many years, and thankfully, there are different kinds of seeds for beginners, intermediate, and pros. Read on to know where to buy cannabis seeds in the United States and which seeds best suit your preference and area’s climate.

This article would guide you on where to buy cannabis seeds in the United States through online and physical stores.

The Best Time to Sprout Cannabis Seeds in the United States

Climate is a significant side before starting your marijuana cultivation. Before you buy cannabis seeds in the United States, take time to determine the strain that best suits the weather changes of your area. For example, from March to April is warmer in Florida, and from April to May is the cooler weather in areas such as Minnesota and Maine.

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Tips on Growing Marijuana Seeds in the United States

I’ve shortly discussed the importance of your area’s climate. The weather in your area is crucial in growing your crops unless you planned on planting your cannabis indoors. Besides that, always take time to know where and which store to buy cannabis seeds in the United States. There are many reliable and trusted seed banks to choose from, and I’ll discuss the best where to further buy cannabis seeds in the United States.

What to Avoid When Growing Marijuana Seeds

Aside from legal conflicts per state, there are a couple of growing mistakes to avoid. I’ve taken the opportunity to list the most common mistakes made so that it wouldn’t be a waste when you buy cannabis seeds in the United States and start your very own cultivation.

Lack of seed and germination knowledge

Beginners are not the only ones guilty of this, and expert growers are also making mistakes from time to time. There are 3 kinds of cannabis seeds: feminized, regular, and auto-flowering. Auto-flowering and feminized seeds are the best for beginners, and the pros handle regular ones.

To achieve great quality seeds, you must know where to buy cannabis seeds in the United States. Another crucial stage in growing your seeds is the germination process. There are different ways of germinating your seeds.

Some of these methods are the paper towel method, Rockwool method, and germinating in water method. Germinating in the soil directly is always the best method, but not always the case.

Improper use of materials such as pots and soil

The importance of soil you are about to use should be a no-brainer in growing your seeds. Choosing suitable soil is key to having bounty buds. The right soil should not be dense, and it should also be light. This gives the seeds the freedom to flourish quickly.

Size and drainage capability must also be considered in preparing your seeds. If you use pots without holes, make sure to poke 5 holes to provide drainage.

Overwatering and overfeeding

Overwatering can cause fungus to grow and allow the roots to decay. Give the roots time to dry for them to breathe. Overfeeding can cause a nutrient burn or nutrient lockout. If this happens, you will need to expel your soil with water and do it all over again. Avoid these to not waste any time and effort in growing your cannabis.

Not considering the area’s climate

I’ve said this a couple of times to emphasize the importance of this factor. Let’s just say you try to plant a cannabis seed that is only suitable for colder weather areas. Your plant will most likely get burned and scorched, and again will just waste the effort and time that you have put in it.

Improper ventilation

This is crucial for those who are planning to grow indoors. Now, this depends on how big your production is. If you’re only taking care of a few plants, then a mild breeze will suffice. Proper ventilation keeps your plants free of mold.

Not monitoring ph level

The correct ph level for soil is 6.0-7.0 while on hydroponics and soilless is 5.5-6.5. You must have a ph meter to track the ph level of your crops. If your cannabis plant has a low or high ph level, it will get sick. Maintain your plant’s ph level using your ph meter or ph measuring drops.

No proper lighting

Plants depend on light to create carbohydrates. Lighting as any other on this list is equally and critically important. Without proper lighting, your crops will die rapidly. Too much light will cause your photoperiod strains not to flower. On the other hand, too little light will cause the growth and yield to be dramatically affected.

Untimely harvesting

The best way to determine the harvest time of your crops is to look at the mushroom-like trichomes on your buds. If the trichomes are clear-looking, then it’s early for harvest. If it’s yellow or wilted, then it’s too late to harvest. The best time to harvest is when a small portion of trichomes starts to turn an amber hue in color and are cloudy white.

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Best Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United States

Listed below are seed banks that cater locally and internationally and sell through the use of the internet. Before discussing where to buy cannabis seeds in the United States, let’s define cannabis seed banks, local and online cannabis seed banks.

Cannabis seed banks specialize in producing, storing, and selling cannabis plants and seeds that cater to both medicinal and recreational uses.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United States: Local Seed Banks

You can buy cannabis seeds in the United States in local cannabis seed banks where various strains of cannabis seeds are cultured and grown. When you say local seed bank, it could mean that it’s established locally, or it could also mean that it caters to local consumers in the United States.

Local Seed Banks where you can Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United States:

When you buy cannabis seeds in the United States, the distributors could be locally established, or the cannabis plants are cultivated internationally and just shipped in the US.

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds located in Eureka, CA.

This cannabis seed bank focuses on feminized seeds and has won a couple of awards for its Kush. If you are just starting to have your own plant and live around the Eureka area, I suggest you visit this seed bank.

Cannabis seeds USA in Bullhead City, AZ

Cannabis Seeds USA offers shipping and growers insurance. They are pretty well known in the Bullhead area and if you are near there, visit their physical store because they offer a variety of strains and promos for customers.

Other seed banks that have a physical store where you can buy cannabis seeds in the United States are:

  • Cannabis Seed Bank of Maine located in Farmington, Maine
  • Seed & Smith Cannabis in Denver, CO
  • Archive Portland located in Portland, OR

Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United States: Online Seed Banks

Because of the booming e-commerce industry, online cannabis seed banks have started going to cater to near and far located consumers. With this process, buying cannabis seeds in the United States has been more accessible and practical. Most seed bank companies interact online to maximize their target market nationwide and internationally. If you’re trying to buy cannabis seeds in the United States online, just make sure to look for a reputable brand to avoid being scammed.

Top 10 Seed Banks to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the United States


ILGM (I ❤️ Growing Marijuana)

On top of this list is ILGM. This brand has proven that quality products aren’t the only component required to achieve commercial success. ILGM plants and seeds may be the most recommended and well-liked by local and international cannabis consumers to date.

They offer different kinds of cannabis seeds shipped for free if you buy cannabis seeds in the United States. For Australia, they ship it for free with a minimum purchase of $150. Delivery is 100% guaranteed, and if it doesn’t arrive, ILGM will send the same order of seeds you purchased for free. Germination is guaranteed, and they have 24/7 support to help you out, especially if you’re an amateur. The only downside I can point out is its incapability to keep up with the number of strains its competitors have. Unlike others that have hundreds of choices, the ILGM offers eighty kinds of strains only.

seedsman - weedium seed bank


Seedsman is globally known to offer vast choices of cannabis seeds such as feminized, auto-flowering, regular, and seed varieties high in THC or CBD. Their seeds have been genetically modified to endure either indoor or outdoor cultivation. The top pick strains are the White Widow and Northern Lights.

White Widow gives a relaxing effect on the body without affecting energy levels. On the other hand, Northern Lights boosts brain function and creative thinking. Like any other well-known seed bank, Seedsman promises outstanding discounts and promos on well-loved and famous strains, excellent delivery services, and customer support.

Although Seedsman has been widely known to be one of the brands where you can buy cannabis seeds in the United States, it has proven to have its share of drawbacks. Numerous complaints regarding germination failure on their strains surfaced on the web. However, suppose you sum up the overall quality of Seedsman in the market. In that case, a few bumps won’t affect a reputable and established brand that has demonstrated and provided caliber-grade cannabis seeds you can buy in the United States.

weed seeds express - weedium seed bank


This seed bank where you can buy cannabis seeds in the United States is newly introduced in the market. It offers a variety of seeds that are great for beginners and veterans. It may be new to the cultivation platform, but it already impressed experienced growers, and with the numerous reviews it has, the future of WeedSeed looks promising indeed.


Crop King Seeds

Throughout the years, Crop King Seeds has never failed to deliver its promise of quality seeds. This Canadian company has shared its fair number of best-selling seeds that both beginners and pros tend to enjoy and benefit from.

They offer more than 80 percent germination rate, 24/7 live chat customer service, worldwide shipping, and most importantly, a wide variety to choose from. But unlike other reputable brands, King Crops don’t offer many promos or discounts when you buy cannabis seeds in the United States.

msnl - weedium seed bank


MNSL established its seed business in 1999, and since then, this company has been followed by faithful customers because of the trusted reputation it established ever since it started. This UK-based company increased its following until it reached American soil and their market quickly rose in number.

Commendable seeds are a given factor why this company is where it is now but, another great thing about MSNL is its regular promotions for consumers. They also offer a free seed sample with every purchase. When you are considering buying cannabis seeds in the United States online, make MSNL one of your choices because they are pioneers in catering to growers through the use of the internet.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Once you’ve taken into account the factors such as the laws regarding cannabis cultivation in your state, your environment (weather changes, humidity, etc.), and availability of seed banks near you, you must be able to differentiate cannabis seeds before purchasing through a local or online store. There are three types of cannabis seeds: auto-flowering, feminized, and regular seeds. If you’re a newbie in the cultivation lifestyle, then keep scrolling for you to gain more knowledge about these three and where to buy cannabis seeds in the United States.


Auto-flowering means there’s an automatic switch from vegetative growth to the flowering phase. This kind of cannabis seed is highly recommended for beginners in the cultivation process because of its fast-growing phase and efficiency as a plant.

This process varies from typical strains, which depend on a specific photoperiod of differing light and darkness. The plant will start to flower in 2 to 4 weeks, and you can harvest an auto-flowering seed in 10 weeks.

Feminized Seeds

Female plants are the ones producing marijuana. Feminized seeds derived from the word itself, feminine, which means it only produces female plants. These kinds of seeds are great for beginners and experienced intermediate growers.

Feminized seeds produce high-quality buds, but they don’t produce seeds because they don’t require male plants to produce buds, which means they also don’t get the chance to be pollinated by male plants. With feminized seeds, you won’t have a hard time figuring out the gender of the plant, and you will surely harvest excellent quality marijuana.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are produced when a male cannabis plant pollinates a female cannabis plant. These seeds are the ones that produce both male and female plants. Pollination results in thousands of regular cannabis seeds that the pros and experienced in the cultivating cannabis lifestyle can experiment with.

With the feminized and auto-flowering plants’ increase in popularity, the regular seeds may seem boring to some and may seem to take more time to work with. Still, regular seeds are the producers and the originators of the novel strains of cannabis. That’s why only experienced cultivators are qualified to grow these seeds.

Best Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy and Grow from Seed Banks in the United States

Gorilla glue auto-flower by ILGM

If you buy cannabis seeds in the United States and choose ILGM to be the brand of choice, this information might help you.

Gorilla Glue ranks highest in the best-selling list by the ILGM company. The plant size is compact and can be easily cultured indoors. It flowers in 8 weeks and yields 4 to 6 oz per 3×3 ft. Harvesting time is fast in auto-flowering gorilla glue, and the results may not be as strong as feminized ones, but it is pretty decent. CBD levels on the Gorilla Glue are higher, which makes this ideal for medical use.

Bruce Banner Feminized by ILGM

Without trying it, you know what effects this strain can have already by just reading the name itself. Like an angry Banner, with one hit, you’ll transform like the hulk, but unlike his signature move, it is you who’s going to be feeling “smashed” but in a good way with the potency of the Bruce Banner. It has 25% THC, and the feeling it gives is euphoric and relaxed. It flowers in 8 weeks and yields 14 to 19 oz per 3×3 ft. The Bruce Banner Feminized is a seed strain that can be for intermediate and amateur growers.

Auto White Widow by Seedsman

This mesmerizing type of strain relaxes your body but not in a sleepy way. Among 3000 choices of strains in the seedsman plants, White Widow is the best-selling strain, and from that strain, they upgraded it to produce the Auto White Widow. The Auto White Widow is a feminized auto-flowering strain so that cultivators wouldn’t have to worry about reducing photoperiods to stimulate the onset of the flowering stage.

The Auto White Widow can be planted indoors, in greenhouses, and outdoors. It takes 80 – 85 days to flower with 35 – 125 g per plant. Its effect is relaxing, solid, but not groggy. This strain is best recommended to beginners in cultivation. 

Under the Federal law of the United States, buying and selling marijuana is a federal offense, but laws are different per state when cultivating cannabis. When you buy cannabis seeds in the United States, it is essential to know if your area is included in places where it is permitted.

What is the difference between federal and state law, you might ask? Federal laws apply to everyone in the United States, while state laws apply to those who live in a particular county or state. The 50 states in the US have their system of laws.

Here is the list of states where you can buy cannabis seeds in the United States and where recreational and medical usage of marijuana is permitted as of 2021:

  • Alaska
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Guam
  • Washington (state)
  • The District of Columbia
  • New York
  • Arizona
  • Illinois
  • Montana
  • New Jersey

Soon to follow is the state of Virginia, where cannabis will be legalized on July 1 of this year.

While here are the states that have legalized medical but not recreational marijuana:

  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Utah
  • West Virginia

And in these following states, before you buy cannabis seeds in the United States for recreational, one must know that marijuana has been decriminalized but, it is still illegal in:

Delaware, Hawaii, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, and Rhode Island.

Medical Marijuana Laws in the United States

Years of countless research have proven that the cannabinoid ingredient in cannabis is beneficial for medical uses. Though it has helped, if not hundreds, thousands of families that suffered from illnesses that sometimes only cannabis consumption is the answer, the fact remains that using, selling, growing cannabis seeds, and to buy cannabis seeds in the United States is a federal crime. In this part of the article, I will elaborate on the laws that govern the medical utilization of cannabis.

Although more than 30 states legalize medical marijuana usage, the state cannot prevent the government from charging a criminal offense on people who are proven to be utilizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. And you cannot buy cannabis seeds in the United States if you live in some of the states where it isn’t legal.

But on the other hand, the government doesn’t focus on prosecuting cultivators and users of cannabis on their list of priorities, which is way beyond at the bottom of their list.

The government focuses on prosecuting people selling cannabis to minors, gang-funded marijuana selling rackets, driving under the influence of marijuana, money laundering through distributing marijuana, and marijuana possession in federal premises and properties.

Recreational Marijuana Laws in the United States

The laws on recreational marijuana consumption are stricter compared to medical usage of the plant. The number of states that allow recreational consumption and cultivation is marginal compared to medicinal consumption, especially when you have to travel with it or order online. Even currency such as bitcoin is being used to purchase marijuana safely or easily buy cannabis seeds in the United States.

The good news is more states all over the US are starting to legalize the recreational consumption and cultivation of marijuana. In 16 states such as Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, and Washington, recreational marijuana is legal and medical marijuana is legal in 36 states.

Even in these places where marijuana is legal, you must always keep in mind the restrictions implemented per state. It is best not to travel with cannabis because travel restrictions are even more grave and severe. If allowed to travel with it, study the laws of the place you will visit to know just how much you can legally carry with you.


The United States is rapidly moving forward with the legalization of cannabis use, both for recreational and medicinal. It is best to keep yourself updated regarding state laws and federal laws before growing and buying cannabis seeds in the United States.

Along with getting yourself educated with marijuana usage restrictions, it is equally essential to prepare an advance plan and set up for your crops when you buy cannabis seeds in the United States.

Climate conditions in your area are a primary key factor in buying cannabis seeds in the United States. Weather affects seed growth, so you must also choose your seeds wisely. I’ve listed some of the best types of strain to help you out and the best seed banks where you can buy cannabis in the United States as well.

These seed banks offer 24/7 customer support in the US, and aside from those guidelines and helping handbooks are also offered, especially to those who are starting to grow their cannabis plant. As you can see, many seed banks were established and originated in the US primarily because of the laws restricting cannabis previously in the primary states. We can only hope for a better future for promising cultivators based in the United States and for the future of the cannabis plant flourishing in the country.

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