How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

buy weed online

Buying weed in the comfort of your own home is something that our forefathers dreamed of. It is on the same level as the hoverboard, space travel, and invisibility. Like all things related to cannabis, the tips for getting ahold of it is a little different. That difference is worth paying attention to, so make it a priority. If you want the best of the best, then take the initiative to learn about the process.

Have You Ever Smoked With Cigarettes?

Remember what it was like buying cigarettes online? How smooth of a transaction it was? Heck, cigarettes were so easy to buy online that the industry boomed from the extra impact. Except none of that actually happened! If you’re a current or former cigarette smoker, don’t let the past cloud your judgment of online cannabis buying. The market is wider and has had years to mature, so all of the mistakes made by purchasing cigarettes online won’t be repeated. There are already several more websites that provide readied access to weed compared to cigarette websites. Buying weed online is no different than purchasing a product from eBay or Amazon. Some websites even save your information for later use so you can enjoy one-click shipping. In time, there will even be a membership site that ships weed to you on a monthly basis. Separate your experience of online cigarettes from weed, and you will have a much better outlook.

You’re Not Breaking The Law

Repeat after me; Weed is legal in Canada. Got it?

Those in the know are familiar with underground websites like Silk Roads that peddled weed and other illegal products. The legalization of weed across Canada has made websites in the vein of Silk Road obsolete. This is important to mention for several reasons. If you currently have an account or business with an ‘illegal’ website, stop it immediately. Remove your account information, wipe your history and stay far away from it. Sites that illegally sold weed are more than likely selling other illegal products. Just because weed got legalized, that doesn’t mean that you get a pass when buying from shady dealers. Stay away from unknown websites or websites that illegally sold weed before it was illegal. In some cases, you can find a website that has gone100% legit, and only then can the owner be trusted with your information.

What To Look For

Weed dispensaries are available offline, but the more interesting sales happen online. It is all about convenience, respecting your privacy and getting the best deal available. There is more competition online, so deals will always find a way into your crosshairs. With all of the money exchanging hands, there is a little bit of tricky business here and there. Always check the origin of the dispensary. Do you really want to buy from a Canadian weed dispensary that ships from the United States? Seeing a flag and the name Canada on a business does not mean they are local to the country. Look at the about page, check for reviews, and pay close attention to shipping. It should not take one week to get a package if the business is located in the same country as you are. Even if the company is licensed to do business with Canada, the headaches of import/export and long waiting times isn’t worth it. Buy local to get the best experience so that you don’t end up with a customer support headache later on.

Is There A ‘Wal-Mart’ Of Weed?

Yes, but do you really want a Wal-Mart of weed? This is one of those questions that makes you think about the IQ of the person asking it. There are a lot of companies that are establishing a ‘brand’ for their product. To say that all weed is the same would be a lie, so I won’t even go there. But looking for the biggest and the best of the weed dispensers is going to limit your choices. Sometimes the smaller guy has better product than the big company. It isn’t volume that makes weed good, so don’t blindly follow a brand just because they have impressive numbers. Google is always your friend, but the current favorite to find the best online dispensers is also have a free app that has one of the highest ratings in the iOS and Android stores. Take advantage of their updated database, but you should also take the time to look for new places on your own. There is no telling what gem you’ll uncover.

buy weed online

Take Advantage Of Sales

After you find one or two Canadian dispensaries, consider getting on their mailing list. No one likes spam, so create an email specifically for weed information. Check this every now and then since you never know when there will be an incredible deal. This is another reason why you should avoid a ‘Wal-Mart’ of weed. Having several choices instead of one big one will guarantee you a better deal in the long run. And if you keep up with news about weed, then there is a good chance that you will get a new customer special from a new dispensary. It’s unlikely dispensers are going to hand out free samples, so don’t get too happy when you see a deal. By using all of the above tips, your time buying weed online will continue to be a smooth experience.

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