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Since 2018 one question has dominated the minds of new cannabis consumers all across Canada: How to buy weed online? Since the legalization of recreational marijuana use, Edmonton’s cannabis industry has taken off and you can find plenty of local dispensaries. But if shopping local makes it hard to find what you really want, then we’ll help you learn how to buy weed online in Edmonton.

The Best Strains to Buy in Edmonton

If you’re going to learn how to buy weed online in Edmonton, then you’ll need to know which types of weed you want to buy. Do you want an indica, a sativa or a hybrid? What effects do you want? Luckily for you, we’ve done all the research for you.

The criteria we used to form this list were:

THC content

It doesn’t matter how good a strain looks or what it smells like. If it isn’t potent enough, you’re going to be disappointed. But we did make a point to not exclusively include strains with high THC content because some people are either sensitive to it or don’t have enough experience to handle it well.


Many of the plants on our list come from famous families. You’ll likely recognize many of the parent plant names. However, if you don’t rest assured that we do and you should learn a bit about the parent strains as well. They are part of what make the strains on our list so good, after all!

Reputable Online Store

All of the strains on our list can be purchased from great stores that are either Canadian or who ship to Canada.

Bragging Rights

One of the things we took into consideration was how fun the name of the strain is or how unique it is. Sure it can be just as fun to share a bag of weed you bought from some dude behind the mall with your friends, but it’s far more fun to tell your friends that today you’ll be smoking Creme Brulee instead of mall weed.

Here are our top six weed recommendations to help you along the educational journey that is learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton:

Animal Cookies

This is a great indica-dominant strain (75% indica/ 25% sativa) with potent THC concentrations (18- 27%) and a sweet flavor that you’ll enjoy whether you’re using it for medical or recreational reasons. It was created by renowned Canadian breeder, BC Bud Depot, by crossing two legendary strains: Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. As the name suggests, this strain tastes like cookies (specifically cherry cookies), and you’ll find vanilla, sweet, nutty and earthy notes. Animal Cookies emits a pungent odor with both sweet and sour notes, as well as earthy smells. Because of its indica properties, it’s used for a variety of ailments. Its sativa properties are most immediately felt, kicking in upon the first hit. Animal Cookies is well- known for causing coughing fits, and you can generally feel the euphoria and stress-relief before you even stop coughing. The giddy feeling is enjoyed by both medical and recreational users. Medical users like the pain relief and body relaxation that comes from this potent indica strain. You’re likely to feel as though you’ve melted into the couch, have heavy limbs and feel lethargic. Animal Cookies can have a somewhat narcotic and sedative effect, which may be uncomfortable to some people. But if you like indicas, or if you’ve experienced Girl Scout Cookies but wanted a more potent version of that high and you’re learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton, this is a great strain for you!

Cherry Kush

Cherry Kush, also known as Cherry Pie, is an indica- dominant strain (70% indica/ 30% sativa) with THC levels as high as 23% on the high end and 13% on the low end, so if you’re a newbie or are sensitive to high THC levels, you should probably use caution with this one. It was created by crossing the Purple Afghani landrace strain with the crowd-pleasing OG Kush. Cherry Kush has a complex aroma profile that starts off with sweet and sour, berry and citrus notes, but when you break it up in the grinder you can smell the spicy aromas that people associate with OG Kush. It produces a thick cloud of smoke, but it’s smooth enough that it won’t choke you out. It has berry and skunk and earthy flavors that mix well together. As with most potent hybrids, you’ll start out with a cerebral high that leaves you feeling happy and stress-free before giving way to an intense body high that relaxes your muscles, provides pain relief and makes you feel drowsy. Because it’s got high THC concentration levels, it’s common to experience some psychedelic effects, such as time dilation.  Because of its relaxing, indica effects, this is definitely not a strain good for smoking and then completing a project because it will cause lethargy and laziness. It’s better used for pain, insomnia and relaxation of any sort where you don’t mind to melt into the couch and probably take a nap. If you’re learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton and you want a good indica strain, check out Cherry Kush.

Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee is the perfect strain for people who are new to the marijuana experience, and looking for something to ease their pain without the psychedelic, over-the-top effects that can come from sativas or high levels of THC. There are three reasons it’s great for new medicinal users: it’s indica-dominant (80% Indica/ 20% sativa), it’s got relatively low THC contents (typically around 10%), and it’s got high levels of CBD (as much as 12%). You get more medical benefits from the combination of THC and CBD, but with higher levels of CBD than THC, you’re less likely to experience a trip. Creme Brulee was created by crossing OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Platinum Kush to create a plant that has many medicinal qualities, such as sedative effects, pain and nausea relief. As its name suggests, it’s a confectionery masterpiece in both the smell and taste categories. It produces very sweet aromas with hints of things such as vanilla, butter and sugar with floral and earthy undertones. Aside from its medical benefits, it’s also a good strain to use if you want to unwind and relax after a hard day, let the stress melt away and get some restful sleep. If you’re learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton and want a strain that’s as tasty as it is delightful to smoke, check out Creme Brulee.

Pineapple Express

This isn’t a strain that was just dreamed up for a Seth Rogen movie, it’s actually a lot of fun, but approach it with caution if you’re not an experienced cannasseur! Pineapple Express is a stativa-dominant plant (60% sativa/ 40% indica) with THC levels around 21% and as high as 26%. It was created by crossing the hybrid Trainwreck strain with the landrace Hawaiian strain to create a weed variety that has been long enjoyed by the medical community to chase away the blues. In fact, breeders have tweaked its genetics to create another strain variety that contains more CBD so that it can be used for even more conditions. It’s pretty obvious that this particular plant comes from Hawaii when you smell and taste it. It smells fruity and tropical and has a pretty complex flavor profile that includes fruity notes at first with woodsy and earthy hints and an aftertaste of pineapple. The buds are a gorgeous sage green tinted with yellow in places, dotted with orange hairs and covered with trichomes. Once you’ve had Pineapple Express, it’s pretty easy to identify. It’s a good strain for productivity and makes a good wake-and-bake choice for experienced users because it provides a burst of energy, creativity and productivity coupled with its mood-boosting effects which will make you happy about completing even the most mundane tasks. It would be a disservice to cannabis culture to discuss how to buy weed online in Edmonton and not mention Pineapple Express!

Fruit Walker

Fruit Walker’s parentage is unknown, but fear not- we still know what the effects of this mystery weed are. It’s a hybrid with indica-dominant characteristics (55% indica) with a THC level of 17% that makes it a good variety to try if you’re an inexperienced cannabis user looking for a strain that’s good for pain-relief or sleep disorders. Of course it has sweet, fruity flavors that everyone will enjoy and it’s enjoyed by recreational users as well as medicinal users not just for its flavor but for its stress-busting abilities. If you’re an inexperienced cannabis user and you’re learning how to buy weed in Edmonton, you should try Fruit Walker.

Walter White

Most of us have heard of the down-on-his-luck chemistry teacher turned meth-lab creator from Breaking Bad, Walter White. But this bud isn’t scary, or laced with illicit drugs or anything, so don’t let the name fool you. It’s a primarily sativa hybrid (70% sativa) that was created when UK’s Mephisto Genetics crossed the strain named The White with an indica plant (the strain of indica is unknown). Their aim was to increase the resin production of The White, and they succeeded while also creating a strain with between 17-21% THC. The buds are remarkably irregular, creating shapes that will remind you of a child’s drawing of clouds. They’re a green the color of seafoam with brown hairs, coated with so many trichomes that it has a pale appearance. The smell is earthy and pungent with notes of citrus and pine with citrus and pine flavors. Because of its sativa properties, this is a great strain for depression, anxiety, pain relief, creativity and productivity. Walter White is a good choice for a fun strain, especially when you’re just starting out learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton.

Where to Buy Weed Online in Edmonton

You’ll need to know more than which strain to buy when you’re still learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton. You’ll also need a reputable store that has the strains you want, with affordable prices and guaranteed delivery. To help with that, here are some of the best online stores to buy weed from when you’re learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton.

seedsman - weedium seed bank


With some of the best prices and promotions available, it’s easy to see why Seedsman is a great place to start learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton. Seedsman offers one of the largest product selections on the market at prices their competitors can hardly beat. Whether you’re a new or veteran cannabis consumer, you should pay Seedsman a visit today.

Rocket Seeds - Weedium

Rocket Seeds

Rocket Seeds is a great place to start shopping if you’re still learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton. They offer some fantastic deals and a nice selection of high quality products. Even if this isn’t your first time buying weed online, you should stop by Rocket Seeds and check out their selection.


GetKush is a great starting point for new cannabis consumers. They have a high quality selection available, but don’t overload you with a confusing amount of options. GetKush also offers some great deals for first time customers learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton.


If you want an online dispensary you can trust with high quality products, then Cannabismo is the place for you. Whether you’re new and still learning to buy weed online in Edmonton or a veteran consumer, Cannabismo’s 15 year market presence is hard to ignore. With such an established presence and a fantastic product variety, it’s easy to see why Cannabismo is on our list.

weed seeds express - weedium seed bank


Even though they don’t have very many reviews, the ones that WeedSeedsExpress does have are overwhelmingly positive. They’re a newer market presence promising to cater to new and veteran cannabis consumers alike, and they also have educational material to help new users learn proper care for their plants. If you’re a new cannabis consumer still learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton, or a veteran grower looking for new product, visit WeedSeedsExpress today.

Speed Greens

If you’re looking for more fantastic promotions then consider Speed Greens. New users can get 3.5G for free and 20% off your order with the coupon code NEW20, and all orders over $149 also get free shipping. If you’re new and still learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton then check out Speed Greens today.


Crop King Seeds

Another great place for new cannabis consumers learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton is Crop King Seeds. Even though they can be a bit pricey, Crop King Seeds has one of the best selections on the cannabis market.  They also have some great deals, even if they do change frequently, which makes them a good option for new cannabis consumers still learning how to buy weed online in Edmonton. Whether you’re a new grower or a veteran cannaseur, check out Crop King Seeds and their limited time promotions today!


With so many strains and online stores to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to shop for weed online when you don’t know how to buy weed online in Edmonton. But now you have a list of some of Canada’s most popular strains and reviews of several online stores to buy them from. All that’s left is to put your first order together on the store of your choosing and enjoy your cannabis delivered right to your door.

Now you know how to buy weed online in Edmonton.

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