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Since recreational marijuana use became legal for Canadians in 2018, everyone wants to know how to buy weed online in Winnipeg. Even though medicinal and recreational use are both legal in Winnipeg and the city itself is very marijuana friendly, local dispensaries may not have the variety you want. Many people in Winnipeg use online dispensaries to get their green delivered right to their door, and we can show you how to buy weed online in Winnipeg so you can find your favorite online dispensaries and seed banks.

Is Weed Legal in Winnipeg?

Like all of Canada, marijuana has been legal for medical use in Winnipeg since 2001, and recreational use was legalized nationwide in 2018. Medical marijuana is fairly heavily regulated and you’ll need to obtain a medical cannabis card if you want to order medical-grade marijuana. Even if you don’t need marijuana for medical use and just want to smoke recreationally, it’s still important to learn how to buy weed online in Winnipeg and which online vendors and dispensaries are the best to buy from.

Strains You Should Try

It would be neglectful to discuss how to buy weed online in Winnipeg without also telling you which strains you should try. Of course, everyone has their own opinion on this subject, but we put more thought into this list than simply telling you which type is the most popular. Here are some of the criteria you should look for when you’re just learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg and searching for strains:

THC Levels

Once you decide whether you want an indica or a sativa, it’s also important to know the average THC levels of the particular strain you’re interested in. If it doesn’t have enough THC and you want a strong high, you’re not going to get the desired effect. Likewise, if you’re inexperienced or sensitive to high levels of THC, then it’s probably not a good idea to start out with the most potent strain on the market. Typically strains are considered to have high THC levels if they’re 20% or above.

A Unique Name

You don’t want to buy a strain that has a boring name. Why? Because it’s not as fun for you, and it’s definitely not as fun to tell your friends about. A lot of thought went into the names of award-winning, popular weed strains and it shows. So rather than telling people you got some weed, you can tell them you got some Super Snow Dog or Chocolope.

A Reputable Online Store

When you’re learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg, it’s important to know which stores are safe to use. You’ll encounter some crazy stuff when it comes to finding your ideal online cannabis stores. We’ve encountered stores that claim to ship worldwide, just not to Canada and things of that nature. So, to take some of the guesswork out of learning how to buy weed online, every strain we mention in this article come from reputable online stores that are either located in Canada or definitely ship to Canada.

Here’s a list of the best strains to try in Winnipeg:

Cereal Milk

This strain is pretty much a perfect hybrid: 50% indica and 50% sativa. Cereal Milk was created by crossing Snowman (which is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies) with the Y Life strain (which was created by crossing Girl Scout Cookies with Cherry Pie). It’s got an average THC content level of 18-23%, so it can really pack a punch. It’s pretty easy to understand why this strain is called Cereal Milk when you look at it. The buds are a mint color with orange hairs and a purple tint that’s covered in trichomes to give it a colorful, milky appearance. It tastes milky and fruity, too, as if it were cereal milk made with something like Fruity Pebbles. Although it does have indica properties, it won’t make you feel lethargic because the sativa properties balance it out. This means it’s good for users seeking a strain for medicinal use because it will help with things such as chronic pain and nausea without sedative side effects. In fact, you’re likely to feel a burst of creative energy and an uplifted mood. If you’re looking for a strain that you can use medicinally without falling asleep and are learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg, this is a good strain choice for you.

Super Snow Dog

Super Snow Dog is a hybrid strain that’s more sativa than indica (60% sativa/ 40% indica). It may sound like a type of giant Husky, but it’s actually a cannabis strain that was created by crossing Super Skunk with Chemdog. This strain boasts impressive average THC contents of 21%, so it’s not for lightweights. Super Snow Dog is great to use if you’re experiencing an afternoon slump because it will give you an energized, productive high that will boost your mood and keep a smile on your face. Because of its indica properties, you’ll eventually feel your body relax as the energy wears off, but it’s not enough to make it feel like you’re melting into the couch and it doesn’t have tranquilizing effects. While Chemdog is well known for a very pungent diesel smell, Super Snow Dog’s smell is less harsh. Sure, it’s strong and you’re definitely going to smell some diesel and skunk, but you’ll also notice herbal and floral scents as well as sweet, citrus, fruity, pine, coffee and sour notes with similar flavors. Some of the medical benefits include relief from migraines, back and muscle aches, cramps, attention disorders, nausea and loss of appetite. If you’re learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg and want a strong sativa strain, check out Super Snow Dog.

Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel is typically very indica-dominant, with numbers of around 60%. However, the particular type we chose is an autoflowering variety, so it’s 50% indica, 40% sativa and 10% ruderalis. It was created by crossing Blueberry with NYC Diesel. The type we’ve chosen has a THC content of 16%, which makes it a good variety for newbies. It’s parentage is made apparent with its aromas because you can smell blueberry mixed with floral, diesel and sour notes. While it does have medicinal applications, there’s next to no CBD in it, so Blue Diesel isn’t going to provide effective relief for things that respond well to CBD treatment, such as seizures. It is good for things such as anxiety, stress relief, insomnia and pain. If you’re looking for a medicinal strain with low levels of THC while learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg, this is a good strain to try.


Citrix is a 50/50 hybrid with 50% indica and 50% sativa with tons of citrus flavor and quite the THC punch. It boasts THC levels between 18-23%. Citrix produces buds with lots of orange hairs and a dusting of trichomes, which is apt for its fruity name. The reason it’s called Citrix is because it produces a very strong citrus, fruit and skunky smells. The flavor is that of sweet, tangy citrus and grapefruit. As a balanced hybrid, Citrix will provide you with a head high that you’d expect from a sativa, with a mood-boost, energy to help fight fatigue and creativity that will have you happily buzzing around making progress on your projects. You’re likely to feel chatty as the sativa stimulates your thoughts and they flow out. It also has indica properties that make it useful for depression, pain, cramps, insomnia and nausea or lack of appetite. If you’re a more experienced medicinal cannabis user who is learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg, or a recreational user who enjoys fruity hybrids, Citrix is definitely worth your time.

Meat Breath

Okay, we know this hybrid has a weird name, but we promise it’s a great strain that’s worthy of your consideration. It’s a cross between Meatloaf (which is known to have a meaty taste) and Mendo Breath (which was created by crossing Mendo Montage and OG Kush Breath). Experienced cannasseurs will know its parent plants and revel in its rarity. Be careful with this one because it boasts THC contents somewhere between 18-28%, so on the low end it’s pretty average but on the high end it packs an insanely strong THC punch that can knock you end over end, especially when you combine it with its indica properties. Meat Breath has a unique aromas and flavors, producing spicy, citrus, dank, diesel and meatloaf flavors and pungent spicy chemmy, diesel, and rotting meat smells. The smell is so strong that the room will smell like Meat Breath long after you’ve smoked. Its sativa effects come on fast and you’ll get a cerebral buzz as soon as you’re done with your last hit. And as a balanced hybrid, you’ll experience both a head high and a body high, without the couch-lock that comes from many indicas. If you’re an experienced cannabis user that’s learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg and you want a truly unique strain, Meat Breath is an excellent choice.


We really can’t emphasize enough how excellent this strain is. It’s technically a hybrid, but it’s 95% sativa and 5% indica, so you’ll mostly get a head high from Chocolope. It’s got lots of chocolate and coffee flavors and smells, and it’ll give you lots of energy, but you won’t experience the jitters or crashes that usually come from high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Chocolope was especially popular in the United States, Canada and the UK during the 1980’s, but it’s such a good strain that its still got a large and loyal group of followers today. With THC contents between 18-23%, this strain may seem like a confectionery delicacy, but it packs quite a punch, which is partially why it’s so popular. This isn’t entirely a recreational strain, although it is fun. Some of the things people use Chocolope medicinally for include: migraines, stress, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. There’s no way we could discuss how to buy weed online in Winnipeg and leave this legendary strain off of our list of the best strains to buy.

Where to Buy Weed Online in Winnipeg

Now that we’ve covered the legality of marijuana in Winnipeg and covered some of the best strains on the market, the next step to learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg is to talk about which online stores have the best deals and best varieties. Everyone says their stock is the best, so it’s a good idea to see which stores are really worth dealing with. Here are some of the best online vendors in Winnipeg.


If you’re a new consumer and still learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg, then GetKush is a fantastic place to start. GetKush ships their product all across Canada and has a decent variety available. Along with their products, GetKush also offers informational material and guides for beginning cannabis consumers.


With over 15 years in the cannabis industry, it’s easy to see why Cannabismo is on our list. They offer fantastic deals and products to first time consumers still learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg. Cannabismo offers deals like free shipping on orders over $200 and you can also get $10 in rewards points if you sign up for their membership program, making them a great choice for new cannabis users.


If you’re looking for some of the best deals and competitive prices, then Seedsman is a great place to start. With one of the widest product selections on the market and fantastic promotions, Seedsman is one of the best places for new cannabis consumers learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg to shop. With such a high quality and wide variety of products available at some of the best prices on the market, Seedsman is one of the highest recommendations we can give.


Vancouver-based Rocket Seeds is another great place for beginners still learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg. Rocket Seeds has a fantastic selection of products available to new and veteran consumers alike. They also have some fantastic promotional offers, so check out Rocket Seeds today.


WeedSeedsExpress is a newcomer to the market that aims to cater to new and veteran cannabis consumers. Although they don’t have many reviews, WeedSeedsExpress looks very promising. With a wide variety of products and some fantastic deals available, WeedSeedsExpress is a fantastic place to start learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg.

Crop King Seeds

If you prefer to grow your own weed, then one of the best online seed banks we can recommend is Crop King Seeds. Crop King Seeds has an amazing selection of products with one of the widest varieties on the market. They also offer some fantastic deals, even if they do rotate promotions frequently. If you’re still learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg, then check out Crop King Seeds.

Speed Greens

Speed Greens is another of our top recommendations for new consumers learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg. They have a unique and high quality selection of products available and offer some great deals and pricing for first time users. You can get 3.5G for free and 20% off your order with coupon code NEW20 and all orders over $149 get free shipping. If you’re new and still learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg then check out Speed Greens today.


Learning how to buy weed online in Winnipeg can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to begin. But know that we’ve covered the legality, reviewed some of the best strains, and given you a list of the most reputable vendors all that’s left is to place your orders and enjoy your products.

Now you know how to buy weed online in Winnipeg!

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