How to Grow Weed Indoors

Growing cannabis indoors is an adventure. If you want to know how to grow weed indoors, you have come to the right place. This will break down the differences between growing indoor and growing outdoor. Maybe you first started growing outdoors or maybe this is your first time growing, either way, you can learn a lot about how to grow weed indoors.

Choosing a Strain

This is far more important than when it comes to outdoor growing. The reason choosing a strain is part of this how to grow weed indoors guide, is because it is crucial for a healthy indoor garden. Some strains may grow far too big for your indoor growing space, so plan carefully. Either go for shorter strains that do not stretch a lot when going into flower (usually Indica dominant strains) or go for a taller strain and make sure you don’t veg it for too long.

Many people have made the mistake of vegging indoor plants too long, only to have their flower area overflowed with the plant. It makes it difficult to keep your environment in check and that’s when pests and other problems like to take hold of your indoor garden.


Lights are probably the biggest difference between growing indoor and growing outdoor. How to grow weed indoors requires good lighting. Almost any light will allow cannabis to grow, but you don’t just want it to grow, you want it to grow well!

There are 4 main light types available on the market: CFL (compact fluorescent light), T5 (tube fluorescent lights), HID (high-intensity discharge), and LED (light emitting diode). There is a lot of information available on these lights and their advantages and disadvantages. What like you choose will be based on your grow room size, climate, desired energy usage, and budget.

How to grow weed indoors

Smell Control

This falls under environment control, but it’s a major difference between indoor and outdoor growing, so we will mention it separately on how to grow weed indoors. If you’re growing indoors you might be worried about people smelling your garden or you just might not want your entire house wreaking of dank. Controlling the smell in an indoor garden isn’t too difficult, all you need is a fan and a carbon filter. Set up the fan and your carbon filter and voila, as long as you have the fan creating negative pressure, all the smell will be drawn through the CF, cleaned, and released as beautiful clean air.

Environment Control

This is a key area for an indoor garden. The whole point about how to grow indoors is controlling your environment perfectly, otherwise, you might as well just grow outdoors. If your indoor environment is not perfect or close to perfect, you will have problems down the line.

The three main areas to consider are heat, humidity, and air movement. As long as you have your temps between 75º and 80º during the day you should be alright. They can get colder at night, but try to keep them above 60º to prevent stress.

Humidity will vary based on what phase of growth you’re in and your other environmental factors. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what humidity you need, but generally, during veg growth, you want to be looking at anywhere between 60-70% humidity and in flower you want it to stay below 50% to prevent budrot and other molds forming.

Both temps and humidity can be monitored with hygrometers, a useful (necessary) tool for any how to grow weed indoors guide. Air movement is simple, all you need is fans. Don’t make it a hurricane inside your grow room, but make sure all the leaves are dancing – that’s when you know they’re happy. Proper air movement prevents a lot of pests and molds from gaining a foothold in your garden. Soon you’ll be an indoor grow master, happy growing!

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