How to Grow Weed Outdoors

Growing weed outdoors is where it all started. Before the invention of electricity, there wasn’t even a chance to grow weed indoors without using a greenhouse or some other way to use the natural sunlight. Even today, people want to know how to grow weed outdoors and many people prefer it, saying that nothing can imitate the perfect growing environment like Mother Nature.

Growing Medium

When learning how to grow weed outdoors, you need to consider the growing medium that you will be using. There are two major choices: soil and soilless. Hydroponic growing is also possible, but less common in outdoor cannabis gardens, so we aren’t going to spend too much time talking about that.

Both soil and soilless mediums can be grown organically or synthetically, so whatever your preference, you will be able to use them outdoors. The major difference between soil and soilless mediums is the main ingredient. For soil, the main ingredient is, well, soil; usually, a high-quality potting soil is used in combination with the other ingredients that make up a quality soil. For soilless mediums, the main ingredients are usually coco-coir and perlite. These two ingredients work well in creating a well-aerated mix.

Apart from the main ingredient, you are going to need another thing to help sustain life. Quality soil is usually quite well balanced and you shouldn’t have to add too much, other than maybe some fertilizer and any supplements. Coco and perlite, on the other hand, are completely neutral and if you are growing organically, you will need to add all the beneficial ingredients, microbes, and fungi necessary to sustain organic production.

Grow Weed Outdoors

Organic vs Synthetic

How to grow weed outdoors is quite easy considering Mother Nature does most of the work. You, as a grower, need to decide what food the plant is going to get. If you go with a quality organic soil or soilless medium, you might not have to add any food for weeks, maybe even months, before your plant starts looking hungry. The type of food you give will either be organic or synthetic.

Synthetic, or chemical, fertilizers/nutrients are an easy way to feed plants. These nutrients are directly taken up by the plant. They will contain the three major nutrients, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K), as well as all the micronutrients, including calcium, magnesium, and iron. Synthetic growing requires consistent feeding as there is no, or very little, food being produced in the soil.

Organic growing, on the other hand, is based on the ‘you don’t feed the plant, you feed the soil’ principle. The organic nutrients that you feed are usually made up of molasses, fish meal, and other carbohydrates that can be processed by the many different bacteria, fungi, and living organisms in your medium. This enriches your soil with all the nutrients it needs and ensures that you have a much more sustainable garden. Organic mixes require far fewer nutrients than synthetic and are a healthy and environmentally sustainable way of how to grow weed outdoors.

Grow Space

Stick your seed straight in the ground or use a pot. These are your two options when learning how to grow weed outdoors. Using the ground is great, especially if you have quality soil, but it makes controlling the plant’s size difficult. If you can’t have a 2m tall cannabis tree standing in your back garden, maybe go for pots. Pots come in various sizes, usually measured in liters, which allows you to pre-determine the end size of your plant. It takes practice and knowledge, but using a pot is a great way to keep things manageable. It also requires less water and nutrients at a time, but it requires it more frequently.

Everything else will be taken care of by nature. If it’s too hot, cold, or windy in your area, you may want to consider shade netting or a make-shift shelter to provide your outdoor plants with some much-needed protection from the harsh elements.

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