How to Make Weed Your Side Hustle in College

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No, you do not need to become a drug dealer! I come from a time where the only side hustle you could do was to become a drug dealer. Now that weed has been legalized in Canada and in some states in the USA, there are more and more opportunities for college students to make money with weed. As with any side hustle, the laws around them vary from place to place, so before you start your side hustle, make sure to find out the nitty-gritty before you find yourself illegally making money. Cannabis is legal now, so there’s no more need to hide in the shadows – spread your love of cannabis to the world!

1. Cannabis Pruner

This is a popular choice among students who just want a side hustle for a short period. Usually around Autumn, when the cannabis farmers are starting to harvest their bounty, you will find a lot of job opportunities – especially in California. It has become a tradition for cannabis lovers all over the world to flood to California and other legal places like Canada to experience weed pruning. It might not seem glamorous, and it’s not, but at least you will find yourself at the heart of a big cannabis operation. The pay varies based on who you are working for, but the enjoyment is the main part of the experience.

Who knows, you could meet someone that you hit it off with and find that your side hustle turns into the main hustle. Meeting new people is how the best opportunities come about.

side hustle

2. Become a Grow Master

This is one of the harder side hustles on the list, simply because you will need a bit more experience than the others. Becoming a grow master will take time, money, and a whole lot of patience. It is a new industry and a lot of the information available is based on nonsense. You are going to have to spend a lot of time trying and perfecting your grow method.

Luckily, now that things are legal, there are a lot more opportunities for those who wish to learn. There are cannabis specific grow courses but also regular botany and horticultural majors will help you in this journey. Growing cannabis is very rewarding and if successful you could find yourself as one of the key players in this growing industry (excuse the pun). This job is also in very high demand and anyone with someone special to bring to the table will find a lot of ways to make good money.

3. Become a Cannabis Chef

Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume ganja at the moment. Sure, smoking and vaping are still up there, but not everyone wants to do that. Instead of having to potentially damage your lungs, enjoying an edible is a sure way to get the enjoyable and medicinal effects, without any side effects.

Edibles are a great way to make money on the side. If you have a love for cooking or even if you just know how to make a killer batch of brownies, why not combine it with your love of cannabis. So many people would love to try your creations. You will need some experience to get involved in a proper edibles business, including culinary and cannabis-related experience. If you know anything about making edibles, it’s that each chef has their own trade secret on what makes their the best. Find your hidden talent and share it with the world. You could be feeding the masses beautiful cannabis-infused dishes in no time.

side hustle

4. Start a Weed Business

This one ties in with all the other points on this list. Instead of working for someone else, why not create your own business. Whether its edibles, growing, a dispensary, or anything you can think of, you could find yourself with the next great idea. Keeping this as a side hustle will mean you have to start out small, especially being in college. But even though you have less time in college, it is also a great place to start a business.

Think about how many cannabis-hungry students there are on your campus. Well, these are all potential customers. You won’t even need to worry about another target market if you manage to rope in your fellow students. You are also surrounded by a lot of like-minded individuals, which makes starting a business far easier. Partner up with your friends and make this dream a reality. But remember, just because someone is your friend, doesn’t mean they will be a good business partner. Sometimes we have the make the smart decision and not the nice one.

side hustle

5. Become an Extraction King

There are so many ways to extract cannabis and starting this as your side hustle may make you a very rich college student. If you are knowledgeable about Chemistry, then even better for you. There are a lot of technical aspects that one has to consider when making cannabis extractions, so having some prior knowledge is definitely recommended. Some of the extraction methods, like BHO, can also potentially cause explosions, so you need to make sure you are doing everything by-the-book.

Once you have mastered making extractions, you can find someone to hire you. There are plenty of job opportunities available, although the more high-standing jobs will require you to have degrees in Chemistry or even a Ph.D. However, experience goes a long way, and if you are able to prove yourself, you could become the next Rick Simpson.

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