How to Save Marijuana Seeds

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Welcome to the next level in cannabis cultivation, where we master how to save the marijuana seeds. Growing cannabis is one thing. It is an amazing journey that requires a lot of hard work. If you’re a real cannabis lover, you might have thought about how to save marijuana seeds at some point. If you think you’re ready, then let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

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Why should you save Marijuana Seeds?

Before you start learning how to save your weed seeds, you need to consider why it’s worth your time. It all depends on what your intentions are. Do you want to grow and sell seeds, do you want to make your own strains, or do you just want to save on seed costs by making your own? – all of these are valid reasons.

Crossbreeding and selling your own seeds is a promising business opportunity, one that is taking the industry by storm. There are so many new strains, some of the names actually seem ridiculous. What this requires is a lot of seeds. You need to continuously grow seeds and breed the ones you prefer. That way you eventually have seeds that are ready to be sold.

If you are just a cannabis grower looking to save some money, growing your own seeds is a good option. It will allow you to control your strain and even allow you to experiment with some crossbreeding at the same time – it’s a win-win.

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How to save Weed Seeds

Saving marijuana seeds is easy. The difficult part is actually pollinating your plant in a controlled way. You need to decide whether you are pollinating an entire female plant or just portions of one. Both are possible. You can either leave a male in the same area as a female – allowing the entire plant to pollinate with seeds, or you can harvest pollen from a male and pollinate selected parts of a female – allowing you to control how much of the plant produces seeds. The second method requires more finess, but if you have mastered cannabis growing, this shouldn’t be out of your skillset.

Once you have pollinated your female, you are ready for the seeds to grow. This takes a while, and usually, your seeds will be ready at the same time as the buds would be – it varies based on the strain. You are looking for nice and dark brown seeds with black veins. These are the beans that are going to grow you some healthy plants.

Once your weed seeds look like they are ready the rest is pretty easy. It’s all about the environment. You have to think about the conditions that trigger germination. Seeds germinate in warm and moist conditions, so you want to store your marijuana seeds in a cold and dry place – like a refrigerator. Also, don’t take your seeds out to check them every day. If they are in the right environment, you can store them for months, even years, so don’t affect them by taking them out. Now you can go and save marijuana seeds to your heart’s content.

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