How to Store Marijuana Edibles

How to Store Marijuana Edibles - weedium
How to Store Marijuana Edibles - weedium

Imagine finding out your marijuana edibles went bad. Improper storage of cannabis edibles is one of the most frustrating ways to waste money. Edibles aren’t cheap, so you’re going to want to take the right steps when knowing how to store marijuana edibles. It’s not complicated, but these steps will ensure you save as much potency as possible and that your products won’t go bad.

Temperature & light

One of the major factors when it comes to how to store marijuana edibles is temperature. Everything about the environment is important, but the temperature is vital to ensuring a potent product that doesn’t develop mold or go stale. Hot temperatures are favorable to all sorts of mold and they also speed up the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes. The higher the temperature, the higher the rate of degradation will be.

If you’re considering how to store marijuana edibles, then you need to remember temperatures should be kept as low as possible. Using a fridge is sufficient for short to medium term storage, but for longer storage, you should consider the freezer. Freezing cannabis edibles will ensure they stay fresh for long, both the cannabinoids/terpene levels and the freshness of the product will improve.

The other factor is light. More light usually means more heat, but light itself can also degrade a cannabis edible. You’ll find that most cannabis edibles and products are stored in apothecary jars that have dark glass which blocks out the sun’s rays. The fewer rays that reach the product, the longer it can be stored.

Humidity & oxygen  

Aside from the temperature and light, humidity and oxygen are important when figuring out how to store marijuana edibles. The main problem with humidity is the potential for mold, mildews, or rot. You don’t want excess moisture reaching your cannabis products and you also don’t want oxygen exchange – these are two easy ways for your cannabis products to go bad. Storing the products in an airtight container is a simple way to keep out both oxygen and excess moisture.

If you bought a marijuana edible that happens to come in airtight packaging, the best way to prevent its degradation is by leaving it in the package. Just like you wouldn’t open a packet of chips before eating them, don’t open a marijuana edible container until you are ready to consume it. Most products, including Early Bird Gummy Worms and Sleepy Bear Gummy Bears, come in resealable zip lock bags that will keep your gummy sweets fresh for longer. Remember, even though you reseal it, the products should be kept properly sealed for as long as possible.

Best buy date

Other than the storage environment, how to store marijuana edibles is based on how old they already are. There’s no point going through all that effort to store an already old product. Make sure you buy your cannabis edibles at a point where they are still fresh. The best buy date is usually just a suggestion, but it definitely gives you an indication of when the product was made.

If you have a specific occasion that you’re going to use a cannabis edible, then you’re better off buying them as close to the time as possible. This will ensure that you have the freshest products and that no cannabinoid degradation has taken place.

Type of edibles

What edible you buy is also an important factor in how to store marijuana edibles. Certain edibles last longer than others, so use normal storage rules when looking at the different products.

  • Meals

Cannabis meals are becomingly increasingly popular. Meals should be purchased fresh as much as possible, but if it’s not an option then you can use the fridge for a few days or switch to the freezer for longer storage. Pepperoni pizzas are a cannabis edible that can easily be stored in the freezer for longer than usual, whereas the chana masala curry is better kept in the fridge and eaten soon after purchase.

  • Sweets

Sweets have a long storage life by nature, so keep to the environmental storage advise and you’ll be alright. Sweets usually come in air sealed packaging, so you don’t have to worry about storing them in a proper container. As long as the environmental conditions are good, the shelf life of cannabis sweets should be quite long. Baked sweets like brownies or cookies will have a shorter shelf life, especially when exposed to oxygen. Be sure to keep them in their airtight containers for as long as possible to keep them from going stale.

  • Sauces

Cannabis sauces are an easy way to spruce up your meal with a cannabis infusion. These sauces are also very easy to store. Their airtight containers can keep them fresh in a cool dark space, in the fridge, or even frozen for long-term storage.

Short-term storage

If you happen to have some leftover cannabis edibles that you need to transport home and you’re worried about how to store marijuana edibles, then you need to look at your trusty friend foil. Foil is a simple way of preserving food for short periods of time. Wrap the edible up properly and it should prevent any significant moisture loss or exposure to temperature or oxygen exchange. Knowing how to store marijuana edibles involves the environment you store the edibles and the type of edibles you’re storing. With the right care, you can store cannabis edibles for weeks and even months without any significant cannabinoid or terpene degradation.

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