How to Take Weed Edibles for the First Time

weed edibles

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge into the world of weed edibles. Firstly, welcome. Weed edibles are a tasty and healthy way of getting all the medical goodness from the cannabis plant.

1. Get the Right Weed Edibles

If this is your first time with weed edibles, you might not feel up to making them yourself. It’s not too difficult, but it requires a certain skill to make a good batch. Instead of struggling, why not visit a local dispensary for your first time? Find a local dispensary that you trust and show some support. These weed edibles will be quality and they will have a clearly marked THC amount on the packaging. So what potency should you choose? Well, that brings us to our weed edibles dosage guide.

2. Weed Edibles Dosage Guide

We need to start with dosing because this is probably the most important part of taking weed edibles. No matter which edible you decided, it’s the dose that matters. Weed edibles contain THC, a known psychoactive, so by taking a too strong dosage on your first time, you keep getting a bit uncomfortable.

Weed edibles are far stronger than just smoke weed because the THC is prepared and consumed in a specific way. No matter the weed edibles you choose, they should all come with a dose. This dosage is usually measured in milligrams.

If this is your first time taking weed edibles, we recommend starting it off light. Depending on your existing weed experience, this ‘light’ level will be different. If you’ve never smoked or consumed THC in any other way, you should start off between 2 – 4 mg. If you have smoked before but don’t do it regularly, you can get a little bit stronger, at around 3 – 7 mg. Finally, if you’re a seasoned stoner then you can start off a little bit strong, somewhere between 4 – 10 mg. When it comes to weed edibles, it’s best to start low and take it slow.

For your first time, I wouldn’t recommend going past 10 mg, even if you’re a seasoned veteran. Weed edibles are a whole new ball game, so don’t get overclocked. That’s how many people end having a bad experience. Once you’ve had enough experience you can increase your doses slowly until you find the right level for you. Weed edibles go all the way to over 100 mg, so first-timers are warned of these very strong products.

weed edibles

3. Clear up Your Day & Choose a Safe Space

If this is your first time with weed edibles, you don’t know what you’re going to experience. So instead of chowing your first weed edible on the morning of your final exam, why not play things a little bit better.

Plan a day where you have nothing else to do and enjoy it. THC edibles take their time, not only to come on but also staying on. You’re going to experience a long, drawn out, THC experience; far different to the usual bong hit or joint. Typically, smoking weed lasts between 1 – 2 hours; but eating weed edibles can last up to 5 hours. It all depends on your dose, your tolerance, and your physical body size. Remember, a smaller person who hasn’t eaten all day will feel the effects a lot harder than a 2m tall man who just ate a huge lunch.

 Where you’re going to do it is also important, so take your time and choose a place that you will be comfortable. It’s also recommended to have a friend nearby on your first time. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to need to be rushed to the hospital, but it helps to have someone nearby if you get a bit nervous.

4. Be Patient

Weed edibles take their time. You’re not going to feel anything for at least the first 30 minutes and most take longer at around 1 – 2 hours before they start feeling anything. Don’t worry though, that’s how they’re meant to work.

The THC first has to get into your bloodstream and when eating it, there’s a whole process that your body has to follow first. The bigger you are or the more you ate, the longer it’s going to take to kick in. For your first time, I wouldn’t recommend weed edibles on an empty stomach. You want your first time to be a relaxing experience, so let’s not get any surprises.

Once you’ve eaten the edible, don’t start to panic if you feel nothing. You may have taken too small a dose, but you also just may not have felt it yet. Eating more weed edibles too quickly is one of the biggest mistakes a newbie can do. Just wait it out. Even if you haven’t eaten enough, it’s better to make sure than to take more and have an intense experience. The recommended wait time is 2 hours before you can be relatively certain that nothing is happening. If after 2 hours you still feel nothing, then you can start considering taking a larger dose, but many people prefer to try again on a new day – so that their bodies are fresh.

5. Keep Calm & Enjoy the Ride

The final tip in our weed edibles guide is to enjoy it! After all, weed edibles are a great experience and a super fun way to spend the day with friends and people you love. If this is your first time, don’t stress, you’re going to have a great time. Even if things start getting a bit intense, don’t worry, because after all, nothing bad is going to happen to you.

If you start panicking and aren’t enjoying the experience, just keep calm, find a relaxing place to sit or lie down and just get through it. There’s nothing a good sleep can’t wash off, so if you’ve reached a point of no return, just go for a good lie down and you’ll wake up a new you. If you take too much, you’re more than likely just going to feel lethargic and want to sleep anyway, so it’s really not a problem.

Keeping experienced friends around you is also a great way to enjoy the experience. Not only will it be more enjoyable, but if anything strange starts to happen you can just get them to explain that it’s completely normal. Now get out there and enjoy your first weed edibles experience.

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