I Smoke Weed Every Day: How My Life Has Changed

Smoke Weed Every Day

A Look Into the Life of A Chronic Weed Consumer

I have been utilizing cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes for 15 years this month. That being said, it is a great time to shed light on what it is really like to smoke weed every day for many moons. Being around from the dawn of the doob to the evolution of the e-pen has taught me a thing or two. It has also helped shape me in the person that I am today.

When it comes to the influx of b.s side effects of long-term cannabis use, any one of us more devoted cannabis users have heard it all. Take a quick search online, and you will find an infinite list of horrific (to some, hilarious) side effects of smoking weed. Long term users mess up their mind, lose interest in activities, reduce their sex drive, as well as become lazy and unmotivated.

Well, here’s where they are right. Smoking cannabis for long periods can take effect on your short term memory. Solution: start making lists. Aside from that, other side effects are nil. Cannabis can increase your libido, your focus, your attention to detail, and your level of creativity, which is especially helpful when you work in a creative field.

Cannabis use can also decrease negative symptoms like anxiety, stress, and headaches. I use cannabis for the physical burning sensation I get in my wrists from writing all this awesome information for you. You’re welcome. No pain, no gain I always say! As I said, cannabis has been a companion of mine for quite some time. This is what I have learned after smoking weed every day:

I Don’t Consume Alcohol

Smoke Weed Every Day

If you ask me, people drink alcohol on an insanely large level. Oh, you didn’t ask? All right, I take it back. Let me begin again: Drinking is a great past-time activity. Now that I have earned my cool points back, the reason I do not consume alcohol because it is literally poison.

When I did drink, I found myself unable to sit down and write, which is a cliche’ when you think about famous writers. Needless to say, I could not focus, and my love of writing was negatively impacted when I drank alcohol. On the contrary, smoking (or nowadays vaping) cannabis gave me the ability to sit on the chair, pull up a word doc, and stay there until the work was done.

It turns out; my body was only reacting naturally to have consumed alcohol. According to a study on the effects of long term cannabis use and alcohol conducted by the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience in The Netherlands:

Alcohol significantly impaired critical tracking, divided attention, and stop-signal performance. THC generally did not affect task performance. However, the combined effects of THC and alcohol on divided attention were bigger than those by alcohol alone.

I rest my case.

I Grow My Food

Smoke Weed Every Day

Growing cannabis opened the doors for me to grow other foodstuffs. It sounds strange, but it is true. I grew cannabis before I grew tomatoes, now I grow both. Before cannabis, I had a gardener’s black thumb of death (not, physically). However, my love of cannabis and my empty bank account pushed me in a direction to grow my own.

After a few successful harvests, I wanted to dip my toes into other delicious edibles like berries, peppers, herbs, and gords. Now, my aspirations have grown leaps and bounds as I’ve got plans for a two-acre berry field.

Gardening is known to reduce stress, anxiety, and even high blood pressure. Growing your own plants can help provide a sense of well-being. Funny, so can smoking weed every day.

I’ve Never Had a Laundry Pile

Smoke Weed Every Day

Please take note: I am a professional and a family person with small children. So before you get all judgy, there was once a time I used my living room sofa as a laundry room where loads of clean laundry would pile up- I know how it feels. If you don’t have time to fold laundry, you don’t have time.

Things changed though, Sativa-dominant strains like Orange Tangie and Super Lemon Haze changed that for me. After a few hits, my energy levels go up, my mind becomes clear, and I become motivated to take on the task at hand.

Genetics from certain cannabis strains that tend to be Sativa dominant strain has many beneficial cerebral effects that uplift and stimulate our brain to kick it into gear and get sh*t done.

In A Nutshell

Honestly, I can’t say how my life has changed because I smoke weed every day. Why? Well, because I do not know the person I would have been without cannabis. Okay, enough of the cheese. Scientifically and medically, there are no adverse effects of chronic cannabis consumption. Aside from continually losing your keys and forgetting why you went to the store in the first place of course. That’s what notebooks (you know, those things you write in with a pen?) are for. Taking the time to reflect on what would be different if I didn’t smoke weed every day, one change comes to mind: I would still have the laundry pile.

We are all about hooking you up with the dankest buds, gear, and cannabis news. We hope you enjoy this article crafted especially for you by the Weedium Team.