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Cannabis Act of 2018 brought many changes and excitement in the marijuana market for weed growers and enthusiasts. The act confirmed that any person above the age of 18 could legally buy marijuana for recreation or medical reasons and grow up to four marijuana plants in their own homes.

Ever since 2018, perhaps even before this, many seed banks took the opportunity to enter the market and cater to the rising demands of marijuana growers – it indeed is a very profitable venture! Even though many seed banks were in business before the legalization, the market only grew exponentially, which meant that buyers were afraid of scammers and frauds. Even though there aren’t many scammers in the market, it is always preferable to make an informed decision before you choose your seed bank – and we are here to help you with that.

In this article, we will talk about a Canadian seed bank that has been catching the eyes of many marijuana growers – Marijuana Seeds Canada. At this company, you can find one of the best cannabis varieties that have been skimmed from all over the world with excellent quality as well. All of their strains are available for worldwide delivery, and you can even qualify for a few free seeds with every purchase you make with them.

Marijuana Seeds Canada Pros

  • Wide selection of seeds
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Discreet Packaging
  • Quick Delivery
  • Great customer service

Marijuana Seeds Canada Cons

  • High cost of shipping

What other seeds banks are out there?

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History of Marijuana Seeds Canada

Kicking off its operations in 2009 in Vancouver, Marijuana Seeds Canada’s primary focus has always been to provide quality marijuana to its customers. It started developing on the varieties and all the strains they could put their hands on to give the best and fairest strains of cannabis to anyone interested in buying them.

The marijuana industry always had much competition, so to stay relevant and shoulder to shoulder with their rivals, working on quality was of utmost importance to Marijuana Seeds Canada. Since the sale and purchase of marijuana was not legal in 2009, like every other company, Marijuana Seeds Canada also faced many issues because of the strict laws and regulations. However, taking this as an opportunity, they began working on their research and development facilities to improve the potency and strength of their cannabis.

Ever since the legalization of marijuana, Marijuana Seeds Canada has also shifted its focus to improving its customer service. They realized that even if they do have the best quality strains but cannot provide the satisfaction and guarantee to their customers, it is unlikely that they would purchase from them again.

Hence, Marijuana Seeds Canada has developed a long-term relationship with its customers to establish its brand and customer loyalty.

What are the Goals of Marijuana Seeds Canada?

It is crucial for every business, regardless of its nature, to set some goals and objectives for its upcoming business years. Setting goals helps the company stay focused and work on the few things that will help them succeed – Marijuana Seeds Canada did the same. Like every other cannabis company out there, Marijuana Seeds Canada realizes three things are essential if they want to develop a unique brand image; quality, price, and accessibility or convenience. 

Every marijuana grower seeks potent and most nuanced seeds, which has been Marijuana Seeds Canada’s goal. Since 2009, they have worked on improving their seeds’ quality to gain more customer confidence, and they have been very successful at that.

Anyone who has ordered from Marijuana Seeds Canada can confirm that their seeds are highly potent, very strong, high with THC content, and germinate almost 90% of the time. This is a massive strength for Marijuana Seeds Canada, and they take great pride in it too.

Price is another factor that Marijuana Seeds Canada wants to work on. Currently, if you wish to compare their prices to that of North Seed Bank, Vancouver Seed Bank, Crop Kings Seed, and BC Bud, Marijuana Seeds Canada provides the best rates at the quality they offer.

It may certainly not be the lowest price you can find among all seed banks, but their prices are quite reasonable if you consider their quality. With more research in this area, the company wishes to sell its cannabis at cheaper rates without compromising quality.

Accessibility and convenience to customers are essential to Marijuana Seeds Canada because that is where all the money comes from. Keeping customers happy means staying in business and flourishing, so it is another goal for them to improve their customer service. Many seed banks out there leave out this critical area and lag when answering their customer’s queries, which is why they miss out on increasing sales as well – Marijuana Seeds Canada knows better than that. 

marijuana seeds canada - weedium

There are ample reasons why one would choose to buy from Marijuana Seeds Canada instead of going to their competitors. The company is trustworthy in some aspects, which is why it is starting to become a popular option amongst marijuana growers.

Many of the reviews that you can check online suggest that Marijuana Seeds Canada provides stealth and fast shipping services, which is why customers prefer buying from them. This is applicable for orders worldwide, and again, you wouldn’t be held liable if your parcel gets confiscated or held up at customs.

They provide discreet delivery options; placing the cannabis in completely unrelated items is a great strategy to do this. Some of these items can be toys, books, souvenirs, and whatnot. Marijuana Seeds Canada also ensures that the package will not have your name or address anywhere on the package for maximum security.

Marijuana Seeds Canada would be a popular option for buyers because of the variety of strains available. You can easily find all types of medical, classical, and legendary strains like the White Widow at this company. They keep their products classified in an efficient and organized manner so that it’s easy for you to find whatever seed you’re looking for. This extensive collection of seed types and strains has helped Marijuana Seeds Canada compete with the infamous seed banks within their vicinity. They provide the finest quality one can find.

Many people pick Marijuana Seeds Canada because they have incredibly reasonable prices for the quality they sell. It’s tough to find a seed bank that provides excellent quality strains, but if you do find it, then the prices would be sky high! However, at Marijuana Seeds Canada, you can find both of these things at the same place.

Marijuana Seeds Canada remains to be one of the few seedbanks in Vancouver that focus highly on customer satisfaction. They have a very customer-oriented approach, as mentioned above in their goals.

They know that it’s vital to ensure that customers can easily reach out to them with their queries without delaying answers. The company provides attractive deals so that customers have an incentive to buy from them and choose them over others; this is why many people have Marijuana Seeds Canada as their first pick.

If you want to check out another high-quality seed bank to buy your cannabis seeds from, check out ILGM.

What is the Quality of Marijuana Seeds Canada’s Strains?

Providing only the best quality to their customers, Marijuana Seeds Canada has promised every single one of their buyers that they will not be disappointed if they choose to purchase any strain from them.

They boast about this strength everywhere on their website to ensure the customer that they will not be handed anything undeserving of their money – it is a guarantee that they ship out only high-quality seeds.

Every single strain that gets delivered to you will be of utmost quality as they are handpicked by experts and tested in every single manner before they get packed up for delivery. Marijuana Seeds Canada also provides this as a guarantee that every single strain gets inspected for faults or issues, so the odds of any problems coming up are still significantly less. Their strains’ quality is awe-inspiring and indeed fascinating if you try matching it with the price!

Not only this, but their active customer service will be at your request if you have any questions regarding their quality. They will assure you and provide you with an additional guarantee if you still happen to need any. Other than that, you can also check the reviews available online about Marijuana Seeds Canada to reassure yourself before buying from them! Previous customers and their positive reviews could help you feel more confident about your purchase from Marijuana Seeds Canada.

Do All the Seeds from Marijuana Seeds Canada Germinate?

If you’re buying from any seed bank, your first concern would undoubtedly be about the germination rate, and it is justified as well! Why buy from a place that can’t guarantee you a high germination rate right? However, if you’re worried about this while purchasing from Marijuana Seeds Canada, don’t fret!

The company offers an 80% germination rate for their seeds if you use the cup of water and paper towel method.

For those of you who won’t know what these methods are, the experts at Marijuana Seeds Canada have constructed their very own guidelines to ensure that you don’t face any sort of difficulty while trying to get your seeds to germinate. Many of the customers at Marijuana Seeds Canada experience a 100% germination success rate, but since cannabis seeds are natural products, it’s also fair for some errors to show up.

The company has also stated that most of their seeds germinate in one to two days, but if you find any of your seeds taking more time than usual, then they may also take up to seven days as well! Marijuana Seeds Canada clearly recommends that you not lose hope so early because it’s natural for some seeds to take more time than usual. After all, they may only lack moisture, which you can provide if you think they’re taking too long.

Their guideline suggests that Marijuana Seeds Canada’s seeds may fail to germinate if they lack water. If you do face a failure, then simply put them back into a cup of distilled water and leave until you see a taproot forming. Once that is visible, you can transfer the seeds back on the paper towel and carry on because your seeds are successful at germinating.

However, there are also specific scenarios after which the company won’t honor you with their germination guarantee; you must not plant the seeds directly into the soil, you must not use any other germination method like rock wool or starter kit along with any other germination tool, and you must follow the steps mentioned in their germination guideline. If you did all of that but still face issues, then you can contact Marijuana Seeds Canada through email, chatbox, or phone for further help, and they will respond shortly.

marijuana cannabis seeds - weedium

What is the Variety Available at Marijuana Seeds Canada?

With over 80+ strains to choose from, Marijuana Seeds Canada provides a powerful seed selection to their customers.

They offer a variety that starts from regular, feminized, auto-flowering, and medical seeds along with seeds that are specially grown indoors and outdoors – weed special for hydroponics and aeroponics growing.

Some of their popular strains are White Widow and Kali Mist, along with others available as well. 80+ options is a wide range for any weed grower to happily choose from because there is a high chance you will find precisely what you were looking for.  

Although as compared to other seed banks, a selection of 80+ may seem too less because other banks offer hundreds of different types of cannabis strains. You may wonder why you should buy from Marijuana Seeds Canada and not any other seed bank – the answer is straightforward.

Marijuana Seeds Canada carefully selects all of its range, making sure that they pick few strains, but they must be excellent in quality. I’m sure you would agree that it’s better to sell a few products that are of amazing quality, rather than many varieties that are only mediocre in quality.

This is why people prefer to buy from Marijuana Seeds Canada, and that is because they provide a wide range of cannabis seeds that have been mastered to provide their customers with the best.

How to Order and Pay

Ordering from Marijuana Seeds Canada is probably just as simple as it is ordering from any other seed bank. Their website is extremely reliable, and you can quickly scroll around the abundance of strains to find precisely what you’re looking for after just a few clicks. Marijuana Seeds Canada also has their own FAQ page, and they have also answered the most frequent queries over there – in case you find yourself confused!

Once you find the strain you want to buy, simply put everything in your cart. There are also a few things you should know if you proceed to buy from Marijuana Seeds Canada; they offer free shipping on all orders about $200, and if you choose to spend $420, you will get free seeds depending on which strain you have ordered.

If you’ve ordered ten feminized seeds for yourself, then Marijuana Seeds Canada will send you five feminized seeds. Likewise, if you’ve ordered regular seeds, then you’ll get ten regular seeds with your order!

Once everything is done and decided, you can start opting for your preferred payment method. Marijuana Seeds Canada accepts payment in the form of cash payment, bitcoin, EMT Interac payments, and also Visa/Mastercard.

The company guarantees you that ordering from Marijuana Seeds Canada through cash payment is 100% safe, and if you do choose this option, you may be eligible to receive free seeds! This is the company’s way to thank you for trusting them with your cash payment because many people are very discreet and also prefer discreet methods of payment when buying marijuana seeds.

You simply need to put the cash in an envelope and send it to them through the mail – the company requests you to send your cash wrapped in tin foil or carbon paper. Also, don’t send them coins!

Another option to pay at Marijuana Seeds Canada is through EMT Interac, which is for Canadian customers only. Simply log in to your Canadian bank account and then proceed to set up an email transfer at the email address that is provided on checkout.

You must keep ‘green1’ as your password and keep your order number as ‘question.’ Choosing this method means that you understand that it may take some time for the business to receive your receipt, but Marijuana Seeds Canada will process your order usually the very same day.

The discreet of all payment options at Marijuana Seeds Canada would be bitcoin. It is quickly becoming a new world currency, and the company accepts your payment in the form of bitcoin as well.

Other than that, you can also opt for Visa and Mastercard, but do keep in mind that the bank would charge the company a 10% service fee for processing their money. So, if you do want to opt-out of the 10% service fee, just send them through cash or any other method!

Is Ordering from Marijuana Seeds Canada Safe?

Safety is a critical factor for many people, and it is 100% justified to question it too! It has been quite a common situation for people to pay online for products, but sometimes the products don’t even show up, and if they do, then they’re not the things that you ordered.

Buying cannabis online is already a dangerous thing to do for many people, especially that it’s illegal in many countries to sell or purchase marijuana. So, it’s entirely understandable for anyone to wonder if Marijuana Seeds Canada is a legit company – but you do not need to worry; they’ve been in business for a while and are quite known too!

If you worry that you may get the seeds that you didn’t buy, or maybe you get less quantity than what you ordered, then return policies at Marijuana Seeds Canada is also very lenient. Their customer representative will be at your service whenever a problem like that occurs, and they will solve it in no time.

Marijuana Seeds Canada explains that if they planned on keeping your money without sending you any orders, then they would not be in business for so long! They further continued to inform that the company is mindful of the fact that business only continues with happy customers – and if they are unable to do that, it is unlikely that they would stay in business either. It is a fact that an average seed customer tries a new strain every six months, and Marijuana Seeds Canada hopes that these customers would only come to them to purchase these strains!

One thing that is problematic when it comes to Marijuana Seeds Canada is that there are very few reviews online about them. Even if they do have many customers, these customers do not leave reviews, so it gets complicated for a new buyer to figure out the company’s reliability, quality, and helpfulness of customer service as well. While some do vouch for these things, not a significant number of reviews can be found for this purpose!

What Is the Shipping Policy at Marijuana Seeds Canada?

Since Marijuana Seeds Canada is an online business and customers can’t really go on-site to buy things then take them home on their own, shipping policies do make a difference when people opt to purchase from a seed bank.

A seed bank that understands this fact would be able to retain plenty of its existing customers and may also get the opportunity to broaden its market horizon to sell to more customers! Marijuana Seeds Canada has constructed an attractive shipping policy for their customers to benefit from.

The company guarantees delivery with their $20 and $40 shipping options; Marijuana Seeds Canada charges this amount from the customers because it accounts for package insurance and tracking so that they can make sure that your delivery is coming straight to you and isn’t lost on the way.

In some countries, a small percentage of orders are seized by the customs, around 5% to 10% of the total orders, so the company does its best to ensure that your order isn’t one of the packages that get seized.

Again, if you decide to choose the guaranteed shipping method, then rest assured because even if your order does get seized at customs, Marijuana Seeds Canada will reship it to you. As mentioned above, if you do happen to purchase $200 worth of seeds from Marijuana Seeds Canada, you wouldn’t need to pay for the delivery either because it will be 100% free!

Marijuana Seeds Canada processes every single order within the first 24 hours after they receive the payment receipt. If you live across North America, it will take an average of 7 to 21 business days for your order to get to you through regular post. Express orders would take a week.

It is required for every single package to clear customs to get to you, and there may be reasons why it doesn’t clear customs; for example, in some countries, it is illegal to import marijuana seeds and, in some countries, it is also illegal to import agricultural products like seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

marijuana seeds canada - weedium

Is the Packaging Discreet at Marijuana Seeds Canada?

Privacy and discretion are the two things very essential to many customers, and Marijuana Seeds Canada plays its part to ensure that too. All the seeds that are ordered by customers will be packed in secure and hidden packaging; the company continually changes their delivery methods because of this customer concern too.

They send their seeds in a package that may start from electronic items to toys as well. Orders that are shipped from outside of North America would receive their parcel inside birthday cards. All of these packaging methods ensure that MJ Seeds Canada would not risk the parcel getting caught, so the package that gets delivered to your house will look as typical and normal as ever; no one would doubt a thing!

Not only this, but MJ Seeds Canada ensures that their parcel would have no name or logo about the company either. There is no mention on the package about what it contains, so privacy is 100% guaranteed. Their stealth delivery allows the customers to stay relieved because not only is the packaging very discreet, but the delivery time may also be as fast as possible.

One more good thing about ordering from MJ Seeds Canada is that their privacy policy is very efficient too. The company ensures customers on their website that every single piece of information that gets entered while processing parcels is entirely confidential. This information will not be shared with any third party and will only be limited to the boundaries of their company.

Every single piece of information that they ask for is solely used to fill your order and make sure that it gets to you safe and sound – you don’t need to worry about any information getting out and going into the hands of the wrong person!

Are there Any Promos at MJ Seeds Canada?

If you plan on buying marijuana strains in bulk, then a good promotion or discount code will help you save a pretty penny, and every weed grower remains on a look-out for them! MJ Seeds Canada has some attractive promotions going on around the year that will convince you to buy more from them and save money simultaneously!

As mentioned above, some of their current policies are to provide free delivery on every order above $200 and providing free seeds to people who spend more than $420 on their purchase. Not only this, but if you happen to grow marijuana for medical purposes, then you can also contact MJ Seeds Canada, and they might offer you heavy discounts for patients across Canada!

Bulk orders from Marijuana Seeds Canada might save you a whole lot of money because buying and then re-ordering again might become a little costly, considering the delivery charges and other costs. Bulk orders may be the most practical and affordable thing to do because MJ Seeds Canada allows you the chance to save up to 14% off the regular price of any marijuana seed that you order from them. Be it a retailer or a massive grower; you would only be doing your pocket a favor by ordering some of the healthiest strains from MJ Seeds Canada and save up on their high-quality marijuana seeds.

For future references, do make sure that you keep an eye out for such discounts on their social media pages because that’s the quickest you can learn about them. It would only be unfortunate if they put up an attractive offer for a limited time on their social media, but since you didn’t follow them, you missed them too! Now, who would want that to happen?


With high-quality strains, remarkable customer service, speedy and stealth shipping, there are a lot of reasons why one would consider buying from Marijuana Seeds Canada. Many seed banks are formed over promises that they cannot meet and have not been able to meet either, but Marijuana Seeds Canada does not make any promise that they cannot keep. They will guarantee you excellent service and will go at all ends in order to ensure that you get the high-quality strains you were looking for.

Every single thing that you need to know about MJ Seeds Canada has been covered in great detail throughout this article. We have provided you with enough information to make your decision, and we hope that you were able to get the answers to all of your questions through this too!

If you still happen to be confused about some questions and require answers, then you can simply go to their website and talk to their customer representative. The service is speedy and helpful, so you would most definitely get your query answered within the first few hours.

Our recommendation would be to head over there and give their seeds a try! Many customers have purchased from MJ Seeds Canada and were very happy with the results, and if you don’t try this out for yourself, you wouldn’t really know either!

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