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If you’re passionate about your marijuana seeds and only settle for the best, then you know just how important it is to buy from the most reliable seller. It’s a very hectic process to find the perfect supplier of quality strains, but it’s not all difficult once you look into it.

Upon exploring multiple options that one can find while searching for the best marijuana strains, you can find perhaps hundreds of them! However, there will only be a few of them with excellent service and remarkable quality of seeds. While you could also find many growers in person, online measures are also quite convenient.

Why should one settle for common strains when you can find the perfect choice and potent seeds by just placing an order online?

Out of the few talented breeders out there, Mary Jane’s Garden is perhaps on the top of the list.

Mary Jane’s Garden have an outstanding reputation and significant customer loyalty when selling marijuana strains online, as per customer reviews. It’s essential to have proper research before choosing your seller – and we will provide just that! This article will enlighten you with all the information you may need about Mary Jane’s Garden and its potent seeds.

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History of Mary Jane’s Garden

A group of Cannabis enthusiasts found Mary Jane’s Garden and first started its services from Vancouver, Canada. Established in 2003, in their initial years, Mary Jane’s Garden tried their very hardest to sell marijuana seeds and their products to the customers in Canada.

However, because of the strict marijuana laws back then, it became challenging to do this, and they were unable to operate correctly under the given circumstances. They only began working properly in 2012 when marijuana laws and regulations started to ease up a little, and there was less strictness than before.

Throughout the years, they became an expert in what they were selling. They didn’t stop their research and kept working to provide great seeds to the customers – this included a lot of development and a lot of traveling, but they knew this was an investment they had to make to be the pioneers in this market. They knew that they had to form a reputation, which is why they began conserving the best and highly potent weed strains that one could lay hands on.

The years in which they kept working and improving proved quite beneficial for Mary Jane Garden’s success because it helped them understand the market and expect the growing demand for marijuana seeds.

Not only did they know that the customers want the best quality, but they also knew that it was on them to provide the most demanded types and variants to the customers as well – this was all part of their strategy to be known as one of the top-selling seed banks.

How is the reputation of Mary Jane’s Garden?

Mary Jane’s Garden is one of the few talented breeders selling marijuana strains online, with an excellent reputation as well. They provide the best type of marijuana from some of the most popular cannabis seeds that can be found around the world.

Refusing the delivery of mediocre strains and low-quality cannabis seeds, this company only sells excellent quality that they have traveled worldwide to look for. Selling cannabis isn’t just business for them; it’s a responsibility, and Mary Jane’s Garden stands true to their word.

They have been in the marijuana market for more than eight years; Mary Jane’s Garden has been of incredible help to people who seek a reliable seller throughout these years. They provide a wide range of high-quality and premium marijuana seeds like White Widow, Lowryder, Cheese, Northern Lights, and Skunk strains.

Their quality and variety of cannabis is the reason why customers keep coming back to them, and not only that, their service is also super reliable and trustworthy. They put their customers on the highest priority, which is why they have stayed in the business for so long and flourished well. 

Mary Jane’s Garden is a top breeder and an online seed bank, one of the most trusted seed banks out there. The company has earned this reputation through its relentless efforts to provide the finest strains and impress all, no matter if you are an outdoor grower or an indoor grower.

The company is famous because of the variety of seeds and their quality; Mary Jane’s Garden also gets its fame because of the same-day shipping policy. The company lives up to its promise when it guarantees safe, secure, and reliable delivery from the Netherlands to any part of the world.

Ever since the legalization of marijuana was implemented in Canada in both medicinal and recreational forms, Mary Jane’s Garden is the top choice of many. The customer base is loyal and whoever buys from them always returns. Their reviews are good, and there are also many testimonies of their quality. All in all, Mary Jane’s Garden is the first choice of many and definitely one they would keep going back to.

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Goals and principles of Mary Jane’s Garden

Just the way every business has some goals and objectives to achieve right after they come into existence, Mary Jane’s Garden has them too. Their finest quality seeds and variety of cannabis have led them to become one of the pioneers in the weed market, and the company takes great pride in this.

In the cannabis industry, every business owner needs to ensure good quality and provide the material they promise to their customers. This is essentially one of Mary Jane’s Garden’s main goals as they compete in what is now a fiercely competitive business environment.

There are a few principles that Mary Jane’s Garden has always adhered to. The owners have planned out their path to achieving top quality of the weed strains, they have built and managed their quality control environments supporting techniques of TQM (Total Quality Management), and also found ways to elevate their operational excellence to create a brand identity and set them apart from the competition.

Mary Jane’s Garden ensures that if they sell cannabis, they comply with government regulations, which is why customers believe that buying from them is safe and secure.

Through research and development, Mary Jane’s Garden plans on effectively and efficiently controlling the quality of their seeds. It is their principle to ensure that if improving their strains may take some time, they have to keep the quality of cannabis as acceptable as it is now.

They wouldn’t settle for any less than the excellent quality products they already have. Their breeding selection is already very meticulous, and Mary Jane’s Garden still plans to improve their cannabis strains’ genetic potential.  

Above and beyond all of that, customer satisfaction is critical for Mary Jane’s Garden. In the upcoming business years, they plan to improve their customer retention rate and keep developing an excellent relationship with new customers to have them come back for more. Mary Jane’s Garden already has customers who trust them with their cannabis, and this relationship is undoubtedly not dying anytime soon.

What is the quality of Mary Jane’s Garden cannabis strains?

Even though Mary Jane’s Garden focuses more on Canadian buyers and their respective cannabis market demand, the company has still made efforts to ensure that their varieties cater to foreign buyers as well. They don’t have their developed strains, but what they do sell is worth your money. The quality is one of the finest you can find in Canada, and excellence is guaranteed as well – Mary Jane’s Garden has done a commendable job at promoting and selling one of the best cannabis seeds available in the market today.

Some of the best sellers at Mary Jane’s Garden include Big Bud, Afghan, Super Skunk, B52, New York Diesel, Chrystal, Snow White Feminized, along with so many more. Their quality is the company’s greatest strengths as they keep developing on it; they only sell cannabis strains, both regular and feminized, that are entirely stable and have a high germination rate as well.

They have been working on introducing more varieties in the market, as they only sell one auto-flowering strain. The quality of their strains is unparalleled. When combined with laboratory breeding techniques, Mary Jane’s Garden provides a range of cannabis seeds with superior genetics and a performance that will be guaranteed.

Mary Jane’s Garden stays true to its words; the seeds provide results that you can depend on because they will always be fresh, potent, and of the utmost quality. They have stable, healthy, and vibrant plants that provide heavy harvests, and these are the trademarks of their best-selling strains. If you contact their customer representative, they would also recommend you to check their reviews. These reviews will also help you gain confidence in their cannabis seeds and assure you of their quality service.

What is Mary Jane’s Garden’s price range?

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Every company that enters the cannabis market knows how competitive it is. Many seed banks provide attractive rates, which is why every company needs to have proper pricing strategies to convince customers to buy from them and not from their rival company. There is one significant benefit of buying cannabis seeds online; you can easily compare the prices available in every seed bank and find the best value.

Now, another benefit of buying from Mary Jane’s Garden is that they provide reasonable and cheap prices for weed strains, ones you may not easily find elsewhere. Getting decent strains at an affordable price is definitely every grower’s dream, and Mary Jane’s Garden makes that dream come true. The company offers excellent value for money and even better convenience, which is the reason why their customer base is solid.

First-timers who buy from Mary Jane’s Garden almost 95% of the time go back to them again because of the prices, quality, and ease of buying. Providing potent and reliable strains, Mary Jane’s Garden has a high market share. This market share keeps growing significantly as they work on their seed variety and quality improvement.

What strains does Mary Jane’s Garden’s have?

Variety of strains is an essential factor when it comes to buying from a seed bank – this is a given. More variety means that there is a wide selection available for you to choose from, and every marijuana grower would love to browse through their options as well. Mary Jane’s Garden currently provides up to sixty-two cannabis strains on their website, all of which are incredibly potent, of the finest quality, and inspected carefully before they are dispatched to you.

Mary Jane’s Garden sells several sizes; you can buy packets of ten, twenty, forty, and even fifty seeds of any type of strain that you prefer from their online website. They provide female marijuana seeds that are compatible with growing indoors and outdoors, and the variety is within Sativa and Indica.

Mary Jane’s Garden 10 Best Sellers

10 Best Sellers
Medusa Feminise
Autoflower J. Horror Fem
Snow White Feminized
Super Skunk
New York Diesel Feminized
Big Bud

While it is challenging to grow feminized marijuana seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden also helps its customers through their marijuana e-Book, which provides the best tips and step-by-step guidance for beginner levels to advanced level horticulture of ganja! These feminized seeds come with a guarantee that when your roots grow into buds, they will be rich with THC content and resin, providing you the best smoke as well.

Wait, they also have more to sell! Mary Jane’s Garden also offers autoflowering seeds like Jock Horror, and more of these varieties are being developed. Many people choose to buy auto-flowering seeds because they don’t require a lot of maintenance, and the seeds from Mary Jane’s Garden provide a decent yield along with high THC content – they grow quickly and easily.

Mary Jane’s Garden is also one of the few seedbanks that sell medicinal marijuana as well. The strains are therapeutic for painful conditions like AIDS, cancer, chronic arthritis, among others. The high THC content in these seeds helps relieve the pain and help reduce the symptoms.

To buy from Mary Jane’s Garden, you don’t need to provide a medical prescription, nor do you need to be a member of any medical dispensary or be a doctor. At cheap rates, the company offers a variety of medical marijuana strains, and there is also a discount on shipping as well – a good deal, all in all.

How do Mary Jane’s Garden’s seeds germinate?

Germinating a cannabis seed basically means getting the plant to sprout from the seed. This is the first and the most essential step towards your cannabis’ journey to a fully grown plant – which is why it’s every grower’s concern when buying seeds from any seed bank. When it comes to Mary Jane’s Garden, rest assured because they provide a germination guarantee like every other seed bank.

The checking process is exceptionally vigorous at Mary Jane’s Garden, which means that every single seed has been carefully inspected before being delivered to your doorstep. They test every single seed meticulously, and there have only been a few complaints, if none, about their seed’s germination.

It is for the fact that Mary Jane’s Garden has one of the highest germination rates online, but that is only guaranteed if you follow their strict germination guidelines. Yes, the company provides growers with its own, personally scripted approach for their marijuana seeds to ensure that every customer can receive the promised result.

The guidelines provide step-by-step instructions along with tips and necessary measures that a grower should take care of before they plant the seed – it also includes information about taking care of the plant after it is sowed.

If you are still unable to grow your cannabis seeds and are confused, then Mary Jane’s Garden’s customer representatives are also at your service. They can offer you additional and specific guidance about your issues, and if you still face any problems after going according to their guidelines, then they might also provide you a refund.

What are the payment methods at Mary Jane’s Garden?

Just like every reputable seed bank, you could find online, Mary Jane’s Garden also has convenient payment methods available for their customers. The company offers a number of ways like Bitcoin, major credit cards, and wire transfers that are discrete and secure so that the buyers aren’t met with any sort of security concern or any other hassle.

The company understands that every buyer has privacy as their utmost concern, and don’t worry, Mary Jane’s Garden values your discretion as well. Many people believe that Bitcoin is a reliable payment method because you can purchase as many cannabis seeds as you want without involving any bank, credit card, or another third party.

The military-grade encryption of Bitcoin ensures that nobody else other than you and Mary Jane’s Garden knows about what you’re purchasing – which is crucial if you’re buying from a country where the sale and purchase of marijuana are not legal.

However, if you’re not too concerned about the payment discretion, then you can also choose to pay through any major credit cards or wire transfer. Payment through credit cards is also relatively safe because the seed bank will receive money without your credit card details. Not just that, but the payment processor will also immediately destroy your information regarding customer data after the purchase is confirmed.

Once you add everything to your cart and check out, you’ll find all of these options on the list for payment methods, so you can pick whichever is convenient for you.  

Is ordering from Mary Jane’s Garden safe?

Safety is obviously a paramount concern of every person who decides to purchase cannabis seeds through an online seed bank. It’s not always easy, especially for those who live in countries where marijuana is illegal. Not only this, but the concerns about scammers, low-quality strains, and overpriced strains are also justified – this is why it’s vital to do your research before buying from a seed bank.

However, rest assured because buying from Mary Jane’s Garden is as safe as it can be. The company realizes and understands every buyer’s concerns, regardless of their matter, because they ensure complete privacy over whatever the customer buys. Their packaging is also very discreet – almost making it look like you’re getting a typical package delivered to your place without it being shady or suspicious.

When it comes to quality, it is already mentioned earlier that Mary Jane’s Garden has proper inspection for every parcel delivered. You don’t need to worry about low-quality cannabis seeds because you will get provided precisely what they promised you. Not only this, but they also offer a germination guarantee along with that, so you also don’t need to worry about whether the seeds would germinate or not.

The prices are also extremely reasonable and better than those you can find on other seed banks compared to their quality and the services they offer. If their prices are low, that is because they have invested ample resources to produce low-cost cannabis seeds without reducing their quality. In short, buying from Mary Jane’s Garden is relatively safe and has also been recommended by the customers who only choose this company as their seed bank.

What is the shipping process and time?

A company’s shipping policies also affect the customer’s decision before choosing to buy from them, so a good seed bank would have worked on implementing attractive shipping policies for the buyer’s convenience. Knowing how important this factor is, Mary Jane’s Garden has developed quite the reputation for their stealth, secure, and reliable delivery services too.

Mary Jane’s Garden is famous as the fastest shippers of marijuana seeds globally – orders that are processed before 14:00 CET (Central Europe Time) (8:00 AM EST USA) are usually shipped the same day while the delivery time is up to one week within Europe. However, if you reside outside of Europe, then the shipping time should be one to three weeks for countries like the USA and Australia.

Almost all of the Canadian orders get dispatched within the first 24 hours, so fast-dispatch is one of Mary Jane’s Garden standards. The shipping charges are also very reasonable and won’t cost you an arm and a leg, as compared to other companies.

The company can ship all around the world, and it also has a 90% delivery success rate since 2003, so they make sure that your package gets to you safe, sound, and as soon as possible. Mary Jane’s Garden’s customer service representative is available 24/7 for your support in case you have any queries regarding your package.

Not only this, but you can also get answers for your shipment inquiries if you contact their customer support. They reply vigilantly and guide you throughout the process, regardless of where you want your package to be delivered.

However, Mary Jane’s Garden does not offer an overnight shipment facility because that requires your parcel to be tracked by the company. The company has chosen not to do this to provide complete privacy to buyers and reassure them that they do not keep track of your personal information no matter what.

Does Mary Jane’s Garden offer discounts or promos?

As a matter of fact, they do. The company always keeps putting out promotional strategies like discount codes or vouchers to encourage customers to buy more. Their recent promotion allows customers to get free shipping over orders above $200, plus ten free marijuana seeds on orders above $420. You can check this offer over here, and it will immediately get applied on checkout.

Other than that, Mary Jane’s Garden also provides free samples when you place an order online from their seed bank. You can also be eligible for receiving ten finest quality marijuana seeds for every purchase that is worth about fifty-five marijuana seeds. There are also many occasional special deals where anyone who buys marijuana seeds can get about ten free premium quality marijuana seeds for free as well.

If you want to stay updated about their special promo deals, please follow their social media pages like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They update their deals on the website and also on social media pages whenever any of them arise; for instance, they had a Black Friday sale of about 20% off on all products if you apply a particular code on checkout.  If you’re active on social media and also follow them on their pages, then there’s a good chance you won’t miss any of these discount opportunities to save a pretty penny!

Mary Jane’s Garden does not have ongoing promotion codes, so they will vary from time to time and will only be valid for a specific time period. You just need to keep an eye out so that you don’t miss any of these offers!

How is Mary Jane’s Garden customer service?

In the list of a few things that every person considers before buying from a seed bank, customer service is probably one of the first few crucial points. Every seed bank needs to be vigilant and reliable when it comes to their customer service because if they are unable to resolve their buyers’ issues, it’s unlikely for customers to ever purchase from them again.

However, Mary Jane’s Garden knows that they have done a remarkable job in terms of their customer service. As mentioned previously, customers have the ease to simply reach out to the customer representative with any of their queries, and they will be answered within no time. Mary Jane’s Garden offers many ways for buyers to do this – they can bring their questions by calling them on their phone number or just by leaving a message on the IM chatbox on their website.

Many seedbanks make the mistake of leaving phone numbers on their websites that usually remained unanswered, but that isn’t the case with Mary Jane’s Garden. You can easily reach out through their website as well with any of your concerns and have them answered within no time.

You can also contact Mary Jane’s Garden through their social media pages like Twitter and Facebook. However, it is recommended that you either call or leave a message on their website to get a professional and quick answer.

Their website’s usability is also quite efficient – you can easily scroll around and find answers to your questions because they have a site map as well. The company provides a guideline regarding germination, written by the experts working at Mary Jane’s Garden, and that’s not all; there are FAQs, descriptions about their products and other details that you may need.

Many customers decide to stay and keep buying from Mary Jane’s Garden because their customer service is clearly very efficient. To remain in a competitive business environment, customers should be dealt with very carefully because each and every sale is important to keep you in business – it helps you stand shoulder to shoulder with your rivals.

Mary Jane’s Garden is already effectively working on improving customer service and making it better than before; they realize it is a work-in-progress. Their services will only get more convenient and efficient with time.


We have covered every single point in this article that you should keep in mind before buying from Mary Jane’s Garden, so all you need now is a short statement about whether you should buy from this company or not.

Mary Jane’s Garden is an experienced seed bank that has been in business for around eight years, so they know their way around the market. They know just what to do in order to impress their customers and have developed their reputation that way. They own a variety of seeds at reasonable prices, all of them of the utmost quality. They ship all over the world with a 90% guarantee and even provide stealth shipment. What more can one marijuana grower ask for? 

Our recommendation is to give it a try and see from your own experience. Many customers have purchased from Mary Jane’s Garden and found them the most convenient option available – perhaps you might be one of those people as well? You won’t know unless you try!

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