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The Ministry of Cannabis is considered one of the top seed banks in the world. Based in Barcelona, Spain, the company is consistently reviewed with positive feedback. The location is ideal, offering the perfect climate setting in Spain to provide the ideal conditions for the cultivation of cannabis seeds.

The business is well established globally and participates in worldwide cannabis events such as 420 festivals and expos across Europe. The company provides details on seeds, tutorials on how to germinate and grow, education, and essential information on cannabis seeds and related products.

What other seeds banks are out there?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

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The History of Ministry of Cannabis

The company began in the early 2000s in Amsterdam, then exclusively began selling (and breeding) auto-flowering and feminized seeds between 2008-2009.   As the company expanded, Barcelona became their new location in 2014, while they kept production of seeds continuing in the Netherlands. Operating for over 15 years, the Ministry of Cannabis has a solid reputation in quality seeds, exceptional customer service, and fast shipping. While they primarily operate out of Spain, they have labs and seed banks in three European countries.

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What is the Goal or Vision of the Ministry of Cannabis?

The company’s business strategy is to provide high-quality seeds worldwide through their online shop by offering the best quality of seeds on the market. All aspects of the company’s service and products are refined to include fast, discreet shipping, excellent customer service, plus resources and information links on their website to educate customers on various products before they make a purchase. The company offers Guaranteed Germination for 90% of its seeds, and shipments are tracked.

The Ministry of Cannabis offers the highest qualities of seed strains available in the world. They use old and familiar strains, working with their genetics to continually improve seed qualities. This process is done through the exclusive feminization of seeds and includes auto-flowering seeds too. New strains or variations of older seeds are offered as samples and featured on the company’s website. The Ministry of Cannabis is well known for its friendly, efficient service and professional appearances at events worldwide.

Seed Varieties and High-quality Strains

The Ministry of Cannabis offers the top quality of seeds available in the market and continuously strives to improve all their seeds and strain options’ quality and genetic development. They own and operate several testing facilities to ensure only the highest quality seeds are provided. Only the highest quality equipment and testing facilities are used to develop and breed seed strains, which keeps the products consistently at the top in quality and performance.

The business focuses on breeding two types of seeds: feminized and auto-flowering seeds. Feminized seeds are bred in the Netherlands and auto-flowering in Barcelona, Spain, due to the favorable climates in these regions. Feminized seeds produce only the female part of the plant, which allows for more excellent pollination of more plants with female seeds. While these plants contain male pollen, they are bred to pass the X chromosomes only, which increases the chances of growing only female plants by slightly over 99%. These seeds are in high demand and are offered in various strains at competitive prices.

Auto-flowering seeds produce female plants that flower on their own, which occurs within a relatively short life cycle, about two months in total. Essentially, these seeds are ready within two months for the market for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

ministry of cannabis seed varieties and high quality strains - weedium

This faster cycle provides a significant advantage over other seeds, which often require a minimum of three months. Due to the large scale of success in these strains, the Ministry of Cannabis has partnered with other businesses to market their strains of auto-flowering seeds internationally. This strategy has grown successfully since 2008.

Seed Quality and Pricing

You’ll notice a range in all types of seeds, including feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and CBD (cannabidiol) seeds. For example, feminized seeds can range from Big Bud XXL at €15.00 to God’s Glue at €21.00 or Mandarin Gelato at €23.00. Auto-flowering seeds range in price similarly, from Auto Northern Lights at €12.50 to Auto God’s Glue at €21.00. CBD seeds are feminized seeds and range in price from €17.50 to €21.00. All prices are reasonable and comparable to seed bank companies offering similar products.

If you’re new to buying seeds and would like to try a few strains, there are combination bags of mixed seeds offering a variety to try. These packages comprise six different feminized seeds to choose from, including two seeds of three different strains (Deep Relax and Life Energiser).

Auto-flowering seeds include Auto Fun, Auto Chill-out, and Auto-Relax, each blend with various seeds such as Auto Mandarin Haze, Auto White Widow, Auto CBD Star, Auto Northern Lights, and more. When you purchase combination seeds, you’ll save money and have the advantage of sampling various strains, so you can decide which seeds are best for your future cultivation projects.

An Exceptional Variety of Seed Strains

You’ll find a wide range of seed strains to choose from, including the most popular: White Widow, Northern Lights, Mandarin Haze, and Indica strains. There are many variations of these strains, from feminization and auto-flowering options and many other seed strains and combinations to select.

While the company strives to preserve traditional strains, they offer feminized versions of these seeds and improvements for better cultivation outcomes. They are continuously striving for a better product and guarantee germination, which is among one of their top features.

ministry of cannabis mix of seeds - weedium

How Does the Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds Rank?

On an international level, the seed strains rank among the highest in quality. The company has introduced some new strains into the market, including Zensation and Carnival. Familiar strains, including Indica, Northern Lights, White Widow, and more, are continuously perfected and offered as premium options through the seed company. If you’re looking for various seeds or prefer to grow several strains to test their performance, combination or mixed seed orders are also available.

Do the Seeds Germinate, and What is the Guarantee?

Ministry of Cannabis seeds germinate, and in fact, the company offers a Germination Guarantee of 90%. While many companies boast high seed quality and germination results, they do not offer the same guarantee (if at all) as the Ministry of Cannabis.

If you experience seeds failing to germinate, the company will address the issue, provided you answer a few questions associated with your experience. This process gives your customer service representative a clear idea of how to proceed. They can also offer advice on how to improve your growing experience with future seed orders.

The question process is fair and used to determine if the germination process failed due to the quality of seeds or an error in the germination process used. For example, some of the questions ask for details on the types of materials used, such as cotton, soil, etc.), the temperature, if the medium was pre-fertilized or if fertilizer was used in any way, and the amount and quality of water used, among other inquiries.

This process is generous, as many companies do not guarantee successful germination, even when there is a good outcome for most (if not all) orders. The Germination Guarantee is one of the critical advantages that set the Ministry of Cannabis apart from other competitors.

Is it Safe to Order from the Ministry of Cannabis?

The company is a legitimate, international company with excellent product and service reviews. All products are extensively reviewed and tested to meet and exceed the highest standards in cannabis seeds. All shipments are sent by courier service or registered mail, and a tracking number is provided so you can easily find the status of your order. When you place an order, there is a guarantee to ship your seeds within 24 hours, though the time frame from shipping to receipt can vary considerably based on where you live or order from.

While the company ships worldwide, the onus is on the customer or business, ensuring no country or legal restrictions are violated. If there are delays in shipments in your local or regional area, this may also impact the timeframe. For this reason, always check with your postal services or other factors that can impact your order’s timing. The company’s website and customer service representatives can provide general time frames of when to expect your shipment.

Is Shipping Fast, Safe, and Discreet?

The business ships all orders globally. While there is just a brief list of terms and conditions, it’s up to the customer to consult with legal authorities in their country and state to know more about receiving cannabis products. Before you order, it is imperative to read and understand all the disclosures, liability, and how legal restrictions may impact ordering seeds. While possession of cannabis or cannabis products is illegal in some countries or territories, it is up to the customer to research and understand their country’s legal stance before proceeding with an order.

All orders are shipped discreetly and do not indicate any specific information related to cannabis or related products. Your credit card statement will not divulge any details of the order or originates from the Ministry of Cannabis. You’ll find minimal information on the package, or just enough so that it gets delivered to the correct address (as indicated when ordered). If you own a business, the company’s name will not show on the package, though it will be delivered within a reasonable time frame discreetly.

Shipping within Europe varies from €8.00 to €10.00 to start, though the cost can increase above €10.00 for other destinations worldwide. When you place your order online, the details of the shipment, the related costs will be revealed in detail before you confirm your purchase.

If there are any additional charges outside of the company’s shipping, check with your local postal service to find more details. If you have concerns about the cost of shipping, customer service can provide further help, though the process is straight-forward and easy to understand.

What are the Time Frames for Shipping?

While orders are typically shipped within 24 hours of receiving your details, there is a variance in the time frame of receipt. Within Europe, this may range from several days to one week, whereas receiving a shipment in the United States or Canada can range up to three weeks or a bit longer.

For packages shipped to other continents, including Asia, the time frame can range from three to five weeks. If you are concerned about the possibility of losing your order, the company offers registered and courier shipments with tracking options.

Methods of Payment Accepted by Ministry of Cannabis

There are many payment methods available for purchasing your seeds through the company. Bitcoin is an option that provides an anonymous transaction, and Moneygram is available if your purchase is a minimum of €100.00. Credit and debit cards are accepted, though you will not see “Ministry of Cannabis” as the description for your purchases for discretion on your bank or credit card statement.

You’ll notice a generic label for the transaction so that your order remains discreet. Bank transfers are available if you decide to wire funds directly. The money must first be received and confirmed before your shipment is prepared to be sent out.

Cash is another option, though not recommended. There is always a risk in sending cash, though if this is an option you wish to consider, registered mail is the best way to send it. There are a few currencies accepted by the Ministry of Cannabis, including US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, Australian dollars, and Great Britain pounds. If you use any method to pay, except cash, the currency will be in Euros. When you order online, payment with a credit card, debit card, or bitcoin is generally the best way to ensure your shipment is sent quickly and without delay.

What Happens if a Package is Missing or Not Received?

On occasion, a package can go missing, and the company makes every effort to prevent this from happening by offering to track and registered mail as options. While the company makes every effort to resolve issues with missing shipments, they do not guarantee when a package is sent. If you suspect your shipment may be missing, customer service is often helpful in offering options to track or inquire about the package through your local postal company.

Does the Company Offer Promotions?

The Ministry of Cannabis offers a free subscription to their newsletter, and they have an established presence on social media. They offer regular deals and discounts through their company page through updates, along with helpful information and education about cannabis. News about growing and germination, exciting facts about cannabis, and lifestyle products are also provided through the online newsletter and social media platforms.

It’s common for cannabis growers to look for the best prices and discounts in the market. Like many seed companies, the Ministry of Cannabis offers discounts and promotions. While the company doesn’t feature promotion codes or coupons on their website, they offer giveaways and free seed samples from new strains on their social media pages. These discounts are excellent offers for new and regular customers who keep up with new seed strain trends. This also gives customers a chance to try out new strains and provide much-needed feedback on their performance.

Free seed samples are shipped with regular orders, giving customers a chance to try a new strain. The more you order, the higher the number of free seeds you’ll receive, which is a great incentive to order regularly for your growing projects. Featured products, which are often included as free samples, are included on the website’s banner and highlights on the main page.

The Company’s Affiliate Program

The company offers an Affiliate Program that customers can join for free. They provide links, widgets, and tools for customers to promote the seed bank’s business on their website. For every order referred to the Ministry of Cannabis, you’ll receive 20% of the order, without including the cost of shipping and taxes. This is an excellent incentive for referring new business.

This program can offer a significant advantage for customers with business websites, social media accounts, and blogs for promotion. For customers referring a significant number of new customers each month, the Ministry of Cannabis may offer a higher percentage as an incentive and reward.

There is no cost to join the Affiliate Program. However, all membership applications must be approved before an account is established to receive incentives. The total number of clicks, sales, and orders placed are conveniently tracked through this account so that you can keep track of your referral progress. Only orders that are confirmed as processed and paid in full will be recorded as a sale, resulting in a referral payment.

The company will pay the number of referral fees earned once your account has a minimum of €100.00. When a payment request is made, this is sent by bank transfer or PayPal within 30 days or one month of receiving your request. Over time, modifications to the terms of the agreement can be made without notice, including the time frame and schedule of fee payments, the amount or percentage of fees paid, and other changes. Termination of the agreement can also occur between the company and the customer at any time.

How Does the Customer Service at Ministry of Cannabis Rank?

Customer service is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. The Ministry of Cannabis offers an exceptional service level that surpasses competitors in many ways: they are attentive, responsive, and always looking for a resolution that will satisfy the customer. Simultaneously, some situations cannot be resolved quickly, though the company will make every effort to establish and maintain a special relationship with customers.

Adding a personal touch is one of the trademarks of the business. Customer service representatives take their time to assess every situation and offer the best solution possible. Service is always prompt and thorough. The company only employs the best team players, which is demonstrated in how they handle customer complaints and situations effectively. In making customer satisfaction a priority, the company consistently rates highly with regular clients.

The Ministry of Cannabis is globally known and regularly appears at festivals, expos, and events across Europe and worldwide. They have a “face” to their brand, which establishes them as a legitimate, trustworthy business, along with many other traits, including high-quality seeds, services, and referral programs. They aim to satisfy customers worldwide and always provide realistic expectations for all their products and orders.

The Company’s Website: Is it Easy to Navigate?

The Ministry of Cannabis offers a user-friendly website that features popular strains, upcoming promotions, and features of its products and services on the home page. The website is available in eight languages and various currencies, including the British Pound, US Dollar, and Euros. Links to various social media platforms are conveniently located at the top left of the website.

You’ll find the main screen or page provides a lot of information at first glance, with many links and details to other sections of the website and blog. The layout of the website is easy to navigate and find everything you need. You’ll also discover new and exciting items while exploring the site and all the links provided.

Ministry of cannabis website - weedium

If you’re new to visiting the site, you’ll find everything is easy to find. Before you shop, you’ll want to check out all the types of seeds and strains available. Scrolling down on the home page, you’ll find the main categories of seeds: Feminized, auto-flowering, and CBD seeds. Selecting each of these options will give you in-depth details on the type of seeds and how they are bred and developed.

Further down on the main page, you’ll notice an overview of the most popular strains, their reviews, ratings, and pricing. The website and company are very transparent about customer feedback on their products, as this is helpful for customers and further developments, improvements in strains over time.

You’ll find a lot of helpful information on the website’s main page, which can guide you to other parts of the site with the more specific details you’re in search of. From the company’s history and development over the past 15 years, seed strains, germination guarantees, and more, you’ll find everything on the main page, including a gallery of photos from recent expo events.

Links to different sections of the website include specific seed types, their strains, and the cost. You can begin shopping right away or learn a bit more about each seed before making your decision. You’ll find a link to the company’s blog, tutorials on how to pick seeds, and a more comprehensive catalog of seeds compiled over the past year.

Over the past decade, the company has successfully worked with resellers and distributors. Building these relationships allowed the business to enhance further the availability of their products online and in person. While they are located in Spain, the company provides updates online about upcoming events where they offer product details at their information booth. They offer a direct way of contact through email, website, or by phone.

Customer reviews are essential for every company, and the Ministry of Cannabis is very open and transparent in featuring their customer’s ratings and feedback directly on their website. They welcome feedback as a way to improve their seed quality and focus on areas of improvement as much as possible. The company’s approach is friendly, like a small business, which keeps customers satisfied and the business’ staff approachable.

Access to the Company’s Blog

If you’re looking for in-depth details on specific strains and seeds available, the blog is a valuable resource for a wide range of information. You’ll find many great articles and links to outside sources about the health impact of cannabis (it’s a positive effect on specific conditions and health in general), personal stories and anecdotes from celebrities, food pairings with cannabis, and much more.

The blog is a great way to get immersed in the industry’s culture while learning basic growing techniques and how to prepare for your first cultivation experience. It provides the “personality” side and enhances customers’ connections with various products and opportunities with the Ministry of Cannabis.

ministry of cannabis blog - weedium

You’ll find many fun articles and posts on the blog website on lifestyle topics, personal and social aspects of cannabis, and much more. Links to current research and findings are also featured here. If you’re new to growing cannabis, there are practical guides to growing indoors, starting your first plant, and more. You’ll learn which seeds are best for the climate where you live, whether certain strains are more successful outdoors, and what time of year to begin germination.

Excellent Learning Resources

If you’re new to growing cannabis, the process of ordering seeds, learning germination, and growing techniques can seem daunting at first. The Ministry of Cannabis aims to make this experience easy and less intimidating with links and resources for all experience levels, from beginners to novice and more advanced growers looking to perfect their process. By offering seed samples along with each order, you’ll have the option of trying new seeds from various strains (and newly improved strains) for your cultivation.

What are the Overall Pros and Cons of the Ministry of Cannabis?

There are many pros to this company and very few cons! You’ll find everything on the company’s website easy to find, from a user-friendly interface, great product descriptions, excellent pricing, quality seeds, and customer service, to Guaranteed Germination, which is uncommon among other companies. The only significant “con” is a lack of delivery guarantee, which can be found with a few other seed bank companies. Shipping is affordable, and it is offered internationally, which is convenient.

According to customer reviews and feedback, another potential area for improvement is the variety of seeds offered by the Ministry of Cannabis. While the rating in this area is generally high, it leaves a bit of room for further expansion and growth in the future. The quality of seeds is excellent and among the highest-rated in the world.

Other positive aspects or advantages of doing business with the Ministry of Cannabis include the wide range of payment options, including Bitcoin and cash by mail, continuous improvements of old strains, and new and better seeds. Many of the company’s top seed strains have excellent reviews and feedback. The benefit of ordering seeds in small quantities and combination packages are attractive features that establish a positive, satisfied customer base.

Is the Ministry of Cannabis a Company to Recommend?

Overall, the Ministry of Cannabis is one of the top seed banks offering top quality products and exceptional customer service. They are among the best in the industry and have established a solid record of outstanding products and an excellent reputation for more than 15 years. They are recognized internationally as one of the top seed companies to buy from and include excellent service and products at every business level.

They continuously work towards improving their products so that even the highest-rated seeds offered are always better from one year to the next. This practice has not only ranked the company among the best in the world; it will continue to do so as they adapt and improve their seed quality and performance in the future.

The company offers an excellent reputation with a long-standing history of customer satisfaction, from in-person interaction at large scale events to online and phone exchanges with customers. They work with each of their clients one-on-one, customizing the experience to fit each individual’s needs or business’ needs.

They focus on building a long-term partnership with their affiliate program and offer many incentives, free samples, and a cheerful, positive “face” at public events. Whether you’re an independent grower or have a business of any size, the Ministry of Cannabis offers fantastic resources and learning materials so you can begin and enjoy your experience with cultivation.

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