MSNL Review 2022

MSNL Review - Weedium, or MSNL, is a UK-based seed bank that offers many high-quality seed strains. Since opening their business in 1999, the company has enjoyed a steady following of loyal and satisfied customers and plenty of time to establish a solid reputation.

They are a well-established brand and offer a vast selection of seeds. MSNL offers sales, discounts, and promotions regularly. They ship their products globally and offer free seed samples with each order. They are one of the top seed bank companies in the world.

What other seeds banks are out there?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

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New Seed BankWeedSeedsExpress
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Best Seed PricesSeedsman
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7thSensi Seeds
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10thMSNLShop Seeds
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After over two decades in business, MSNL has established a strong business of developing a massive selection of reputable seed strains for a demanding market. They have established themselves as a top-tier cannabis company, setting the standard for competitors in the industry. Their reputation is impeccable, and they offer the highest quality seed strains available.

While the company doesn’t have any physical store locations, they have successfully established one of the first exclusive online stores for purchasing seeds. They are pioneers in the industry and understand what makes their online sales and promotions work.

With a solid reputation for high-quality seeds and a wide variety of strains, the company offers a strong foundation for many opportunities to explore and try many different products. Many customers are familiar with the brand regularly from the site because of its superior selection and reasonably low cost overall. It’s also a resourceful website for almost any standard or popular strain of cannabis on the market today. If you’ve heard of it, MSNL offers it for sale, and sometimes at a discount!

MSNL’s Vision for Business and Success

The company prides its success on offering a high-quality product. They offer a safer alternative to buying seeds from smaller, less reputable companies or unknowledgeable suppliers who may provide a substandard product sprayed with pesticides and dangerous chemicals. MSNL aims to offer the best in seed strain quality and the safest, and in doing so, gain their customers’ confidence and trust in the long term.

MSNL was founded by a geneticist focusing on the quality of the seeds and their strength in performance. Improving each strain is done by collecting various strains around the world and bringing them into the lab for tests. This next step is hybridization, which determines which seeds are of the highest quality and suitable candidates for breeding for results that satisfy customers.

Initially, the company was started by two friends who collected a variety of seeds throughout Australia and Europe. This collection of seeds was the basis for growing their business of genetically improving and cultivating new strains for an expanding market. The company prides itself on supporting customers, from individuals to businesses, by providing them with the best quality seeds.

msnl strain type - weedium

Quality of Seed Strains

MSNL offers some of the top strains of seeds in the world. The variety and types of seed strains are varied and ever-expanding to include feminized seeds, regular seeds, auto-flowering seeds, seeds specialized for specific medical purposes, and mixed seed varieties. At first glance, the company’s website may seem a bit overwhelming, with so many options to choose from, though you’ll find each strain categorized and easy to find for details.

Categories of seeds are neatly organized at the top of the website, with drop-down menus to find each strain you’re looking for. If you’re in search of recommendations, there is a top-ten list featured on the website. You’ll also find a section, “Top Strains,” which covers the top seeds in each category.

Top-Selling Seed Strains

The top-selling seed strains include NYC Diesel, Blueberry, Golden Nugget, Northern Lights, Nitro Lemon Haze, Sour Grape Kush, THC Bomb, and much more. Since the company offers so many strains, they are conveniently sorted into sections. Using the search functions on the company’s website, you can search within each category or filter the results by attributes of the seeds. The website provides a filter option to search for seeds based on strain type and product category, including Cannabis Cup winners, THC levels, flowering time, and more.

If you want to find a strain of cannabis, chances are, MSNL has it or a close variation of the seeds. For both new and seasoned customers, the company offers all the best, top-notch strains available on the market at the most competitive rates.

msnl top seller strain - weedium

Product Price-range: Is the Cost Reasonable?

The price range is one of the most reasonable in the cannabis industry, thanks to a high volume of seeds and strain varieties. The prices for high CBD seeds range from £16.00 for Hash Bomb to £35.00 for White Widow. Common strains of cannabis seeds and other seed types range from £10.00 to £60.00 and higher, depending on the strain and strength quality.

In general, the price range is generous and reasonable, and it’s worthwhile to invest the time to review and research the strains you consider purchasing. If you’re new to cultivation, there are various packs and mixed seeds offered at an excellent price. These package varieties offer classic, budget, super-strong, feminized seeds, and more categories or mixes to choose from when you place your order. You can purchase seed mixes combined, especially for indoor or outdoor growing conditions.

All the seeds are affordable and often offered at a discount or on sale during company promotions. Many seeds are purchased in bulk, which gives the customer an advantage of a cheaper rate for each order. Regular promotions focus on specific strains, offering a discount or free samples with an order.

Do the Seeds Germinate, and Does the Company Provide a Guarantee?

While the seeds are high-quality and often produce satisfactory results, the company doesn’t guarantee germination, which is standard in the cannabis industry. Suppose you suspect there may be an issue with one or more of the seeds. In that case, a customer service representative may be able to provide some advice or help, or you can visit the company’s website for resources on germination and growing tips.

What Happens if the Seeds Don’t Germinate?

The company has an excellent reputation, though due to UK laws, they cannot discuss germination over the phone, nor can they offer advice. MSNL does, however, offer high-quality seeds, which are likely to provide excellent results, though if you are adamant about having a germination guarantee included with your order of seeds, you’ll need to look for another company.

It’s not a guarantee that every cannabis seed bank provides, though when companies offer this option, it’s usually only within specific guidelines. For example, a company with germination guarantees will ask you specific questions about the technique(s) used and determine if the customer is eligible for the benefit.

Is the Company Safe to Order From, and is There Guaranteed Shipping?

MSNL offers global shopping at competitive rates. The company has a strong, positive reputation worldwide and provides discreet, anonymous shipping for customers. All shipments are sent without a company logo or details of the envelope’s contents.

There is the option of guaranteed shipping, which is one of the more expensive options and recommended by customers to ensure that you receive your seeds. MSNL protects users’ privacy and takes their customers’ confidentiality seriously. In general, the company is well known for delivering on time and never missing an expected date of receipt.

The company has a lot of loyal customers and many reputable sites to back up its legitimacy. They are one of the top seed banks globally and have been rated among the top sellers of cannabis seeds by numerous companies.

What Happens When Shipments go Missing? Is there Coverage or Insurance?

There are three options when placing your order for shipment: standard, stealth, and guaranteed stealth. The standard process ships your order in an envelope or container without tracking. In contrast, the stealth option is more discreet in its packaging, with unrelated goods or products to conceal the package.

This process costs a bit more for the extra processing it takes to prepare and the effort to hide the product. The guaranteed stealth option offers to track ID with each package. If it is not received within a specific period, the shipment is resent without extra charge. For most customers, this option is excellent and is often received without delay.

How Does Cannabis Legislation Affect My Order?

MSNL takes all the precautions necessary to ensure discretion for all orders shipped globally. Since MSNL is based in the UK, the company follows its legislation and rules for selling seeds online. When a customer places an order from another country, the onus is on them to ensure that no legislation or laws are violated. If a shipment should become intercepted for any reason, and the customer does not receive their product due to breaking the country’s laws, MSNL is not deemed responsible.

The Company’s Website: Is it Easy to Use?

MSNL’s website is easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s considered one of the most straightforward websites in the cannabis industry, which is ideal for new customers and individuals ordering seeds for the first time. Since the company is rooted in online ordering and developed the entire business virtually, it has enhanced and perfected its functionality over time.

From the website’s main page, you’ll find all the main categories of seeds listed along the top of the screen. If you’re new to the site, or a returning visitor, there’s the option to register or log in when you create an account. There are links to the company’s social media pages along the left side and featured products on the front of the page. All the customer experience highlights, from stealth delivery to free seed samples with every order, are featured with links to more details.

Scrolling down on the home screen, you’ll find information on MSNL’s value packs with an assortment of recommended, high-quality seeds from around the world at discount rates. This is an ideal option for new buyers to choose from various mixed seed packages, which vary from classic seed strain varieties to specialized selections from Cannabis Cup winners, auto-flowering plants, and budget-friendly options.

Just below this section, you’ll notice “products you recently viewed,” which indicate products you may have looked into when visiting the site previously. This feature is convenient in finding a previous strain or product that you might want more details about for a future purchase.

If you’re looking for the “fine print,” you’ll find all the remaining details about the company, related resources, and blogs about cannabis at the bottom of the page. This includes frequently asked questions about the company’s products, payment conditions, legal information, and terms and conditions.

msnl website - weedium

Shopping Online Experience with MSNL

The easiest part about the website is the shopping experience. When you click on or select a seed strain of your choice, you can read more about it before deciding to purchase. If you decide to buy a product, you’ll notice promotions or sales related to each strain listed on or just below the chosen seeds. For example, certain strains may be promoted at 20% off if you buy two or more in one order. Any products that are unavailable or sold-out will be indicated as such before you select them.

Once you select the seeds of your choice, you can add them to your shopping basket or mark them on your “wish list” to purchase at a later time. If you’re registered as a regular customer, you may be able to receive points on every purchase. The approximate number of points eligible are indicated on the page when you select a seed product.

You’ll also find further details about the strain, shipping options, the price per number of seeds, and customer reviews about the specific strain. There are many details offered for each strain available for purchase, which may seem overwhelming at first. It’s also worth reading and learning about each product’s effects and outcome before finalizing your choice.

All the Details, Expectations, and Customer Review of Each Strain Before Your Purchase

The website offers all the resources, details, and transparent customer feedback on your way through the shopping process to make a knowledgeable decision. The type of climate best for growing, the plant’s height, whether it’s best to grow indoors or outdoors, and what yield to expect are details included with each product.

If you’re new to a specific strain or type of seed, read all the information provided with the product description carefully and assess if you have the proper equipment, climate, and settings to grow the seeds successfully.

Making an Informed Decision

MSNL provides all the tools, resources, details about their seeds, and much more, so you don’t have to guess! Their website’s detailed information and links to outside sources provide more than enough for the customer to make an informed decision on their next purchase.

Company Promotions, Discounts, and Specials

Seasonal specials, promotions, and discounts are featured on the website’s banner across the main page. You’ll notice the wide range of specials as soon as you visit. Need information on featured free seed samples offered with each order? Looking for details on new strains offered for sale? Taking the time to review all the specials and updates on the banner alone is valuable and can save you a lot on your order.

If your goal is to receive the best deal on your next order, you may combine the various seeds on sale or offered at a discount if purchasing as the specified amount to maximize your savings. One of the top features of MSNL is the sheer volume of sales and promotions you’ll encounter every time you visit the website.

Loyalty Program for Earning Points

In addition to the generous promotions and sales offered daily on the website, MSNL offers an excellent rewards program that adds points for every purchase you make. This program has many benefits, including guaranteed discounts on products when redeeming accumulated points and no limits to the number of points you earn or how many you can redeem on a future purchase. There’s no expiry date for earning or using the points, so they can add up indefinitely or use at any time you need them!

There is more than one method to earn points with MSNL. In addition to purchases, you can earn points by referring new customers, signing up for the company’s newsletter, and when you celebrate your birthday. You’ll also receive bonus points every time you review a product, which is a great incentive to obtain customer feedback on various seed strains. There is a convenient tracking tool that shows how many points you have to date, and these can be used towards any purchase when you place your order.

Payment Methods

There are lots of payment options to purchase your seeds online through MSNL. One of the most popular is bitcoin, which allows you to receive a 15% discount on orders. Debit cards and credit cards are accepted, and you’ll receive a notification by email once the order is placed, which allows you to track your shipment. For debit cards, it’s recommended that bank institutions outside of the EU are contacted to ensure payment is accepted, as this may be an issue with some financial companies.

Bank wire transfers and cash are also acceptable methods, though the funds must be received before the shipment can be processed. While cash is available in several currencies, it is recommended that this form of payment be sent by registered mail for added security. This method will also help prevent unnecessary delays. Cash payments received will be confirmed by email.

Are the Payment Methods Secure?

All payment methods made online are secure. Payment details are never stored online, and the site is encrypted, so your information is safe when making a purchase. The payment process is easy to use and requires filling out a simple form once you have your selected seeds ready to purchase.

While cash is the least safe purchase option, all other methods are confirmed by email, so you have a discreet record of your order and a method of tracking your shipment.

Once you become familiar with the company’s products and receive a few orders by mail, you’ll want to check out the blog linked to MSNL’s website. This option provides an excellent opportunity to explore various recipes, uses, and ways to enjoy cannabis.

msnl - marijuana seeds nl blog - weedium

You’ll also find links to helpful tutorials, basics, and other tools for growing and using cannabis. If you’re new to cannabis, you’ll discover a whole world and lifestyle that encompasses it, and MSNL offers an excellent opportunity to exploring everything related to cannabis products, recipes, and more.

From highlights of the cannabis industry, new legislation around the world, and industry facts, to tutorials on creating your first tincture or storing your marijuana seeds, the blog is educational, entertaining, and practical in several ways. When you initially visit the blog, you’ll notice the latest posts are available to read, with a link to each article.

On the left side of the page, categories for each website area, including historical or archived information, can also be found and searched. This is especially useful if you are looking for a specific topic, such as growing tips for indoor cultivation or finding the perfect strain for your next cultivation project.

Cannabis Lifestyle and Practical Advice from the Company’s Blog

Using cannabis has expanded into a worldwide culture from ancient practices to modern recipes and strains for special occasions. You’ll find many useful and fun ideas in the lifestyle section of the company’s blog, offering everything from entertaining ways to use cannabis to calculate dosage amounts and enjoy an indulgence during a festive season.

You’ll also find the lighter side of cannabis featured in posts about using bongs, how to enjoy your “high,” and easy ways to roll a joint. It’s a fun and pleasurable site to explore in your free time or with friends.

Growing Tips and Help

MSNL wants to ensure their customers have access to all they need to grow a thriving strain of cannabis, and the blog’s Growing Tips section is the perfect place to find a lot of information and resources. While cultivation doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s essential to choose the correct type of soil, climate, and setting to grow your plants.

From a full guide on growing cannabis to unique techniques in using compost, indoor growing, and how to cure leaves, you’ll find a lot of excellent advice for beginners and customers looking for new and innovative ideas for their next batch.

Updates and Current News in the Cannabis Industry

If you’re looking for news of upcoming legislation or newly passed laws on the subject, you’ll find many articles on the Industry News section of the blog. The company takes a leadership role in providing up-to-date information from reliable news sources and how this impacts the international cannabis business.

There are interesting facts and findings listed on the blog and discoveries about strains of cannabis, trends in products, and much more.

The Customer Service: How Well Does the Company Rank?

At best, the customer service is considered average. While some customers have better experiences than others, this is one area that could benefit from improvement. If you prefer using MSNL’s online contact method, the service team is usually quick to respond to inquiries within 24 hours of receiving a request.

The customer service representatives are friendly and helpful and usually resolve your issues within 72 hours. While this department is considered adequate in handling customer inquiries and complaints, it is also considered an area that could use further support and improvement.

While the company strives to resolve issues within specific timelines, there have been reports of not receiving a response at all or receiving a call or email outside of the time frame. If you contact the customer service team by phone, you’ll find helpful, courteous staff.

The online form can take longer for a response, and this may be due to a large volume of inquiries that occur at once. Every customer experience is different, though overall, the interaction with the company is mostly positive.

What if There’s Dissatisfaction with the Product?

The majority of customers are delighted with their seeds, though, in the event of failed germination, little the customer service department can do to resolve this issue. There is no refund for dissatisfied customers who cannot germinate seeds or are not content with their plants’ outcome.

Due to UK laws, germination cannot be discussed with customers. Other resources are needed if further assistance is required for this process. If the package ordered arrives damaged or not with the correct seeds or strains requested, customer service will do their best to resolve the matter, though this must be done within seven days of receiving the order.

In the event MSNL suspects a customer has acted outside of the agreement’s terms, the company can and will cancel any orders placed and offer a full refund. This may be due to a violation of national law, even if it isn’t against legislation in the customer’s country of origin or residence. MSNL ensures that all practices, including customer service discussions, are conducted within the UK’s laws governing cannabis.

Summary of Pros and Cons of MSNL

MSNL lives up to its excellent reputation of providing a spectacular range of high-quality seed strains for reasonable, low costs. All the seeds are grown in-house, so they are well supervised and tested to ensure the best outcome for germination and cultivation. Considering the affordability and quality of the company’s seeds, it’s an advantage above many competitors. There are two main “cons” about MSNL, which relates to customer service levels and the lack of guarantee for germination.

While the seeds are of the highest grade available on the market, there is no refund or replacement for seeds that do not germinate. There is always the risk that an occasional seed with being “dead,” though this is rare, and customers are generally delighted with the cost and quality of strains offered.

The company’s customer service is rated as average and could use some changes, even at a minimum, to establish a reliable performance in this area. Overall, the company scores highly in its brand and offers consistently excellent seeds with every order. It’s perfect for new and long-time customers.

What Makes MSNL Stand out as a Premier Cannabis Seed Bank?

The sheer volume of seeds makes MSNL stand out from its competitors, allowing for a lower price and benefits to customers. In addition to a company blog with a wealth of resources and helpful tools, a loyalty program, and lots of discounts, there are seasonal specials and fun events such as competitions and incentives for customers to get involved with the community and win some free seeds or other related products. MSNL offers consistently high-quality products all year-round and has secured its place in the industry as one of the world’s top seed banks.

The company is a leader in online business, offering one of the top, easy-to-use websites for shopping and resources in the cannabis industry. Their uniquely inclusive and detailed website is easy to use and sets a high standard for other companies and affiliates to follow.

The company supports customers of all backgrounds, from individual growers to medium and larger-scale companies. MSNL supports its clients by providing as much information as possible to lead them to success in all their growing projects and business ventures involving cannabis and related products.

MSNL is a world-class leader in the cannabis industry, whether you’re looking for various seed strains, competitive pricing, and a user-friendly website with excellent references to resources and outside support. The company stands behind 20 years of science and superior products that have helped its brand grow continuously while providing customers’ best experience.

There are many options for customers regarding products, seed varieties, discount types, payment methods, and shipping options. The company continues to expand and improve its reputation, offering competitive pricing and incredible promotions continually.

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