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Paradise Seeds has been around for a long time. They are a Netherlands-based seed bank and one of the oldest and most reputable ones. Paradise Seeds is happy to keep up the Dutch tradition of producing the best cannabis in the world. Paradise Seeds offers premium seeds of high quality, a 95% germination guarantee, and incredible customer service. Paradise Seeds provides award-winning strains to their customers and they ship discreetly within Europe. They are based in Amsterdam and provide a secure and safe location for customers to purchase grade A cannabis.

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Paradise Seeds is based out of Amsterdam, the weed capital of the world. This cannabis seed bank was founded by Luc Krol. Krol worked on perfecting his brand throughout the1980’s. Luc Krol officially established Paradise Seeds in 1994. Luc Krol’s seedbank has the longest established internet presence and they have maintained a great reputation along the way.

Paradise Seeds has government backing to produce their strains. Licensed by the Canadian government and governments within South America, Paradise Seeds strains are grown by experts. Paradise Seeds has won 25 Cannabis cups since being established.

Paradise Seeds offers award winning cannabis seeds, and the customer can expect good quality with every purchase.

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Goals and Principles

Luc Krol and the Paradise Seeds team have strived to produce the best strains of feminized and autoflowering seeds. They want to produce quality seeds that are consistent from one generation of seed to the next. Paradise Seeds has promised their customers that they will receive nothing but the best when they place an order. Paradise Seeds will never offer a second best seed on their website.

When Luc Krol was in the founding stages of Paradise Seeds, the poor breed of hash that was being imported to him was less than impressive. Krol’s mission arose, he was going to crossbreed strains from the U.S. and produce a seed that was of memorable quality. That is exactly what he did. Those seeds are exactly what Paradise Seeds have to offer their loyal and first time customers.

Paradise Seeds produces all their product in a controlled environment, from sowing their seeds to collecting them. This ensures the customer is getting only the best of the best. Anything less can be removed before the quality goes down.

Paradise Seeds works hard and competes in several cannabis awards to sell nothing less than the best. Paradise Seeds online reviews reveal customers who are surprised by the quality and the high yield from the seeds they have purchased.  

Seed Variety and quality

Paradise Seeds has a good variety of strains to choose from, but the variety is not limitless. Paradise Seeds only sells autoflowering seeds and feminized seeds. They have something for everyone. If a customer is looking for a cannabis seed superstore Paradise Seeds is the wrong website.

Paradise Seeds is known for their quality of products. Luc Krol got them started early and his work has only been improved with time. The Paradise Seeds team choose the best genetics and follow the plant all through the growing process to ensure anything less than the best gets weeded out. All of their seeds are produced organically and in a controlled environment. The Paradise Seeds team is known to be picky about which strains they sell, and they take care of their seeds with meticulous care. 

Paradise Seeds products have amazing germination rates. They offer several strains that have a variety of tastes and a unique high. Their seeds are reliable, their product is potent, and their strains produce buds quickly.

Two featured and well sought after products Paradise Seeds offers is Sensei Star, and El Dorado OG. Sensei Star is an award winning strain. It has a high THC content and is a strong indica. El Dorado OG is a great strain for medicinal purposes. It is potent and causes a relaxing sensation.

Paradise Seeds carries about 40 different strains of feminized and autoflowering seeds. They also offer a mixed seed pack so customers can try several strains at once. The mixed packs are a great way to obtain variety when growing for personal use.

Paradise Seeds produces high quality seeds, and the customer gets what they pay for. Other seed banks offer cheaper prices but the difference in price also reflects the difference in quality. Purchasing with Paradise Seeds the customer is guaranteed a great product.

The prices for the strains Paradise Seeds offers can vary from strain to strain. For one seed a customer could pay anywhere between 7€ and 14€. For a pack of ten seeds a customer can expect to pay between 55€ and 110€. Some strains do not offer a one seed buy. Each strain is priced a little different, but these are the average prices asked for.   

Buying in bulk can save a customer money, the prices go down the more seeds that are bought and can qualify for free shipping as well.

Autoflowering and Feminized

Autoflowering seeds grow faster and are ready to harvest sooner. Do not think growing faster means there is a lack of potency or quality. Paradise Seeds has worked with the genetics of both autoflowering and feminized seeds to ensure they are the best.

Autoflowering seeds are not dependent on light. They do not need a regular 12 on 12 off light schedule to produce a hearty yield. They grow short and dependent on ager rather than light. Autoflowering seeds are great for new growers because they are such a hands off plant.

Autoflowering seeds are hard to clone without the proper equipment which makes purchasing the product appealing. The hard work is already done. Paradise Seeds autoflowering plants are organic and are bred for taste a vigor. These plants are great for smaller spaces, shorter summers, and stealthy growing. Paradise Seeds autoflowering plants are also perfect for multiple harvests in one season.

Feminized seeds are engineered to only produce female plants. If a grower plants a random seed they have to be able to determine if the plant growing is a male or female plant. This add extra work for the grower and could be a waster of time. If the plant grows and is determined to be male it will not create the buds the grower was hoping for.

Feminized seeds eliminate that step. The seeds can be grown fully with no worry about the gender. This can also allow plants to grow close together through the whole grow cycle because cross pollination will not affect the plant.

Paradise Seeds feminized plants are engineered in a controlled environment. Their feminized seeds are championship quality and full of flavor. Paradise Seeds offers feminized strains that are stable and resinous. The produce a plant that can be relied on and guaranteed to be the best plant. Paradise Seeds are potent and the indica, sativa, and CBD ratios of each strain is different to accommodate everyone’s taste preferences.

To explore more into feminized and autoflowering seeds check out the link below. This link can help you decide which kind of seed would be best for you.


Paradise Seeds offers their customers a 95% germination guarantee. To qualify for the guarantee the soil and the parameters in which the seeds are grown have to be appropriate.

Paradise Seeds provides grow reports for their customers to review prior to purchasing a product. These reports allow the customer to learn about the various strains Paradise Seeds stocks. The grow reports provide everything there is to know about cultivating the specific strain a customer has chosen.

The report explains what a customer can expect through the germination period. It outlines how many seeds were planted, where, and how long it took them to break through the ground. The grow reports also outline what to expect during the flowering stage. It explains how long the strain chosen will be in the flowering stage and if the plant omits an odor while it grows. Some plants produce an overwhelming cannabis smell when they grow.

The grow report will inform a customer how many grams of product the plant produced when it was ready to harvest. This report also explains to a customer how the plant smoked, and what to expect. It also informs the customer of the potent smell the buds can omit.

The grow report is a great resource for customers. First time growers can use the information as a guideline when growing. More professional growers can use the grow reports to determine if they have the right conditions to grow the plant the best.

The grow report also informs a customer of the best light needed, the best way to water it when growing, and the temperature the strain will grow best at. Paradise Seeds provides an in depth examination of each plant. If this is followed and referenced several times through the germination and growing process, the germination guarantee will not need to be used. However, if all the steps and references are used, followed, and the seed does not grow a customer would qualify for a new order.

Reviewing these reports before purchasing the seeds can ensure a customer germinates them properly and knows what to expect when growing.


Paradise Seeds provides a tab on their website labeled info. This tab can bring a customer to the grow reports, grow information, order information, and an about us page. It also has a news link that brings the customer to a page the resembles a blog.

The articles are organized and listed in a way that is easy to scroll through. Some seedbanks have an overwhelming blog that can be an endless list of articles and information.

The news section on the Paradise Seeds website outlines information such as how to make your own soil for the cannabis plants purchased. Paradise Seeds also had a 50% off valentine’s day sale and they advertised it in the news tab.

The news tab provided by Paradise Seeds is a great way to learn how fungus can benefit a cannabis seed. A customer can also find out which lights are the best to use when growing their plants indoors.

They currently have an interesting article titled “Chong’s Choice Collection Becomes Tommy Chong’s Collection.” This is an amazing article for those who know who Tommy Chong is. This famous cannabis user and comedian has his own line of cannabis through Paradise Seeds. That is awesome! It is also a great way to find out what the elites are using and help a customer choose their own strains to purchase.

Paradise Seeds provides an abundance of information for their customers. They go above and beyond in every aspect to make sure their customers have the best experience with them. Subscribe to their newsletter and never miss an article or promotion.

420 Events

Paradise Seeds has won awards in several cannabis categories. They participate in events across the globe including Cultiva, Cannafest, Canapa Mundi which is the International Cannabis Fair of Rome. You can also find the Paradise Seeds team at the Indica Sativa Trade Show in Bologna.

Paradise Seeds also participates in Spannabis, the annual cannabis trade show in Spain. At this trade show Paradise Seeds offers information and professional advice to other growers. The Paradise Seeds team also attended the ExpoWeed in South America, and the North Grow Cannabis Expo that occurs in Copenhagen.

The Paradise Seeds team has won 25 cannabis cups since they have been established. In 2003 Paradise Seeds strain Sensi Star won the plant of the year award. When browsing through the Paradise Seeds website, a customer can see a small trophy next to some of the strain’s images. If a customer hovers their mouse over the trophy image, they can view all of the awards that particular strain has won. This is an impressive feature. Not only can the customer get the best quality seeds from Paradise Seeds, but they can also get award winning strains and know which awards their favorite strains have won. 

Paradise Seeds sponsors the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour. This event helps raise money that is dedicated to research of medical cannabis, specifically as a cancer treatment.

Paradise Seeds has made a positive name for themselves in the cannabis world. They provide the best product to their customers. A customer will never receive anything less than the best from Paradise Seeds.

Promotions and Discounts

Paradise Seeds has a new promotion every month. They also sell Paradise Seeds apparel and occasionally those can be a sale item as well. They offer discounts, they provide give away prizes, and free seeds with every order.

Any customer can put in the code YYBHTFCM and receive a 10% discount on any order. This code will work all year long.

Also, customers who sign up for the Paradise Seeds newsletter will receive a 10% discount. Qualifying customer can register with the Medical Cannabis Program and receive a 50% discount on all seeds.

Paradise Seeds original prices may seem a little high. However, Paradise Seeds gives their customers plenty of opportunity to buy discounted seeds, especially first time buyers.  

Payment Method

Checking out with Paradise Seeds is easy with their many payment options. For European customers credit cards are an accepted form of payment. Paradise Seeds will accept cash, wire transfers, GiroPay, iDeal, Sofort, and Cryptocurrencies for all orders within and outside of Europe.

Customers that pay with cash can mail their payment in. The address can be found on the Paradise Seeds order information page. However, if the cash is lost in transit it is the customers responsibility to find the envelope or provide a second form of payment. The customer will not be reimbursed for the lost cash. Orders will not be processed until payment is received.

When checking out a customer can choose to complete their order as a guest, or they can create an account. When an account is created Paradise Seeds will save all the customers details for next time. Creating an account makes the check out process the second time complete faster.

Paradise Seeds will never give out a customer’s personal information to any third parties. All payments are processed securely and safely to ensure customer information is protected.  


Paradise Seeds will not ship to the U.S. Customers who reside within Europe will spend about 10€ on shipping. Those customers who reside outside of Europe will spend about 16€ for shipping. If a customer would like a cheaper shipping option, they can choose the regular mail option and pay 5€ for shipping.

The Paradise Seeds team recommends choosing the registered mail options. This option will provide the customer with a tracking number and these packages are much easier to find if they are lost in transit.

Free shipping is available to customers shipping within Europe if they spend 100€ or more on their order. For customers who are shipping their package outside of Europe 200€ needs to be spent to qualify for free shipping.

Paradise Seeds provides discreet packaging. Seeds will be sent in a crush proof, neutral looking envelope. The only thing that will show up on the package is the customers address.

When a package is shipped the customer will be provided with a registration number to track the package. Customers who are shipping within Europe will also get guaranteed delivery insurance. If the package is lost in transit Paradise Seeds will reship the order at no additional cost to the customer. However, customers shipping outside of Europe will not receive the guaranteed delivery insurance. Packages being shipped outside Europe will still receive the tracking information.

Shipping within Europe can take 2 to 7 business days. Packages shipping outside Europe will take about a week to arrive. These packages could also take longer depending on how far away your country is. Any customer can contact Paradise Seeds customer service and ask if seeds can be shipped to their country.

Paradise Seeds reminds customers that growing cannabis can be illegal in some countries. It is up to the customer to be up to date on the laws regarding cannabis in their own location. Paradise Seeds is not responsible for seized packages, or plants.

Customer Service

There are several ways to contact Paradise Seeds customer service. Customer Service representatives can be reached through phone, email, or live chat. All of the contact information for the Paradise Seeds representatives is available on the website.

Paradise Seeds is present on several 420 forums and they are quite active through social media. Customer reviews have described Paradise Seeds representatives as friendly, helpful, and quick to respond.

Paradise Seeds customers are encouraged to review the detailed grow reports on the strains they are interested in purchasing. They are very helpful and often answer customers frequently asked questions. 

Website Usability

The Paradise Seeds website is impressive and easy to navigate. They have a search engine that is easy and convenient to use. The tabs are clean and nicely laid out. Overall, the Paradise Seeds website is amazing.

They have interactive and moving banners that peak interest. Each tab has several sub tabs to organize the content of the website. Each tab has an awesome and appropriate image rather than just being a word to click on. The Paradise Seeds website is fun and engaging to browse through. They provide all the information any customer could possibly need.

They provide separate tabs to categorize feminize, autoflowering, and CBD seeds. They also provide filters that can sort the products by THC and CBD content. A customer can also use a filter to sort the products by flowering time. For those customers who know exactly which strain they are looking for, the website has an easily accessed search bar. A customer can search by keywords or strain names.

The Paradise Seeds website offers detailed descriptions of each strains. They outline the features, effects, and information about the THC or CBD content within the strain. The descriptions also provide information on the ideal growing conditions and the harvest times. As well as how much product each strain can be predicted to yield. The Paradise Seeds website also provides other customer reviews for specific strains.

A customer on the Paradise Seeds website will be able to find exactly what they are looking for and have all the information they could need available to them. When a customer visits the homepage of the site in the middle, they will find a list of the current featured products. This section of the website lays out the best cannabis strains that are currently the most popular.

This can be helpful for first time cannabis seed buyers. The other most helpful thing the website provides is a list of tags located at the bottom of the home page. This section provides the customer with accurate keywords to search by.

Paradise Seeds also provides cannabis related merchandise, and that tab is easy to find and access as well. This website and all the links with in it are safe to use.  

Medical Cannabis Program

In January 2018 Paradise Seeds started a medical marijuana program that would help their medicinal users. Customers can enroll in the medical cannabis program and they will receive a 50% discount on all of their seed purchases through Paradise Seeds. This discount is only available for the medicinal customers.

To become active in the Medical Cannabis Program through Paradise Seeds a customer needs to provide a valid ID and medical documentation stating their need for medical cannabis. This can be a prescription, or a doctor’s note. Any documentation that states the need for medicinal cannabis.

Luc Krol said, “Growing medical cannabis for personal use should be a human right. This discount is a token of our belief and we hope this program will be of help to those patients who need it most.”

Paradise Seeds sponsors the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour. The proceeds from this event are used to fund research for medical cannabis use. The company that puts on the bike tour is a non profit organization. They are dedicated to helping those who use medical cannabis get the most out of it. The research is endless, and Paradise Seeds does their part to help their community.  


While Paradise Seeds is a reputable company with positive influence in the world, there are a few things that some customers have deemed negative.

First, they have a very limited shipping range. They do not ship to the United States. They also only ship to select country’s outside of Europe. They do not provide the guaranteed delivery insurance for packages being shipped outside Europe.

Some customers are upset with how high the prices are through Paradise Seeds. While the prices are high, remember how great the quality is. They also provide different promotions and discounts that make it possible to shop strains for cheaper.

Paradise Seeds does not accept credit card payments from customers outside of Europe. This is another negative aspect of purchasing through Paradise Seeds that customers have complained about. However, there are several other options that can be chosen, and the customer service representatives are more than happy to help determine the best payment method.


Overall Paradise Seeds is a positive experience and a wonderful company to purchase cannabis seeds through. They have three decades of cannabis genetics experience under their belt. Paradise Seeds is dedicated to providing the best product they can to their customers.

The Paradise Seeds website is usable for all customers. It is straightforward and a customer can quickly find the product they are looking for. The website provides extensive information and resources for their customers to use. The Website is well organized and fun to browse through.

Customer service is easy to contact and their response time is quick as well. Paradise Seeds is dedicated to their customers. They have a large social media presence. They also participate in many 420 forums. A customer or interested person, can find Paradise Seeds reps in other locations on the internet besides the regular customer service channels. They are very reachable.

Paradise Seeds provides their customers with high quality feminized, autoflowering, and CBD seeds. The strains from Paradise Seeds are the best and the most potent. The seeds have a high germination rate. They produce high crop yields and are worth the price being asked.

There are only about 40 strains to choose from, but each strain is unique and the best of the best. Paradise Seeds provides mind blowing genetics to their customer. The website also provides amazing images of the strains a customer is about to grow. Paradise Seeds has achieved a reputation that would name them the best seed bank in the world. Paradise Seeds is a place where connoisseurs of cannabis and novices in the niche can come together and enjoy the best product hard work has produced.

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