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Sativa cannabis seeds – there’s nothing more popular than this type of cannabis! Whether you’re looking for something to kickstart your creativity or just for the sake of experiencing an adventure, Sativa cannabis seeds are there to help. This cannabis strain is considered to be an all-rounder with its game, providing a mind-blowing potency, variety of flavors and beautiful aromas in the best sativa cannabis seeds there in the world.

The effect of sativa cannabis seeds is undoubtedly breath-taking but even the look of the beautiful bud alone is very fascinating. Every grower and consumer around the world have sativa cannabis seeds as their first choice, so it is for a fact that this cannabis is very famous. People often have this misconception that Sativa cannabis seeds aren’t as strong and potent as Indica cannabis seeds – in fact, Sativa cannabis seeds have around 20-30% THC which is similar to all the top-shelf Indica cannabis seeds!

Indica might make you drowsy and lazy, but Sativa is going to get you high without all the laziness! The high from best Sativa cannabis seeds makes you thoughtful and feel more cerebral, and this is the reason why it makes people creative. Sativa cannabis seeds actually have a completely opposite effect as compared to their Indica counterparts; this means that while Indica is going to make you relax and chill out, Sativa cannabis seeds are going to make you more energetic and livelier.

Where can I buy sativa cannabis seeds?

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What are the best Sativa cannabis seeds out there?

The options are limitless when it comes to buying sativa cannabis seeds – you can pick from pure landrace varieties to sativa-dominant hybrids, the choice is yours! However, before you decide which choice to make, it’s better to know everything about the best Sativa cannabis seeds out there and then pick one for yourself. For your next grow, if you’re confused about which Sativa cannabis seed to pick, fret no longer. We have compiled a list in this guide with every detail you might need to know about the best Sativa cannabis seeds, so pick up your notebook and start making pointers right away!

10. Stardawg Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Pungent yet highly potent sativa cannabis seeds; we’re talking about the Stardawg. Smells like skunk, diesel, and citrus while having a THC content of 21%, Stardawg is the type of sativa you’d want to grow if you’re looking for the energetic morning buzz and a cerebral high.


  • The uplifting effects of Stardawg help the patients suffering from anxiety disorders and fatigue.
  • A perfect remedy for people who are lethargic and feel down when starting their mornings.
  • Long-lasting effects that keep you in a good mood, so it is recommended if you are looking to relieve stress, pain and depression.
  • Can help people with digestive issues as well.


  • Using too much of Stardawg can make you dizzy, give you a headache and also cause paranoia.
  • It is highly potent, so it can also cause dry mouth and eyes but hydration can be helpful to subdue this.

The lineage of Stardawg is top-quality and the strain itself is an all-rounder. So, we can safely tell you that if you head out to grow Stardawg sativa cannabis seeds in your garden, you wouldn’t regret it.

9. Chocolope Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Fancy a cuppa of hot mocha latte? We bet you’d love Chocolope Sativa cannabis then. The taste of this strain is ethereal, just as if you were enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with a gist of vanilla as well. Do you like smoking up before starting your mornings for the energizing effects? Try Chocolope and you wouldn’t regret it.


  • Chocolope Sativa cannabis is bound to get the gears in your brain working if you’re looking for weed that’s going to help you concentrate and focus on daily tasks.
  • The effect brought by Chocolope is cerebral indeed, but not psychoactive. You can function way better and not feel lazy/tired!
  • Brings relaxation and relief to people suffering from anxiety, depression, stress and PTSD.
  • With its 95% Sativa index, this ganja can bring energy and subdue pain brought by chronic illnesses, muscle spasms, and migraines too.


  • High THC content in Chocolope might cause panic attacks and paranoia, but only if you take too much of it.
  • Most common side effect of this sativa cannabis strain is the cottonmouth, but hydration can keep this at bay.
  • Can also rarely cause dry eyes, but keeping your eyes moisturized would help overcome this side effect too.

For beginners and also professionals, Chocolope is an amazing sativa cannabis to grow. The side effects are minimal to zero, and the energizing effects of this strain will have you coming back for more! The chocolaty paradise brought by Chocolope is simply incomparable.

8. Gorilla Glue Sativa Cannabis Seeds

This gorgeous-looking Sativa plant is not just about the looks, but gives an excellent high as well. Gorilla Glue tastes like coffee and chocolate, delicious in all of its entirety, and is a cross between Sour Dubble, Chocolate Diesel and Chem’s Sister. Every 420-lover knows that Gorilla Glue is a stunner!


  • Gorilla Glue is beneficial for all those suffering from gum diseases and muscle spasms and provides relief to them.
  • Contains a high THC content, which can be helpful for insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, and OCD as well.
  • This strain also helps with chronic pain by offering relaxation.


  • Most common side effect of consuming Gorilla Glue is the dry mouth that comes with it, but you can hydrate yourself throughout and it won’t affect you as much.
  • In extreme scenarios, Gorilla Glue can also make you anxious and paranoid, but only if you take too much of it.

Gorilla Glue can easily qualify as one of the most potent buds in the cannabis world. However, you need to be very careful while consuming it because taking too much of this strain might make you paranoid and might induce a panic attack as well.

7. Sour Diesel Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Being the most pungent smelling strain out there in the world, Sour Diesel owes all of it to the strong odor of gasoline, skunk and also lemon! However, the effect brought by Sour Diesel is just as strong and is the favorite of many.


  • SD has a very strong effect on the mind and emotions, so it is a good relief from mental disorders.
  • Ideally suited for all those who suffer from depression, anxiety and stress because it brings back life and energy in one’s day.
  • Deals with headaches and chronic pain after consumption as well.


  • Over-consumption of SD might lead to paranoia, anxiety, and stress.
  • Can cause cottonmouth and dry eyes as well, but this is not an extreme side effect.

Sour Diesel is an amazing sativa cannabis seed strain, and many of the people prefer growing this because of its strength and potency. If you decide to grow Sour Diesel, do know that it is a strain you would never regret laying your hands over.

6. Amnesia Haze Sativa Cannabis Seeds

With genetics adopted by multiple parent strains like Jamaica, Hawaii, Afghani and more, Amnesia Haze is a very diverse sativa cannabis strain. The taste of this strain is very crisp and refreshes the person completely; the taste features gist of pine trees, lemon, citrus, and fresh goodness of the earth itself.


  • Helps with patients who have mood disorders, helping them function daily without their mood affecting much.
  • Amnesia Haze’s uplifting and joyful vibe helps with depression that comes from BPD.
  • Stress-relief by the relaxation effect in this strain is very beneficial too.
  • Brings motivation and energy in the mood and makes the person more enthusiastic as well.


  • Amnesia Haze does not have many side effects, but can induce cottonmouth which can be taken care of after proper hydration.
  • Only rarely will Amnesia Haze cause dry and red eyes which can be irritating but nothing eye drops can’t fix.

Amnesia Haze Sativa cannabis seeds are brilliant to use if you suffer from chronic pain, depression, fatigue, or just simply need a kick to go through your day.

5. Durban Poison Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Don’t be scared by its name; it’s completely non-toxic. Originating from South African landraces, Durban Poison sativa cannabis seeds uplift your mood, give you an energetic outlook, and provide you with a relaxation that’ll have you craving this bud more. The flavor is delicious; you can taste cream, vanilla, oranges, and a gist of spice in this bud too.


  • Great for medicinal purposes, particularly seizures, and can be used during the day or at night as well.
  • Durban Poison will make you motivated and allow you to concentrate without giving you a stoned and lazy feeling.
  • Has been referred to as a ‘happy pill’ and will get you energized before a workout sesh or any other thing you’d need to be attentive for.


  • Mild side-effects may include dry mouth and also dry eyes, and this problem can easily be solved by keeping yourself hydrated throughout the consumption and using eye drops.

If you’re able to find the authentic version of Durban Poison, you’re surely going to enjoy the high. This weed is one of the most popular ones that you can find out there, and certainly one of the best ones from the Sativa breeds.

4. Strawberry Cough Sativa Cannabis Seeds

What more can we tell you about Strawberry Cough sativa cannabis seeds? This weed tastes like strawberry, but it will also make you cough! If you have a sweet tooth that you’ve been wanting to satisfy with weed, you’ll find all of that in Strawberry Cough. With a sugary taste that is similar to candy, Strawberry Cough will have you wanting to come back for more.  


  • Considered to be the ultimate mental health marijuana strain as it helps with various mental health issues and lowers stress levels.
  • Allows your heart to comfortably slow down, making you focus and concentrate without causing anxiety.
  • Can also help with fatigue, nausea, and pain.
  • Can help with seasonal affective disorder and ADHD.


  • Can make you cough, and this worsens by the added disadvantage of dry mouth/cottonmouth.
  • Rarely, Strawberry Cough sativa may cause a headache along with dizziness.
  • Can also cause dry eyes, but you can deal with this issue by the help of eye drops.

In short, if you’re looking for a kick-ass high with strains that will provide you with the best flavor out there, do try Strawberry Cough Sativa cannabis seeds. This bud have second-to-none potent cerebral effects and will make the consumer feel like a social butterfly – it is also very widely available in most reputable cannabis dispensaries, so it’s not difficult to find either!

3. Green Crack Sativa Cannabis Seeds

An option that can be smoked during the day or at night as well; Green Crack Sativa Cannabis Seeds. It surely is called Green Crack, but there’s nothing artificial about this bud! Once you’ve laid your eyes on this beauty, and smoked it too of course, you’d definitely want to have more of its energetic and upbeat high. Greek Crack sativa cannabis seeds have been inbred with the hybrid strain Skunk no., containing around 15-20% of THC content.


  • Green Crack sativa can be used to assist those suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, exhaustion, or a medical condition in general.
  • The strong sativa effect embedded in Green Crack cannabis is build to get you up and working no matter how bad your day might be going.
  • Reports have suggested that consuming a higher dosage of Green Crack might help consumers deal with the problem of fatigue.


  • Most common side-effect of consuming Green Crack sativa cannabis seeds is dry mouth. Hydration, for this very reason, is very important while smoking.
  • Consumers have also reported a case of paranoia, dry eyes, and dizziness as well but this goes hand in hand with dehydration.
  • Heavy sativa content in Green Crack sativa cannabis seeds might lead to insomnia and restlessness at night.

In short, using Green Crack sativa cannabis seeds might leave you with a good high without compromising on your sanity as well. It’s not going to make you dysfunctional but it will give you a long-lasting effect with more energy and simultaneously bring up your mood as well. Green Crack sativa cannabis seeds do not even need a high level of THC because the impact is just as desirable without a high THC content. Try it out once and you’ll find your entire body being recharged in minutes!

2. Tangie Sativa Cannabis Seeds

As confirmed by its name alone, Tangie sativa cannabis seeds are quite tangy in its taste. This is owed by its sweet and citrus nature; Tangie sativa cannabis seeds are a sativa dominant hybrid strain containing 70% sativa and 30% indica. Many have said that this strain is a tribute to the notorious strain of Tangerine Dream that was famous in 1990s. Tangie sativa cannabis seed is a cross between California Orange and a skunk strain.


  • Tangie Sativa cannabis has a positive and uplifting effect on one’s mood, helping with disorders like depression.
  • The cannabis alters your mood, helping to relieve stress and energizes the consumer if they are dealing with fatigue.
  • Tangie has special effects on people who have an appetite problem as well.


  • Tangie sativa cannabis causes a bad case of dry mouth, and smokers have complained about this as well.
  • Can also cause dry eyes, but this effect is very low and can easily be dealt with through eye drops.
  • People have reported that the potency is a bit too high and might cause anxiousness and make the consumer paranoid as well.
  • Tangie sativa cannabis can also make you a little dizzy after consumption.

Tangie sativa cannabis seeds are one of the most popular strains out there in the world. At the illustrious Cannabis Cups, Tangie sativa cannabis seeds have also won a number of awards, so there’s no need to doubt its potency and quality. Smoking this weed is not only going to give you a high worth remembering, but the experience is going to be extremely delightful; you would definitely want to do it again, all thanks to its attractive aroma and fruity taste. If you are a seasonal smoker, this strain is going to be a perfect option for you and it can be used to enhance one’s mood.

1. Trainwreck Sativa Cannabis Seeds

This Sativa cannabis seed is a cross between Mexican, Afghani, and Thai landraces. The flavor leans towards sweet yet also a little spicy, hinting a gist of lemon, pine, and also earth. Providing a cerebral and a spacy high, Trainwreck sativa cannabis seeds also give you a buzz in your body too! If you have problems with your appetite or need Sativa cannabis seeds for medicinal purposes, try going for Trainwreck because you’re definitely not going to regret it.


  • Trainwreck Sativa cannabis seeds help with medical conditions such as depression, stress, and PTSD.
  • This strain also helps with physical ailments such as chronic pain, migraines, headaches, lack of appetite due to chemotherapy, or muscle spasms as well.
  • Relieves pain and stress in joints, muscles, bones, tendons, and more by relaxing the body. 


  • After consuming Trainwreck sativa cannabis seeds, a person might become prone to panic attacks and might have their anxiety triggered.
  • Can also trigger paranoia amongst consumers, so this strain is not for people who get anxious very quickly.
  • Can cause dry mouth/cottonmouth and even dry eyes after the consumption, but this can easily be countered by hydrating properly and keeping eye drops nearby.

Trainwreck sativa cannabis seeds do their job the best by the help of strong THC content, uplifting your mind and taking you into another realm by relaxing your body completely. If you plan on growing this cannabis seed, do keep in mind that these plants grow quite tall so you might need to accommodate them appropriately. These strains have a very high resistance to mold and pest, so this is another advantage of growing Trainwreck sativa cannabis seeds. Overall, you’re not going to regret growing this strain, but make sure you smoke it up after work.

Things to Consider Before Growing Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Now that you’ve seen the compiled list of our very best and top-rated sativa cannabis seeds, you will have to make the decision about buying and growing one out of them. If you’re that dedicated, you can also grow as many as you want; however, it’s very important to be careful about the decision you make.

Growing sativa is not a very easy business, and you definitely shouldn’t take it lightly either! It’s also important to consider all the aspects before you pick the best sativa cannabis seeds that you can grow for yourself or for others too.

If you want to get a good yield with perfect results, with a high that is unforgettable and has you craving more, you will have to pick the best sativa cannabis seeds to grow for yourself. The decision may seem easy, but it’s not.

You need to take in to account a lot of things before you start your journey, and luckily for you, we’re here to guide you throughout! We know exactly the things you should be considering before you pick the best sativa cannabis seeds to grow in your garden, and below is the list of these things.

Type of Stain

You can pick your sativa cannabis seeds from the options of pure landraces and sativa-dominant hybrid ones. The way a strain grows, its appearance, the potency, terpene levels, and its effects – all of it is based on the genetic lineage of your seeds, so pick very carefully!

Grow Difficulty

If you don’t feel too confident about your growing skills, don’t pick a difficult sativa strain to grow. It’s good to challenge yourself, but there will be no point in it if you end up growing something that you don’t fully understand. This will, in return, defeat the entire purpose of having fun while cultivating sativa cannabis seeds.

Personal Preference

It is always recommended to pick a strain that appeals to you on a personal level. Skim through all the best sativa cannabis seeds that you can grow, and pick the one which will give you the high you want to experience. Apart from all of that, if you’re enthusiastic about the final outcome, you’re definitely going to ace the part where your effort goes in.

Potency and Terpene Profile

Do consider the cannabinoid content in the strain that you decide to pick. This is also just as important as considering the terpene profile as the flavors, the aroma, and the effects in any cannabis are brought by its terpene levels.


Sometimes, you might prefer to just stick to the basics. There are a lot of resources available to learn about Sativa cannabis seeds and we’ve also mentioned adequate information regarding the strains as well. However, you may have some common questions about the topic, and we’ve compiled them below to answer!

What is Sativa strain used to treat?

Sativa cannabis strains are usually rich with medicinal benefits. They are used to treat conditions related to depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and muscle pain too; these strains offer relief and relaxation to the one consuming it.

Does Sativa provide you with energy?

While there is no scientific research over this, everyone who consumes Sativa has agreed that it makes one feel more energetic and euphoric. The effects brought by Sativa are very uplifting and they can help changing one’s mood.

Does Sativa give you munchies?

For people who have eating disorders can consider sativa strains to increase their appetite because one can get a lot of munchies and also stimulate your appetite. However, this also depends on your body’s chemistry and the way it functions, so there’s no proper guarantee.

Does Sativa give you a body high?

While there is not enough information about the body high that comes with Sativa, people have stated that they do get a cerebral high from smoking Sativa.

Does Sativa keep you up at night?

Sativa also does not keep you up at night; it occasionally might, but not always. It brings a lot of relaxation to the person smoking it, so it may actually help you fall asleep.

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