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Seedsman is one of the top sellers of cannabis strain seeds in the world, offering high-quality seeds at reasonably low prices.

The history of Seedsman

Seedsman is one of the top banks of cannabis seeds in the world. They are known widely throughout the cannabis industry for their wide selection and variety of seeds.

The company began in 2003 in the United Kingdom and has grown extensively to become one of the largest seed sellers globally. Due to their high volume of products, Seedsman can sell excellent quality seeds and strains at reasonably low prices to suppliers globally.

They offer genetically modified strains of cannabis seeds strains resistant to disease and animals so that they can be grown widely and successfully. The seeds are of various strains, meaning they are resilient and perform exceptionally well, and for more extended periods.

What other seeds banks are out there?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

Best OverallI Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)
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New Seed BankWeedSeedsExpress
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Best Seed PricesSeedsman
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Best in CanadaCrop King Seeds (CKS)
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Best in EU and UKHerbies Seeds
*Free seed on every $20 Spent
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Best Canada DistributorRocket Seeds
*10 Free Seeds on Order > $420
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7thSensi Seeds
-25% Off on Selected Seeds
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8thSonoma SeedsShop Seeds
9thBeaver SeedsShop Seeds
10thMSNLShop Seeds
11thSunWest GeneticsShop Seeds
12thMary Jane’s GardenShop Seeds
13thMJ Seeds CanadaShop Seeds
14thTrue North Seed BankShop Seeds
15thQuebec Cannabis SeedsShop Seeds
Best in SpainMinistry of CannabisShop Seeds

What is the vision of Seedsman?

Seedsman envisions a world in which cannabis is legally available everywhere to everyone. The company’s mission to ensure the quality of cannabis seed strains continues with consistent quality, improving as science and genetics advance, to meet the needs of growing global demand. Eventually, the firm aims to offer seeds from their large variety to countries that currently do not legally support it.

More countries and regions have legalized cannabis use in recent years, either for medical purposes or both recreational and medical. Depending on the state, country, or region, the amount of possession, licensing for selling, and other controls vary considerably.

Fortunately, the worldwide trend is loosening the restrictive laws that ban cannabis, which is a positive step forward for the industry. For companies like Seedsman, which is one of the largest seed banks, this translates into continual growth and development for the foreseeable future.

To assist in global efforts to improve legalization in more countries, Seedsman actively promotes the benefits of cannabis to educate the public at seminars, trade shows, and other platforms to support this cause and create awareness.

The goal is to work with the UK and other countries to legalize cannabis and improve the potential for further growth and cultivation. Seedsman plans to continue their advocacy for legalization and access to more countries and regions worldwide, allowing governments to regulate better the quality, safety, and production of cannabis seeds and products.

The quality of cannabis strain seeds

Seedsman provides a large variety of seed strains, which are considered high-quality and among the best in the world.

The seed strains are durable due to their genetics, which allows for higher production and predictability, which provides reliable and consistent results. Seedsman sells a wide variety of globally, including feminized cannabis seeds, auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, and seed varieties high in CBD or THC.

There are cannabis seeds genetically designed for indoor cultivation, and others are more suited for growing outdoors. The company’s website offers details on all the seed varieties available and the best conditions to cultivate.

Seedsman works with seed banks worldwide, and while all strains are generally of high value, there are specific strains recommended as among the top picks.

These strains include Northern Lights, Kush, Blueberry, Sour Diesel, Cheese, and White Widow. Each strain of cannabis in this category is specifically blended to achieve particular effects on the body, depending on the purpose they are used, or to cultivate a particular flavor or scent.

For example, the White Widow strain offers a relaxing effect on the body without causing sleepiness or impacting energy levels. In contrast, the Northern Lights strain improves brain function and creative thinking while relaxing muscles and joints.

If you are new to purchasing cannabis seed strains and need a reputable source for your first batch of seeds, Seedsman is an excellent place to start. Not only does the company offer some of the best prices and varieties of seeds, but they also offer excellent tutorials and guides on germination, cultivation, and how to take care of your growing project.

The company has an excellent reputation and is known for its excellent quality of seeds. Seedsman offers beginners and customers new to cultivating cannabis a wide variety of products to make their experience easy and successful.

When prospective customers visit Seedsman’s website, the interface is easy to view and use, offering links to a blog, customer reviews, and details on all the seed strain the company offers. All the seed types are divided and organized by category, making it easy to search for specific strains or groups of seeds. This layout makes it easy to search for specific strains and seed products.

New growers who are unsure of which seeds will produce the best results in a specific climate or growing conditions will find many resources on Seedsman’s website. The seed quality will often produce the most positive results.

Do Seedsman cannabis seed strains germinate?

Customers report good results in the germination of seed strains, with very few problems. On occasion, there is always a chance that a seed or few may not respond to germination, as they are effectively “dead.” However, this is usually uncommon and generally not an issue.

While there are useful reports on Seedsman’s seed strains’ outcome, it does not offer a full guarantee.

Customers are encouraged to contact customer service if there are significant concerns about a specific strain or performance. There are options to remedy the situation, which is worth discussing with a representative if you find a batch of seeds does not germinate.

How does Seedsman compare with other seed banks and sellers in the market?

Overall, Seedsman is rated as one of the world’s top companies in selling cannabis seed strains. A few other companies rank highly, though there are some restrictions or reasons why they lack the same benefits as Seedsman. The differences between and what makes Seedsman a top choice among other highly-ranked companies includes their ability to ship to any country in the world.

The only countries Seedsman doesn’t send orders include places that do not legally allow for the shipping of cannabis products. Seedsman offers quick ordering and delivery, detailed information, tutorials, details on germination, and a wide variety of seed strains.

Many other companies offer excellent, award-winning seed strains, stellar reputations, and product selection. They are not always thoroughly reviewed or well-known, making it difficult to determine how reliable their shipping and products are until they increase their customer base.

Since Seedsman is a large, international company, there are benefits to customers that other firms cannot offer, such as bitcoin as a payment option, low shipping costs, and frequent discounts and specials.

The price range of products

Seedsman provides a wide range of products that vary in price depending on the strain and type of seeds. Generally, all the seeds offered are of excellent quality, with certain strains having more distinct characteristics or popularity, which increases their value.

If you purchase a higher quantity, the price per unit or number of seeds will decrease. For example, if you purchase 100 or 200 seeds instead of 10, you’ll likely find a better bargain for the cost per seed.

Low-cost seed strains

While there are no typically low-end products at Seedsman, there are lower-cost options for purchasing certain seed strains. In this category, you’ll find traditional seed strain varieties, whereas more specialized strains or blends are offered in the middle or high-end price range.

For beginners, low-cost seed strains are ideal, though in general, all seed prices tend to fall within an affordable range.

Middle-range seed strains

In this category are varieties of regular and feminized cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds typically cost more and have grown in popularity in recent years. This is due to removing the male part of the plant, which can take up more space when the plants are grown, becoming a nuisance during the cultivation process.

In many operations, feminized seeds have which have essentially replaced regular seeds. While many products fall into the middle-range line of products, it’s best to research the specific strain to determine if it’s the right option for you.

High-end seed strains: specialized products

In the high-end products, the category is the specialized strains cultivated with different minds, such as White Widow and Northern Lights, among other seed strains. These tend to be the most popular and curated from the best seed banks in the world. High-end strains are featured on the company’s website, along with their unique attributes and flavors.

The higher the cost, the more specialized and popular the strain. If you’re in the market to try a batch of Blueberry or White Widow, for example, you can wait until you’ve collected enough loyalty points to receive a discount on your next order.

Overall, all products from Seedsman are offered at competitive prices, which means customers are getting the best deal comparatively. Buying from this supplier is especially an advantage if you have a loyalty membership and frequently purchase, which means you’re eligible for discounts and free products.

If you’re interested in trying a new strain or seeds for the first time, the free samples offered for purchases over 30£ is an excellent opportunity to invest in one or more new varieties.

Does Seedsman offer reasonable prices for cannabis seeds?

Generally, Seedsman offers a reasonable price for the quality and diversity of the seeds offered. The details of all the seeds offered, their qualities, benefits, and pricing are straightforward and direct comparison with competitors.

Because Seedsman offers such a wide range of strains, they can lower the price on all their products, which is a significant advantage against smaller seed companies. Seedsman regularly works with various seed banks worldwide to ensure they have the best seed strains at the best possible rates.

A loyalty program is another significant advantage of buying from Seedsman. They also offer various payment options and plans, regular sales and promotions, and discounts on their website. Seedsman offers one of the largest selections of seed strains, making them the top company to purchase all of your cannabis seeds from.

Payment options for Seedsman products

All purchases are made online, including a wide variety of options from credit cards, a bank or wire transfer, and debit cards. Bitcoin is accepted and Seedsman’s recommended method of purchase. If you use Bitcoin as your payment option, you’ll be offered a discount on your order, which amounts to approximately 25% off your purchase.

There are alternative ways to make payments, including money order, certified cheque, or cash, depending on where the payment is made. Payments in cash can be made in three currencies: Euros, US dollars, or British pounds.

Is it safe to order from Seedsman?

Seedsman is a highly reputable company with a secure online payment system. Customers are generally pleased with the online ordering system, and any issues with payments or delays in orders are usually resolved amicably by customer service.

All orders are processed and packaged discreetly, which is a significant advantage for customers.

What are the benefits of purchasing from Seedsman online?

Online purchasing is often the most advantageous way to buy goods and services, and Seedsman offers many reasons to purchase directly from their website. Firstly, they accept a wide range of currency and payment methods, which include bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. All payments are processed securely and safely on the company’s website, and you’ll always receive a confirmation and tracking of your shipment.

If you make your purchase online, you have the option of earning points through the company’s loyalty program, as well as access to online-only discounts and promotions. Customers can register for the loyalty program once they sign up for a membership, which is easy.

Earned loyalty points can be applied to future purchases for discounts and free products. The company guarantees timely delivery, and shipping is offered internationally. When the company offers promotions, you may receive free or discounted seeds in your shipment, which is a great incentive.

Before you make your purchase, there are helpful links to learn about seed varieties. The company offers an informative blog, links to interesting facts, and comprehensive details on various seed strains. Online tools linked to the website allow customers to access details on cannabis seeds to make an informed choice on their purchases.

The website is easy to use, which makes the interaction favorable for buyers and prospective customers. With all the information offered, customers can be assured they are making the right decision on which seeds to buy.

All purchases are made online or shipped discreetly, without any product labels or company on the envelope. Only your name and address are marked on the shipment to ensure you receive it. When you buy on the company’s website, you’ll also find frequent discounts and promotions that can be applied to your order as you choose your products.

This is a great advantage to ordering online, as these deals frequently change, though there is always an incentive or perk to placing your next purchase on Seedsman’s website directly.

What is the shipping, rates, and delivery processing time for Seedsman products?

Shipments are typically priced based on the weight of the package. Delivery processing times vary depending on the destination country. For shipments within Europe, orders are typically received within three working days. Shipments to other countries may vary depending on local or regional delivery timeframes and pricing.

Where does the company ship to?

Seedsman ships worldwide, and each order is individually tracked to ensure safe and secure delivery. When an order is placed, you’ll have the option of following its progress through your email and online account. All packages are sent in a small, discreet package (the size of an envelope) with only your name and address.

If you are a member of the company’s loyalty program, you may have the option of receiving loyalty points instead of a refund or exchange towards your next purchase.

It’s important to note that Seedsman is not responsible if an order is placed by a customer who resides in a country or region where cannabis is not yet legal. If you provide the incorrect shipping address, or there is an interruption as the package is in transit, this cannot be remedied by the company’s staff or website.

The customer’s responsibility is to ensure there are no legal restrictions on receiving a package by mail where they reside or while it is in transit. For this reason, it’s best to research any implications before you place your first order so that you can avoid unpleasant experiences.

How does the Seedsman loyalty program work?

Seedsman is one of the top seed sellers in the cannabis industry for several reasons. Their loyalty program is one significant advantage that customers enjoy with each purchase of seeds. As these points are collected, they can be applied to future purchases or used towards order as a discount.

There are other ways to add points to your account, including referring family or friends as new customers, subscribing to the company’s newsletter, and contributing with a submission or review on a seed strain or product purchased from Seedsman.

The company offers many incentives to purchase seeds regularly, from offering competitive prices to a generous loyalty program and a fair return policy. Seedsman also offers a discount for every 50 points accumulated, so that you receive one Euro off the next purchase made.

A generous 100 points are added to customers’ accounts on their birthday as well! The company’s website is always current with current and upcoming specials and discounts, including loyalty program incentives, which always give customers an incentive to return!

What is the return policy?

Seedsman offers one of the highest-rated return policies in the industry. If you receive the package and need to return the item due to an error in product selection or any reason, you may do so for a full refund within 90 days, provided the items remain unopened.

Suppose you discover your shipment is damaged, either before or after you open it. In that case, it’s best to contact customer service to discuss the situation to determine how to remedy the purchase. In most cases, customers send back the product for a full refund or exchange for another package at equal value.

In general, any concerns about your product purchase should be addressed with the customer service team as quickly as possible so that you can resolve the matter within a reasonable time. It is recommended to contact the company within two weeks (14 days) of receiving a damaged product so that the exchange or refund can be processed.

Seedsman takes excellent care to ensure customers receive the exact products ordered and in excellent condition. For this reason, customers are advised to inspect the package and its contents thoroughly to ensure the right amount and products were shipped.

What promotions or discounts does Seedsman offer customers?

Seedsman frequently offers promotions on various products as well as discounts throughout the year. The easiest way to find these offers is to follow Seedsman on social media, such as Instagram, where these promotions are posted regularly with their effective dates and discount details.

Suppose you prefer to visit the website directly. In that case, you’ll find banners across the top of the page, which features specials during annual holidays or other events during the year, so you can take advantage of these options and plan your growing season.

Are there disadvantages to buying online?

As with any company that offers online purchasing and shipping, there can be some disadvantages or drawbacks, though these tend to be minimal and uncommon.

A few notable concerns from customers about Seedsman’s online purchasing include long waits for customer service, which doesn’t always result in favorable results. There are some issues with shipping and the expected arrival date, which may cause a delay, though this isn’t often an issue. Most customers report

How do you become a Seedsman member?

When you initially visit the Seedsman website, you’ll have the option of registering for an account before you make your first purchase. It’s a simple process that allows you to join as a member, where you’ll receive regular email alerts and updates on sales, promotions, and specials on specific products.

Registration takes only a few minutes and requires just a few pieces of information, including a full name, email, phone number, and a password. If a customer owns a cultivation company, this may also be added to the registration form, though this step is optional. Customers may sign up to receive the company’s newsletter by checking off a box during this process.

What do customers say about Seedsman?

In general, customers rave about the quality of seeds strains, speed of shipping, and positive customer service. They find Seedsman offers the most incentives and positive experience, which secures repeat business. Free seed samples and product promotions allow customers to try new seed strains for future consideration before committing to a purchase.

Product reviews are excellent, with customers commenting on the ease of germination and growth from the various seed strains ordered. Specialty seeds are regarded as some of the best quality compared to other seed banks and their strains. Customers tend to rate the service and product quality between four or five stars out of five overall.

Transparency and customer feedback

Seedsman is very transparent about customer feedback, with many reviews easily found on its website and affiliate sites. Customer reviews range from feedback about their online interaction and user-friendliness to specific reviews on seed strain products, customer service from specific issues, and shipping.

You’ll find many comments and feedback on the company’s website directly and on affiliate sites, which feature comparisons between Seedsman and other suppliers.

Customers’ satisfaction and experience with Seedsman

Generally, customers are satisfied with the level of products from Seedsman. The customer service is also ranked well, though some reviews suggest some delays in resolutions and, on occasion, issues with the shipment or product. There is significant positive feedback on the quality of seeds purchased and the results of germination and cultivation.

On average, customers express a high degree of satisfaction for all the seed products, the information they receive, and the customer support level. Overall, there are very few problems with the process, and most customers from ordering to receiving the product and growing the plants is an exceptional experience.

Benefits and drawbacks of shopping with Seedsman

Most customers highly recommend Seedsman with positive reviews. The website is easy to use, find information, and well organized to find all the facts on every seed strains, policies, the company’s history, and links to other resources. If visiting online for the first time, the website offers excellent visuals and guides to find everything you need, including links and resources to affiliate sites. It’s a great start to find a lot of information, so you can search and compare for yourself before you buy.

When you initially visit the company’s website, you’ll find useful headings at the top of the page, and often, full-page banners for promotions, contests, and other incentives. For example, Seedsman offers holiday giveaways and contests for photos submitted by customers of their cultivated plants. The company’s profile and updates are posted regularly on social media, and once you become a member, you can opt to receive notifications by email and newsletter as well.

One of the most significant advantages of joining Seedsman is the free samples offered with regular purchases. This option provides up to six free seeds as a sample with every order placed over 30£ while giving the customer options on which seeds can be selected.

There are many varieties offered as long as the seed strains remain in stock. Up to four at one time, free seeds are also offered when a purchase is made with Bitcoin. Bitcoin purchases also offer discounts ranging from 15-25% off the original price as an incentive to use this method of payment.

Updates and news on Seedsman’s blog

One of the best resources found on Seedsman’s website is a link to their blog, which features regular posts on scientific findings related to the medicinal benefits of cannabis and related products. There are featured articles on upcoming changes to legislation, other newsworthy events, and helpful information on growing specific seed strains.

Posts are arranged chronologically, so you can read the most recent articles, including personal experiences by professional growers and their recommendations, the science behind seed strains, and tips on safely using cannabis products.

There are links and sections in the blog that provide a broader base for safety information (how to avoid mold and growing mold-resistant plants, for example), prepare for cultivation, which equipment to use, and related blogs from the UK around the world.

Many links offer updates from other continents and regions on cannabis and related information research and findings. Recipes for cannabis-infused drinks, desserts, and foods are also featured in the blog, along with a comprehensive collection of travel-related posts on various destinations around the world.

A specific section is dedicated to this topic for customers interested in the history of cannabis and its use in traditional medicine and for recreational purposes. This fascinating content on the history and use of cannabis provides an in-depth look in many countries, where cannabis and related products primarily as a medicinal treatment for health conditions and illness, many of which are now recognized and treated in the UK, Europe, and North America.

For example, there are posts on the widespread use and benefits of cannabis plants throughout Asia and how these are still applied today. For anyone interested in growing cannabis, Seedsman is one of the best-recommended places to begin the journey, with all the tools and helpful advice a beginner can use to get started.

With a wide selection of seed strains and worldwide experience and knowledge in the field of cannabis, it’s an exceptional place to search for and purchase your first batch of seeds. The company provides all the content and preparation needed for a first-time cultivation experience.

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