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SeedSupreme is a sizeable UK-based reseller of seeds to a global market. It’s a popular company that stocks a great variety of seeds from many growers sourced worldwide. Founded in 2013 in the UK, SeedSupreme has quickly grown into a significant resource for major brands of cannabis strains of seeds. One of the business’s major drawbacks is some negative reviews between 2015 to 2018, which has since been and continues to be addressed as a work in progress.

What other seeds banks are out there?

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of the other popular seeds banks across the globe.

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Since opening in 2013, SeedSupreme has expanded to establish itself as a leader in selling seeds. The Company offers a wide variety of seed strains, nearly 4,000 in total, sourced from over 100 international breeders. SeedSupreme grows in-house seeds with good quality and potency overall, resulting in many satisfied customers worldwide. The Company has a reputation for selling excellent quality seeds. Despite some mixed reviews on customer service and some product results, the business has made significant efforts to improve its image and customer satisfaction more recently.

Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds at SeedSupreme

The Company offers an excellent starting point for cultivators to find the best in high-quality seed strains from the most popular strains, including cannabis seeds, auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, CBD, THC seeds other rising stars in the cannabis industry. They offer an impressive variety of continuously improving and expanding strains so that customers have the benefit of more choices from high-quality brands sourced worldwide.

SeedSupreme rivals their competitors by offering many, if not all, types of brands for customers in terms of seed strain selection. The staff specializes in recommending specific strains based on your desired outcome or result from your cultivation so that you can make an informed choice. For example, you can choose among many medicinal strains of cannabis to provide relief or treatment for glaucoma, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, ADHD, inflammation, and other conditions.

SeedSupreme offers in-house seeds of good quality and free samples from their seed bank. While they do not grow their seeds, they resell from other producers sourced around the world. For this reason, it’s essential to research the specific seed product you plan to order to ensure it is the correct product you receive. While many customers are satisfied with the quality of their order, some report the incorrect product.

Beginner Seeds for Getting Started

SeedSupreme offers a great selection of beginner strains for new growers. These seeds include high-quality strains such as Mary Jane Hall of Fame, White Widow, or Northern Lights. All strain options for beginners are ideal for good results, and the Company offers a lot of other options for a variety of purposes.

Is SeedSupreme a Legitimate Company?

SeedSupreme is a legit company that offers a wide range of seed strains from reputable breeders worldwide. Today, most customers and reviews are positive, and the seeds are of the highest quality available on the market. The website regularly provides updates on new strains released for purchase and each seed strain’s characteristics and benefits.

What is the Goal of SeedSupreme?

SeedSupreme had enjoyed steady growth and success since its beginning in 2013. It’s a company that continues to grow with its customer base, continually looking for ways to improve its interaction with customers, product quality, and availability. Seed selection continues to expand with a fantastic variety of high-quality strains. You’ll find many popular strains, including Indica, Sativa, Kush strains, Blue strains, TGA SubCool Genetics, and much more. High CBD and THC strains are also available.

You’ll find SeedSupreme offers some of the top seed strains available in the market, including Gorilla Glue, Nkittlez, Northern Lights, Girl Scout Cookies, and more. The Company’s goal is to continually move ahead in quality and quantity, to appeal to a wide range of growers from beginner to expert. Each seed category is incredibly detailed so that you can take as much time as needed to determine which seeds are best for your order.

SeedSupreme aims to educate customers and potential customers on the wide variety of seeds available. It’s worthwhile to research the cannabis seedbanks, their unique strains offered, and each strain’s details. The catalog of seeds includes everything from starter seeds for beginners to Cannabis Cup winners.

Product Price Range

SeedSupreme offers a price range comparable to other seedbanks from low (budget) level costs to mid-range and higher prices. Generally, the price range is reasonable and doesn’t significantly vary from competitors. The seed variety is impressive, and the website offers customers a wide range of strains to choose from, including detailed information for each brand or product.

Low-end, Mid-range, and High-end Price Ranges

The prices range extensively based on the types of strains offered. For example, a few (three) seeds in the catalog of beginner seeds range from $24.00 to $97.00, with many options in between. The number of seeds offered varies from three to ten seeds per order. Feminized seeds start at the lower price end around $24.00. In contrast, auto-flowering seeds range widely from $24.00 at the low end to $30-50 for mid-range and $100 or more for specialized strains such as CBD Cheese Auto-flower, Afghan Auto-flower, and Amnesia Kush Auto-flower.

Medical seeds tend to range in the higher price range. They offer medicinal benefits without the high that is common with THC strains of seeds. Regular seeds range from $22 to $100 for a variety of strains. Overall, the seed prices and quality are comparable to other companies and seedbanks that offer the same or similar strains. Free seed samples are a great way to try new varieties or brands.

Transparency in Pricing

The Company is very transparent in providing prices for each strain of seeds for sale, making it easy to compare pricing with competitors. All available strains are easy to find on the website to reference strains and seeds within specific categories. Loyalty points earned and regular discounts provide great incentives in shopping with SeedSupreme. Long-term customers will significantly benefit from accumulating large amounts of points and other incentives with regular discounts and sales.

Do SeedSupreme Cannabis Strain Seeds Germinate?

Overall, seed quality is rated as useful, though there are occasions when seeds do not sprout during the germination process. Some customers voiced concerns of lesser quality strains being substituted for brand names, which essentially switches higher quality brands for cheaper seeds. While this is not commonly reported as an issue and could result from an error due to many seed strains, there are overall mixed reviews concerning germination results.

In most cases, seed companies do not guarantee seeds will germinate and may or may not provide general information on how the germination process works. For this reason, there is always a slight risk of a few “duds” or seeds that will not adequately flourish with your cultivation. On the other hand, the Company offers many specials and free seed samples, which provides customers with an excellent chance to establish a trusting relationship with the quality of SeedSupreme’s products and customer service.

Does the Company Offer any Return Policy?

SeedSupreme offers no guarantee that the seeds will germinate and offers the sale of their seeds as a souvenir only. For this reason, there is always a risk that seeds ordered will be “duds.” If seeds are damaged and unused, they can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. You can return unused seeds to SeedSupreme within this same time frame if you decide not to use them. Overall, seed quality is high, and most customers are satisfied with the results.

What are the Payment Methods Accepted at SeedSupreme?

SeedSupreme offers a few payment options. Like other seed companies, you can make your purchase using cryptocurrency, debit, credit, and e-transfer payments. Cryptocurrency is one of the favorite methods to pay, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Potcoin. There may be other cryptocurrencies available to use towards your next purchase. The website provides a tutorial video on how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies work and how you can use this option with SeedSupreme.

Other methods available for payment include cash, which is a bit riskier and must be received before your order is shipped. If you choose cash as your option, this should be sent as discreetly as possible and through registered mail for the best results. Money orders and checks are not accepted. SeedSupreme maintains customer privacy with untraceable or anonymous payment methods, though this may not be guaranteed when purchasing a credit card or e-transfer.

How Informative is the Company’s Website?

The website is exceptionally informative in providing details for every seed strain. It provides a well-organized catalog that provides an easy way to reference and find specific strains or groups of seeds. Medicinal seeds are divided by conditions and symptoms, which provides the seeds that provide medicinal benefits with each corresponding condition. There are multiple seeds available for each symptom listed on the website, which gives customers a lot of options.

SeedSupreme offers a blog with information about current updates in cannabis legislation, new strains available, how to use cannabis products, edibles, and much more. The website is regularly updated to provide everything you need to research and learn more about new strains and seeds. You’ll find a lot of information to help you make an informative decision on your next purchase.

The Safety of Ordering from SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme is generally reputable and has gained a solid following of regular customers since its opening in 2013. Shipments are tracked accurately through the company so that you can find the status of your order at any time. While there is a variance in your shipment’s expected arrivals and the stealth (discreet) shipping methods, most customers are generally satisfied with their service and products.

SeedSupreme Shipping, Rates & Delivery Processing Time

Shipping is offered globally using a stealth method, so your order remains discreet. While this method is standard, there are concerns about stealth methods used and their reliability. This concern stems from the Company’s consistent use of older stealth styles of commonly known shipping and could place your order at a slightly higher risk. The outcome may vary depending on the country or region and how well known the specific stealth shipping methods are known.

There are no specified dates given when an order is shipped. Generally, orders placed within the UK are expected to arrive within two to four weeks. In contrast, international shipments can range widely, going beyond four weeks and without an expected arrival date. For orders placed within Europe and internationally, a tracking number is provided for convenience, though some shipments may not arrive until a month or longer.

Guaranteed Shipping Option and First-Class Royal Mail

For a fee of $10, you can choose a guaranteed shipping option when you order from SeedSupreme. There are two main shipping centers located in the USA (California) and the UK. They offer shipping around the world with First Class Royal Mail for USPS and USA orders.

The guaranteed shipping option offers a replacement order if your shipment is seized or lost in the mail. In some countries, the $10 guaranteed option cannot be fulfilled if Royal Mail is not available. If shipping is free based on location and the order, the $10 fee must still be paid for the shipping guarantee. Before considering this option, it’s best to check with your country’s mail or post to confirm if Royal Mail is used.

Where Do They Ship?

SeedSupreme ships worldwide. They offer to track so that you can find the status of your order at any time. Depending on where you order from, shipments can take longer than one month. Tracking is the best way to find your order’s status and give you an idea of when your order will arrive. Typically, most shipments sent within the UK or Europe are received within several weeks.

Does SeedSupreme have Package Protection or Insurance?

If you receive a defective shipment or product and need to return it for a refund, this claim must be submitted within fourteen days of receiving the order. The package must be in its original state or condition. Discounts will be provided for any damage or lack of product order fulfillment, and extra charges or costs will be covered within the UK.

If your order is lost or seized, you won’t have the option of receiving a replacement unless you have paid for the guaranteed shipping option. In this instance, SeedSupreme will not ship a replacement order or compensate for losses as a result. In some cases, the Company may offer bonus points towards the next purchase through the Loyalty program.

What Happens if your Package is Missing?

SeedSupreme offers a tracking number with your order so that you can follow the progress of your shipment. Since there is no definite date of receipt (or date range) provided for orders, it can be challenging to determine whether a package is delayed or missing. The customer service agents at SeedSupreme will make their best effort in tracking the progress of your order and its current status, so you’ll have a better idea of when to expect your package. They will also look into inquiries about possible delays or lost shipments and work towards a resolution, if necessary.

Stealth or Discreet Shipping

Like many seed companies, SeedSupreme offers discreet or stealth shipping. This shipping method means all your orders are shipped to your address in a discreet package and hidden inside a small gift to maintain privacy. In some cases, seeds are hidden so well in stealth packages, customers have had issues finding their product, which can lead to frustration.

In some cases, where errors are reported (bad seeds shipped or lack of seeds found in the package), it can be challenging to determine which seeds are correct due to many shipments sent daily. Despite their best efforts, SeedSupreme’s packages have been seized by customs. Some reports about this concern claim that similar stealth packages were sent simultaneously, with similar declarations or notes. The same description for multiple packages can also cause customs to pay closer attention and inspect the packages further.

To remedy some of the issues with packages being seized by customs, the Company opened a US-based shipping center to keep orders shipped within the country and avoid customs. There are concerns that they still use the same or similar stealth methods, which can present the same risk as before. The Company continues to improve the shipping time frames and customer satisfaction, though there is more room for improvement.

Free seeds are regularly offered, in addition to frequent discounts and sales online. You’ll notice discounts and promotions posted at the top of the website’s main page. On occasion, SeedSupreme will double their free seed samples, which is an excellent opportunity to try a new strain. Larger orders placed with SeedSupreme result in more seed samples.

Loyalty Program for Regular Customers

The Company offers a loyalty program with their currency or Kush Money. This allows customers to accumulate points from every order placed online to save for future purchases. There are some great incentives to registering for the program, including 500 free points upon signing up and five points for every £1 you spend at SeedSupreme.

Referring new customers to the business will result in a reward of 30 points and five percent of all orders indefinitely, making this option an attractive offer. Essentially, you can earn points from your friends and referrals without making any purchases or when you don’t need to place an order for a while! There are several other ways to earn points, including signing up for the Company’s newsletter, which gives you 100 points, and a present of 500 points on your birthday, if you disclose this information to the Company.

If you tag strains, you can receive up to 50 points by doing this three times each day. When you decide to redeem your Kush Money points for a purchase, 200 points equals £1 towards your order. If you order frequently and large, bulk orders, your savings will accumulate quickly, and the savings will be worth the effort. The loyalty program is a great way to save a lot on seed purchases over a long period. In combination with the many discounts, promotions, and sales regularly offered online, Kush Money and the free sample offer provide one of the most generous pricing for seeds in the industry.

Is Customer Service Good at SeedSupreme?

Customer service is offered by email and online support. The support teams provide assistance to address general concerns and questions about the ordering process and seed strain products. Since there is no guarantee that seeds will germinate successfully, customer support will not offer any advice or questions related to this process. They specialize in providing details only specific to seed brands and only strains from the top or most popular sellers.

Time frames for customer service responses vary and are considered inconsistent. Some clients receive answers quickly, while others wait longer than expected. The variance in support team staff responses ranges from one day or less to a week or longer. The longer wait times are challenging when there is a delay in shipping or the wrong product is received. SeedSupreme is aware of these concerns and has taken steps to address them more recently.

Customer Reviews on Resolutions

Some of the concerns about customer service level indicate a lack of fairness when trying to resolve customer complaints or concerns about seeds. This feedback has been the focus on forums and websites where cannabis products are regularly reviewed. Some of the suggestions from dissatisfied customers include offering more Kush Money loyalty points to remedy situations where the wrong seeds are received or lost.

In other cases, support team agents provide a friendly demeanor when addressing service and product concerns, though with little or no resolution that satisfies the customer. This can result in a frustrating experience that impacts ongoing business with SeedSupreme. On the other hand, some customers will inquire about issues that the Company cannot resolve, such as germination, which is included in the feedback of negative reviews.

Overall, the customer service at SeedSupreme is satisfactory in many instances, though there is room for improvement. The Company is aware of this area of concern and continues to make the customer experience better. Negative reviews continuously decrease as more improvements are made, and better ratings and customer feedback are recorded.

How is the Website Usability? Shopping Experience

The interface of the Company’s website is straightforward and user-friendly. You’ll find all the main options visible on the main page and links to additional information such as seed specials, cannabis industry news, and various seed strain types (auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, etc.). The website is free of pop-ups and flashy banners, which can be distracting and difficult to follow. Instead, you’ll find a professional, minimalist-style design that makes it easy to locate information on seeds, products, and more.

Is the Website Easy to Navigate?

The seed strains are easily categorized at the top of the home page, with links to an organized catalog of colorful pictures and descriptions of each product. You’ll find a wide range of specialized and popular strains, as well as in-house seeds available for purchase and organized to find what you want quickly. SeedSupreme showcases a specific selection of cannabis seeds from USA breeders known for the highest quality and value for any budget.

Seed products are quickly sorted by name, and prices can be viewed in three currencies: USD, Euros, and GBP. Discounts are displayed on the home page, such as percentage discounts, free product samples, and more. You can sign in to your account and find everything you’re looking for without much effort, making the website easy to navigate with ease. The information on every page of the website is well spread out to view all the details and find everything you need quickly.

Is the Website Easy to Use and Purchase Seeds Online?

In general, the website’s usabilty is excellent, without any significant issues or difficulties finding what you’re looking for. First-time buyers or visitors to the site will find everything within minutes due to the convenient search features and colorful interface, making it easy to see what you need right away. The payment process is simple, and you’ll receive an email confirming your order once it is processed.

User Friendly, Easy to Navigate, Purchase

You’ll find all the seed strain categories, from beginner seeds to specific strains and brands, at the top header of the page. Each heading leads to an extensive catalog of colorful pictures of each product, a description, and pricing. With a simple click, you can add each product to the cart and make your payment at ease. All the payment options are made available once you decide to finalize your purchase.

Cryptocurrency is a preferred method of purchase by the Company. SeedSupreme encouraging customers to pay using Bitcoin or similar methods. There are often discounts offered. This incentive is a significant advantage for some customers who prefer to use this form of payment and incentives for using bitcoin.

A Summary and Take-away about SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme offers many of the same or similar products found with their competitors with comparable price ranges and quality. While there are areas of improvement within the Company to satisfy customers’ experience, you’ll find many advantages to purchasing seeds from SeedSupreme.

Pros: The Benefits of Buying from SeedSupreme

There are many seed varieties available at SeedSupreme, and you’ll have no difficulty finding them on the Company’s website. The business offers frequent discounts, sales, and free samples, so you have the option of trying new and featured seed strains. All the seeds offered at SeedSupreme are sourced from reputable seed banks.

The website is easy to navigate, and in some ways, more so than competitors with flashy or “busy” websites. The simple layout is great for beginners and new users or customers visiting the site. The website provides an informative blog to provide a wide range of current news about cannabis laws, products, and lifestyle articles. It’s a great way to explore new and upcoming trends and seed products available on the market.

SeedSupreme offers frequent promotions and discounts on their seeds, along with free samples and a loyal points program. Rewards and discounts are standard, and there is almost always a promotion available when you’re ready to make a purchase. All discounts and specials are featured at the top of the main page of the website.

The Disadvantages of SeedSupreme

SeedSupreme receives mixed reviews when some products are reviewed, though most experiences from customers are profitable. There are fewer payment options available than other seed companies, with cryptocurrency as the primary or preferred method. The quality of customer service is an area in need of improvement. The Company has made efforts to address long response times and inconsistencies.

The shipping costs for stealth and guaranteed delivery time frames are inconsistent at times. While the Company offers guaranteed to ship and sends all products using the stealth method, there are concerns about the specific ways in which packages are shipped discreetly. This result is due to reports of some of these methods being revealed, which may place some packages or orders at risk.

In some cases, too many packages are shipped to the same area with similar envelopes, attracting attention from customs for review and seizing them for inspection. This area needs further attention to make the shipping process better for customers and reduces the risk of losing products.

SeedSupreme is a legitimate company that offers a great selection of seed strains, a great website, and lots of promotions to keep their customers satisfied. The Company continues to work towards improving areas of concern, such as customer service and seed banks. They are one of the top companies for offering a wide range of high-quality seeds and consistently keeping their products at the best quiet. Overall, the business offers a promising future with lots of offers and continual growth.

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