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If you’ve been involved in the world of cannabis for any amount of time, the chances are that you’ve heard the name Sensi Seeds. For casual smokers and home-growers, connoisseurs and once-a-year-tokers – even for the Dutch government – Sensi Seeds is a name that is synonymous with a long history of quality, reliability, and a strong embrace of the hidden-in-plain-sight cannabis culture.

For those who are being introduced to this world-famous seed producer for the first time – you’re in the right place. We are about to dive into the deep and rich history of Sensi Seeds. Stay tuned find out why many cannabis lovers have crowned the company the world’s best seed producer and if they’re deserving of this illustrious sticky green crown.

Sensi Seeds gets a five-star review from us because of their dedication to quality in their product and customer experience and rich history in the cannabis industry.

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A world-renowned reputation

You’ve heard the term ‘the proof is in the pudding’ right? Well, with cannabis the proof is in the smoking. Cannabis smokers are like refined whiskey drinkers – they know the difference between a low-quality corner store tipple and a 25-year, cask-aged blend before it’s even touched their lips.

A quick sniff of the aroma, a study of color, and an examination of the texture are all the seasoned pro’s need to get a strong idea of exactly what it is they’re dealing with.

The same is true when it comes to cannabis. You can give your strain the most futuristic, extravagant name, package it with sharp branding and design, but as soon as that first cloud of smoke is exhaled, all sales tricks become worthless.

Even well before this final stage, the signs of quality (or lack thereof) will be evident. Did the plant grow well? Was it healthy? How did the flowers develop? What was the yield? How long did it take to mature? Cultivators take their jobs seriously – even the amateur ones. So much love, time, and dedication go into nurturing their plants and trying to encourage the perfect crop.

Growing marijuana is more than just a hobby or a pastime. For many, it is a passion, a passion that grows as their skill and knowledge expand over many years and crops. With such a range of criteria by which a strain can be judged, and with cannabis smokers knowing their plants and buds intimately, there is nowhere to hide in the world of seed production.

Reputation builds itself. And with Sensi Seeds being in the business for 35 years, there has been ample opportunity for them to grow their reputation to the healthy, bushy heights that their customers are used to seeing from their cannabis plants.

In short – the end product speaks for itself.

With multiple award-winning strains, contracts to supply medical strains to the Dutch government, and generations of happy (very happy) customers, Sensi Seeds have been producing high quality, diverse cannabis seeds for over three decades.

They have constantly pursued greatness and this desire to be at the top of their game has earned them the praise and plaudits rightly associated with their famous brand.

The history of Sensi Seeds

Sensi seeds physical store - weedium

Sensi Seeds were founded by philanthropist and entrepreneur Ben Dronkers in 1986, which in terms of commercial cannabis makes them a pioneer of the industry and one of the oldest seed banks in the world.

In 1972, the Dutch government loosened the laws around cannabis, sorting all drugs into more and less-dangerous categories, with cannabis rightly being deemed less dangerous than harder drugs like opiates and amphetamines.

By 1975, Dronkers was growing his own cannabis and began collecting the seeds of high-quality plants. Before long he was categorizing, studying, and trying to grow hardier, unique strains.

In the late seventies, this quest whisked him away from his home country and took him on a tour of the best cannabis growing locations in the world; South-East Asia, the Himalayas and the Indian Subcontinent to name just a few.

On his journeys, Ben’s path crossed with farmers, botanists and researchers who shared his passion. He knew that genetics – rather than cultivation styles and climate – was the key to high quality, high yield plants.

On his travels around Asia and India, he began collecting seeds of the best plants he came across. These humble seed collections were the initial roots of what would grow into modern-day Sensi Seeds – the largest seed bank in the world.

In 1986 the first shop opened and in the following years, Sensi Seeds continued their work of experimenting, crossbreeding, and hybridization. Soon they would become a world leader in producing unique and diverse strains of easy to grow cannabis.

Sensi Seeds and cannabis culture

Sensi Seeds does not limit itself to simply cultivating some of the best strains of ganja in the world. It has expended considerable effort using its reputation and strong history to make a positive change in the perception of cannabis and cannabis culture.

“Sensi Seeds believes that responsible consumption of cannabis can enrich one’s life”, reads the company’s mission statement. “With more than 30 years’ worth of experience in the field of cannabis, Sensi Seeds is fully aware of the crucial role that cannabis can play for humankind”.

Not content with being a major player in both the past and present of the cannabis industry, Sensi has one eye firmly planted on the future. With the worldwide trend towards legalization and medical use of cannabis gaining pace, Sensi has placed itself at the forefront of marijuana research and development.

The company’s website reads, “Sensi Seeds is committed to preserving the genetic diversity and accessibility of the cannabis plant for future generations and disseminating information and knowledge about the beneficial effects the plant can have when used appropriately”.

Do not be fooled – this isn’t just the same meaningless fluff that so many businesses fill their websites with to make a few extra sales. Sensi Seeds has been on a mission to normalize cannabis from its inception.

In the same year that founder Ben Dronkers launched Sensi Seeds, he also opened the Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. With the goal “to improve understanding about this exceptional plant by delving into its past, present and future,” the world’s first cannabis museum has seen over two million visitors since its opening in 1985.

But things didn’t go quite so smoothly in those early days. Dedicated to Ben’s passion for cannabis and its potential human benefits, the museum was accused of promoting illegal activities and was closed down by Dutch authorities on its first day.

Dronkers fought back and managed to overturn the decision, and the museum reopened to the public the next day. This spirited fight against the negative perception of marijuana and the people who smoke it is the epitome of everything that Ben Dronkers and Sensi Seeds stand for.

In 1993, Sensi Seeds continued its pioneering attitude and launched a sister company – HempFlex, a company that blazed a trail in the industrial processing and cultivation of hemp and promoted the many uses of hemp-based products around the world.



The ultimate test of any seed producer is the High Times Cannabis Cup, a competition first held in Amsterdam to determine the year’s best ganja strains. And guess what? Sensi Seeds have multiple wins in multiple categories under their belt and continue to scoop accolades to this day.

When it comes to the quality of the strains that Sensi Seeds have developed over the years, one phrase comes to mind – world-class. When you buy from Sensi Seeds you know you are getting the highest quality seeds, backed by a thirty-five-year reputation as one of the best breeders on the market.

Sensi Seeds prides itself on delivering exactly what the customer wants, and even what they didn’t know they wanted. So when you decide on which strain suits your needs, rest assured that your grow will be the exact plant advertised.

Information about the specific strain, yield, potency, THC and CBD levels, plant height, ideal growing conditions, flavor, bud density, and more are listed when you’re choosing the seed. Sensi is renowned for delivering seeds that are consistently in line with their claims and that are guaranteed to give you the growth and smoke that you desire.

The quality is bred through their history. Sensi is responsible for some of the most iconic and well-known cannabis strains in the world, including Jack Herer and Skunk #1 – a strain used as a launchpad to create many award-winning hybrids such as Cheese and Silver Haze. When you buy from Sensi Seeds, you’re dipping your toe into a pool of world-beating innovation and quality.

Competitive pricing

Sensi Seeds have a huge range of seeds – over one hundred a fifty at our last count. This wide range means that there is a strain to suit every pocket and budget.

For example, if you’re feeling flush or want to grow some special occasion buds, you can buy 10 seeds of the world-famous ‘celebrity’ strain Jack Herer for an eye-watering €163. They also have a trick up their sleeve here – you cannot buy smaller batches of this strain as you can with the lesser-known plants. 

This may seem a bit much, but it’s a world-famous strain for a reason, right? Ok, this is an extreme example. After all, they proclaim Jack Herer as their flagship strain. It’s a multiple cannabis cup winner and it is advertised as ‘heavy yield’, so you should see a mighty fine return for your investment.

And make no mistake about it, if you’re buying one of the top-end strains Sensi Seeds has to offer, you’re buying one of the top strains of cannabis in the world, period. This is a cream of the crop seed from a cream of the crop seed producer, it doesn’t get much better than this.

At the other end of the spectrum, if your budget is a bit tighter, you can go with one of the cheapest strains that Sensi offers and pick up a single seed for €6 or a batch of ten for €41.

Yes, yes, I can hear your indignation at this low price and no doubt you’re about to ask which strain of barnyard, ditch weed will grow out of a measly €6 seed?

That would be the equally world-famous, high-yielding, and multiple cannabis cup winning classic, Skunk #1 – a smoke that is so well known for its potency that its name has outgrown the actual strain and is lent to any ganja that has an exceptionally strong high.

What we’re getting at here is that Sensi Seeds price range is wide, very, very wide, but that doesn’t mean if you go for the low end on price you’ll be getting the low end in terms of quality.

Are there cheaper seed suppliers out there? Most definitely, yes. Do they come with the assurance of quality and consistency of Sensi Seeds? Most definitely not. Value for money often comes down to personal expectations – if you want the best and nothing less than the best – Sensi Seeds is undoubtedly good value for money.

Strain varieties

As we’ve already mentioned, the variety of marijuana strains on offer from Sensi Seeds is huge. They are the largest cannabis seed bank in the world after all. Combine this with their powerful search tool and you’re guaranteed to find the right seeds for you.

You can narrow your search by yield, seed type (auto, regular or feminized), plant height, CBD or THC, climate zone, and even by how long the plant will take to flower. Once you’ve whittled it down to a shortlist, detailed and colorful write-ups of each strain will give you a taste of what to expect from the finished article.

So whether you’re growing in the tropics or cooler climes, need a short discreet plant or an impressive giant, prefer a light heady high, or deep relaxing stone, Sensi Seeds has got your back.

Germination rates

The short answer is yes – you don’t get a reputation as one of the best cannabis seed producers in the world by supplying seeds that do not germinate.

Sensi Seeds claim that between 90-100% of their seeds will germinate and conduct rigorous testing on all strains to ensure this is so. Any batch that falls below this threshold is removed before they reach the point of sale.

However, unlike many seed stockists, Sensi Seeds offer no guarantee. Many suppliers offer money-back guarantees if their seeds do not germinate, with some offering guarantees of 100% germination rates.

Why they don’t match their competitors on this guarantee is unknown – but it’s possible that they (and their customers) have so much faith in their products and testing standards that they feel they don’t need a guarantee.

Of course, the germination of the seeds is mostly out of their hands. Once the seed leaves their shops germination is down to the grower, which is why Sensi Seeds have detailed and specific information available online guiding any would-be cultivator on the best practices to ensure a high germination rate.

Payment methods

Sensi Seeds shoppers can pay by Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, or cash. Discretion is often paramount when it comes to any kind of cannabis-related purchase and unfortunately, Sensi Seed does not accept bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, a factor that may sway buyers towards rival companies.

The most discreet way of paying is with cash – but it is also the least secure and will take longer to process than card payments. Sensi Seeds advise all cash payments to be sent by registered mail and is not liable for any money lost in the post.

In fact, they actually recommend against cash payments and advise that this method should only be used as a last resort. They do not accept change; all cash payments must be in notes and rounded up if necessary.


Again, discretion is one of the key factors for many people buying seeds online and Sensi Seeds knows how important this is to their customers.

While laws around the world are generally moving in the direction of legalization, and in many countries the possession of cannabis seeds is legal, it is always best to check the laws specific to your location and know the risk involved before buying.

Fortunately, Sensi is doing all they can to make purchasing from their website as discreet as possible. All credit card payment information is encrypted at their end, and Sensi assures customers that sensitive information is never examined by themselves or passed on to any third party who may take an interest in your buying habits.

All items are shipped in plain white paper envelopes. There is no marking of any kind, no logo, no return address, and no reference to cannabis or seeds whatsoever. Rest assured that anyone handling your Sensi Seed package will have no clue at all as to what it contains.

Shipping rates and times

One of the biggest drawbacks of ordering from Sensi Seeds is that they do not deliver outside of the EU. This is not a problem for European residents, but it appears that with the legal status of cannabis varying from country to country, Sensi is not willing to put its reputation on the line and take the legal risk of shipping to the rest of the world.

They are leaving their options open though. Their website states that the company is monitoring the constantly moving goalposts that is cannabis legalization and is open to the idea of shipping to more countries if the option becomes available.

Anyone interested in keeping up to speed with changes to their shipping policy can subscribe to the Sensi Seeds newsletter for updates.

Processing times vary depending on your preferred method of payment. Payment by card will see your seeds shipped the next working day, bank transfer within 5 days, and cash payment taking anywhere up to 28 days to process. Shipping itself varies from country to country.

No guarantee is offered of exactly when your package will arrive once it is processed – but you can track your seeds from their website.

Standard shipping cost to the EU is €7.50 and optional insurance is priced at an additional €5.

Promos and discounts

Sensi Seeds are the cream of the crop when it comes to cannabis seeds. They are probably the most recognized brand for those in the cannabis cultivation game. Their reputation of high quality and trusted service is firmly lodged in the minds of their customers. If you’re looking to Sensi Seed for a discount or promotion, you’re going to be sorely disappointed.

The same way that a Ferrari salesman knows a customer is coming into his shop looking for high quality and a fast car, not a discounted run-around, Sensi Seeds knows that the power of the brand and the quality it brings to the table means customers are more than willing to pay the premium for world-class seeds, even when they’re tempted by low-cost offers from rival breeders.

This doesn’t mean they’re overpriced – in fact their prices are very competitive when compared with their nearest competitors. But if you’re looking for a discount on a bulk buy of seeds for a large crop then you’re much better off shopping around for a better deal.

Sensi rarely, if ever, have discounts or sales on their website. For those willing to do a bit of digging online there are occasionally promo codes that can bag you free shipping, offers on selected strains, or if you’re really lucky, seasonal promos that can get you anywhere between 10-30% off your order. Head on over to Deals Cove to see if the cannabis gods are blowing some sweet smoke in your direction.

Sensi Seeds customer service

Some people are lucky enough to live in an area where cannabis is legalized and available to purchase from trusted dispensaries. Those who are not will probably associate buying marijuana with dodgy back street deals and ending up with half the amount that you paid for.

Imagine the complete opposite of this experience and you’re probably somewhere close to the customer service provided by Sensi Seeds. Sensi knows that many people will have their reservations when it comes to ordering anything related to cannabis online and have made a clear effort to make the whole process as transparent as possible.

After spending a brief amount of time on their website it is clear that Sensi Seeds really care about cannabis and the people who grow and smoke it. For this company, marijuana isn’t just a money-making crop – they pride themselves on creating great strains, delivering quality seeds, and the happiness (and highness) of their customers.

A quick glance at their Trustpilot rating shows that two-thirds of their customers have rated them 5 stars, with an overall rating of 4 stars from over 14,000 reviews. Not bad going.

Many reviews here are commending them on the speed of customer service responses to queries, and the willingness to solve any issues that have arisen.

Alongside this, every individual strain of cannabis has its own unique review section where cultivators can comment on germination rates, yield, survivability, the success of their grows, and more. You will be hard-pressed to find a strain out of the hundreds available that are rated lower than 4.5 stars.

In the rare case that you are unsatisfied, most Sensi Seeds products can be returned within 14 days for a full refund, on the condition that all items are returned undamaged and unopened. If you wish to reach out directly to customer services, they are contactable via email or phone on weekdays between 9-5 CET.

As well as an online presence they also have multiple bricks and mortar shops (remember those?) If you are a resident of Amsterdam or Barcelona, Sensi Seeds encourages customers to walk in and talk to their knowledgeable customer assistants who are happy to assist and give any information you may need about their products.

User-friendly website

sensi seeds online store website - weedium

Anyone who has shopped online for cannabis seeds or CBD products will know that a lot of these websites are not afraid to bombard users with an information overload; banner ads and a generally noisy, messy website that can easily overload the senses.

Sensi Seeds do not take this approach, in fact, quite the opposite. Their website is clean and crisp with minimal junk, making it extremely simple to navigate.

All their products are organized into intuitive categories – seeds, CBD products, merch, hemp-based foods, and vaporizers. As we’ve already mentioned earlier, the website has a powerful, built-in search function for seeds.

This tool makes it easy to narrow down the options and find a strain that exactly suits your desires. On top of this, results can be sorted by user review score and price, so you won’t get lost or waste too much time trawling through their hundreds of available strains.

Selected items are added to your basket and when you’re ready to check out, this process is equally hassle-free and simple – you are not attacked with the option to add an extra load of unwanted items to your basket in an attempt to make a quick buck.

Aside from the shop, the website has a trove of knowledge freely accessible. Everything from basic knowledge about different strains of marijuana to news from the developing medical cannabis sector. It even has an extensive selection of cannabis recipes, including guides on how to make hemp pasta and ‘Sensi Shakes.’

Pros and cons

For people living in the EU look no further than Sensi Seeds. When it comes to quality, Sensi is a world leader and you’ll be hard-pressed to find other seed producers that live up to their levels of consistency.

If you’re outside of the EU then you’re plum out of luck but keep one eye on the laws of your land and with a little luck Sensi will be accessible to you sometime in the near future.

As for discretion, Sensi Seeds are on the ball with credit card payment encryption and plain packaging for all their shipments. Could they do more? Perhaps. Accepting cryptocurrency payments would be the next logical step that would take anonymity up a notch, but there’s no sign that they have any plans to move in this direction.

In terms of pricing, Sensi is competitive but there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there if you’re looking for a bargain on some bulk buys. With an almost complete lack of any kind of sales or promotion, they are riding high on their reputation and hoping that it is enough to sway you away from their competitors.

Searching online for promo codes is your only chance of bringing down the prices of some of their high-ticket strains. Again, if you’re looking to bulk buy for a bumper crop, don’t expect Sensi Seeds to cut you any discount.

When it comes to shipping speeds and prices, Sensi is just about average. Insured delivery will cost a little extra and there’s no option for an express shipping service. Rival companies such as ILGM are offering free shipping and guaranteed delivery, saving you around €12 per order.

Last of all is the lack of a germination guarantee. Again it seems as if Sensi are hoping that their reputation will quell any doubts in this area. But if you really want to make sure every seed count, look to Paradise Seeds for a 95% germination guarantee, Fast Buds for 98%, and ILGM for an incredible 100% guarantee.

Does this mean that 100% of ILGM seeds will germinate? Probably not, this seems an impossibly high standard to maintain, but they will ship you a replacement if they don’t.

Final word

What’s left to say? Sensi Seeds is more than just a seed manufacturer. For many smokers and growers, there is no other seed supplier. It’s clear that this family business is deeply embedded in cannabis culture and is truly passionate about the role it plays.

If there was no money to be made from selling cannabis seeds, Ben Dronkers would no doubt be in a greenhouse somewhere, experimenting and crossbreeding marijuana plants just for the sheer love of it. Testing and tasting and creating the world’s best buds for himself and his friends.

Luckily for us, Dronkers and his partners turned a personal life mission into a business and found that sought after holy-grail – a passion that pays the bills. That personal passion shines through and is clear to see for anyone who has ever planted and nurtured one of his world-famous seeds.

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