Should I Try CBD Oil?

Should I Try CBD Oil?

Are you unsure if you should try CBD oil or not? This is a question a lot of people are facing nowadays. Everyone thinks of CBD differently and, ultimately, the decision is personal. But before you decide, you need to know a little bit more, including various reasons why people are worried to try CBD oil.

CBD oil has been around for quite some time and the medical uses of CBD predate modern history. You may have heard many things about CBD oil, but we’ll help you get through all the nonsense and find out what’s really happening. That way, you can decide whether to try CBD oil or not.

CBD Oil is All Natural

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is one of many cannabinoids (compounds) present in the cannabis plant. CBD oil is just an extraction of these cannabinoids. CBD is harmless, along with all other cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are not poisonous, carcinogenic, toxic, or anything harmful that you could think of. This is a 100% healthy and natural plant that has many known and unknown healing benefits.

When looking to try CBD oil, the only thing you need to think about is the quality of the product. There are many ways to extract CBD and other cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. So if you want to try CBD oil, make sure it’s from a reputable source. One that you know uses quality products and quality extraction procedures. That way you know there are no foreign chemicals or toxins in your medical CBD oil. Be wary of people selling CBD extracts for very cheap, they may want you to try CBD but they aren’t worried about your health.

Luckily, Canada legalized cannabis and CBD oil production is far more regulated. In America, all 50 states have approved CBD oil. Products have been approved for both human and animal use, meaning you can try CBD oil but so can your pet. There are many to choose from, like NuLeaf’s Hemp CBD oil, which are 100% organic and contain no THC.

Should I Try CBD Oil?

“It’s not really going to help.”

Another misconception is that CBD oil doesn’t really do anything and that it’s just new age medicine mumbo jumbo. This cannot be further from the truth. CBD and other cannabinoids have been used for thousands of years. Many ancient civilizations revered the plant for it’s healing properties for both physical and spiritual ailments.

It is true that there is still a lot we do not know about CBD and the rest of the cannabinoids, but there have already been many tests done and we are learning more every day. CBD is already proven to help with physical ailments, like inflammation, arthritis, epilepsy; and with mental problems like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. It’s not to say that if you try CBD oil you are going to be miraculously cured, but there is significant proof showing it helps. People with Parkinson’s have had major breakthroughs with the help of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Another question is whether CBD is better by itself or with other cannabinoids. This question is still up to debate but more and more research is starting to prove that cannabinoids work better together. Not only do the cannabinoids play a part, but also other compounds, like terpenes, that are also found in cannabis plants. What is known as the entourage effect, means that the medicinal benefits of CBD are amplified when used with the other compounds present in Cannabis. Even though they say it will work better, CBD oils by themselves still work very well and you should not discredit them just because they may work better with other compounds.

If you are suffering from a physical or mental problem, you should consider trying out CBD oil. There is no risk that CBD oil will hurt you, so what do you have to lose. Every day more and more people are saying how CBD oil has helped them, so if it can even make your life just a little bit better, it might be worth considering.

Is it legal?

CBD oil is legal in Canada and all 50 states. Canada is the forefront for all things Cannabis in the world, so if you’re living there you have nothing to worry about. America is following closely behind them, but their biggest problem is the federal laws.

On a federal level, the cannabis plant is still illegal. But, there have been some changes recently with the new farm bill expected to legalize hemp. If hemp becomes legal then hemp CBD oil should follow suit. There is also the case of the first legal CBD product that was recognized by the FDA and the DEA. The DEA has also since changed its stance, stating that any FDA-approved CBD drug will not be regarded as a Schedule I drug.

Despite this federal red tape, CBD oil is legal and obtainable in every state in America and you can even order it online.

Should I Try CBD Oil?

Will CBD oil get me high?

100% CBD oil will not get you high, but there are products which contain CBD and THC for medicinal purposes. Many people don’t try CBD oil because they think it is going to get them high and that could be the case, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many quality products to choose from that won’t get you high.

THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, is a known psychoactive, but CBD is not. When extracting the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant, all of the cannabinoids in that plant are extracted – including THC. That is why oils extracted from cannabis flower can have a combination of CBD, THC, and all other cannabinoids/terpenes present in the plant. There are ways for them to extract almost pure CBD products, with <0.3% THC, an amount that cannot get one high.

Hemp extracted CBD oil is very popular because the plant already contains very little to no THC. If you want to try CBD oil you can start by looking at one of these high-quality products:

  • Beyond Botanicals is an American company that specializes in Organic American Hemp. All their oils are extracted using carbon dioxide, which is the leading method at the moment. They have a large selection of products for you to try CBD oil, massage oils, edibles, topicals, and even vape liquids. Trying CBD oil has never been easier.
  • CBDistillery has free shipping to throughout America ns has a zero high guarantee. This is the perfect product to try CBD oil if you don’t want any risk of getting high. Their products are tested in labs that follow a strict protocol. You can be certain that this product is what it says.

All their ingredients are natural and they use hemp extracted CBD. They don’t require you to have a prescription and have a wide range of products, including drops, capsules, creams, isolates, and gummies. They have a range of potencies, ranging from 250 mg to 5 000 mg per 30 ml dropper.

  • DiamondCBD is a leader in the CBD industry in North America. They have a huge selection of CBD oil infused products. They have over 400 products in their CBD oil selection alone. Their edibles, drinks, dabs, and creams are also packed with a wide range of products with different potencies. DiamondCBD caters for someone wants to try CBD oil for the first time and for those that require stronger medicine.

“I don’t like the taste”

When many people think CBD oil, they think of having to swallow some pungent tasting oil. Luckily, that is not the case. You can try CBD oil in a whole bunch of different ways. A very popular way is through edibles. Edibles can mask the taste entirely if done properly, while not taking away any of the potency. If you are considering to try CBD oil, you need to know of the different ways that you can do it.

Should I Try CBD Oil?
  • CBD Oils

This is the first product you look at when wanting to try CBD oil. Even though it’s CBD ‘oil’, most use vegetable glycerine, MCT Coconut oil, or something similar. Be sure to check out the ingredients of the CBD you want to try before you buy it. Depending on what you prefer, you may want to go for a different product.

Fuggin Hemp Co. is known for quality, natural, and vegan ingredients. Their CBD is hemp extracted and are guaranteed to contain less than 0.3% THC. They use MCT Coconut Oil too and natural flavoring to provide products that are enjoyable. Most people say they actually enjoy the taste of their oils, so you won’t have to worry about pinching your nose if you buy from them.

Receptra Naturals are another pure hemp extracted CBD oil company that is worth considering. They have a few products that are designed for different people. If you want to try CBD oil that matches your lifestyle, you can start by looking at Receptra. They also have different potencies available, so you can start by taking things slow.

When you are considering a CBD oil company, you should make sure they are natural and are 3rd party tested. There are so many quality products available that you shouldn’t have to settle for a product you are unsure about. Everything should be transparent and communicated with the customers.

  • CBD Edibles

This is a great place to start for first-timers looking to try CBD oil. CBD edibles contain CBD oil and taste great. There are so many different types of foods that can be found in a CBD infused form. Even Coca-Cola is starting to expand into the CBD market, so who knows what we’ll see in the next few years.

You can get full on meals that are infused with CBD, including pizzas, ice-creams, pasta, curry, and many more. Not only are their CBD-infused meals, but CBD-infused sauces. The sauces are a great way of trying CBD-infused food for the first time. You can easily monitor how much sauce you put on your food and it won’t have a powerful taste.

Most of us think of a brownie or biscuit when we hear the word ‘edible’ so you will be pleased to find there are hundreds of different sweets, baked goodies, and deserts to try CBD oil. These products are delicious and allow you to medicate using something you love. CBD gummies are very popular lately because they are tasty and very easy to consume. Just eat a gummy bear or two and you’ll have ingested all the CBD oil you need.

These edibles also come in a wide range of potencies. Sweets and gummies usually have a fixed amount per sweet, which allows you to easily monitor your consumption; but meals and sauces aren’t so easy.

Edibles have no also expanded into the drinks category. You can find plenty CBD-infused drinks to quench your thirst while providing you with high-quality medicine. Diamond CBDs drinks are crammed full of CBD and taste.

  • CBD Topicals

A topical is something you rub on your skin. CBD oil infused topicals are a new way of medicating. Not only is great for your skin, but it also helps deal with acute pain. If you have inflammation or pain in a certain area of your body, rubbing a CBD topical directly on the area provides directly pain relief and anti-inflammation.

Fuggin Hemp Co has an entire section devoted to CBD creams, gels, lotions, and lubricants. Using a topical to try CBD oil is a great way if you don’t want to eat it or if you’d like some additional healing for a very painful area.

Now that you have more information about CBD you can actually make an informed decision about whether you should try CBD oil or not. If you do decide to go ahead, then welcome to the world of CBD. Give it a chance and see if it works for you, if not you may need to progressively try stronger doses. And remember, a quality product is important when it comes to your health.

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