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There are many seed banks gaining an online presence as cannabis use becomes more and more normalized. Every seed bank tries to offer something different to their customer that no one else offers. Those searching to buy quality seeds at a reasonable price, should look into SunWest Genetics.

SunWest Genetics is a Canadian marijuana seed company. They breed and sell good quality seeds that they handpicked themselves. They offer their customers the freshest and most viable seeds they can produce.

SunWest Genetics is dedicated to their work. They want their customers to know they preserve and maintain the genetics that already exists within the cannabis plant. Their stocked seeds are always fresh and ready to be germinated. They deliver to customers worldwide and are proud of the service they can offer their customers.

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SunWest Genetics Reputation

SunWest Genetics is a legitimate and reputable company. They have gained a reputation for providing high-quality cannabis seeds. The quality of the seeds makes it easy for their customers to trust them. SunWest Genetics handpicks and inspects every seed to ensure a quality product is being passed on to their customers. Quality is guaranteed with this company.

SunWest Genetics is also not limited to local consumers. They are able to ship their product across the globe. This makes them accessible to a wide variety of customers.

SunWest Genetics has a lot to offer their customers. They have exceptional customer service and an easily navigated website. These attributes have helped them gain a loyal customer base.

SunWest Genetics is based in Canada which is one of the most trusted companies in the world. They are truly dedicated to providing the best services they can. They have spent several years developing their company and creating a positive reputation.

History of SunWest Genetics

SunWest Genetics has been operating within Canada for over ten years. Other companies found the legalization of cannabis in Canada to be a great way to reach more customers. SunWest was already ahead of the game. They are an expert in breeding and the cultivation of cannabis seeds.

They have a lab that helps them to breed and create the best seeds possible. They are able to create the product they are selling. SunWest Genetics also knows how to choose the best seeds from other breeders. They have put together a great team of cannabis experts as a resource for their customers.

Experts on cannabis set this company apart. Some companies do have experts on their team. However, SunWest Genetics provides access to these experts where other companies do not.

SunWest Genetics had adventured within Canada and to different countries to bring about unique and rare cannabis genetics. They want to improve and share the best products for their customer’s enjoyment.

SunWest Genetics uses their labs to find ways of improving the marijuana strains they can get their hands on. They are continuously improving the unique varieties they encounter. They believe in the healing properties of cannabis and are invested in the future.

SunWest Genetics Principles and Goals

From reviewing their history and reputation offering high-quality seeds is one of the first goals SunWest Genetics achieved. Other than top quality, SunWest Genetics is proud to be able to ship to their customers across every country on the globe.

sunwest genetic goal - weedium

They are able to receive orders from all over the world and deliver great products to everyone regardless of where they are from. Along with worldwide shipping, SunWest Genetics provides above-average customer services.

SunWest Genetics has the best genetics within the cannabis industry. Their biggest goal is to preserve the genetics of cannabis and improve it for future generations. SunWest Genetics believes that having a diverse gene pool of cannabis strains is the most important.

Especially as governments across the planet start to realize and understand the medical applications cannabis can provide. SunWest Genetics believes that cannabis should be accessible to everyone who needs it.

Quality of Cannabis Strains

The quality of cannabis SunWest Genetics provides has been touched on. They handpick their product. They test it and only the mature and viable seeds are passed on to be sold. SunWest Genetics seeds are all feminized to make sure that their customers get plants that will produce amazing flowers.

The quality of seeds provided on their website is exceptional. As are their prices. The lower-priced seeds come in a pack of 3, 7, or 15. The higher priced seeds are offered in a pack of 5, 10, or 25. The overall price range of seeds offered through SunWest Genetics can range from $40 – $250. They are an international company and use U.S. dollars unless the customer is shopping within Canada.

To learn more about cannabis genetics and lineage check out this link.

SunWest Genetics works tirelessly to carefully select indicas, sativas, and hybrids that are of the best quality. They offer a nice selection of seeds as well.

Seed Strain Variety

SunWest Genetics provides a unique variety of cannabis strains. They have some of the most well-known strains, as well as some of the rarer ones. They have explored many countries to create such a vast variety of seeds. They offer seeds from all different breeders as well. Along with the traditional and the rare, SunWest Genetics offers newly developed seeds. For example, Kali Mist Feminized Seeds or Cheese Autoflowering Seeds. 

SunWest Genetics use their own labs to create these strains. This is something SunWest Genetics offers their customers that other seed banks do not. Access to a lab is not something everyone has.

Other seed banks have experts that can determine a good quality seed. They then go to other breeders and select from their selection and sell those. SunWest Genetics is one of the rare seedbanks that create their own strains. 

They aim to provide their customers with a new amazing strain that they have developed in their own labs every year. They offer a large selection of regular, photoperiod, autoflowering and feminized seeds. SunWest Genetics offers CBD seeds as well.

CBD is becoming a greater alternative to THC for those who use it every day. They have over 500 strains available for purchase. If a customer knows of a particular strain not provided by SunWest Genetics, they encourage these customers to send them a message so they can try to offer it in the future.

Germination is important to customer satisfaction and SunWest Genetics offers several resources to ensure the best germination for seeds purchased.

sunwest genetics product - weedium

Germination- SunWest Genetics Review

All of the seeds purchased from SunWest Genetics comes with a high germination rate guarantee. They offer a germination guide that is provided directly on the website at no additional cost. The guide guarantees that the seeds bought from SunWest Genetics will sprout without any problems.

SunWest Genetics offers a selection of autoflowering seeds. Autoflowering seeds can grow into cannabis plants and begin to flower within 2 to 4 weeks of germination. These plants flower on their own and require little to no care. SunWest Genetics recommends these seeds to customers who have little experience growing cannabis.

SunWest Genetics guarantees an 80% success rate with seeds germinated using the “Cup of Water and Paper Towel Germination Method.” It is rare, but if a customer is under that 80% success rate guarantee SunWest Genetics will replace the seeds at no additional cost to the customer. Consult the germination guide prepared for customers on the website.

The germination guide is a tab provided on the main page of the website. The guide includes several reasons why a seed may have failed. The guide SunWest Genetics provides also offers some emergency advice for seeds that are not germinating properly.

SunWest Genetics outlines the steps that should be taken for proper germination and provides reminders and warnings along the way. This guide ensures customers have a simple and successful germination experience.

It is important to use the germination guide provided. At the bottom of the guide SunWest Genetics outlines 4 reasons why a customer may not qualify for the 80% guarantee. If the germination guide is not followed properly there is a risk for poor germination or no germination at all.

If the guide is not referenced and the seeds do not germinate there is a chance the seeds will not be reimbursed. Read carefully, follow the instructions, and reach out to SunWest Genetics customer service if any questions or concerns arise.

SunWest Genetics Blog

Another resource SunWest Genetics offers is a blog. There is a tab at the top of the website page labeled blog that will bring customers to their most recent blog posts. This blog is a great reference for those who have a lot of knowledge on cannabis and those who may be newer to the community.

They offer articles with different growing tips and facts. For example, one blog post explains what feminized seeds are and how they grow. Another blog post explains how to properly set up a greenhouse to shelter growing plants. It also explains which strains grow best in a greenhouse environment. The growing tips are a great way to gain a better understanding of the germination process as well.

SunWest Genetics also publishes guides. For example, they published a blog post that explained how to best determine the quality of seeds. They posted another one that explained how pests and rodents affect the cannabis plants and how to best take care of them. They also publish articles targeted towards newer customers that explains how to use a bong properly and another that explains rolling techniques.

sunwest genetics blog - weedium

SunWest Genetics also offers articles that provide in-depth reviews about specific stains and what to expect. There are also health articles that outline the benefits of using CBD and how certain diseases are affected by cannabis use. Finally, they also publish the latest news. Such as, how to celebrate 4/20 properly and how medical cannabis is being consumed to provide the most relief.

Compared to other seed banks that offer a blog, SunWest Genetics’ blog offers a wider variety of topics. SunWest Genetics’ blog is also more organized than some other blogs offered by other seed banks. SunWest Genetics does a great job organizing their blog and making sure there is something there for everyone.

Payment Methods and Safety

SunWest Genetics offers several different methods of payment that can be used when checking out. They accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. They accept bitcoin transactions for those who prefer cryptocurrency. They also accept cash on delivery. For their Canadian customers interac E-transfers are also accepted.

Other seed banks that accept credit or debit card transactions usually have an additional fee. The additional fee taken is to cover any bank processing fees that may arise. SunWest Genetics does not offer any indication that the additional fee will be applied to their orders. When purchasing using a credit or debit card be aware that an additional fee may be applied upon check out.

All payments through SunWest Genetics are secure. They will not sell your information to a third party. Some customers are concerned with the safety of shipping cannabis seeds. There are risks. Seeds or any agriculture products sent through the mail is not generally allowed and they will be seized at customs if found.

However, the product being shipped are seeds not marijuana. The seeds will be confiscated and that is that. SunWest Genetics tries their best to deliver seeds quickly and safely to their customers.

Orders can be placed with SunWest Genetics in a couple of different ways. A customer can call the customer service number and place orders through them. They can also click the “add to cart option” and then follow the checkout procedures offered from the cart. Some seed banks offer a printable order form that can be filled out and shipped to the company. SunWest Genetics does not offer ordering in this form.

When ordering and paying with cash, the order will still be placed online. After the order is placed the customer will be given a set of instructions informing them where to mail the cash. Cash should be wrapped in carbon paper or tinfoil. Orders paid for with cash is the most secure, but the seeds will not be shipped until payment is received. Do not delay in sending cash payments to keep the process quick.

SunWest Genetics is a reputable and safe company to use. They rely on word-of-mouth referrals to attract more customers. They have no interest in ripping off their customers or keeping money without providing the product. SunWest Genetics deemed that behavior a bad business practice and have no interest in operating that way. They are dedicated to their customers and want them to feel safe and welcome when using their site.

Shipping, Delivery, and Cost

SunWest Genetics ships out of Canada. They will ship within Canada and to any country in the world. They offer two different shipping options. They offer regular shipping and express shipping.

Regular shipping orders cost a customer 10$ regardless of where they are shipping to. Regular shipping does not include insurance for guaranteed delivery. If the regular shipping option is selected SunWest Genetics is not liable for packages that are confiscated or do not arrive to their destination. 

Regular shipping will take about 2 to 7 business days to reach a Canadian address within their regular mailing system. These packages will come in the traditional company packaging. Orders that are shipped to the U.S. will typically take about 2 weeks to arrive.

Packages shipping internationally will be in plain boxes and SunWest Genetics will not use stealth shipping on these orders. Normally, packages being shipped within Canada will choose this option, as their risk of seizure is lower with local shipping.

The regular shipping option is not offered to customers shipping to Australia or New Zealand. The customs in these countries report the highest number of confiscations. Customers shipping to these countries are required to purchase the express shipping to receive their order.  

Express shipping will cost the customer between $30 and $60 dollars depending on where the order is being shipped. Express shipping comes with a tracking number and the guaranteed delivery insurance.

This means if a package is seized or does not make it to its intended destination, SunWest Genetics will reship the order at no additional cost to the customer. Stealth shipping is applied to orders shipped with express shipping as well. This is not offered on regular shipping orders.

Orders shipped to the U.S. using express shipping will reach its destination within 5 to 7 business days. Orders being shipped to other international locations will typically take between 7 and 21 business days to arrive.

Free shipping from SunWest Genetics is offered for orders of $200 or more. SunWest Genetics cares about their customers and they show it in the care they take when shipping.

Package Protection and Insurance

We spoke briefly above about the stealth shipping options and the guaranteed delivery insurance. Guaranteed delivery insurance is a standard option offered by several seed banks. If a package goes missing and the customer has chosen the guaranteed delivery insurance, SunWest Genetics will ship the order again at no additional cost. Other seed banks offer this guarantee as well.

Other seed banks will offer stealth shipping and guaranteed delivery services. However, they are offered in addition to regular shipping options. They also charge more for the service than SunWest Genetics does. Some other seed banks also don’t offer tracking information.

Tracking information can eliminate the anxiety when waiting for an order. It can also help determine when and where a package was confiscated or went missing. Knowing that a package has gone missing means a new order can be shipped faster to replace it.

SunWest Genetics uses discreet shipping methods when sending out their orders. The packages are kept plain with no company logos present. Inside the packages they will ship other objects such as sex toys, cellphone cases, tampons, beads, or tools just to name a few. The customer does not get to choose what additional stealth item will go into their package. SunWest Genetics knows what will work best to get their package to their intended location.

Other seed bank companies also offer a stealth option where customers can decide which item is shipped. However, these companies have less items to choose from for stealth items.

They also report a larger number of seizures than SunWest Genetics does. Other companies also charge for the stealth shipping option and for the item that goes in the box. SunWest Genetics has bundled it all into one option and they offer it at a cheaper rate as well.

The customer pays for express shipping, they do not have to pay for express shipping, guaranteed delivery insurance, stealth shipping, and the item for stealth shipping separately. SunWest Genetics keeps it simple and cheap for their customers.

Promotions and Discounts

At this time SunWest Genetics does not offer a lot of promotions or discounts. Orders of $200 or more will qualify for free shipping. For orders that reach a total of $420 or more will receive 10 free seeds. Customers should continue to check the website, so they do not miss out on any sales.

If a customer subscribes to their website with their email, they will get coupons and deals. These coupons will be sent to the email provided and can be applied in the “apply coupon code” box at check out. Unfortunately, there are currently no other discounts offered.

Some seed banks offer great new sales every day or every week. SunWest Genetics prices are already reasonable, and their shipping options are cheap. They do offer discounts every once in a while, but this is not their biggest lure to their website like it is for some other companies. Another aspect that sets SunWest Genetics apart is their exceptional customer service.

Customer Service

As stated, SunWest Genetics is dedicated to their customers. Part of that promise is providing exceptional service. SunWest Genetics provides a memorable experience for their customers. They offer reliable and excellent customer service. They are one of the few seeds banks that rank high in their customer service performance. They are also one of the only seedbanks to offer 24/7 customer representatives.

With an international customer base, it is important to SunWest Genetics to be able to provide service to all customers no matter the time zone. Their customer service teams are made up of some of the best cannabis experts in Canada.

They are there to assist customers with any questions or concerns they have. They are also able to help a customer determine the best strain for their intended use. Orders can be placed with the customer service representatives as well.  

Customer reviews have labeled SunWest Genetics customer service as reliable, and fast. Customer service representatives are reported to be positive, have a great attitude, and are always happy to help. They are able to be contacted through live chat, email, and telephone.

Other companies have unreliable customer service if they offer it at all. SunWest Genetics goes above and beyond to not only provide a great product, but to offer great services as well.

Website Usability

SunWest Genetics has a website with a beautiful design with captivating colors and pictures. Their seed categories are well organized and easy to navigate. They offer tabs at the top of the website that breaks the seeds up into autoflowering, feminized, CBD, and bestselling seeds. They also have a browse all option.

The bestselling seeds tab provides an explanation of what makes them the most sought after. It also explains the growing process to help determine if that seed is what the customer is looking for.

SunWest Genetics offers over 500 different strains. Their website offers no filter except the predesigned categories. This can make their site feel overwhelming at times if a customer does not know what they are looking for. They do have a search bar located at the top of the website page if a customer knows a strain name or other keywords to search by.

This is when customer service options can be helpful. They can be reached through the live chat bubble at the bottom of the website screen. This is the easiest way to get immediate help.

The SunWest Genetics website offers a lot of good information about the integrity of the company. They also provide lengthy product descriptions. These descriptions explain the level of THC or CBD within the strain. It explains what the high will be like.

It informs the customer how long it will take to flower and how hard it may be to grow. SunWest Genetics also describes the type of environment that the seed will grow best in. They offer customer reviews on every strain that is offered through the website, this can help customers see what others have experienced.

The SunWest Genetics Blog is easy to find. The live chat box is conveniently located at the bottom of the website regardless which page the customer is on. Overall, the SunWest Genetics website is welcoming.

Disclosures and Cons

There are a few things SunWest Genetics cannot be liable for. All of their seeds are sold as a novelty item that preserve the cannabis genetics. They will not give growing advice; their guarantee only covers the germination of the seeds. They will always answer any germination questions a customer may have.

SunWest Genetics does their best to ship discreetly. They are not responsible if a package is seized as importing of agricultural products. It is up to the customer to know if these products are allowed. Approximately 5% of their orders are seized at the borders.

SunWest Genetics encourages customers to purchase the express shipping option so these orders can be reshipped. Most of the time the reshipping is free. However, orders intended for Australia and New Zealand will have to pay an additional 10$ for their orders to be reshipped.

It is also the responsibility of the customer to know whether or not the cultivation of cannabis seeds is legal in their area. SunWest Genetics is dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of their customers, but some things must remain the customers responsibility. A simple google search can help a customer determine legality and rules in their country.


SunWest Genetics is a great up and coming cannabis seed bank. They are loyal to their customers. They are the perfect place for those looking to possess their own cannabis seeds.

They offer a wide selection of seeds, over 500 different strains. They hand-select each seed that is sold. SunWest Genetics operates their own lab dedicated to the improvement of cannabis strains. Only the mature and most viable seeds are passed on to the customers. SunWest Genetics offers their seeds at a reasonable price for a variety of different budgets.

They offer discreet shipping with two different shipping options. Regular and express shipping. Express shipping is the most recommended. SunWest Genetics includes guaranteed delivery insurance and stealth shipping on express shipping orders only. Their shipping rates are also one of the more reasonable offers compared to other seed banks.

SunWest Genetics offers a lot of information on their website. From lengthy product descriptions, to customer reviews. SunWest Genetics offers a blog with more cannabis information for a customer to browse through and expand their knowledge.

Their customer service is reliable and operates above average expectations. They are dedicated to loyal customers and willing to help with any questions and concerns a customer has. SunWest Genetics website is welcoming and safe to use. They are well organized and though they do not offer filters when searching, their website is easy to navigate. SunWest offers the best genetics in the cannabis industry.

They work hard to preserve the genetics and improve cannabis for future generations. SunWest Genetics believes in having a variety of diverse genetics. They believe in the healing properties of cannabis and believe it should be accessible to everyone who needs it.

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