The 6 Best Countries Around the World to Smoke Weed

Best Countries

Smoking weed in beautiful surroundings is one of the best ways to enjoy your high. It’s even better when you can do it in different countries throughout the world. If you are planning a trip, but you want to visit places where you can smoke weed, then you have to tick off some of these countries.

Best Countries

1. Canada

If you want to smoke somewhere beautiful and legal then Canada should be one of the first countries on your list. Cannabis has been legal for medicinal purposes since back in 2001 but it took another 17 years before recreational cannabis was made legal. In October 2018 recreational cannabis was legalized when the Cannabis Act came into effect. This was a major win for cannabis lovers worldwide, Canada is now the second country to completely legalize cannabis.

Not only is it legal, but the facilities are top quality, with some of the most sophisticated grow operations in the world. You will find each province has their own rules, but on average you can smoke if you are over the age of 19 and you can possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in a public space and over 1 kg at home. There are various retail outlets where cannabis can be purchased and online sales are increasingly popular.

2. Uruguay

The next entry on the list is Uruguay. They were the first country to legalize recreational cannabis and it happened way back in December 2013. They were way ahead of the curve and their government encourages other countries to follow suite – believing it would reduce crime related to cannabis.

Dispensaries are licensed by the government but the sale thereof is legal everywhere in the country. You can cultivate, smoke, and purchase cannabis freely in this liberal country. Uruguay also has a lot of natural parks, beaches, and hikes where you can enjoy your weed in peace.

3. The United States

The only reason the United States isn’t mentioned sooner is that it isn’t legal on a federal level. Smoking weed isn’t as simple as lighting up on your corner – do it in the wrong state and you could be facing serious criminal charges. This is because each state can pass its own laws and one-by-one states are legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.

Don’t be disheartened, the USA is definitely one of the best places to go to smoke weed, mainly because of the quality. Cannabis has been around in America for a long time and even though it was illegal, grow operations were everywhere and when the laws changed entrepreneurs were ready to step in and grow the market.

You can find some of the highest quality buds, oils, and edibles in this country, making it a smoker’s paradise. California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Michigan, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine have all legalized cannabis for recreational use and there are another 19 states that have legalized it on a medicinal level.

Best Countries

4. Jamaica

Jamaica is famous for a few things, including Bob Marley and cannabis. Surprisingly, it isn’t legal to smoke weed in Jamaica, but in 2015 the nation’s cannabis laws were amended which resulted in the decriminalization of cannabis possession and cultivation. You are allowed to possess up to 2 ounces and cultivate up to 5 plants. There are even ganja tours that will take you around the island to various cannabis farms in the mountains, allowing you to meet local Rastas and smoke weed with them.

5. Netherlands

What would a weed smoking list be without the Netherlands on it? This is the European country that everyone knew about when they spoke about cannabis 10years ago. Even though it isn’t legal, cannabis has been decriminalized in the Netherlands since 1972 when they classified Cannabis possession as a misdemeanor.

If you want to smoke in this country, be sure to check out the coffee shops. Recreational use of cannabis is permitted in these shops and you can purchase cannabis and edibles here as well. If you have cannabis outside of a coffee shop it may be confiscated, but this isn’t likely.

6. South Africa

This far away country is leading the cannabis march in Africa. Possession and use of cannabis are illegal, but the highest court in the country has declared the possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis in a private residence to no longer be a criminal offense. It is still a grey area and smoking in the public could land you in trouble. However, cannabis has been readily available for many years and getting it is not difficult. Cape Town has been labeled as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with mountains, beaches, and forests all available. Where better to light one up.

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