The Advent of Fashion: Wearing Cannabis

Wearing Cannabis

Image: FASHION Magazine

In that last few years, there has been a new trend in the fashion industry which is the incorporation of cannabis into fashion. Cannabis motifs are no longer worn by just hip-hop and reggae artists. Instead, they are now the new fashion trend worn by the masses.

Cannabis leaves are now accepted as the newest floral pattern that can be used to design any fashion item from shirts, trousers, caps and any other fashionable piece. While this creativity may be seen as been absurd, a lot of fashion firms and designers of all ranks in the United States and other parts of the world have embraced this and are using cannabis motifs in their collections.

Wearing Cannabis
Image: Higher Mentality

Cannabis in fashion is now seen as a cool, elite, chick, and stylish, and this may continue as the fight towards the legalization of cannabis continues in the United States and other parts of the world. Also, fashion and cannabis now inspire a new sense of confidence and empowerment which results in pure perfection in people who wear them. Also, the cannabis symbols symbolize freedom and the ability of one to express him or herself the way they like.

Already, celebrities like Rihanna and others have publicly proclaimed their love for cannabis made attires; other stars have also rocked the clothes themselves. In 2016, Alexandra Wangs FallsCollection also featured a leaf-embroidered dress worn by Margot Robbie and a coat that was designed with cannabis leaves. 

Also, a new clothing line owned by two sisters Tuallah and Ruby sold some white maxi cardigan that was designed with cannabis leaf prints for $480 each. Handbags designers are also not left out of this new movement in the fashion industry, for instance, renowned handbag designer, Gelareh Mizrahi created a peacemaker clutch purse designed with a black and green cannabis leaf and sold for $595.

During the spring, Tweed, a micro-cannabis brand hosted its first cannabis fashion show at the Toronto Men’sFashion Week. 38  different looks were sent to the runway from fashion designers such as NICO, WRKDEPT, RHOWAN James, Shelli Oh and many more.  The major aim of having this cannabis-infused wears displayed at the runways was to create unique of building a strong relationship between the Cannabis Industry and the fashion world.

Indeed, cannabis fashion is gradually reaching new heights as the clothing’s and fashion accessories made with cannabis are continually being updated and redefined to meet the needs of the new generation of consumers. In addition, the legalization of cannabis is helping shed the stigma against its users, which has also evolved in new designs.

In the next three years, the infusion of cannabis in the fashion industry is expected to take a new turn among large brands; already there is a relationship being built between cannabis producers and fashion designers.

As cannabis fashion becomes widely accepted all over the world, it may take a little more time for mass-distribution of these wears to commence because companies must, first of all, evaluate the worth and profits to be made.

However, the truth remains that cannabis fashion has opened a new door to a larger world of cannabis reform.

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